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Countdown to Jake Paul vs. Gib
WEIGH-IN | Miami Fight Night
  1. Robert Roberts

    Robert RobertsDag siden

    Fight Ryan now!!!!

  2. Roberto Moreno

    Roberto MorenoDag siden

    I really need to see this fight.

  3. zuvk

    zuvkDag siden

    That kid doesn’t know what he getting into he’s gonna lose that 0

  4. Martin Gonzalez

    Martin GonzalezDag siden

    That’s right Victorville finest💯

  5. Yahir Mendo

    Yahir MendoDag siden

    Kovalev almost won more rounds than canelo

  6. mrjvsxiii

    mrjvsxiiiDag siden

    Haney too slow for Garcia. Garcia gonna run laps no cap

  7. Aarush Subherwal

    Aarush SubherwalDag siden

    Straight outta Victorville


    FUKKdaSYSTEM XDDag siden

    Tank will still destroy him

  9. Oscar De Santiago

    Oscar De SantiagoDag siden

    A song of Xxxtentacion? So cool

  10. Trevor Read

    Trevor ReadDag siden

    Fight a fan! Me hahaha

  11. J Beezzie

    J BeezzieDag siden

    So, I guess Shane didn't hit Canelo the whole fight? 🤦🏾‍♂️.... Mr perfection, CANELO ALVAREZ.... 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Marco Sanchez

    Marco SanchezDag siden

    Fake AF

  13. Miisterious doom satanas ramirez

    Miisterious doom satanas ramirezDag siden

    Muy viejos los 2 camaradas ( uno argentino y el otro colombiano) ya paso su tiempo

  14. Pedro Magallanes

    Pedro MagallanesDag siden


  15. seven7days 777

    seven7days 777Dag siden

    Canelo tiene buena tecnica

  16. Nuggifresh

    NuggifreshDag siden

    Nikita looks great against average joes

  17. EZ Hrdz

    EZ HrdzDag siden

    Fat fckr chose hamburgers vs legacy! Pinche Ruiz!!

  18. MrMarco855

    MrMarco855Dag siden

    There's something I always wonder about; Sometimes one fighter looks bigger then the other yet they weigh in at the same weight, or within a half pound or so. Look at Garcia and Duno on the screen at 00:29...…...how can Garcia weigh the same as Duno when he's 3 inches taller and he has bigger shoulders? Duno has a bigger head but that doesn't make up for 3" in height and a wider upper body. Maybe Duno has bigger legs, it doesn't show their lower half, but It doesn't seem as if that much extra height could be neutralized by a bit larger legs. I'm not sure how much an extra 3" of height would generally constitute but if you calculate based upon his weight, an extra inch would be about 2.25 lbs. for Garcia. Therefore his 3" advantage in height should equal about 7.75 lbs. I really don't see how Duno could make up that almost 8 lbs. of weight on his body??

  19. T Dalb

    T DalbDag siden

    I just think GSP is a class act. He doesn't talk trash, he's respectful and honest.

  20. Zaid -

    Zaid -Dag siden

    Joshua has to fight Ortiz, Fury, or Wilder soon

  21. Anime Joe

    Anime JoeDag siden

    Quinton's training camp involved Rampaging through every fast food establishment in town.

  22. HTX 713

    HTX 713Dag siden

    After watching the Davis vs Francesco fight I think Garcia would beat and probably knock out Davis dudes is just much longer/faster than Davis.. I got this as a 60/40 fight in favor of Garcia

  23. Primo Benavides

    Primo BenavidesDag siden

    Mayweather ran around the Mexican boxer. That is why Pacquiao would rather fight a Mexican because they go Cara a Cara (Face to Face). Mayweather should be penalized for running and holding. Mayweather would have lost the fight outside the US. Mayweather is over rated. Out!

  24. koolairbrush10

    koolairbrush10Dag siden

    I thought I was watching Benny the jet Rodriguez from the sand lot movie!!!!!...

  25. nigloo 32

    nigloo 32Dag siden

    Garcia prayed for him to wake up

  26. SenorBananaMan

    SenorBananaManDag siden

    Logan: you’re the skinniest fat kid I know Gib: allow me to introduce myself

  27. NETS

    NETSDag siden

    Logan got robbed lol

  28. SenorBananaMan

    SenorBananaManDag siden

    Logan: I’m going to be aggressive KSI: ha no

  29. Rupiqz on IG

    Rupiqz on IGDag siden

    sorry but Jake would lose to Ksi

  30. Durag Jones

    Durag JonesDag siden

    2:21 “were all fat in my family” what about tommy though ? 🤔

  31. Salvador Mendoza

    Salvador MendozaDag siden

    @dazn can I watch the wilder fury fight 2Mmow

  32. David Mendiola

    David MendiolaDag siden

    Reparations paid

  33. Naim Wright

    Naim WrightDag siden

    2:12 where was Shannon Briggs when u needed him (LETS GO CHAMP!!!!)

  34. Daniel Hayes

    Daniel HayesDag siden


  35. Mario G

    Mario GDag siden

    Brook would've done better if he had not fought GGG. Bad move by Brook.

  36. Ray Mund

    Ray MundDag siden

    Floydie fighting a small man. During the official weigh in for their 144 lb bout, Marquez weighed in at 142 lbs and Mayweather weighed in at 146 lbs thereby incurring a financial penalty ($300,000 for each pound over 144 lbs) as he was 2 pounds over the catchweight.

  37. Real boxing News

    Real boxing NewsDag siden

    Canelo will destroy that boy

  38. ch1ngons1mon

    ch1ngons1monDag siden

    Canelo gets full credit for this Mosley but Mayweather gets no credit for beating the Mosley that iced Margarito?🤔

  39. Phillip Slivov

    Phillip SlivovDag siden

    Notice how many more people where there for devin’s fight

  40. laneAU88

    laneAU88Dag siden

    KSI: Knowledge Truth Integrity. Integrity *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  41. Arief Rochelle

    Arief RochelleDag siden


  42. Canico1 Cruz

    Canico1 CruzDag siden

    Wilder doesn’t want it

  43. Amir Hamssa

    Amir HamssaDag siden

    I feel scammed and I didn't even pay for the fight

  44. UTM Channel

    UTM ChannelDag siden

    i went to get nachos for my all my family and the fight was over

  45. samuel M

    samuel MDag siden

    All that footwork and show off attitude is a cover up for the glass jaw..... Case and point Anderson Silvia.

  46. De todo un poco

    De todo un pocoDag siden

    Orgullo Mexicoamericano 🇲🇽🤝🇺🇸 tiene un killer en esos brazos me quedo sorprendido de este muchacho siempre miro sus peleas este si pelea con huevos no como el canelo

  47. noskoolikeoldskool

    noskoolikeoldskoolDag siden

    Poor Marquez had no answer to Mayweather's tactics.

  48. Tony fast

    Tony fastDag siden

    Congrats Chris you looked amazing in this fight.

  49. mr. La lakers

    mr. La lakersDag siden

    I hear all the hate comments on Mayweather but could nobody beat him no matter the age difference when you step in the ring with him u have two hands he his two hands no excuses

  50. National Sports Loaded

    National Sports LoadedDag siden

    Jake Paul: I knocked out AnesonGib in the first round, in 2 mins. Ryan Garcia: Hold my Gloves

  51. Wavy pat

    Wavy patDag siden

    Haney is trash af

  52. Jhay Reyes

    Jhay ReyesDag siden

    Pacquiao is hard puncher than canelo

  53. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithDag siden

    "Canelo highlights" I bet this was oscars idea, he released videos like this on the golden boy channel

  54. Boxing 101

    Boxing 101Dag siden

    Eddie Hearn seems to take care of the fighters better then Bob or Al. I'll put my money on Mikey because of experience.

  55. Jessepe Jibbs

    Jessepe JibbsDag siden

    Is this fight gonna be in dazn in America?

  56. cosmicYT

    cosmicYTDag siden

    hi ksi

  57. Peter Shmuck

    Peter ShmuckDag siden

    “I don’t get enough acknowledgement of my skills” 😂 if anything’s mate your overrated ... you have a 1 punch system putting all your eggs in 1 basket and for as long as you can’t pull back that right hand you can’t throw it

  58. Ignacio Baez

    Ignacio BaezDag siden

    The Mexican rocky balboa

  59. King king

    King kingDag siden

    Logan paul ringwalk- 150 k views Ksi ringwalk- 1.5 million views

  60. Eddie Flores

    Eddie FloresDag siden

    Les GO Mikeyyyyy

  61. Joe WS 213

    Joe WS 213Dag siden

    Young ese hungry.

  62. AngeloMHD

    AngeloMHDDag siden

    BIG X fan. Respect him for this

  63. Jedi One

    Jedi OneDag siden

    Rampage is in no shape to fight . That’s not the Rampage I knew . He’s done

  64. ya boii

    ya boiiDag siden

    Quinten "super size that please" Jackson

  65. ExPeRiOr v1

    ExPeRiOr v1Dag siden

    He said logan instead jake

  66. Bucka Dantas

    Bucka DantasDag siden

    Broder, só se for pra o Deontay moer esse bosta do Joshua de cacete. O cara conseguiu ser nokauteado por aquele gordinho 7 pães rei do churrasquino, que dirá o que vai ser quando levar uma cipoada daquela direita motorizada do Wilder. 🤙🏾

  67. Flame.k’s Fire life

    Flame.k’s Fire lifeDag siden

    I did not know jake had a tattoo

  68. Callie Combs

    Callie CombsDag siden

    Ahora si lo dejaron como monster al chino. Se la pelo por creido y fachozo

  69. King Nikhil

    King NikhilDag siden

    remember when wilder said that ruiz would clap joshua in fight 2 😂😂😂

  70. Ashley Eadie

    Ashley EadieDag siden


  71. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezDag siden

    What a joke

  72. Doc Rivers

    Doc RiversDag siden

    DAZN take this L 🤦🏽‍♂️

  73. Brian Chavez

    Brian ChavezDag siden

    no disrespect to gib but he wasnt ready to fight jake pussypaul

  74. Real boxing News

    Real boxing NewsDag siden

    Fighting bums

  75. Juan Elizondo

    Juan ElizondoDag siden

    Does anyone know where the weight in will be for Mikey Garcia Vs Jessie Vargas?

  76. Daniel Ortiz

    Daniel OrtizDag siden

    My respects to chavez sr. But jr has let himself go he is not boxer material anymore...

  77. Chad Dezara

    Chad DezaraDag siden

    That punch was lovely 😊

  78. B5 calluz

    B5 calluzDag siden

    Who’s here after ksi released Wake up call?

  79. Jack Bond

    Jack BondDag siden

    Can this guy survive in the ufc

  80. 2pac shakur

    2pac shakurDag siden

    في حد يترجملنا

  81. Brain Cor Vlogs

    Brain Cor VlogsDag siden

    Dang Mosley got clapped 👏

  82. Terry Joe

    Terry JoeDag siden

    These dudes look heavier than they're weights

  83. Deigo The Maverick

    Deigo The MaverickDag siden

    0:32 0:33 110%

  84. Deigo The Maverick

    Deigo The MaverickDag siden

    0:13 0:14 (screaming like Conor McGregor

  85. hifli danni

    hifli danniDag siden

    What about in Atlanta?

  86. TeamGrowBig 420

    TeamGrowBig 420Dag siden

    I want box ryan next get hold me asap let get it set up

  87. Rudy V

    Rudy VDag siden

    Ryan Garcia hasn’t fought anybody known

  88. Justin Yang

    Justin YangDag siden

    Garcia vs Linares??? Wow that would be a amazing fight!!!! Uhmmmm I say Ryan will still beat Linares with speed and QI and oh yea Ryan also got power too!!!

  89. Dreezy KO

    Dreezy KODag siden

    Ryan Garica last two fights seemed a lil fake too me. Knock somebody out like that with just arm punch. No hate tho, i think he can beat tank possibly.

  90. onemoretime15

    onemoretime15Dag siden

    Andy Panda express Ruiz

  91. Hitman t Westside bloods stl

    Hitman t Westside bloods stlDag siden

    The greatest fighter that ever laced up gloves Floyd Mayweather

  92. Vedansh Guru

    Vedansh GuruDag siden

    Big up KTI 😂😂

  93. B Bracken

    B BrackenDag siden

    This is sad.

  94. Ж

    ЖDag siden

    Floyd ballooned Marquez and made Marquez jump up 2 weight classes. Yet Floyd was still scared of Marquez and he came over the weight limit on fight night, and had to pay Marquez a $150K penalty. Floyd was scared of the little man Marquez. While Manny fought Marquez at his own weight classes.

  95. Ben Jake

    Ben JakeDag siden


  96. Sniper Dola

    Sniper DolaDag siden

    Post the Floyd vs pacquiao fight

  97. Roberto C Rodriguez

    Roberto C RodriguezDag siden

    Interesting highlight video well done... i like the combo yall did, had me hooked

  98. Carolina Florentino

    Carolina FlorentinoDag siden

    Page é um bom lutador mais faz muita gracinha tem que entender que é um trabalho quando mais sério fizer seu trabalho melhor o resultado parabéns Douglas Limma

  99. plasticmoon222

    plasticmoon222Dag siden

    Great fighter

  100. Austin Roccaro

    Austin RoccaroDag siden

    This is like Spence bringing up Mikey 2 weight classes but at least Spence made weight.