"Living life on the goon side"

Goonzquad: Behind The Scenes!!!
  1. Ali Raad .M 7888

    Ali Raad .M 7888Time siden

    I love you from Iraq ❤❤

  2. daniel mule

    daniel muleTime siden

    Watching you doing what you do best gives me a bliss..Bravo guys

  3. King Ding

    King Ding2 timer siden

    Add electric pop up safety rail around the roof Edge as your gonna be up on that roof a fair bit, will save you going to the hospital for broken hip arm or’s a long way down...better save than sorry guys. Truck looks great 👍

  4. Pe Ma

    Pe Ma2 timer siden

    greetings from Germany like this

  5. Chris

    Chris2 timer siden


  6. Mad Lead

    Mad Lead2 timer siden

    Aren't you guys ashamed of yourselves for straight piping that thing?

  7. Wilfredo Sanchez

    Wilfredo Sanchez2 timer siden

    Going to have to cover the bottom and back where the geni sits cause you still going to get alot of water in there when it rains.

  8. Jade of all Trades

    Jade of all Trades2 timer siden

    I’m doing a job in Jackson Tennessee

  9. tfowl

    tfowl2 timer siden

    What’s the song at 8:50?

  10. Knut Ekman

    Knut Ekman2 timer siden

    gren is slow vite it s fast

  11. Randy Schrock

    Randy Schrock3 timer siden

    Put the light bar on

  12. Isle of Mann

    Isle of Mann3 timer siden

    Those straps can handle more weight because it's camouflage 😂😂😂

  13. Michael Buckholt

    Michael Buckholt3 timer siden

    Yes your car has Wi-Fi for your tablet your phone or whatever

  14. XqeDiosXqe

    XqeDiosXqe3 timer siden

    Love the mini truck.... Attached a mini go pro camera......

  15. Jesselmo Oliveira

    Jesselmo Oliveira3 timer siden

    Cool amazing!

  16. New Movies HD

    New Movies HD4 timer siden sonic the hedgehog (2020) beat movie

  17. Shawn Anderson

    Shawn Anderson4 timer siden

    Hi what happend to the boat that you had

  18. Noah Crockett

    Noah Crockett5 timer siden

    Hopefully nobody sees that you welded on the frame and that close to the suspension hanger. Commercial vehicles can crack their heat treated frames in normal operations with heavy loads.

  19. dannyrighi

    dannyrighi5 timer siden

    Wait a second this guys used to instal wooden floors ., they’re probably 20 years old ., now the have ferraris lamborghinis got they’re own shop and shit load of other expensive stuff ?? Damn I should be a youtuber

  20. patrick grace

    patrick grace5 timer siden

    Add a retractable awning!

  21. Nick L

    Nick L6 timer siden

    Don't paint the grille, it lowers the value and looks ugly and ghetto.


    SACHIN RANKHAMBE6 timer siden

    You need to cover the back side and bottom of the generator so if you run into water it'll protect the generator and make the front of the box so that you can open it and take out or put the generator inside

  23. Philippus Viljoen

    Philippus Viljoen6 timer siden

    We have an compressed air grease gun

  24. Pedro Costa

    Pedro Costa7 timer siden

    Dont make the small table on the corner, you will need storage room, make a small corner closet from top to bottom, you will need storage too keep your gear on.

  25. joshie Young

    joshie Young7 timer siden

    Its most likely a field hq

  26. Nick H

    Nick H7 timer siden

    government: stay home goonzquad: goes out to all the stores.

  27. Nick L

    Nick L7 timer siden

    How can teens own all these expensive toys?

  28. Nick L

    Nick L7 timer siden

    How can teenagers afford these luxury trucks?

  29. John barfneck

    John barfneck7 timer siden

    idea ?- if i can epxlain it right----make your coffee/end table out of the left over butcher block ...then make it so it is the same height as the frame for the couch..........then? you can make a cushion for the end table to extend your couch so your feet wont hang off the ends and your head or feet will have a place too be rested on.....instead of being awkward/dangling


    SUMEDH DHOLE7 timer siden

    don't you think mud will get inside the generator from bottom ....... you need to cover it up

  31. rtool

    rtool8 timer siden

    Some transparent sealant under your zinc edges would be a great idea to avoid water going under. 👍🏻

  32. Quinn Zachary

    Quinn Zachary8 timer siden

    Had to find this video to see the seat skins for the Ford F-450

  33. The Skip

    The Skip8 timer siden

    Miss the exotic builds

  34. Robert Privitt

    Robert Privitt8 timer siden

    I love my 2014, it's not a Laramie but you cant beat that Cummins

  35. Chuy Gomez

    Chuy Gomez8 timer siden

    Where can you get the RC truck I like your RC truck

  36. Dakota brown

    Dakota brown9 timer siden

    I would make the chairs on the roof mountable for safety.

  37. ThePain480

    ThePain4809 timer siden

    Awesome build would be cool to see how you guy's build an older car maby an datsun 280 z you guy's give great inspiration greetings from germany

  38. Corwin Eversole

    Corwin Eversole9 timer siden

    What’s happening with the shop build due to the virus stuff? I’ve been amped to see the crazy stuff y’all will do once you get the shop

  39. Rohit Jaswal

    Rohit Jaswal9 timer siden

    You should build a handle in the cover of the generator. Guise😉😜😊

  40. Ryan Games

    Ryan Games9 timer siden

    Normal people: Huracan Me: Hurricane

  41. Randsome Gaming

    Randsome Gaming9 timer siden

    Suggestion: You should add light bar on roof and two spotties on front as well ad another light bar on the front.

  42. Andy G

    Andy G10 timer siden

    If the generator is a "Cummins," it runs on Diesel right? It would be cool to somehow plumb it into the truck's fuel supply, just a thought.

  43. TopBoss Kenny

    TopBoss Kenny10 timer siden

    That’s badhemi 300s that handed you guys the hellcat!! He car is bad ass

  44. J Z

    J Z10 timer siden

    Bunch of phonies! They stole this idea from Tiny House Giant Journey. Way to go qoonz

  45. Quinn Zachary

    Quinn Zachary10 timer siden

    Idk if you’ve found it yet, but you can find the code in the users manual somewhere in there

  46. Eric LaBonte

    Eric LaBonte10 timer siden

    Glad you made the move for the new and improved exhaust. I read a few comments and will agree tints will be nice for privacy in the back. Also good move on the batteries!

  47. Ron Edmon

    Ron Edmon10 timer siden

    There's just so much wrong with this build. A little investigation and planning would have saved you oh so much time in having to correct not knowing what you're doing.

  48. Michael Langmaack

    Michael Langmaack10 timer siden

    Y'all will make just as much on these videos with a 94 ranger as you would on that clapped Bentley. Not that that's what it's about but people will have more of a connection with a truck than something that isn't attainable for most. 👍

  49. Joe Hyne

    Joe Hyne10 timer siden

    All LEDs, gotta have the light bars and work lights. Off road tools. Winch. A rail on the roof. A better ladder to the roof. Awning. Maybe a rack for a decent sized propane bottle- like a 100lb. Cabinets and storage space. Comms...cell phone booster, maybe a CB or short wave radio. Carry an air hose- tire chuck, impact, blow nozzle and put a fitting on your air tanks. A GOOD first aid kit.

  50. TT Automotive

    TT Automotive11 timer siden

    This is absolutely crazy! Nice "car". Looks very cozy and comfortable!

  51. levi Van Hienen

    levi Van Hienen11 timer siden

    Just move your water pump closer to the tank and it will get rid of that surging. You’re having suction issues because it’s too far from the tank.

  52. Joe Hyne

    Joe Hyne11 timer siden

    Hey boys- kudos for listening to some of the suggestions. As for the gen set...I would have put it on a slide so you can fuel it, need to vent that box, and also, have you though about the exhaust from the generator. You can buy, or fab an exhaust hose to use while it’s running and route it out the side or even the top or your rig. Also, I would put some armor flex on your water lines to insulate them, and I’d add some valves and a Tee so you can drain the lines and also plumb a fill line for your tank. Tint them windows too- all the way around, it’ll keep that metal box a little cooler so that a/c doesn’t work so hard.

  53. C Chandler

    C Chandler11 timer siden

    Way back in high school lol!

  54. ELIEZER torres

    ELIEZER torres11 timer siden

    Wheere is the yunk yard. My friends.

  55. Kingsley Caldwell

    Kingsley Caldwell11 timer siden

    How much money did it cost y’all

  56. Mark vowell

    Mark vowell11 timer siden

    Weld a bottom plate under generator so water can't splash under it and short it out


    BLACK SUPERSPORT11 timer siden

    That generator is going to run way to hot unless you vent it. Put louvers in all the panels to allow air flow. Plus if you're going to hangout on the roof maybe some sort of removable guard railing for safety.

  58. David Regan

    David Regan11 timer siden

    Don't forget a BUG ZAPPER!!!!

  59. Aydar Sulo

    Aydar Sulo11 timer siden

    Cant wait for the ram

  60. David Regan

    David Regan11 timer siden

    The ULTIMATE SASQUATCH truck! You guys must have Sasquatch in your are you should look into! BRING BIG GUNS if you go looking for them!

  61. Chippy The Chipmunk

    Chippy The Chipmunk12 timer siden

    b.o.a.t. = break out another thousand. 😂

  62. Schlum99

    Schlum9912 timer siden

    Goonzsquad you guys need to keep an eye on the Orange 2020 C8 Vette that just wrecked in Florida due to a drunk driver. Would be an Awesome build!

  63. Alpha

    Alpha12 timer siden

    You should do a epic drone preview of all the cars you guys have in front of a sunset that would look amazing 😉

  64. IsUru CH

    IsUru CH12 timer siden


  65. wirenut003

    wirenut00312 timer siden

    You could put up a hammock to sleep in>> and then during day fold it up out of the way. You guys are doing a awesome job but listen to some of the people,The batteries could kill you blow up or even the gas is toxic when charging. Move the gen. to the front top of roof,it has a remote start don't it . Also vent that dame tank get it done.

  66. Jakub Tabor

    Jakub Tabor12 timer siden

    My brother and I are building a house for him in Normandy. Most of the work we are doing ourselves. We bought an old excavator (front loader and backhoe). Late '60 or early '70. We had no previous experience with big machines and we have no idea what is with those machines but I could just work on it all day long.

  67. Jeremiah Miller

    Jeremiah Miller12 timer siden

    why do you use the grinder wheel all the time? dont you have a plasma cutter? help allot on your fab work

  68. Andres Garcia

    Andres Garcia12 timer siden

    the way things are going you will need guns ,ammo ,and a flamethrower |


    GROM_ MOBILE_ BTW -12 timer siden

    And a roof rack


    GROM_ MOBILE_ BTW -12 timer siden

    You’ll should try and get a bumper and grill from fab fours

  71. kyla turpin

    kyla turpin13 timer siden

    Wrap the jeep to match the Army truck

  72. kyla turpin

    kyla turpin13 timer siden

    Do you know where the benches for the tables you should make a folder stand that can fold up and then someone could sleep on it or something like that and maybe get some cushions

  73. Karen Robison

    Karen Robison13 timer siden

    How close to the new shop being done?

  74. wirenut003

    wirenut00313 timer siden

    you guys need to change the electric panel the one in the truck is a 3 phase panel. You need a 100 amp 220 panel with a neutral>> like you would use in your house.

  75. Jimmy Bristow

    Jimmy Bristow13 timer siden

    Love it

  76. Brayden White

    Brayden White13 timer siden

    i love how everyone hates on it saying it won’t tow but now they tow everything with it

  77. Tyler Hamilton

    Tyler Hamilton13 timer siden

    Put some led lights in it. And some light bars on the front, rear and side for lights when you’re camping with family and friends.

  78. Not J

    Not J13 timer siden

    Lol, look how much room that kitchen takes up. Is the the food truck? Are they buying another few to be the living room, bedroom and shitter? Good luck with that CARC, batteries and exhaust. Although, it probably won't make you dumber.

  79. Charles M.

    Charles M.13 timer siden

    Annnnnd the batteries are still inside....

  80. Donald Brown

    Donald Brown13 timer siden

    what are you doing for heat?

  81. Nick Ward

    Nick Ward13 timer siden

    Good stuff boys

  82. mbrooker79

    mbrooker7913 timer siden

    Yep, those latches will definitely keep the bad guys out...

  83. Paulo Antão - Consultor Imobiliário

    Paulo Antão - Consultor Imobiliário13 timer siden

    fantástico, O vosso trabalho a recuperar carros e não só... Especial para mim o a recuperação do Lamborghini... Continuem assim. De: Messines - Algarve - Portugal - Europa

  84. Chad Morris

    Chad Morris13 timer siden

    Goonsquad sees BF RC truck”Turbo it and straight pipe it!” Daaaang Son! Lol!🤣

  85. Apple Buyer

    Apple Buyer13 timer siden

    What sanding tool is that

  86. robin kolosik

    robin kolosik13 timer siden

    Hey guys, how about adding a rear deck that folds down at the door level with the floor. You could use pulleys and cable to raise and lower. Also they make portable grey water tanks that have wheels so you can roll then around to drain them.

  87. wirenut003

    wirenut00313 timer siden

    You guys should remove those switches that are by the windows both sides of the truck,never ever going to use them. That was for hand held receivers to talk to the base with. Also the tubing should go ,making the walls smooth and clean looking. The box around the ceiling is a wire trough,makes it super easy to wire up the inside.

  88. Brian King

    Brian King14 timer siden

    Smoke stack

  89. Steve Andrews

    Steve Andrews14 timer siden

    Better put some bolts on the braket for generator

  90. kay kay

    kay kay14 timer siden

    and nabe jake breaks

  91. xCokE SavagerYx

    xCokE SavagerYx14 timer siden

    What about the Ferrari's

  92. Eli Nottingham

    Eli Nottingham14 timer siden

    Its called oxyfuel cutting , using oxygen and acetylene, thats also a brazing tip which is used to weld it wouldve been quicker with a cutting tip

  93. kay kay

    kay kay14 timer siden

    aw man it would be great straght pipe and nabe build a drag car pease

  94. kay kay

    kay kay14 timer siden

    nabe a place for straight pipe stanks would look killer and nabe in future build a drag car like honda rx7 r32 gtr and frankenstine rb 30 fwd set up but stay safe pease


    ALAN PARADISE14 timer siden

    GUYS You can not run LED'S off a simple standard dimmer switch. You need .LED bulb flickering can be traced in almost every instance to a non-compatible dimmer switch in the lighting circuit. ... LED bulbs don't have glowing filaments. When the dimmer switch goes off and on many times per second, the LED bulb becomes a flickering strobe light.Choose a dimmer with a wattage rating that meets or exceeds the total wattage of all the light bulbs the dimmer will control. For example, if the dimmer controls a fixture with ten 75-watt bulbs, you need a dimmer rated for 750 watts or higher.While most LED lights are dimmable, a common complaint is hearing a buzzing sound coming from the lights when they are dimmed. The cause is almost always a compatibility issue between the dimmer and the LED's driver (power supply). ... CL dimmers will eliminate the buzzing on most brands of LED's, but not all.Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs do not have filament or firing arcs, which means that they have no moving parts that can cause a buzzing sound. However, they can still produce a buzzing sound due to improper dimming or electromagnetic interference from other devices.The hyper-fast AC interruptions that change lighting levels can cause a buzzing sound under the right circumstances. ... Overloading your dimmer with excess wattage can also result in buzzing and humming. Change the bulbs: Buzzing coming from the fixture itself is usually related to bulb filaments

  96. Douglas Parsons

    Douglas Parsons14 timer siden

    You are crazy most of the hotshot trucks are Ford .

  97. Elijah Campbell

    Elijah Campbell14 timer siden

    Hey guys make sure that you dont swamp your gen while deep water fording water

  98. Soul Seaker

    Soul Seaker14 timer siden

    Love watching you guys,stay cool : )

  99. Michael McCullough

    Michael McCullough14 timer siden

    A 2-stroke fires on every stroke a four-stroke fires on the other stroke and it might burn a little oil. But not a lot

  100. David's Dream

    David's Dream14 timer siden

    The rig needs a LED screen with wifi 👍