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Cancio vs. Alvarado 2 Undercard
One Night: Joshua vs. Ruiz
Logan Paul’s Ring Walk
  1. Diego leon

    Diego leon32 sekunder siden

    People Ruiz did it to make sure he gets a 3rd fight it means more money for both of them

  2. jay D

    jay D53 sekunder siden

    I would love to see him fight in the uk Eddie make it happen hahahaha

  3. Steven Campbell

    Steven CampbellMinutt siden

    Worst boxing match ive ever seen lol

  4. frankc941

    frankc941Minutt siden

    How does Andy Ruiz have more stamina then Conor McGregor? 🤣

  5. Reggie Pough

    Reggie Pough2 minutter siden

    I look forward to seeing more Ruiz fights. But more excited to see wilder joshua

  6. A. Calda

    A. Calda2 minutter siden

    Just imagine a fatty boy stealing his heawyweight title, that would be funny

  7. jam jam

    jam jam3 minutter siden

    Que des pommes de terre ... 😂

  8. DrewD

    DrewD4 minutter siden

    Takes alot of wuevos to go to Saudi Arabia and fight at 18 years old.

  9. Lance Lightner

    Lance Lightner5 minutter siden

    Tyson would of destroyed these two inside of 3 rounds “I PROMISE YOU”!

  10. Hammad Khan

    Hammad Khan6 minutter siden

    AJ wasn’t prepared for the first fight and Ruiz wasn’t prepared for this fight 🤷‍♀️

  11. one truth

    one truth8 minutter siden

    Mexico is ruled by drug lords.

  12. Provuze

    Provuze10 minutter siden

    Joshua is a huge snowflake that just didn’t melt in this fight.

  13. Gustavo G

    Gustavo G11 minutter siden

    Jajajajjaja se proyecta el wey como a él no lo apoyan plenamente dice lo que quisiera para el jajajajjaja le sale el subconsciente al Miedoso y mentiroso el wey.

  14. Abby Jaded

    Abby Jaded11 minutter siden

    Commentor: "These fights are a piece of cake for Joshua" Ruiz: Someone said cake!? 🏃🏿‍♂️

  15. Abby Jaded

    Abby Jaded11 minutter siden

    Commentor: "These fights are a piece of cake for Joshua" Ruiz: Someone said cake!? 🏃🏿‍♂️

  16. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen12 minutter siden

    Translation. Japan, Japan, Japan... basically (I want Ryota Murata...)

  17. troy gomez

    troy gomez12 minutter siden

    The first 9 are straight bums

  18. Israel Diaz

    Israel Diaz13 minutter siden

    Canelo destroyed triple g in the rematch in so many ways not only did he punished triple g for 12 rounds he took triplegs confidence away canelo took everything from him.

  19. john mendoza

    john mendoza15 minutter siden

    How does a man with that much muscle have such horrible stamina when standing in front of an umpalupa?

  20. Stanley Odoemenem

    Stanley Odoemenem17 minutter siden

    Mike Tyson gave the best analysis , I can listen to him all day talk about boxing

  21. Lance Naff

    Lance Naff18 minutter siden

    Skip to 4 minutes.

  22. Ishmael Avent

    Ishmael Avent19 minutter siden

    The whole england supports the African American champ...only african americans support their champs....racism is still alive nd well in america

  23. CL

    CL19 minutter siden

    Japan would be niceeeeeee

  24. CL

    CL20 minutter siden

    No es nada que la gente tenga opiniones pero Márquez y Faitelson(😂😂😂) eso es envidia y se nota. Críticas,eso no es na pero le semilla 😂 envidiosos. Canelo es puro disciplina, Andy debe de coger notas

  25. jame

    jame21 minutt siden

    “Floyd may weather style” no sir, much more advanced than Floyd mayweather. Floyd does that same block and runs away lol

  26. kiresh shrestha

    kiresh shrestha21 minutt siden

    that was quick, i thought Saidi had concussion, lucky for him he was on his feet. But hey they got lucky they had some extra time and could Co-main Event the show.

  27. Josue Anguiano

    Josue Anguiano21 minutt siden

    Lastima que Ruiz no tenga ni la cuarta parte de profecionalismo y disiplina del canelo

  28. Jorge Martinez

    Jorge Martinez22 minutter siden

    May weather style 😂

  29. kgroovemaster

    kgroovemaster23 minutter siden

    This is why boxing needs to do away with scoring and fight till one goes down.....leave scoring for the amateurs and olympics who wear safety gear....they are pros and if you dont want to get hit then dont take the fight...defensive boxing is standing in front of the opponent and bobbin...weavin and countering...but oh well thats why boxing is dying..

  30. I am a dinosaur 1209

    I am a dinosaur 120927 minutter siden

    1:17 Eddieeeeeeeeee

  31. Edo Grimo

    Edo Grimo28 minutter siden

    Trash, thank g I dint waste money in paying to watch!

  32. Gee Santini

    Gee Santini29 minutter siden

    Ksw is awesome. Has a slight "freak show" and "street fight" vibe. Also these ring girls are SMOKIN

  33. Damian Tymiński

    Damian Tymiński29 minutter siden

    jeeezzz what a cringe

  34. Ramses Cornejo

    Ramses Cornejo29 minutter siden

    I don't know why but everytime the announcer yells the winner he sounds like yelling "zuurrggooo" from tarzan 2

  35. Angelo Idisi

    Angelo Idisi31 minutt siden

    Yeah he ran, Ruiz would have had him. Heavy weights should slug it out and not engage in featherweight boxing strategies! I came to see a knockout lol

  36. Jewan Ahmed

    Jewan Ahmed31 minutt siden

    Whats the song at 2:40 or the one at 4:30?

  37. Im Geekin

    Im Geekin32 minutter siden

    Andy Ruiz is still an animal idgaf💀

  38. Phillip Moore

    Phillip Moore32 minutter siden

    Ruiz motioning AJ to come to the center of the ring and trade was pitiful. If you want a knockout go get it. Literally did nothing but motion at Joshua for the last 15 seconds or so

  39. Adam Padilla

    Adam Padilla32 minutter siden

    Yall are so triflin, so lemme guess, david didnt beat goliath because he used cunning and agility and didnt depend on brute strength...which woulndt've done sheeeaat

  40. NineTwoFive 365

    NineTwoFive 36533 minutter siden

    Wow I never thought Floyd could make weight and hold his own as a Heavyweight... congratulations king ... 51-0


    TOPSHELFMIKE34 minutter siden

    All this and Andy Ruiz just threw it all away... SMH

  42. Adam Padilla

    Adam Padilla37 minutter siden

    People saying joshua was running. He was quite evasive yes, but running alone cant win you a match, just ask logan paul after ksi started knocking some sense into him. Logan was a runner, jabber, and was to maintain distance, Like Aj. BUT Ksi got into logans defense, Ruiz could not get into Aj defense. If you can break past defence and agility, you have a better chance. But so far, I see ruiz lost the fight, but they both gave a great fight. It seems like half people just want boxers to beat the bearshit out of eachother. If you want that, go look at youtube streetfights where you risk your life for internet notoriety.

  43. John Doe

    John Doe37 minutter siden

    Big deal, a fat mexican dude lost after he got lucky the first time...... no story here.... he looks disgusting watching his blubber shake all over the place

  44. butterfinger yt

    butterfinger yt38 minutter siden

    He is the best😈🥊🤴

  45. Bruce Lawrence

    Bruce Lawrence38 minutter siden

    The first fight was either a fluke or set up. You decide

  46. BardockThaRawest

    BardockThaRawest39 minutter siden

    dudes tall for being Mexican

  47. Real 252

    Real 25241 minutt siden

    Butterbean 2.0

  48. Robert_6- _

    Robert_6- _41 minutt siden

    Yea joshua kept his distance ran back when he felt he was in danger. Next andy has to wait for Joshua to get in his area instead of trying to get in himself. Love how joshua coudnt last 7 rounds without getting knocked down repeatedly and acting like he didnt quit but puts on his acting cap I say that's worster then any excuse lol. This is the most cocky I seen joshua lol like you this happy cuz you knew he could of beat ya

  49. Edwin Cortes

    Edwin Cortes42 minutter siden

    Mayweather and Anthony always run bro it's so annoying

  50. 3G Bloke

    3G Bloke42 minutter siden

    is this a joke, who is this fatty

  51. david taylor

    david taylor43 minutter siden

    When you watch the replay at the end Lemieux was badly hurt with a brutal body shot, winces and looks at the ref as if to say ' stop it, I've had enough' Great referee is Steve Wills. Watch his face, feels every punch thrown lol!

  52. Robert_6- _

    Robert_6- _44 minutter siden

    Eddy hern probably edited this video

  53. Bring that same energy

    Bring that same energy44 minutter siden

    Don't rethink regular logic: Andy Ruiz Got the belts. Got the money. Got the fame. Got lazy. Got whipped. End of story

  54. RONIN 777

    RONIN 77745 minutter siden

    Boxing is becoming a joke, for me you need to knock out your opponent to claim the crown.

  55. Hector Coronel

    Hector Coronel48 minutter siden

    Joshua got really closed on breaking Usain Bolt*s world record

  56. Stanislav Bosenko

    Stanislav Bosenko48 minutter siden

    Как говориться до Первого Усика и Уайлдера!))) ХАха

  57. BLACK Face

    BLACK Face49 minutter siden

    P4P Canelo Alvarez 🇲🇽

  58. Rogelio Espinosa

    Rogelio Espinosa49 minutter siden

    Pinche Andy ojete, le valió la pelea no se preparó. Ni defendió el título T.T

  59. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson50 minutter siden

    Nobody wants to see anymore of raging pig...

  60. Геннадий Мороз

    Геннадий Мороз50 minutter siden

    Разве это победа!!!!!!? Джошуа ты проиграл во второй раз,что ты радуешься то 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Mike Fair,Jr

    Mike Fair,Jr50 minutter siden

    And AJ did the Mayweather

  62. Code Name: Jordan

    Code Name: Jordan51 minutt siden

    The Real Rocky

  63. Edward Berry

    Edward Berry52 minutter siden

    Wilder and Tyson would put him in icu

  64. Ranch Roberts

    Ranch Roberts55 minutter siden

    I'd give Josua some respect if he did what this kid did. Engaged Salrmani and then kept the distance with jabs. If he did this for the entire fight then that would be a boxing display. Can't stand those calling AJs jab and run masterful.

  65. Haytam Mrini

    Haytam Mrini56 minutter siden

    name of the song in 9:40 pls

  66. Anthony Alvarado

    Anthony Alvarado58 minutter siden

    That's a prime example of how to support your country men

  67. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna Rowe58 minutter siden

    We I hate seeing Ruiz jiggle

  68. Happy Happy

    Happy HappyTime siden


  69. Keyrito

    KeyritoTime siden

    Wonder if we’ll see the Wilder fight next. Wilder or Fury, AJ isn’t gonna be able to dance around them like he did here. Props to Andy but AJ didn’t get knocked out in camp this time around. He actually looked like himself

  70. Nefer khnumu Builders Society

    Nefer khnumu Builders SocietyTime siden

    When will there be a Joshua vs wilder

  71. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresTime siden

    Exelente entrevista. Hoy no se le vio lo arrogante prepotente q cienpre a cido este tipo

  72. Nick Nelson

    Nick NelsonTime siden

    I think Joshua played it smart this time. Took a different approach this time and it gave him the win. Well played

  73. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna RoweTime siden

    My boo Canelo !!

  74. J. V.

    J. V.Time siden

    Casimero 😁✌️

  75. Chris Ika

    Chris IkaTime siden

    Did anyone watching this highlight actually purchase to watch the whole fight? Ja Rule, “I guess not..”

  76. Kevin Alexander

    Kevin AlexanderTime siden

    8:50 best combo Andy threw all night.

  77. Kirk Cox

    Kirk CoxTime siden

    AJ can box won the Rematch 12-7-2019 Aj outboxed Ruiz 12 round UD

  78. Yugis Grandpa

    Yugis GrandpaTime siden

    Smh so much casuals in the comments. They don’t see a ko and don’t appreciate boxing. Joshua had a game plan and it worked. Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Hit and don’t get hit.

  79. okow tina

    okow tinaTime siden

    Maybe he can finally get a haircut now

  80. Freddy Arancibia

    Freddy ArancibiaTime siden

    THEY NEED PART 3!!🥊🥊🥊

  81. Theory 901

    Theory 901Time siden

    My profile picture is me with Chico Bean , is that enough for you to sub to me channel? 😔

  82. Michael Harrison

    Michael HarrisonTime siden


  83. randy stevens

    randy stevensTime siden

    "Greatest rounds ever"? I'm guessing the person that wrote that was watching their very first boxing match.


    SPIDERM0OSETime siden

    Sauel Alvarez = Sean Kelly. Hes a clone from the McGregor batch brewed up in the late 80's by Irish Military Intelligence He was sent under deep cover as an infant to infiltrate a n indigenous family so that he could carry out his mission, a humanitarian one that will one day convince all Mexicans they dont have to lead with their face when they fight.. Sean Sinnamon Kelly, a grand wee bullshitter & a half decent boxer too.

  85. rasheed211287

    rasheed211287Time siden

    C'mon, he's got enough money to hire an English teacher....

  86. Will VSW

    Will VSWTime siden

    Canelo “Still Carnt Speak English “ Alvarez👀

  87. 20 15

    20 15Time siden

    Out-boxing an opponent is what Floyd Mayweather did to Canelo Alvarez; AJ ran ran ran ran ran, Andy Ruiz was not ready for that and lost to points, Ruiz had very little success when AJ was in range, but Ruiz was looking for a fight and didn't have plan B in case AJ ran in circles.

  88. kurdish ASMR

    kurdish ASMRTime siden

    1-Canelo vs billy joe sander 2- winner with GGG

  89. Un Redacted

    Un RedactedTime siden

    this should be on backyard brawls tv.

  90. Duglas Maldonado

    Duglas MaldonadoTime siden

    El moreno lo estudió muy bien 👍 Andy se durmió mucho el tenia k salir al frente

  91. Jair Mendez

    Jair MendezTime siden

    If that's how Joshua takes Ruiz's punch then Wilder will knock his head off

  92. fabian orozco

    fabian orozcoTime siden

    he trained with mayweather.. learned the chicken dance.

  93. James Richardson

    James RichardsonTime siden

    I still like Andy Ruiz. But, this is what happens when you don't train and excessive eating and partying. Even in this fight you can clearly see that Ruiz is still dangerous. It's just that now, he has to work his way back up.

  94. Maverick Cuellar

    Maverick CuellarTime siden

    Quien es el guerote de pelo largo con el que llego acompañado el canelo?

  95. Cipriano Bravo

    Cipriano BravoTime siden

    Así se hace canelo

  96. BIGBOI99 Waska

    BIGBOI99 WaskaTime siden

    I think that Logan is trying to wear out Ksi so Logan has more energy

  97. 丨 卂爪 卂 几ㄖㄖ乃

    丨 卂爪 卂 几ㄖㄖ乃Time siden

    4:44 got me dead😂😂😂

  98. Reno Hill

    Reno HillTime siden

    Spectrum cable laying off more employees and Killed the Time Warner Cable retirement pension plan. Executives still getting rich.

  99. Apexbossman

    ApexbossmanTime siden

    Why can’t you just do a voice over instead of using translators it’s so off throwing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  100. MO balling2k

    MO balling2kTime siden

    Who came back to see this after Ruiz vs Joshua 2