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Our $70,000 Experiment

Our $70,000 Experiment

4 måneder siden

Things are about to change
  1. Good King

    Good King3 minutter siden

    Fuck Chinese government!

  2. deer hunter

    deer hunter4 minutter siden

    the chinese are so nice , they must suffer a lot , projecting it to others ... while their solution is right in front of them to learn from .

  3. Alexander Hoffman

    Alexander Hoffman4 minutter siden

    10:13 until 14:05 is just so damn farcry 4

  4. Machine_Gun_Kelly

    Machine_Gun_Kelly6 minutter siden

    Live in least visited country > speak better than most 3world countries ppl

  5. Adam tv

    Adam tv6 minutter siden

    Egypt squad

  6. dingostar2620

    dingostar26206 minutter siden

    Over the past 70 years he survived assassination attempts, all while tirelessly promoting universal peace. What a wonderful world!

  7. Mitchell Owen

    Mitchell Owen11 minutter siden

    I mean ik its not much but i gave like 5 dollars today to a homeless person and maybe 5 dollars yesterday i can't remember how much, i mean if i had more money i would love to give money to the homeless people, no matter how they became homeless or what they are gonna use the money for, we all deserve a full belly

  8. Ankush Ranapure

    Ankush Ranapure11 minutter siden

    The doctors are gonna do the blood test to check if the organs are ... uhh.... uhhh.... hahahahahahahahaha lmao

  9. nau sang

    nau sang13 minutter siden

    Next minute she got in a car crash and the doctor said u will die in 1 minute and she started crying and yes theory is like why you crying I thought you had all your dream fulfill and she was like nah


    STATS DONT LIE14 minutter siden

    BAIT image from the thumbnail...

  11. Travel Thiyaduwa - Lakai Sikai

    Travel Thiyaduwa - Lakai Sikai20 minutter siden Sri Lanka Village Safari

  12. Alexander Anderson

    Alexander Anderson23 minutter siden

    I have had many years of thoughts of visiting this country. So peaceful, so beautiful. Also, I would like to think that when I visit the country I think I will be the first Polish person to visit it.

  13. AmbitiousFella

    AmbitiousFella24 minutter siden

    naive question : what does it mean that skillshare sponsored this video? i.e. they payed for the whole trip to tuvalu and all expenses involved ?

  14. Manny Donaire

    Manny Donaire25 minutter siden

    Here's the spin, his bro left the whole food container in the trash and told him when he'd leave it there. Honestly, I'd be more impressed if it slept where all the homeless sleep.

  15. Amber Hawk

    Amber Hawk26 minutter siden


  16. Gema Hoeksema

    Gema Hoeksema30 minutter siden

    What a gorgeous place! How is this place the least visited in the world?!

  17. IAmNimo

    IAmNimo31 minutt siden

    294 jews also watched the video

  18. Rakshit Ranjan

    Rakshit Ranjan35 minutter siden

    I love you guys

  19. Kal 888

    Kal 88836 minutter siden

    This is what rich people do, they travel the world and make videos, and then the poor people make them more money.

  20. Travel Thiyaduwa - Lakai Sikai

    Travel Thiyaduwa - Lakai Sikai39 minutter siden Sri Lanka Village Safari

  21. Lachlan Carver

    Lachlan Carver39 minutter siden


  22. Aaron Diaz

    Aaron Diaz40 minutter siden

    This is like the content of offense

  23. Pama Beth Siale

    Pama Beth Siale41 minutt siden

    Hello!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience in Tuvalu. It made me emotional after watching. Because it reminded me so much of my own island country Solomon Islands and I have not been home for the past two years.

  24. Hora Local

    Hora Local41 minutt siden

    No caller ID is normally work trying to reach me to get back into work to see a poorly patient. 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I always have to answer 🤔

  25. Vikash Gajadhar

    Vikash Gajadhar44 minutter siden

    There is Sadhgurur as wel bro' s if you can find him ...

  26. Lifegoeson100

    Lifegoeson10044 minutter siden

    The Joker impression 🙂

  27. Amber Hawk

    Amber Hawk47 minutter siden

    💜Love you guys!!😁 Where did you ever find that bow tie Thomas?...😂

  28. NovaBXNY Nova

    NovaBXNY Nova48 minutter siden

    The people there are so welcoming. Wish NYC people were 1/10th as nice as these people.

  29. crusade time

    crusade time50 minutter siden

    6:44 song?

  30. Sjoerd ˈʃuːd

    Sjoerd ˈʃuːd50 minutter siden

    More of this!!!

  31. Sabrina Angel

    Sabrina Angel51 minutt siden

    MY FAVORITE EPISODE BY FAR you guys should do more like this!

  32. Mahad Omar

    Mahad Omar52 minutter siden

    You guys are super awesome. Found you guys on here this week and damn what a find. Subscribed and gonna be binge watching all your videos. Yoh all are super chill and very friendly. Stay awesome.

  33. MrX2Z Gamer

    MrX2Z Gamer57 minutter siden

    Rich folks have chefs making crispy cream in their kitchen, why bother open door for poor

  34. سيدعمر

    سيدعمر58 minutter siden

    Come to Pakistan 🇵🇰

  35. A

    ATime siden

    Did you guys have to pay for the amenities like massages and movies?

  36. Rohan Kar

    Rohan KarTime siden

    these guys are less crazy TGFBros.


    HARE KRISHNATime siden


  38. Hrithik Swaroop

    Hrithik SwaroopTime siden

    It's illegal to fly drones in India I'm Indian how did you get permission 🤭😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤯

  39. Love Hate

    Love HateTime siden

    yes theory hope you pick Philippines to visit 🙏🙏

  40. SB 123

    SB 123Time siden

    LOL You motherrfuckers used your White Privilege in Asia. My brown ass wouldn't last 24 hours doing the same shit.

  41. FlashComKid YT GAMING

    FlashComKid YT GAMINGTime siden

    I can walk in the musemum withot paying from were im from smh😒

  42. Jett Bosnak

    Jett BosnakTime siden

    19:17 def was going to kill them all viciously but then found out they were nice

  43. Game_ Gemelli

    Game_ GemelliTime siden

    rick and morty the how did i get here show

  44. Diya khurana

    Diya khuranaTime siden

    Hands down... THE BEST VIDEO I WATCHED TODAY.... lmaoo

  45. Jorge

    JorgeTime siden

    I went out and killed a few politicians

  46. Chase Lee

    Chase LeeTime siden


  47. IMayBtheAnswer

    IMayBtheAnswerTime siden

    Not me bcuz unfortunately i look guilty But someone (A blk man) should try n document doing these things....Results would be much different. Anywhere....Guaranteed. Sad Really....

  48. wija andi

    wija andiTime siden

    13:34 When u see your best friend hang out with your ex

  49. Sanity Digital Creation

    Sanity Digital CreationTime siden

    superb !!! If you are interested in travel, enjoy the beauty of a small village in Sri Lanka.

  50. Aidan LaGrasta

    Aidan LaGrastaTime siden

    My Dream has always been to travel the world and meet new people. To spread love. And just recently I stumbled upon your channel and let me say, you guys found it. I dream to live lives as meaningful and impactful as yours.I'm just an 18 year old kid studying international business, but I live just south of LA so if y'all need someone determined and ready to say YES. hit. me. up. love you guys. thank you. ig/ aidanlagrasta

  51. Binto Varghese

    Binto VargheseTime siden

    "Atithii Devo Bhava " is all about we eat foreigners alive !!!!

  52. ilove2929

    ilove2929Time siden

    That first guy must be an irish man

  53. Br turas

    Br turasTime siden

    You guys make a amazing point , NEVER TRUST THE NEWS MEDIA !!!

  54. Conscious Existence

    Conscious ExistenceTime siden

    I fasted for 6 days it was great! well done

  55. kholid wakhid

    kholid wakhidTime siden

    Beautiful advice ❤️

  56. Fnerby Shnerb

    Fnerby ShnerbTime siden

    I wonder if Yoda was just a bunch of recordings of the Dalai Lama

  57. Bill Kong

    Bill KongTime siden

    This is quite different from what Wim does. It's more about traditional athleticism and less about extreme cold tolerance.

  58. Zoe Irene

    Zoe IreneTime siden

    This moved my heart

  59. Ben Hinman

    Ben HinmanTime siden

    Dude just remember they had another 14 hour flight back home on top of that so when the video ends their discomfort has just begun

  60. Thashil Mistry

    Thashil MistryTime siden

    Please come to South Africa next

  61. Jason lauver

    Jason lauverTime siden

    Why would it be risky to check into a hotel? I would think that is what the hotels are there for. So people can stay at the hotel while waiting for a flight. And even at that..why not just sleep in the movie theater. you were noticed lol how can you say you werent?

  62. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    Kaitlyn ElizabethTime siden

    i was in marching band in high school and we took a bus trip from chicago IL to orlando FL (Disney World) but on our way home we had technical issues and it took us 32 hours to get home.

  63. Kory Jonathan

    Kory JonathanTime siden

    Matt singing was hilarious...and been binge watching all your videos.

  64. TheReddeadmovie

    TheReddeadmovieTime siden

    hearing thomas speak swedish sounds so weird hej alla svenskar

  65. jamesdizzle420

    jamesdizzle420Time siden

    there millionaires from youtube who fool people into believing there stories.......OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOTG IN DIR DIR DIR

  66. Omar Nafie

    Omar Nafie2 timer siden

    I still don’t understand why people still dislike yes theory videos ? Why ?

  67. Bill Kong

    Bill Kong2 timer siden

    If you find a really cheap flight between two airports this might be cheaper than staying at a hotel.

  68. Meetmeagain Meetmeagain

    Meetmeagain Meetmeagain2 timer siden

    It's lie the king controls them high.

  69. poinked

    poinked2 timer siden

    aren’t what they’re doing illegal? i mean, it’s entertaining but i’m sure people who are out to cheat the system will follow and take advantage

  70. MrX2Z Gamer

    MrX2Z Gamer2 timer siden

    Crush is so old, love is bullshit, sex is easy and everything anyway, marriages are boring and ood

  71. Jon Mann

    Jon Mann2 timer siden

    This is the long term affects of Mr Rogers neighborhood lmao

  72. Prohunter12 Gaming

    Prohunter12 Gaming2 timer siden

    its crazy to see a video in a airport im at all the time. Texas oh ya

  73. Jon Mann

    Jon Mann2 timer siden

    I loved amars face while he was in the ice bath he was clearly somewhere else in his mind

  74. Elliana Maselli

    Elliana Maselli2 timer siden

    Thomas: Breathe in. *exhales* Breathe out. *inhales*

  75. CH3MICAL

    CH3MICAL2 timer siden

    the guys in the ice bath: AHHHH OOCHIKA OO CHA KA AHHHHHHHHHHH the girl: 😐

  76. BartosH Mistrzowski

    BartosH Mistrzowski2 timer siden


  77. Rohan More

    Rohan More2 timer siden

    Finally a country where MEN are OBJECTIFIED !!! Hilarious, loved it :)

  78. L.A. ROMAN

    L.A. ROMAN2 timer siden


  79. Myles Wilcox

    Myles Wilcox2 timer siden

    "Describe the taste of celery?" Would most definitely be my question

  80. drunkredninja

    drunkredninja2 timer siden

    That airport is hi tech af. It has facial tracking cameras. They were definately watching you guys but kept it low key because you guys had cameras and were white. But mostly because you guys had cameras.

  81. Workshop45

    Workshop452 timer siden

    do they have enough time to evaquate if tsunami come? and how?

  82. Courts Griner Photography

    Courts Griner Photography2 timer siden

    Outstanding Gentlemen..

  83. L.A. ROMAN

    L.A. ROMAN2 timer siden



    RIEMMAA2 timer siden

    Visit Saudi Arabia, we just opened tourism and I think it would be the farest you’ve been from your comfort zone, it’s safe people are super sweet I think you’d be pleasantly surprised

  85. Diya khurana

    Diya khurana2 timer siden

    so what happened after this??

  86. OIF2Medic

    OIF2Medic2 timer siden

    What kind of drone camera do you use? The video is amazing!

  87. Alvin Talok

    Alvin Talok2 timer siden

    Handsome and kind 😍

  88. Ben Hinman

    Ben Hinman2 timer siden

    Can't imagine why no one is visiting this place. Gorgeous island

  89. Arsen Yatsenko

    Arsen Yatsenko2 timer siden

    31:10 - "Today - shut the fuck up!" - the best part ;D

  90. Paige K

    Paige K2 timer siden

    the moment they realised the lights were appearing my heart felt so full

  91. TexasTimelapse

    TexasTimelapse2 timer siden

    The world needs more people like Hannah and her family.

  92. Carlos Racine

    Carlos Racine2 timer siden

    Just a reminder guys FUCK CHINA.

  93. Nisch the Fish

    Nisch the Fish2 timer siden

    You guys need to do a challenge on Mount Everest!!

  94. Amita Kulkarni

    Amita Kulkarni2 timer siden

    7:22 I thought that only humans were curious animals.

  95. SnezzyCS

    SnezzyCS2 timer siden

    i did an act of kindness to a stranger in indonesia. me and my friends bought him some lunch. he is a garbage person (so he picks up trash on the side of the road with his carriage) and we decided to go for him because he seemed hard working and tired.

  96. J J

    J J2 timer siden

    Fuck yeah. I love you guys and your videos. I fuck with all these vibes so hard.

  97. Sony S

    Sony S2 timer siden

    That happened to my best friends ( the groom )wedding, but the groom didn't care !! Those people got free food, drinks and dancing. He just thought the bigger the better wedding. 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤ funny!

  98. Angeline Teng

    Angeline Teng2 timer siden

    CCTV: Am i a joke to you?

  99. Interstate 1982 Mod Official

    Interstate 1982 Mod Official2 timer siden

    I instinctively reached for my camera to take a picture of your group picture where you decided to go back .

  100. Faith Brown

    Faith Brown2 timer siden

    HOLD UP! I have been watching you guys for years and I just out y'all are from where I am! No wonder y'all are so nice and open minded.