"Living life on the goon side"

Building A Custom Supercar!!!
  1. Justin Bishop

    Justin Bishop9 timer siden

    Hi guys, love what you guys do... Would love to work with you guys.

  2. pandhari chari

    pandhari chari9 timer siden

    Love form india....😍😍😍

  3. Laurent LM du22

    Laurent LM du229 timer siden

    I wish you good luck, from France!

  4. Stuey 777

    Stuey 7779 timer siden

    Please do a chevy SS next! As an aussie it would be great to see you guys do a bit of australian muscle. You can get some pretty sick upgrades for the LS3 and i think you boys would like it.

  5. Jesus Marc Caballes

    Jesus Marc Caballes9 timer siden

    Put a hydro e brake

  6. XJiggleJelly YT

    XJiggleJelly YT9 timer siden

    you guys should get some led tail lights, they look sick ( as in ap2 lights)

  7. dennis rodman

    dennis rodman9 timer siden

    And the producer of Ferrari will give a ban for sale a ferrari cars to U.S.A 😂👍✌️

  8. dennis rodman

    dennis rodman9 timer siden

    Enzo Ferrari is actualy twisting in his grave

  9. speedsterwinston

    speedsterwinston9 timer siden

    Drove me nuts watching them install those filthy trim pieces under the hood. No better time to detail them than while they are off the car.

  10. _ DEVSTER _

    _ DEVSTER _10 timer siden

    Time for a battery charger!

  11. felipe secchi

    felipe secchi10 timer siden

    Use the wing in green! Didnt like the gold bolts on the wheels. Whole black should be better.

  12. Nivek Marshall

    Nivek Marshall10 timer siden

    You have to get Thomas to work on that Rat. That thing was huge. For anyone who missed it, 9:28.

  13. Bonnie Playz

    Bonnie Playz10 timer siden

    Rebuild cuz It's free no paying just rebuild

  14. Yoav Traeger

    Yoav Traeger10 timer siden

    Try white wheels and white calipers. I think they would look great with the green 😁

  15. theultimate181

    theultimate18111 timer siden

    don't forget to paint the parts behind the front grill, with the overspray that doesn't look very nice....

  16. Mo Do vlogs

    Mo Do vlogs11 timer siden

    You should build the other s2000

  17. Jimmie Johnson

    Jimmie Johnson11 timer siden

    Love your channel. When will u finish the boat????

  18. Kelvin

    Kelvin11 timer siden

    ese muchacho hace puras polquerias,algunas cosas quedan bien,pero trabajando latoneria es un cerdito

  19. Kelvin

    Kelvin11 timer siden

    tra color are different

  20. Flavio Lopes

    Flavio Lopes11 timer siden

    Guys paint those mirrors black please !!!!

  21. tekman196

    tekman19612 timer siden

    Love all the videos ! Question though , who is in law enforcement ? I see the patrol car in the videos allot . Just curious . Keep up the great work .

  22. kyle prill

    kyle prill12 timer siden

    So my buddy literally just had this kit put in his truck last year. The only company that's offering a decent programmer is tyrant tuning and they release new tunes monthly. Everything from 60hp towing and economy tunes, to 250+ Performance tuning. They also offer different tunes depending what you want the exhaust to sound like at idle. The one the boys have on is called HISS. It keeps the turbo vanes in the stock configuration, and also aids in cold start warm up time. But they also make all the same power level tunes in a RUMBLE that sound alot better in my opinion. And also the 250+hp tune recommends a lift pump even though the stock one is rated to approximately 750hp. 👍 I also have a DPF and EGR solution kit on my truck but I have a 2012

  23. Victor Aranda

    Victor Aranda12 timer siden

    That’s a beautiful truck but it would of been more challenging if you you’d get the f-650

  24. davies aurthur

    davies aurthur12 timer siden

    Most times I don’t want your videos to ends. I wish there were goonzquad endless videos


    DEBORAH AHRENS12 timer siden

    dang son sick

  26. DnlHyql

    DnlHyql12 timer siden

    Should put a gt wing on it

  27. John barfneck

    John barfneck12 timer siden

    ? gold brake calipers with ebc green brake pads?

  28. Kelvin

    Kelvin13 timer siden

    JODIERON ESE AUTO You are destroy the iconic car

  29. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock13 timer siden

    Wow this this is dope For the love of god I love them rims 😍 and You can get a nice set Brembo brakes for the s2000 they would look sick dude 💪

  30. Brandon Casso

    Brandon Casso13 timer siden

    Goonzquad Drinking Game: Take a shot of your favorite liquor every time they say “daaaaaang” or “absolutely amazing.” (Please watch responsibly)

  31. Arariel3

    Arariel313 timer siden

    I don't know how you managed to resist taking it down the road. Yeah, I know not street legal, but then again....

  32. Hussain Ali

    Hussain Ali13 timer siden

    sequential led taillights!

  33. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock13 timer siden

    Wow 🤩 crazy truck now that thing sounds a tank defiantly a drift truck now that air intake makes the truck whistle so much louder and that warm up though the truck has finally come together 😍

  34. francisco mayorga

    francisco mayorga14 timer siden


  35. DJ Aerodynamics

    DJ Aerodynamics14 timer siden


  36. norcalsvt 03

    norcalsvt 0314 timer siden

    U guys living the life man honestly

  37. Dcharles Hinnant

    Dcharles Hinnant14 timer siden

    What car was your first build

  38. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu14 timer siden

    Here in Arizona, In-N-Out is the way to go.

  39. Lazaro Z.

    Lazaro Z.14 timer siden

    I would do the trunk and hood carbon fiber black and do the spoiler that lime green and do the front lip black carbon as well just rap those pieces with black carbon fiber wrap just throwing some ideas at you but whatever you guys do I'm sure it will look great 🖒 that S2K looks sick though love the color and wheel combination.

  40. Darmaine Coker

    Darmaine Coker14 timer siden

    Dumb ass there's no belt on the car to the alternator to charge the battery 😐

  41. Jason Puzio

    Jason Puzio14 timer siden

    Man don’t put that stock tip back on there I’d buy a nice 6”Crome tip💯 Good job you guys you both do amazing work.

  42. Luke Fanelli

    Luke Fanelli15 timer siden

    In-n-out west coast do be hittin different. You won’t be disappointed

  43. owen trump

    owen trump15 timer siden

    put a carbon top on it

  44. Rawdyrider

    Rawdyrider15 timer siden

    Ruined!It had an amazing color.Rip.....

  45. Playboiiijess

    Playboiiijess15 timer siden

    Do a review on all ur cars

  46. Jay ZO6

    Jay ZO615 timer siden

    Only the bottom bumper needed to come off not the whole bumper for install!

  47. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez15 timer siden

    You two fuckers are AWESOME!! Keep making them great videos! Mega props boys!

  48. That kid Dre

    That kid Dre15 timer siden

    Shop update?!

  49. TheDieseltech Hill

    TheDieseltech Hill15 timer siden

    Wrap the gas door black

  50. taylormkct

    taylormkct15 timer siden

    Poor buggers, they definitely need some women to pick the next colours for them, they haven't got a clue.

  51. Type XrZ

    Type XrZ15 timer siden

    Still is new is 295K with everything I want on it. Still being able to save 120K! Yeah, I'ma rebuild it.

  52. Dariel Solis

    Dariel Solis16 timer siden

    2j the car 😈😈

  53. prestigemfg

    prestigemfg16 timer siden

    Rebuild a Toyota Supra!

  54. สัจจะ ธัญญเจริญ

    สัจจะ ธัญญเจริญ16 timer siden

    Pain job in open air like that.So many dust in the air.Make it not so good job.

  55. Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen16 timer siden

    was this the conception of "almost OEM" love it

  56. mjwswim

    mjwswim16 timer siden

    Watch out for that rat eating wires to shorten/ keep its teeth short. They love plastic, and poop a lot! They also I’ve dog food!

  57. Paul-Ivo B.

    Paul-Ivo B.16 timer siden

    Those wheels are ugly.

  58. S V

    S V16 timer siden

    That exhaust pipe reminds me of the story last year about the woman who got her head stuck in some guy's truck exhaust on a dare.

  59. S V

    S V16 timer siden

    InNOut is good, but Habit is probably a little better. FIVE Guys is better than both. HOWEVER, it is a total waste of money at $15+ for a meal. I would much rather get InNOut when I want a great burger and use $15 to go buy a nice rib eye steak and cook it myself with sides.

  60. Patrick Tucker

    Patrick Tucker16 timer siden

    In-N-out Or house of Juju best on West Coast

  61. pao

    pao16 timer siden

    Chinese brand tires are better then you think

  62. S V

    S V16 timer siden

    Don't waste all your hard work painting outside in bugs, dust and rain!

  63. Jay P

    Jay P16 timer siden

    Come on... Part 8! I did a couple of 'lookup's' on that Mariah boat... prior to 2001 they seemed to be very well made boats with a lot of attention to detail, but went bankrupt, then got sold maybe twice. As strong as that hull should be, you could add some serious power.

  64. Deon Harper

    Deon Harper16 timer siden

    Add a exhaust or shift knob

  65. Manuel Marchena

    Manuel Marchena16 timer siden

    Mustang hands down !

  66. John Frenchtoasty

    John Frenchtoasty16 timer siden

    You makeing lambo in 10 minutes me takes 5 hours to build ikea chair

  67. Deon Harper

    Deon Harper16 timer siden

    Put a wing yessir duckbill wing

  68. Alex Lerman

    Alex Lerman16 timer siden

    Unique paint jawb

  69. Nivek Marshall

    Nivek Marshall16 timer siden

    Five Guys fries are disgusting. Its a paper bag of greasy soft wet unflavored potatoes. Not to mention usually burnt.

  70. Vannak The Killer

    Vannak The Killer17 timer siden

    Keep the red S2000!👍is you want to keep😀

  71. lawnboy81SMS

    lawnboy81SMS17 timer siden

    I admit truck is looking good, but man do I hate all these new channels these days that just try to sell nothing but merch or sponsors in all their videos and say things like "support your boys" or whatever. Video quality is great don't get me wrong and the truck looks to be coming along great, but do people really fall for that? Buying merch to give you money? I remember when NO-gos/IG/etc didn't used to be about making money from viewers, it was about the passion and enjoyment of making videos for others to enjoy for free without promotions. Just sharing knowledge and daily journeys. No ads, no sponsors, no merch, etc. etc. The good old days. Other than that though truck looks good! I'm thinking I might try to keep my eyes open for an auction truck that I can fix up in order to replace my existing 315k mile 05 Chevy 2500HD Duramax. Still runs great, but would be awesome if I can find something that's newer and affordable as well as repairable.

  72. Jonathan Deady

    Jonathan Deady17 timer siden

    8” black tip

  73. Quagigitymire

    Quagigitymire17 timer siden

    who doesn't reuse the oil because personally I always do my own oil changes by draining the oil pan, running it through my colander to strain out the bad stuff, and fill it right back up with that beautiful like new texas tea? And the best part is the oil residue adds a kick to the Kraft mac and cheese! Wooo buddy, I pity the fools who waste their money and the perfectly reusable oil from their vehicles. Seriously, it's just common sense ...

  74. sharkeer

    sharkeer17 timer siden

    Pretty weird seeing you guys doing construction lol

  75. Soft Raccoon

    Soft Raccoon17 timer siden

    where's billy?

  76. BORRI_1 channel

    BORRI_1 channel17 timer siden

    Who else waits till the whole playlist is done to watch the vids

  77. Jamie Melius

    Jamie Melius17 timer siden

    Culver's has 5 star butter burgers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  78. DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST

    DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST17 timer siden

    These two wicked mechanics are amazing..

  79. Chris Winny

    Chris Winny17 timer siden

    daaaaaaaannng son

  80. Peter Kerusso

    Peter Kerusso17 timer siden

    You guys are ridiculous! LOVE it

  81. iPilott4411

    iPilott441117 timer siden

    I'm tellin you fellas..yall better hurry and get a tesla model 3 or model S rebuild and air it first...just sayin..or not

  82. Trebor Robinson

    Trebor Robinson17 timer siden

    Who in the hell just leaves there nice cars out in the elements like that.... & a drift track to silly.... Hell you need a place to park the damn cars.... That's that country mess right there!🤯🤦‍♂️😬

  83. Terry Reeves

    Terry Reeves17 timer siden

    Im already ready for the next video

  84. Kurt Ahtila

    Kurt Ahtila18 timer siden

    Paint the mirrors black as well. Peace.

  85. Joshua Hamilton

    Joshua Hamilton18 timer siden

    Man that spoon hard top would be sick but either way cars clean and coming out nice

  86. foreign Lenny

    foreign Lenny18 timer siden

    We want big berta

  87. xItsAddyx

    xItsAddyx18 timer siden

    Five guys is better then In n out and Whataburger but you need to sell dope to afford the Fives guys 😅

  88. krazzy granny

    krazzy granny18 timer siden

    just curious what happened with your commercial shop and property

  89. Tim Maw

    Tim Maw18 timer siden

    What's the point of a 5 inch pipe if you are going to restrict it with the small stock tip??

  90. Hubert Auza

    Hubert Auza18 timer siden

    Nice build by im interested in the rim the ones you pull out the black one how much thanks

  91. Miguel Rivera

    Miguel Rivera18 timer siden

    I’m a huge fan of you channel but wow those are some ghetto looking mods, especially that color. Ghetto much?

  92. Metalman 329

    Metalman 32918 timer siden

    black lip and black rims killed that car...

  93. Slick vT

    Slick vT18 timer siden

    Thumbs up for the old music, haha missed it

  94. Metalman 329

    Metalman 32918 timer siden

    Its a real shame you’ve got a proper LIFT and it just get used as a storage rack.... always using the damn Quick Jacks.

  95. Colin J.

    Colin J.18 timer siden

    Reporting in from Canada on the burger debate... We actually have Five Guys here also on the west coast, and yeah its damn good, We've got a chain of restaurants called "White Spot" their burgers are killer and my personal fav. Awesome work on the Ford boys!

  96. murga breaza

    murga breaza18 timer siden

    How Hai afară la zăpadă

  97. Trebor Robinson

    Trebor Robinson18 timer siden

    Love The Car Great Job lol However The Rear Looks A Mad Mess With That Spoiler & What In The Hell Is That Plastic Mess On The Rear Glass.... A Fine Mess.... 😬🤦‍♂️

  98. Metalman 329

    Metalman 32918 timer siden

    no........ BLACK RIMS look like crap

  99. Elpacto16

    Elpacto1618 timer siden

    Drink a shot every time one of them says "lets go ahead" you won't make it to the end of the video.

  100. Austin Roth

    Austin Roth19 timer siden

    Exhaust you should put a cam in it