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I Quit YouTube & Got a Real Job
The Future of FaZe Jarvis
Winning using ONLY Fishing Loot
Fortnite is HERE - CHAPTER 2
  1. seg bigchunges paul

    seg bigchunges paul4 timer siden

    9:33 never have i ever had sex in someone in this room Blaze:yes 3 times today lol

  2. John

    John4 timer siden

    What a melt

  3. kacper the expert

    kacper the expert4 timer siden

    Yo is it good if I use this song for my montage but I'll write made by faze Jarvis ?

  4. Ify

    Ify4 timer siden

    Lady’s and gentlemen’s the winner of the world cringest NO-gosr/rap is FAZE JARVIS

  5. Luca Roblox Gamer2012

    Luca Roblox Gamer20124 timer siden

    1:34 Look in LEFT part his girlfriend 😚😚😋😋☺

  6. ibraheem khan

    ibraheem khan4 timer siden


  7. Bryden Cowden

    Bryden Cowden4 timer siden

    Actually terrible

  8. Supercharge

    Supercharge5 timer siden

    Tbh Jarvis is so toxic.

  9. Fayme

    Fayme5 timer siden

    Damn jarvis i am so happy to see u go far man, i remember like 3 years ago when ur name way VaYDe JaaY and we would play bo2

  10. Elvira Österberg

    Elvira Österberg5 timer siden

    Vai you do 👎🏻he nid 👍🏻 plz like his vidios and prenumurera

  11. Kain Tattoo

    Kain Tattoo5 timer siden


  12. Yott

    Yott5 timer siden

    Jarvis, you don’t know me but I have been in a wheelchair all my life. I finally got up just to turn this song off.

  13. Mikel Brunet

    Mikel Brunet5 timer siden

    He cheated

  14. Gaming 100

    Gaming 1005 timer siden

    This shit was so cringe to where God himself went in front of my face and turned off my phone.

  15. Yott

    Yott5 timer siden

    I showed this to a fat guy... He is still fat and he hated the song.

  16. Gaming 100

    Gaming 1005 timer siden

    Hard work and dedication? With aimbot? Wtf?!?!?!?!?

  17. Kyle

    Kyle5 timer siden

    this man got put on the news for getting banned

  18. BeffyMega Gamer

    BeffyMega Gamer5 timer siden

    Why does he keep mentioning working hard, playing fortnite is not considered working hard

  19. keyblademastrWard 3582

    keyblademastrWard 35825 timer siden

    Yeesh I was looking to find cringe from rumors I’ve heard and definitely got it 🥴😂

  20. John Wick

    John Wick5 timer siden

    Is this guy 5?

  21. Sé Carlos

    Sé Carlos5 timer siden

    TAKE THE L #[email protected]

  22. Savage_ Jacob

    Savage_ Jacob5 timer siden

    Rip kobe

  23. ryan kader

    ryan kader5 timer siden

    your goated my do

  24. Astafurillauh Habibi

    Astafurillauh Habibi5 timer siden

    Take this down for your own sake 🤦🏾‍♂️


    OKBOMMER5 timer siden

    Frazier: i only hit 116 snipes realized hes only level 116🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Zaid_Killer33

    Zaid_Killer335 timer siden

    I think i had a cringe stroke

  27. Amin Said

    Amin Said5 timer siden

    I was in my room my dad called me downstairs just to beat my phone with a belt from how bad this was

  28. Amin Said

    Amin Said5 timer siden

    Ok this sucks I’m sorry but u made a f’ing song ab getting band and u sucked anywsy

  29. faze -ric faze ric

    faze -ric faze ric5 timer siden

    The video so cringy

  30. Key Leon

    Key Leon5 timer siden

    He got banned he didn’t get banned before this vid because he isn’t using aimnot

  31. PvpAnnika

    PvpAnnika5 timer siden

    what will jarvis and i bring to an abondoned island a gun and one fucking bullet ok.

  32. ezclapzyou yt

    ezclapzyou yt5 timer siden

    This is aktualy good

  33. ʙᴀʟʟɪꜱᴛɪᴄᴍ

    ʙᴀʟʟɪꜱᴛɪᴄᴍ5 timer siden

    This is dead

  34. Trevor Hall

    Trevor Hall5 timer siden

    The likes are all for Sommer

  35. YouTube TRES

    YouTube TRES5 timer siden

    When epic games see this they will unbanned him because this song is so shit and they would want him to play instead of make music 🤣

  36. Mark Mccloskey

    Mark Mccloskey5 timer siden

    can be friends

  37. jack bromley

    jack bromley5 timer siden

    U snipe kids wtf

  38. Llama 1122

    Llama 11225 timer siden

    What I learned: Don't spend that much money on your fort nite account, and if you do. Don't Use aimbot or u'll lose your account :)

  39. Edwin Slaiby

    Edwin Slaiby5 timer siden

    I lake u jarvis kos kaylen was a noob abot

  40. Ducky

    Ducky6 timer siden

    Faze Clan: *Watches This Video* Also Faze Clan: They See Jarvis Jarvis:😠 Again Faze Clan: 🖐️😶✋

  41. Danny Tams

    Danny Tams6 timer siden


  42. Ducky

    Ducky6 timer siden

    Makes Music Video Kay: *yOoOoO tHaTs InSaNe*

  43. Liam Green

    Liam Green6 timer siden

    I know right

  44. tristan init

    tristan init6 timer siden

    , when your

  45. abdulraza84

    abdulraza846 timer siden

    Ha ha

  46. Clapzz Yt

    Clapzz Yt6 timer siden

    Hahahhahahaha cool

  47. Vertilez

    Vertilez6 timer siden

    Trash 😂

  48. Im online yo!

    Im online yo!6 timer siden


  49. hdogm

    hdogm6 timer siden

    3:00 no it’s a blue skin

  50. ITz VOLTIC

    ITz VOLTIC6 timer siden


  51. 100k subscribers with two videos

    100k subscribers with two videos6 timer siden

    Jarvis: I can’t eat no more Me: let me take over🤤

  52. SlexMerks

    SlexMerks6 timer siden

    0:48 when his aim bot kicks in

  53. AndStick

    AndStick6 timer siden

    U can ply cs go with me,its ok =))

  54. Clxssifiy YT

    Clxssifiy YT6 timer siden

    That's crank

  55. Alberto Canela

    Alberto Canela6 timer siden

    Bro it’s faze Kay account

  56. Nikolai Hull

    Nikolai Hull6 timer siden

    Epic please unban Jarvis so he doesnt make anymore trash music. Thank you

  57. Yo Key

    Yo Key6 timer siden

    I think my ears died

  58. Dinys Tan

    Dinys Tan6 timer siden

    open new id

  59. Samuel Froes

    Samuel Froes6 timer siden

    Jarvis man you need a haircut g to impress Sommer Ray you need to be the pengest

  60. josh hemingway

    josh hemingway6 timer siden


  61. Jason Galdamez

    Jason Galdamez7 timer siden

    When Jarvis said I’m god boy Bro your banned for life in fortnite

  62. jxykob

    jxykob7 timer siden

    c r i n g e

  63. Dawid olszowski

    Dawid olszowski7 timer siden


  64. keftes gr6

    keftes gr67 timer siden

    I like it

  65. Bvltss

    Bvltss7 timer siden


  66. stilitoo BG

    stilitoo BG7 timer siden

    Hey jarvis find another game play it than you will be a god and go back in faze

  67. Anathi Melane

    Anathi Melane7 timer siden

    I won't get sniped.😉10 seconds omg i got sniped

  68. děděk maro

    děděk maro7 timer siden


  69. NCA Ghost

    NCA Ghost7 timer siden

    Stop hating Jarvis insane flip off hey fort nite unban the god himself

  70. Hassan Azad

    Hassan Azad7 timer siden

    Jarvis or faze Kay None

  71. Pixel gun MoDz

    Pixel gun MoDz7 timer siden

    The beat is good but you need a better sound.

  72. TheSeelOfTime

    TheSeelOfTime7 timer siden

    If you didn't want to get banned then you shouldn't have used cheats. Idiot

  73. dillan li

    dillan li7 timer siden

    7:25 Jarvis says this game hates me little does he know he gets banned

  74. Shane Browne

    Shane Browne7 timer siden

    Do you like poki

  75. NCA Ghost

    NCA Ghost7 timer siden

    Lol tHaS InSaNE

  76. Ashton Marsh

    Ashton Marsh7 timer siden

    You have a trash drill

  77. Daisan No Bakudan

    Daisan No Bakudan7 timer siden

    This is sad I've played fortnite since season 4 and if I got permanently banned... I don't know

  78. Raul JR Lara

    Raul JR Lara7 timer siden

    All that money n u couldn't get a good drill . Lmao

  79. Fernando Ortiz

    Fernando Ortiz7 timer siden

    this is trash lol

  80. Steve Ken

    Steve Ken7 timer siden

    soooo bad annoying

  81. Prot07ype

    Prot07ype7 timer siden

    *This music is so bad that not only boomers hate it, but zoomers hate it too.*

  82. Elijah Fuentes

    Elijah Fuentes7 timer siden

    Wait Jarvis is basically playing Fortnite ........ummmmmmmmmm Epic?😂

  83. jon bay

    jon bay7 timer siden

    theres kids in africa that are starving and all you care about is that you got banned like who cares

  84. Vick1 L

    Vick1 L7 timer siden

    my computer was for 18.999 XD

  85. Kavin Serrano

    Kavin Serrano7 timer siden

    So this is what a dead NO-gosr becomes...

  86. matija 10

    matija 107 timer siden

    Name:lil faze

  87. XKingCashX

    XKingCashX7 timer siden

    World war 3 weapon 5:08

  88. Hamilton Seger

    Hamilton Seger7 timer siden


  89. Fortnite Maniac

    Fortnite Maniac8 timer siden

    iOS but I am thinking about doing ps4

  90. Fortnite Maniac

    Fortnite Maniac8 timer siden

    Not to be rude but ps4 is more popular

  91. Joe mama

    Joe mama8 timer siden

    Do you even know how many chickens you killed in this video 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡

  92. Slaughter Squad

    Slaughter Squad8 timer siden

    Tf is this lol

  93. pine

    pine8 timer siden

    go back to fortnite, oh wait you can't

  94. Marcus Kleiman

    Marcus Kleiman8 timer siden


  95. Marcus Kleiman

    Marcus Kleiman8 timer siden

    1v1 me kay my username is Mkleiman11

  96. No dude It’s salt

    No dude It’s salt8 timer siden

    Those are addictive games But still I would forgive you if I were epic.

  97. thekidchubbs

    thekidchubbs8 timer siden

    Your a clown .... that's all I gotta say

  98. PatricksFace XBOX

    PatricksFace XBOX8 timer siden

    I'm so confused on how this video Has more likes then dislikes

  99. Jawahn Councillor

    Jawahn Councillor8 timer siden

    I love u faze kay and faze jarvis

  100. ItsHighNoob

    ItsHighNoob8 timer siden

    This is funny af