UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

UFC 246: Weigh-in

UFC 246: Weigh-in

9 dager siden

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UFC 245: Weigh-in

UFC 245: Weigh-in

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  1. StrangeDays

    StrangeDays11 timer siden

    Jesus christ, the sound.... Come on, 4.2.billion dollar company.

  2. Akmal Nabil00

    Akmal Nabil0011 timer siden

    Skip to 1:26

  3. Brian Hernandez

    Brian Hernandez11 timer siden

    What’s up with the fat girl in the back smiling thinking she can beat some ass 😂 only because your over weigh or tall don’t mean you can with a fight

  4. Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    Ramon Crocodilians Productions11 timer siden

    May the Best fighters win!!! This card is going to be 🔥🔥!! My boy DC coming for his belt Stipe get ready. Let's geaux!

  5. daniel balcazar

    daniel balcazar11 timer siden

    i knew that was the girl that got fried for stopping a shop lifter, I wonder if Dana has given her a job?

  6. beaten billy

    beaten billy11 timer siden

    Ya know any travel day i like ta do what ya call get the trip outta ya , go thru the motions shit a cappuchina

  7. SiegE EonExMachina

    SiegE EonExMachina11 timer siden

    Random guy: .............. Conor: Good man. Good man. Random girl: .............. Conor: Good woman. Good woman.

  8. clive ramsbotty

    clive ramsbotty11 timer siden

    can we all take a moment to appreciate how short joe rogan is

  9. Nd Jr. Onunze

    Nd Jr. Onunze11 timer siden

    0:40 RIP to that friendship that just died.

  10. Karim Souk

    Karim Souk11 timer siden

    Conor’s humbled down a little bit ..

  11. BuckfastConsumer

    BuckfastConsumer11 timer siden

    Cowboys truck over shadows Connor 👌

  12. Bullet ant

    Bullet ant11 timer siden

    Co main event my arse, the main event is the fight that’s on last 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. DraconianOz

    DraconianOz11 timer siden

    McGregor post fight interview: “I like the look of that heavyweight belt.”

  14. karlos Lowry

    karlos Lowry11 timer siden

    Pettis weight was a balloon

  15. DominykasV123 13

    DominykasV123 1311 timer siden

    All Conor is lacking are some man bobbies

  16. Jishan Ahmad

    Jishan Ahmad11 timer siden

    Cow boy stays calm 🙏🤝 I can’t wait

  17. Dwight Fontenot

    Dwight Fontenot11 timer siden

    Was Conor seriously late because he was "getting the kids ready?" LOL! Yeah, right. What a disrespectful POS. I freak out if I keep one person waiting, let alone thousands. Rude.

  18. Rubert Max

    Rubert Max11 timer siden

    Cringe when cerrone says I can't wait

  19. 1991donatas

    1991donatas11 timer siden

    Pettis looks amazing ,goodluck =)

  20. Jeevan Jyoti

    Jeevan Jyoti11 timer siden

    Raquel "skip" Pennington

  21. Calvin Scherbarth

    Calvin Scherbarth11 timer siden

    I'm calling it now McGregor cries after winning talking about his mum sadface

  22. Blaze Roman

    Blaze Roman11 timer siden

    "Hey pussy you still there"- Raquel's left nipple

  23. Daniel Gregson

    Daniel Gregson11 timer siden

    Tough fight for Pettis. Interested to see how Ferreira does.

  24. Urban Native

    Urban Native11 timer siden

    Plz Cerrone high kick this dude out

  25. Redeye

    Redeye11 timer siden

    Battle of the beards. Who's beard will win. Who's beard does Dana favour the most

  26. Никита Галкин

    Никита Галкин11 timer siden

    А я покакал


    ÅÑØÑŸMØÜŠ —11 timer siden

    Sorry but someone correct me if I heard Pettis wrong but did he just say he ballooned up 200 pounds?

  28. Nobin Habung

    Nobin Habung11 timer siden

    Notorious humble McGregor

  29. Ishan S

    Ishan S11 timer siden

    Honestly I expected more height difference seems like 3 inches at best

  30. SiegE EonExMachina

    SiegE EonExMachina11 timer siden

    @7:18 did that guy just high fived conor's fist bump??!! Lmao.

  31. Miguel Farias

    Miguel Farias11 timer siden

    Proper Twelve is a fookin Peasant drink

  32. Alex Batua

    Alex Batua11 timer siden

    Now McGregor slightly humble for this conference. Not like b4 the fight khabeb..

  33. connorstevens94

    connorstevens9411 timer siden

    She seems like she likes him more then Joseph 😂

  34. Давид Черткоев

    Давид Черткоев11 timer siden


  35. Gianluca De Pol

    Gianluca De Pol11 timer siden

    "Champion" (feat. Nicole Serrano) // Produced by Tommee Profitt - perfect song for this hype video!!!

  36. Pejman Ebadi

    Pejman Ebadi11 timer siden

    NO MORE PROPER 12 PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  37. Luriux

    Luriux11 timer siden

    Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta SHIELD

  38. Clasher

    Clasher11 timer siden

    Once you hear his wife, you can't un-hear it.lol

  39. billy33365

    billy3336511 timer siden

    He's the worlds highest paid loser. He gets paid top dollar to loose fights while running his mouth but Kabib humbled his ass this time around thank goodness

  40. faizal salim

    faizal salim11 timer siden

    Fuck yeah!

  41. Radabi Maram

    Radabi Maram11 timer siden

    I don't care what they r talking about i only want to look at her

  42. MMA Brazil

    MMA Brazil11 timer siden

    I’m dedicating this fight to me maa back home .... we love ya maa Conor wins by Round one decapitation ?

  43. Pedro Joubert

    Pedro Joubert11 timer siden

    Cowboys gone knock Connors slow tier ass.

  44. A T

    A T11 timer siden

    @2:04 As a father that hits you right in the feels. Damn it little man

  45. LaSqueesha Pineapples

    LaSqueesha Pineapples11 timer siden

    If you're going to wear those jeans, you could at least wash your knees.

  46. King Gorrilla

    King Gorrilla11 timer siden

    Holly holm sexy af... I think its the way her hair are so long that make me so attracted to her 😍😛

  47. Sumar 15

    Sumar 1511 timer siden

    How the fuck did he make 145 🤨

  48. Mik Szekely

    Mik Szekely11 timer siden

    Gotta love cowboy!!! Goddamn American hero!!

  49. Anon Ymous

    Anon Ymous11 timer siden

    cowboy looks shredded its going to be a tough fight for sure


    MMA BOXING11 timer siden


  51. Zel Sim

    Zel Sim11 timer siden

    Last time I ckecked Conor is not a two weight champion...he was at the time...but why signature him liked that...just putting a hate on the man..if they wanted to promote that they should have written "former two division champion" in his signature

  52. Trollingwhore00

    Trollingwhore0011 timer siden

    Who would have thought Izzy would be champ taking on Yoel for his first title defense.. crazy👌🏽💯💯💯

  53. Richard Harris

    Richard Harris11 timer siden

    See through the purple..

  54. Weedboy Weedboy

    Weedboy Weedboy11 timer siden

    lets go diego!!!! u have to do it for your son now hahaha super cute

  55. Anicodeaufo 59

    Anicodeaufo 5911 timer siden

    I'm rooting for Conor 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  56. joey coco

    joey coco11 timer siden

    fuckin legit promo right here. Nobody more deserving of this opportunity

  57. Dikkedeur30

    Dikkedeur3011 timer siden

    Somehow joe managed to put me off entirely when he said “the great” 👎🏻👎🏻

  58. True Islam الإسلام الحقيقي

    True Islam الإسلام الحقيقي11 timer siden

    Who is this connor guy?

  59. As Ager

    As Ager11 timer siden

    shaved sides and braided mid..let's go to warrrr

  60. Gv K

    Gv K11 timer siden

    I wish there was a way for both of them to win.

  61. cara bistouille

    cara bistouille11 timer siden

    7:08 its not embedded its humbled

  62. The Wedge

    The Wedge11 timer siden

    embarassing for Alexa.... How could u not know u are 5 pounds off??? She totally stood everyone up and f*cked them over. I wonder what Dana thinks

  63. lucas mosarca

    lucas mosarca11 timer siden

    mayce uglyv with her big ass forehead once shr move up the higer spotz she gona fold mayce can beat shevshenko no way or even waterdon orguy jenjekscic

  64. Rahul Shanmugam

    Rahul Shanmugam11 timer siden

    Always love to see Holly Holm in weigh ins. Tall, broad, strong. A goddess.

  65. jaymkuhl

    jaymkuhl11 timer siden

    I bet the house on Roxy, just because the vets in in the women's divisions tend to derail the hyped up and comers more often than not.

  66. Skhalone

    Skhalone11 timer siden


  67. tivadarus

    tivadarus11 timer siden

    I'm a simple man everytime they say Donald i hear McDonald

  68. ArminEghdamiDrums

    ArminEghdamiDrums11 timer siden

    I hate that women always saying: "stay there dor 5 seconds, 2....3....4.."

  69. Poland syndrome bodybuilding

    Poland syndrome bodybuilding11 timer siden

    Let’s go!!!

  70. Zlatan ibrahimović

    Zlatan ibrahimović11 timer siden

    Holly holm looks like the femaöe version of the witcher

  71. Yesindeed126

    Yesindeed12611 timer siden

    I know which one of those models in the background would be the champ champ

  72. Vanso

    Vanso11 timer siden

    I hope Conor win omg😭😭

  73. razom7311

    razom731111 timer siden

    2:54 no homo

  74. Билл Гейтс

    Билл Гейтс11 timer siden

    Connor McGregor

  75. Lewis Robinson

    Lewis Robinson11 timer siden

    "170 for life" - first thing he does off the scale is start drinking water, he was cutting weight

  76. JammyDonut

    JammyDonut11 timer siden

    That chunky reporter called Conor a “skinny English kid”. He’s Irish you dope.

  77. # rines

    # rines11 timer siden

    Did u see the part where Conor says he likes this 170 division? He says he see’s Jorge and the fights that are going on for that belt. Sounds like he saying he can do it. Dana already said if he beats Cerrone he gots a title fight ASAP. Against who? Usman or Masvidal? I believe masvidal will embarrass him in the ring. And usman would take him down. But...I got the Irish ☘️ this fight. Cuz next fight he’s gonna be minced meat 🥩. And that’s what I wanna see. Come on Conor!!Beat Cerrone so next fight we can see ur face mashed in the octogon🇲🇽🇳🇬 Carne asada or the bad dream. Hahja

  78. Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx11 timer siden

    The man is a SuperStar.

  79. to777ti

    to777ti11 timer siden

    No plates cause it's a rental 😂😂😂😂

  80. phenomenom9

    phenomenom911 timer siden

    Teacher you can't hear pictures, change my mind Me: Shows picture of Conor on the scales when he yells

  81. pudgee zudgee

    pudgee zudgee11 timer siden

    cowboy should win easy.

  82. Monkey See Monkey Do

    Monkey See Monkey Do11 timer siden

    We should all thank Khabib for making Conner humble again

  83. James Tisdale

    James Tisdale11 timer siden

    Didn't realize conor is a two-weight champion currently....

  84. Jalal Alsulami

    Jalal Alsulami11 timer siden

    Just look how humble McGregor has become.. Thanks Khabib 😄

  85. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell11 timer siden

    Hope conor gets his face smashed in.

  86. Yash Rana

    Yash Rana11 timer siden

    For people Conor McGregor is inspiration for them. For me his wife is inspiration.

  87. Jinu Jaan

    Jinu Jaan11 timer siden

    Now Conor knew how to respect others

  88. dogiii

    dogiii11 timer siden

    Cant hate on Diego, his KID is just too cute :=)

  89. Maximum Ninjutsu Power

    Maximum Ninjutsu Power11 timer siden

    A cynic would argue that scene with the Proper 12 was set up.

  90. Giuseppe Rotella

    Giuseppe Rotella11 timer siden

    I am sick about comments about Tony Ferguson made only to attract likes.

  91. oasrnsxca

    oasrnsxca11 timer siden

    conor "good man" mcregor.

  92. Andre Salumägi

    Andre Salumägi11 timer siden


  93. Peasipa Namoa

    Peasipa Namoa11 timer siden

    Conor dedicating his fight to his mom and talking about why he was a little bit late goes to show how much he matured to be were he’s at today. A ton of respect they both have for each other. It’s a dope card!

  94. Yusuf ASLAN

    Yusuf ASLAN11 timer siden

    The dude at 12:20 behaves like he never weighed-in before

  95. Comrade Fighter

    Comrade Fighter11 timer siden


  96. Yingle

    Yingle11 timer siden

    Conor "I broke the game before I was even turdy" McGregor

  97. Zoka J Z

    Zoka J Z11 timer siden

    Conor will pay Cerone 10 mil just to put a nice show and late him win Conor got the money just When he wins the fight or is over whit Conor

  98. Derek Rusher

    Derek Rusher11 timer siden

    lolol omg that Jamaican dude had no clue what was going on!!! that was awesome

  99. money team

    money team11 timer siden

    Cowboy wana be shiting it . When we irish say this for are mas . Your dead wee fooking love are mas .

  100. nazareth mastema

    nazareth mastema11 timer siden

    Man I hope Pettis wins this fight! The dude is inconsistent but I know he has skill!