My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

  1. Mathew Delport

    Mathew Delport8 timer siden

    8 forward gears, neutral and reverse

  2. Vahidreza Barati

    Vahidreza Barati8 timer siden

    Wow. I don't think I'll ever watch another video from your channel. I would've said this car is useless and I have no mechanical experience. What a waste of time. Stop uploading videos that show absolutely nothing

  3. Fater.

    Fater.8 timer siden

    Thanks for the time wasting!

  4. Van Hughes

    Van Hughes8 timer siden

    If it starts you are good. Not too much required considering. Mostly cleaning and cosmetic.

  5. Nani Tayu

    Nani Tayu8 timer siden


  6. The Great Amida

    The Great Amida8 timer siden

    "Made with the highest grade Chinesium" Nice joke, racist. I bet you'd be upset if someone made a black joke...

  7. Kailee Holcombe

    Kailee Holcombe9 timer siden

    Rebuild it!

  8. HickoryStick

    HickoryStick9 timer siden

    shoulda ubered in it

  9. 1xial1

    1xial110 timer siden

    “Advanced AutoParts has sponsored this video” Me: [Sees 5 O’Reilly’s commercial] 😒

  10. Axel HOLM

    Axel HOLM10 timer siden

    really ugly paint color

  11. Gary Fernandez

    Gary Fernandez11 timer siden

    Benz, BMW, Audi, Range Rover, Jaguar, (Especially a Range Rover and Jag) if you can’t afford a new one, you most certainly can’t afford a used one.

  12. Super Yacht Captain

    Super Yacht Captain11 timer siden

    I could watch this channel night and day. Great job 👍🥂

  13. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen11 timer siden

    Don’t do a vid with him again

  14. Chris Bradley

    Chris Bradley12 timer siden

    But why is the battery blurred out? Because it's one not offered by Advanced??

  15. CobraFangRacing

    CobraFangRacing12 timer siden

    i knew the honda would win

  16. Don Dagy

    Don Dagy12 timer siden

    Nice work boss. And good lookin machine so far.

  17. Jørgen Paulsen

    Jørgen Paulsen12 timer siden

    Get Cletus McFarland to drive te Honda, and give him the Lexus..

  18. Jose Qt

    Jose Qt13 timer siden

    Black air forces

  19. R A Z Y

    R A Z Y13 timer siden

    Mercy Elgo

  20. Henry Suber

    Henry Suber13 timer siden

    "That's a spider" "There's roaches in here"


    SLASHER GG14 timer siden

    Why does Tavarish look like the bodybuilder Vegan Gains

  22. Kelvin Tso

    Kelvin Tso14 timer siden

    What movie was that?

  23. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown15 timer siden

    great video, but i just got an estimate for just an alternator on this very vehicle ant it was $439 or so. www.yourmechanic.com/services/alternator-replacement

  24. VP Distributing

    VP Distributing15 timer siden

    Rolls Royce plane engine perhaps? Hangar or airport along your drive?

  25. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown15 timer siden

    just a guess, is that battery, under the hood, not an advance auto battery? is that why its blocked out since advance auto sponsored the video lol?

  26. nick

    nick15 timer siden

    This guy tries too hard to be entertaining. The phony laughing is unnecessary. What you're doing is interesting enough without you forcing "comedic" situations.

  27. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown16 timer siden

    here is the original pimp my ride video it appears to be from season 6, 7th episode. this show only ran 3 years from 2004-2007, so who knows how long a season is. i wanted date when the work was done, but the airing date could be different anyways. www.dailymotion.com/video/x5v2ae7 www.imdb.com/title/tt1106603/?ref_=ttep_ep7

  28. PT Hamilton

    PT Hamilton16 timer siden

    Amazing wrenchers. Driving and shifting not so much.

  29. YoungCapoh

    YoungCapoh16 timer siden

    You need to work on your shifting man fr fr😂

  30. Norbert Kováč

    Norbert Kováč16 timer siden

    Is the 2nd part coming out?? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ #wrencheveryyear

  31. Oliver StormC

    Oliver StormC16 timer siden

    Of course it's faster you can just tune the damn thing and don't give a shit because the car is trash. But which one is more reliable and comfortable?

  32. J Vi

    J Vi16 timer siden

    No driving skills🤦‍♂️ 😂

  33. Decay of Alberta

    Decay of Alberta17 timer siden

    The red car starting sounds as acts like a normal Chevy starting. I think I can, I think I can lol.

  34. Edward Ayroso

    Edward Ayroso17 timer siden

    wished you can rebuild or restore my my classic volkswagen beetle hahahha

  35. Rey Sabas Jr.

    Rey Sabas Jr.17 timer siden

    You should hire a better driver.

  36. H.R. Pufnstuf

    H.R. Pufnstuf17 timer siden

    i like it the intake looks nice the car looks nice


    PCXMODS GR17 timer siden

    For the history, Mercedes are very tough cars i have seen them ''tested'' in unorthodox conditions in northeast Europe since 1995 on gravel roads, half asphalt, etc..!The problems you mentioned expect the motor mount are cosmetic. The window which doesn't go down is a common problem, you need to unscrew the door cover and check the connections. The two batteries exist because in previous models, i unfortunately have, the electronics were using all the power from the battery because basically they never stop working and the solution was a second battery. Over the years i learned that if you remove the battery and install it again you will have a Christmas tree in the dash !Don't worry car still works!

  38. H.R. Pufnstuf

    H.R. Pufnstuf18 timer siden

    you blew my mind 2 days . no way wow thumbs up

  39. daesyoung

    daesyoung18 timer siden

    that 96 ss worth just as much or more than that Mitsubishi.. sumins fishy..! jk but fareal...

  40. Dj510O

    Dj510O18 timer siden

    Homie gotta start wearing a size larger shirt

  41. ZelykX

    ZelykX18 timer siden

    Why does everyone call the gaLLardo a guyardo

  42. Fullyloaded Records

    Fullyloaded Records18 timer siden

    The amps and speakers is worth the 800 alone..


    MSFATTY FATTY18 timer siden

    Don’t know why or how but I’ve been watching thIs trilogy in a tri day binge. Also, I’ve changed and alternator because my hands were smaller

  44. White Knuckle Garage

    White Knuckle Garage19 timer siden

    Welp, I searched Datsun 510. No results. 😔

  45. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith19 timer siden

    Why do these small turbos sound like "Wun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun"? Are you doing that with the throttle ?

  46. Frankie Garza

    Frankie Garza19 timer siden

    Dude, you look like your gonna pass out on that helmet lolll

  47. Davxx Baedxx

    Davxx Baedxx19 timer siden

    At this point, get a sequential

  48. hackshop1

    hackshop119 timer siden

    Why are you waiting so long to shift? Air the tires down!

  49. garrick matarazzo

    garrick matarazzo20 timer siden

    "...so we can hear the sound of it's people." Hahaahha

  50. proracer

    proracer20 timer siden

    24 hours of lemons race car

  51. proracer

    proracer20 timer siden

    This would be a great 24 hours of Lemons race car

  52. Kyle Milford

    Kyle Milford20 timer siden

    The shifters seem sloppy but they work fine like that, my integra feels the same and its never missed a shift!

  53. Generation Oldschool

    Generation Oldschool20 timer siden

    How much for the blue 1955 Chevy truck in the back left corner of the video? Contact me if you want to sell it. My Instagram username is the same as my channel

  54. BabyJohnYo

    BabyJohnYo20 timer siden

    Just seeing tavarish really enjoy a jdm car really makes me happy too

  55. Du4 FPV

    Du4 FPV21 time siden

    Love living in the 941!!! SOTA ROCKS MERICA!

  56. Daniel Frankowski

    Daniel Frankowski21 time siden

    Why youtubers always have impossible deadlines ? Every one would enjoy build more if it was all done properly and tested, they literally dont sleep... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  57. pospc2

    pospc221 time siden

    Pretty sure my stock Lexus would run faster then that Lexus.

  58. henry carless-turland

    henry carless-turland21 time siden

    Has footage of the 2004 episode, yet your still shocked when you realise what the car has , I know your trying to build an audience , but come onnn man , just cringe bro

  59. Omar Reyes

    Omar Reyes22 timer siden

    boosted boiz are gunna be so happy Cletus has a Honda now

  60. Gasdrinker

    Gasdrinker22 timer siden

    25 min ill never get back

  61. HWYstar _

    HWYstar _22 timer siden

    Yep thats what your rust needs....SALT! Lol

  62. HWYstar _

    HWYstar _22 timer siden

    Heres a good question...what tail lights you gonna get later?

  63. Lor Nevermore

    Lor Nevermore22 timer siden

    Remember why he said he wanted to remove the red? “ I want it to be low key not to flashy” now he’s like “Fuck it wrap it in gold”

  64. HWYstar _

    HWYstar _22 timer siden

    PRESSURE WASH?! I awtta smack you! Lol

  65. James Davis

    James Davis22 timer siden

    Shoulda gone 2jz

  66. Robby Gilbert

    Robby Gilbert23 timer siden

    20:48 guy says “ an a b o n g”

  67. Robby Gilbert

    Robby Gilbert23 timer siden

    12:48 guys says “and a bong” hahahah

  68. IzzyPChiba

    IzzyPChiba23 timer siden

    “I was thinking pikachu thunder strike” 😭🤣

  69. Foronke Bom

    Foronke Bom23 timer siden

    SC300 was the treasure

  70. GreywolfStudios74

    GreywolfStudios7423 timer siden

    Gratz vid series man. I really enjoyed it

  71. Harry Winterford

    Harry Winterford23 timer siden

    Not acetone 😫 glue and tar remover! Plus it was a shit wrap! And they used edge primer everywhere...

  72. Renko

    RenkoDag siden

    How about “B is for Build it Better?”

  73. Aaron Truth TV

    Aaron Truth TVDag siden

    I spent more on my C6 Corvette. I should have done a video on that.

  74. Erik Balassa

    Erik BalassaDag siden

    Hello! Whats up with the white Supra?

  75. Viva Jurgen

    Viva JurgenDag siden

    your gear changes are trash....:/

  76. Geordon Klingler

    Geordon KlinglerDag siden

    Really wish y’all knew what your were doing air down the tires it’ll give way more grip less spin learn stuff

  77. 00Negative

    00NegativeDag siden

    "Well, at least it didn't explode." Standards.

  78. Patrick Harding

    Patrick HardingDag siden

    When Cleetus and crew get done, she'll be a ripper!

  79. lisa

    lisaDag siden

    Oliver Tree needs his van back

  80. Curtis Noble

    Curtis NobleDag siden

    I wonder if Chris stall converter is bad

  81. Abdelrahman Hatem

    Abdelrahman HatemDag siden

    Man, is that van an eyesore!

  82. Charlie Evert

    Charlie EvertDag siden

    Drag car

  83. jeff Smith

    jeff SmithDag siden

    Nice sun visor!

  84. xEmsXPhiiltzx

    xEmsXPhiiltzxDag siden

    you own a lambo and other nice rich car and you still go cheap and dumpster dive for brakes..... respect lol

  85. lee nevin

    lee nevinDag siden

    CEL light on

  86. AWD4DRHONDA honda

    AWD4DRHONDA hondaDag siden

    A VTEC LS block? idiot.... completely gutted? just he back seat and carpet was removed.... the rest is there.. removing a seat hardly classify s as "gutted" are bare wire? looks like its got a sleeve on it.. bare would mean, just the wire with no insulation.. You are a drama queen..... its not entertaining you sound like a moron.. perhaps its not sound l like a moron you could just be one. and R888 work awesome for drag.. just ask the fastest Integra in the world that eats just about anything in 1/2 mile.

  87. lee nevin

    lee nevinDag siden

    This isn’t hoodies?

  88. MadMike772

    MadMike772Dag siden

    The video of the person who buried it no-gos.info/video/ub2IqH-bpbKMw6M.html

  89. Marley91crx, SI

    Marley91crx, SIDag siden

    Welcome to the Dallas area my frends

  90. Jose De Jesus

    Jose De JesusDag siden

    That sbc was hurt no way that car would that slow.

  91. Micah Space DOGE

    Micah Space DOGEDag siden

    It's not fake it's a Lamborghini countach

  92. Manuel Feliz

    Manuel FelizDag siden

    Haha the Wastegate tube moves

  93. Daniel Barreto

    Daniel BarretoDag siden

    I was waiting for him to spot a roach 😂 ain’t no way there wasn’t one in there screw that!

  94. Derrik Bosse

    Derrik BosseDag siden

    In a garage, no glasses, mask, shorts, and sneakers. Great video but set a good example


    JUSTIN EVENDag siden

    Even trashed out that van is still PIMP!!


    WINNINGDag siden

    Yeah lets race for each others cars. Both cars are complete pieces of shit.

  97. Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish

    Scott KlosEnuf - to PolishDag siden

    Doesn’t cledaus deal in Diesel only 🤷🏻‍♂️

  98. Alan Here

    Alan HereDag siden

    That engine was jumping around a lot

  99. sayvone Stanley

    sayvone StanleyDag siden

    Fix the lexus

  100. ScottyV1

    ScottyV1Dag siden

    Ur forgetting turbo Honda civics lmao .... nice vid dude