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  1. tayeblondon

    tayeblondonMåned siden

    very nice thanks

  2. Murad Talukdar

    Murad TalukdarMåned siden

    There is a certain irony in realising that AMGEN actually produce EPO on a commercial scale...

  3. Alan Lynch

    Alan Lynch3 måneder siden

    Was it so bad what Lance did ?

  4. Pantani 1998

    Pantani 19983 måneder siden

    The ultimate bully boy ass-h*le! I knew he was a massive fraud,and loved it when he was caught!!! Unfortunately,He is still on the Tel-a-lie-vision,etc,like his other cheats,as they are ALL FREEMASONS!!!

  5. clean cyclist

    clean cyclist4 måneder siden

    Lance is a world class asshole. His fans are also assholes.

  6. Lincoln C

    Lincoln C5 måneder siden


  7. Joseph Kenny

    Joseph Kenny6 måneder siden

    Armstrong. A proper piece of shit - back then and forever

  8. Nico Nesta

    Nico Nesta6 måneder siden


  9. CoolDL

    CoolDL7 måneder siden

    lol at the guy rolling his eyes @3:00

  10. Liofa

    Liofa8 måneder siden

    Lots of sycophantic pricks laughing at the end...

  11. Samir Gasimov

    Samir Gasimov9 måneder siden

    Video terrible quality!

  12. ciaran delaney

    ciaran delaney10 måneder siden

    paul kimmage fucking legend

  13. Kathleen Bennett

    Kathleen Bennett10 måneder siden

    LANCE YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!:):):):):):) GO LANCE!!!!!

  14. M R

    M R10 måneder siden

    Ive always thought Lance was A Douchebag from Day 1, even more so after He Confessed to being a raging Cheater. Hats off to Paul!

  15. Neil Pook

    Neil Pook10 måneder siden

    How about some credits for the music, in the video? I really like the music used in the climbing scene. Who plays it, and what's its title??

  16. thorpey lad

    thorpey lad10 måneder siden

    Great man is Lance! Best rider ever

  17. Yan Daman

    Yan DamanÅr siden

    Nicceee. More of that

  18. 4637812648

    4637812648År siden

    Interesting to watch the reactions of fellow dopers Hincapie, Leipheimer and Basso sitting next to Armstrong.

  19. Alejandro Espinosa Santa Cruz

    Alejandro Espinosa Santa CruzÅr siden

    Hello any body know what's PUDENDAL PAIN is??? Thanks very much.

  20. John Clerkenwell

    John ClerkenwellÅr siden

    Lance where are you !! All those pricks who sucked up to Armstrong must feel like muppets now, a cheat is always a cheat, i admire Kimmage and Walsh for confronting the anti christ of cycling.

  21. high horse

    high horseÅr siden

    crazy how he can act all high and mighty when he's a fucking low life cheat

  22. Dessienewshoes

    DessienewshoesÅr siden

    When Lance says 'noble' I lost it.

  23. kbkesq

    kbkesqÅr siden

    Floyd landis has the dirt on lance so lance had to defend him.

  24. kbkesq

    kbkesqÅr siden

    Stone cold liar. Sociopath. Why doesn’t he say we all do it.

  25. Ob1sdarkside

    Ob1sdarksideÅr siden

    All those sycophant journo's laughing with Lance, probably had no shame when he was busted.

  26. Kevin535 B

    Kevin535 BÅr siden

    I have read a lot about his high cadence. His average cadence here was 73?

  27. Bruce W McLaughlin

    Bruce W McLaughlinÅr siden

    Any sissy can climb a hill on any type of bike , get these guys loaded up with for an overnight trip and fill them panniers . Then we will see how good their climbing technique really is.

  28. Jose Laurel

    Jose LaurelÅr siden

    2018, I Still have this bike and it is my race bike, pretty old shape compared to new specialized, but do the job.

  29. sarvagya

    sarvagyaÅr siden


  30. ClayDog MadMan

    ClayDog MadManÅr siden

    Gary Fisher folks... A true legend...

  31. Frei Mont

    Frei MontÅr siden

    lets go babeeee ... super video

  32. Suitedup1111

    Suitedup1111År siden

    What a hypocrite.

  33. John Kelleher

    John KelleherÅr siden

    The nervous laugh from the crowd at the end, sycophants. As we all were at the time, myself included. This was when lance was at peak popularity, an absolute superstar. It took character to up against that in such a public forum.

  34. Ferdinand Bardamu

    Ferdinand BardamuÅr siden

    Elle est mignonne mais elle devrait arrêter de se maquiller à la truelle.

  35. carlos rides

    carlos ridesÅr siden

    4 years later this is prohibited because of feminazis

  36. HugoMNF

    HugoMNFÅr siden


  37. **King wolf**

    **King wolf**2 år siden


  38. TheHotrod017

    TheHotrod0172 år siden

    Where's the Lance fanboys at ?

  39. Him Bike

    Him Bike2 år siden

    If Lance was so innocent, why was a black cloud of dope following him always? Like the Hilary Clinton of cycling.

  40. Raka71

    Raka712 år siden

    143 cadence?

  41. john wooard73corvette

    john wooard73corvette2 år siden

    I found this video to be very helpful . A little over two years ago , I had a pretty bad stroke . I was told to get a wheel chair on the way home from the hospital but I decided to get a new bicycle instead . My daughter was against it , and as I was paying for the bike she reminded me that I couldn't even say bicycle . I stumbled on this video and I watched it over and over every day . When I first tried to ride , I fell down , a lot . One lady even yelled at me , thinking I was drunk . I finally made somewhat of a recovery from the stroke . I'm walking , talking and riding my bicycles . I just want thank you Liz and I say it again , this video was very helpful .

  42. Ronin Rider

    Ronin Rider2 år siden

    Wow She s gorgeous.

  43. ky wa

    ky wa2 år siden

    Has anyone in this comment section actually had cancer? Kimmage probably shouldn’t have said the cancer thing, but do you think if you had the chance to be the worlds best cyclist, you wouldn’t take the extra little helper to do so? It’s easy to say no, but wait til you’re in that position

  44. JM G

    JM G2 år siden

    Qui''n'en ferait pas sonn4heures delà Belle marion ??????? hypocrites !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............

  45. JM G

    JM G2 år siden

    C'estVrai qu'elle est biengauleeMarion!!!!Si elle donne le départ d'une étape du tour,il y aura des problèmes dans les shorts!!!(cuissards)!!!!Mais pas de traces !(Ilya une peau de chamois à l, intérieur !!!!!) l'honneur sera Sauf!!!!!!!........ouf!!!!....

  46. Wollenschrank

    Wollenschrank2 år siden

    Unnatural shooting. Natural cycling women are sexy.

  47. Wollenschrank

    Wollenschrank2 år siden

    Best scene at 05:04!

  48. Neil Lennon 88

    Neil Lennon 882 år siden

    Cheating tramp

  49. jggraphx

    jggraphx2 år siden

    cant see shit @ 360p WTF

  50. TLZ Inc.

    TLZ Inc.2 år siden

    I imagine growing up wealthy has ruined quite a few lives... I mean that honestly. The most miserable people I've ever met were born w money

  51. Christy Dolan

    Christy Dolan2 år siden

    Paul Kimmage got the last word in this conference by pointing out that he was the cancer

  52. MagnaV42

    MagnaV422 år siden

    0:40 Nice a** she has there 😍

  53. jfdavenport

    jfdavenport2 år siden

    I hope he never runs for president! He has all the attributes to do well in politics.

  54. Marty P

    Marty P2 år siden

    Bodies banging

  55. Ryan Docena

    Ryan Docena2 år siden


  56. Mike Bello

    Mike Bello2 år siden

    Trop sexy la Marion

  57. FennessyMusic

    FennessyMusic2 år siden

    Don't forget - Paul Kimmage is a reptile

  58. Svetliaok Dymnova

    Svetliaok Dymnova2 år siden

    Marion Rousse : Enfin un ou plutôt une commentatrice de cyclisme qui ne hurle pas dans le micro , qui est posée , claire et surtout compétente et met en avant son excellente connaissance de la course cycliste !!

  59. MegaNiko49

    MegaNiko492 år siden

    Un pur canon cette Marion Rousse et un sacré veinard notre Tony Gallopin national lol

  60. DontTestTheX

    DontTestTheX2 år siden

    Gotta watch these and wonder why he isn't in jail

  61. D. Alex Kablack

    D. Alex Kablack2 år siden

    The intro music to this video has become my alarm clock tone

  62. Pav Bryan

    Pav Bryan2 år siden

    Awesome :)

  63. Pav Bryan

    Pav Bryan2 år siden

    Cool feed :)

  64. suresh kumar

    suresh kumar2 år siden

    it is so sweet cycling

  65. PC RPG Community / Cycling in the UK with HeyJoe

    PC RPG Community / Cycling in the UK with HeyJoe3 år siden

    7th of May, can't wait! xD :D

  66. Scott Parkhurst

    Scott Parkhurst3 år siden

    The hardest thing for me was to get my cadence up to 85-90 going uphill. I do stay on my seat off and on but chose to get up during a turn/apex-bend. I find this very helpful. I think the biggest thing for me is to stay as relaxed as much as possible. Your body and bike will thank you for it!

  67. Hughston Bloomfield

    Hughston Bloomfield3 år siden

    Love her so much!!

  68. CoolDL

    CoolDL3 år siden

    They should put a picture of Lance Armstrong next to the word "Narcissist" in the dictionary.

  69. Franz Walder

    Franz Walder3 år siden

    Elavaca do woll julia😏 des johr hobmo woll es glück mit der schauffel gfressn so ah tolle lehrerin zu hobm😂👍🏻

  70. Aline Simões

    Aline Simões3 år siden


  71. Hughston Bloomfield

    Hughston Bloomfield3 år siden

    Love you Manon you babe. Awesome rider awesome person. She has got to be the prettiest mtber out there

  72. Tony Rieck

    Tony Rieck3 år siden

    this is a nice video. thank you!

  73. KOHF34

    KOHF343 år siden

    You do have to give Lance credit for one thing: he is one of the greatest scam artists in American history. Kudos, Paul Kimmage.

  74. Pottz1

    Pottz13 år siden

    Armstrong is morally bankrupt.

  75. Gabe Chang

    Gabe Chang3 år siden

    Great video!! Thank you.

  76. Roland Bergero

    Roland Bergero3 år siden

    ho i forgot 2010and still lovely and unique in mtl

  77. Roland Bergero

    Roland Bergero3 år siden

    on a LaPierre xylius400 with a big 15.5pounds going down

  78. Roland Bergero

    Roland Bergero3 år siden

    après quelques chutes en montagne dont une plus efficace que les autres je suis sur les dilodids 32etplusmg daylay j'ai toujours autant sinon plus de plaisir à faire du vélo.Je ne crois pas que je vais atteindre mon rêve de faire 10000kilometres cette année mais je vais essayer en 2017sijelepeux.Cette année je vais faire un petit 7a7.5milles kilomètres je m'excuse j'ai raté mon coup.DÉÇU De moi-même.

  79. Josefine Abalos

    Josefine Abalos3 år siden

    Super cool I hope could do the same how you cyclist. I love doing bike even alone . Feels good after🚲🚲🚲

  80. Bro Nature

    Bro Nature3 år siden

    Just Manon riding her bike is all i need.. whats with all this soft porn shit..

  81. Michael Bräunesberger

    Michael Bräunesberger3 år siden

    This Lady is so damn beautiful and lovely (also with mud covered face)... her riding skills are awesome.. Would love to ride with her dh all the day.

  82. Dan Floros

    Dan Floros3 år siden

    Fool me once, shame on you..fool me twice..... its amazing how many people wanted to believe the myth... 7 TDF victories consecutive..coming out of nowhere following cancer.... it just doesnt stack the math, it is an impossible statistic to cross in such a gruelling sport...yet look and listen to those one his team...sitting with him...the silence is deafening... they all new, and should all pay a price....Its amazing how human beings comply. We know Hillary is crooked yet we comply...and in the end the truth will stand alone.

  83. Ryan Chen

    Ryan Chen3 år siden

    Fake or bad person he is, but looking back. What wouldn't be there if he wasn't there? How does TREK grow, NIkE too on cycling, cycling in general in North America or more than that. It isn't not honest, but the result is still there and for that I agree to his effort.

  84. blazer55

    blazer553 år siden

    BMX is for kids....

  85. Sebaka & Co.

    Sebaka & Co.3 år siden

    Uh oh, stop it you're embarrassing us.

  86. jameshisself

    jameshisself3 år siden

    Nice. But you ended it where it needs to begin, or at least transition to at some point. You down with MTB? Yeah, you know me!

  87. K Doc

    K Doc3 år siden

    Paul Kimmage's persistence paid off. Armstrong is everything you don't want your child to be - a creep.

  88. Stanley Butterworth

    Stanley Butterworth3 år siden

    GRADIENTS are not even in my cycling vocabulary now i have reached 71 years, but love the downhill

  89. Stanley Butterworth

    Stanley Butterworth3 år siden

    Pentrofolas down to Betsw y coed in North Wales what a rush seven miles down, great stuff

  90. Dot Moky

    Dot Moky3 år siden

    hot chick.

  91. George Giffords

    George Giffords3 år siden

    I hope someone cuts off his one remaining testicle, so that he doesn't pollute this world with anymore of his pathetic offspring!.

  92. Ivan K

    Ivan K3 år siden

    she's hot.

  93. Gerhardt van Heerden

    Gerhardt van Heerden3 år siden

    Armstrong is a coward. A fake hero. Shame.

  94. DUUR-Dun. DUUR-Dun. Dundun Dundun Der-Der-Der-Derrr

    DUUR-Dun. DUUR-Dun. Dundun Dundun Der-Der-Der-Derrr3 år siden


  95. TCO - Transcultural Communicators

    TCO - Transcultural Communicators3 år siden

    I really liked your clip.

  96. Yoso

    Yoso3 år siden

    I'd ride with her!

  97. Bruce Turner

    Bruce Turner3 år siden

    Liz. You don't actually do much in this. But hey. You look great. Great promo video. And a great internet bluffer ... Sorry, blogger into the bargain. When we have worked out exactly what is going on in this video that is anything other than ... Riding around flat roads in the sun's hoping for the sequel where you race other people. And that.

  98. Nojikuzus

    Nojikuzus3 år siden

    Who are the models?

  99. Tony O'Donnell

    Tony O'Donnell3 år siden

    What an unbelievable shit Armstrong is. And I'd love to know what was going through "professional nice guy/Lance Armstrong's bitch" George Hincapie's mind.

  100. Miguel A. Cuauhtli

    Miguel A. Cuauhtli3 år siden

    If she is the heaven, i wanna crash so hard and die.