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Our $70,000 Experiment

Our $70,000 Experiment

6 måneder siden

Things are about to change
We Created A Matchmaking Business
  1. Christopher Columbus

    Christopher ColumbusDag siden

    this is just a large game of dnd

  2. Daniel Baines

    Daniel BainesDag siden

    I would've said you have to say yes to us for another 24 hours

  3. jwh2f

    jwh2fDag siden

    Land of the handsome people :)

  4. Small Brain

    Small BrainDag siden

    bruh the dramatic change of music at 5:00 made me very chill

  5. Allen Eccles

    Allen EcclesDag siden

    Wow this guy would be amazing at dodging guided missiles

  6. Rahul Sarkar

    Rahul SarkarDag siden

    Just go and sleep alone

  7. Fizzi Lizzy

    Fizzi LizzyDag siden

    I wanna go theeeerrree

  8. palasha shrestha

    palasha shresthaDag siden

    The cold never bothered him anyway🤧🥶

  9. Angel Melendez

    Angel MelendezDag siden

    This video was AMAZING. A dream that turned out to be bigger than he though and went through a lot to achieve it and seeing that smile as he climbed to the top of the pyramid goes to show you that dreams do come through and not always the way you want them to. Very inspirational, I loved it!

  10. Principessa

    PrincipessaDag siden



    DAJ GAMINGDag siden

    If your not offended your not american bshhh burritos are from Mexico I think

  12. audrey

    audreyDag siden

    yes theory summer camp?

  13. f.adrial

    f.adrialDag siden

    You can see the oldest pyramid in the world located in Indonesia, called "Gunung Padang" or Mount Padang

  14. fidzo tarantino

    fidzo tarantinoDag siden

    All this pacific islanders are the most friendliest. went to Fiji and Samoa, didnt want to go back home. No hurry no worry!!! love their daily vibe!

  15. Principessa

    PrincipessaDag siden

    15:19 oh noessss💀

  16. Lock Herup

    Lock HerupDag siden

    That Thomas is a Fing crybaby. No they all are Fing wimps except the chick. She rocks.

  17. UNIQUE D

    UNIQUE DDag siden

    Facts: Bhutan is approx 300km from my house 🙂

  18. Tonya Koyu

    Tonya KoyuDag siden

    North Korea is op lmao

  19. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachDag siden

    Everytime i play gta5

  20. Isaiah Harris

    Isaiah HarrisDag siden

    So it wasn’t 24 hours and the title was a lie

  21. EnzoPlays HD

    EnzoPlays HDDag siden

    First video seen, I loved all you've done to people like help them let them join you on trips and I live in Philippines by the way and I'm a kid

  22. Principessa

    PrincipessaDag siden

    I nearly got a heart attack watching this 😂

  23. funtih leslie

    funtih leslieDag siden

    "Dude we have people to kidnap. This sounds so stupid 😉😂😂😂😂

  24. Depressed kid

    Depressed kidDag siden

    i tried and practiced the method for 2 days and can now hold my breath for 7 minits

  25. Gigant 5

    Gigant 5Dag siden

    Shame on the people that disliked this video

  26. Principessa

    PrincipessaDag siden

    12:48 ❤️he’s watching from above.

  27. Sheena Bloomer

    Sheena BloomerDag siden

    I’m personally having a anxiety attack watching this. Even airplanes are a no for me! Did way better than I ever would!

  28. rejectz live

    rejectz liveDag siden

    What if you convinced someone to live with you for a week

  29. okay. neon

    okay. neonDag siden

    now one: absolutely no one: NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD: Tik Tokers: 48:32 Like for part 2!

  30. palasha shrestha

    palasha shresthaDag siden


  31. Kevin Gruen

    Kevin GruenDag siden

    How about South Sudan? I guarantee you guys wont step a foot in that country. You will get your head chopped off and eaten. 100%. No doubt.

  32. jeanrb

    jeanrbDag siden


  33. ZapperMapper

    ZapperMapperDag siden

    Dear Yes Theory: Me and a lot of other fans have thought of this so I am writing this comment so you can see it. Please make an app where you have a challenge for the day like talk to 3 new people, or eat a certain amt of calories today, etc. These challenges would vary from person to person from a personal quiz before they get assigned the challenges and the challenges will go of of that. Please like this so they have a better chance of seeing this comment.

  34. mr anderson

    mr andersonDag siden

    Go to tristan da cunha

  35. Principessa

    PrincipessaDag siden

    I found your channel when I saw your Tuvulu vid and I LOVE IT❤️

  36. Austin Reed

    Austin ReedDag siden

    This video will single-handedly quadruple tourism in the country

  37. Kishan Mainali

    Kishan MainaliDag siden

    I love you guys and enjoy most of the content but it's just walking to top of pyramid using staircase. Why is it so dramatize like you guys are climbing top of Mt. Everest?

  38. Saz Ashleigh

    Saz AshleighDag siden

    My friend used to work at a bank and she was telling me how they do tests like this regularly, they pay someone to try to walk through to the main offices wearing high vis and see how far they can get. They also do it with a pizza delivery outfit, apparently most of the time they make it further through with a pizza than with high vis

  39. nofacex

    nofacexDag siden

    how’d they make sure he was the lyft driver for them? what?

  40. Octobounet

    OctobounetDag siden

    We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard- John f Kennedy

  41. Alex Melgoza

    Alex MelgozaDag siden

    9:11 is the only reason they are helping you 🤣🤣🤣 they want promo bro👌🏽they smart af

  42. Raq

    RaqDag siden

    I love the mom!

  43. Joe Mama2

    Joe Mama2Dag siden

    Lol I can't even make friends

  44. ben reed

    ben reedDag siden

    wtf you guys met brendan fraser? 10:10

  45. Munib Qazi

    Munib QaziDag siden

    I wish i was roaming there and u came to me hey do u wana come for sky dive i will definetly say yes i m from Pakistan luvv u so Ammar

  46. BlkQueenK

    BlkQueenKDag siden

    Bless this woman and her family

  47. palasha shrestha

    palasha shresthaDag siden

    They look Nepalese

  48. Shaswat Acharya

    Shaswat AcharyaDag siden

    You guys are really amazing. Thank you very much for being that light in this dark world.

  49. palasha shrestha

    palasha shresthaDag siden

    Am a Nepalese aussie

  50. Londyn Harris

    Londyn HarrisDag siden

    I'm crying so much right now, thank you Yes Theory for constantly spreading your love and light and sharing these impactful stories <3

  51. Michelle Butterfly

    Michelle ButterflyDag siden

    Shouldn't use microwave. Kills all the nutrients

  52. xNinjaBeard

    xNinjaBeardDag siden

    Should have blurred his face even if it isn’t showing. Someone somewhere could always have a vendetta. Not a smart move.

  53. Javier Villa492

    Javier Villa492Dag siden

    Boyss!!! You were in my country

  54. Rod Castaneda

    Rod CastanedaDag siden

    That place is massive!

  55. Filomen

    FilomenDag siden

    Go to Guam!!! Island life

  56. REEE

    REEEDag siden

    Now letting rain pick our vacation

  57. Munib Qazi

    Munib QaziDag siden

    Such a nice message

  58. D'Brickashaw

    D'BrickashawDag siden

    Bolivia seems really nice

  59. uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    uncle lover 1978 11 years agoDag siden

    The amount of money you make from this video means you can go to another wack country.

  60. D'Brickashaw

    D'BrickashawDag siden

    Airrack should be in your team, check him , he has great videos

  61. Oko Mono

    Oko MonoDag siden

    For those who disliked this video.... you have no heart and probably no soul 🤦🏽‍♂️

  62. Xx_Ren Vibes_xX

    Xx_Ren Vibes_xXDag siden


  63. Lost Martyr

    Lost MartyrDag siden

    I been sneaking in theaters and parks since I was 11 without the vest. I thought everybody did.

  64. Chaqara Prod.

    Chaqara Prod.Dag siden

    17:50 would be me no joke..

  65. supermarc45

    supermarc45Dag siden

    How does the countries economy work?

  66. X O

    X ODag siden

    Haha it's nice but next time if you ask local Thailand people then we can see the city culture better

  67. Eta Seruvatu

    Eta SeruvatuDag siden

    I’m from Fiji and I love all your vids ❤️

  68. Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithDag siden

    The only thing being eaten that day was the bottom part of her bikini....nice.

  69. Angel Lozano

    Angel LozanoDag siden

    I'm as lazy as Tuvalu's airport personnel

  70. Finding Lettuce

    Finding LettuceDag siden

    lands on North Korea 🇰🇵

  71. Pedro Gomez

    Pedro GomezDag siden

    You work at the la zoo

  72. Solh K

    Solh KDag siden

    The guy whos complaining all the time has the lowest body fat from all guys there. Ofc its harder for him Props

  73. Angel Lozano

    Angel LozanoDag siden

    But the least visited country in the world is Nauru....

  74. ZeTingles

    ZeTinglesDag siden

    Tbh it's one of the nicest towns I've ever seen.

  75. Rolando Ugarte

    Rolando UgarteDag siden

    Ja'llalla Bolivia

  76. Anousha syed

    Anousha syedDag siden

    Fun fact guys they broke up

  77. raha1277

    raha1277Dag siden

    We just happened to invite a gorgeous model on a trip with us haha

  78. nena's truth

    nena's truthDag siden

    this video makes me soooo happy. like yes vegan diets are it

  79. Khaled Al3mar

    Khaled Al3marDag siden

    You are AMAZING guys. I just found your channel Today. I hope you guys go very far with you passion. A new fan from KUWAIT 🇰🇼

  80. Khaled Al3mar

    Khaled Al3marDag siden

    You are AMAZING guys. I just found your channel Today. I hope you guys go very far with you passion. A new fan from KUWAIT 🇰🇼

  81. Matthew Lucic

    Matthew LucicDag siden

    “Ya hes Amish

  82. Shake N' Bake

    Shake N' BakeDag siden

    I'm not convinced he ate random food out of the trash can. I feel like it was planted there...

  83. yourenotmy dad

    yourenotmy dadDag siden

    when you live in missouri

  84. Pop Corn

    Pop CornDag siden

    Instead of bad boys for life it is cake boy for life

  85. Kim Olsson

    Kim OlssonDag siden

    You seemed to have a pretty good time Matt. Wanna seek discomfort? Do a 100k ultra marathon. You know you should. So what are you waiting for? Ammar tell him! Make him do it! Mohahaha...

  86. Greg Whyte

    Greg WhyteDag siden

    You Guys should come to Scotland and do the Nc500. Hit me up if you do🤙🏼

  87. Pats12Dude

    Pats12DudeDag siden

    Is Matt is ever gonna get a second date?

  88. Shah Habibi

    Shah HabibiDag siden

    That'd be great if you introduce Sky and her NO-gos channel (Sky Life) at 15:48. Cause that was through her page first I found about your exploration with Hof.

  89. disperrr

    disperrrDag siden


  90. Marco Amrein

    Marco AmreinDag siden

    You friendzoned her like hard.. For real, like realllyyyy harddddd

  91. BalckyBoi

    BalckyBoiDag siden

    *How are these dudes so rich*

  92. abargenum

    abargenumDag siden

    5:38 looks like something out of a superman of flying movie

  93. mohamed echate

    mohamed echateDag siden

    very nice waw thanks guys !!!

  94. Anna Kakorin

    Anna KakorinDag siden

    12:20 ok do we all agree thomas acts extremely gay lmao

  95. Bryan frye

    Bryan fryeDag siden

    Your body ain't using Ketones the first day of not eating. Ketosis doesn't kick in till after a couple days...

  96. Andreas Rydström

    Andreas RydströmDag siden

    Omg, how did that nutritionist get that job? - Rich greens and spirulina are great sources of B12? No problem for Matt, since 30 days with no B12 intake wouldn't lower it much and he seem to have taken some supplement, but I hope she doesn't give advice to people going vegan often, because eating greens and spirulina for B12 will get you dangerously deficient within 1-3 years and can give you permanent neurological damage. - And I assume that I heard her wrong when I heard: "...we want to see is where you'll get great sources of heme and iron from." I assume she knows that Heme-iron is one thing that barely exists in vegetable form.

  97. Constantine Stefanidis

    Constantine StefanidisDag siden

    And that’s How I met your mother

  98. Chi Ho

    Chi HoDag siden

    Yes Theory videos gives me goose bumps ❤️❤️❤️

  99. Tom Hobbs

    Tom HobbsDag siden

    you killed that speech man

  100. Kelton Green

    Kelton GreenDag siden

    they better have a second date