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Nessa Barrett Q&A

Nessa Barrett Q&A

26 dager siden

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Jaden Hossler Q&A

Jaden Hossler Q&A

2 måneder siden

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  1. Dayan Jabbo

    Dayan Jabbo12 timer siden

    Madi Monroe is 16

  2. Yeetuslus 123

    Yeetuslus 123Dag siden

    Do u kill dogs for the guess what’s in the box vids🧐🧐🧐

  3. nxva

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  4. Lindsey Deakin

    Lindsey Deakin2 dager siden

    She is a good 👨‍🎤 👩‍🎤 singer

  5. Marley Hughes

    Marley Hughes2 dager siden

    Hey famous birthdays you need to do grab the cup with the lopez brothers aka tony and ondreaz lopez

  6. Payton B

    Payton B2 dager siden

    Why was this posted so late🤣

  7. Cathy Loves

    Cathy Loves2 dager siden

    When famous birthdays were to lazy to choose to prepare this meetup

  8. XxmarlenexX Loved

    XxmarlenexX Loved3 dager siden

    You have to make a guess the post video with why don’t we

  9. Миа Јовановска

    Миа Јовановска3 dager siden

    Ptoducer:name tree boy bands Sam:"Why don't we" Me:Yaaas!!

  10. Malak Mokhtar

    Malak Mokhtar3 dager siden


  11. Uni- Chan :3

    Uni- Chan :33 dager siden


  12. mary h

    mary h3 dager siden

    when he said luvanthony 🥵🥵🥵

  13. Sof x

    Sof x3 dager siden

    sam is a sore loser lmao

  14. Farah usama

    Farah usama3 dager siden

    Why am I the only one who didn't know that they are brothers and I thought it was just a coincidence in there last name ;-;

  15. Hannah Feld

    Hannah Feld3 dager siden

    sorta earlyyy

  16. Kyara 5_o

    Kyara 5_o3 dager siden

    When they said why dont we I was like omg they know them 😱❤️🥰😱😂

  17. Essie 1226

    Essie 12263 dager siden


  18. Hortense Guibert

    Hortense Guibert3 dager siden

    I love the videos on famous birthdays

  19. eve garson

    eve garson3 dager siden

    when they finally turn on the comments lmao

  20. Tom

    Tom3 dager siden

    cool video keep up the amazing work

  21. Tom

    Tom3 dager siden

    awesome video I really liked it

  22. Kimaya Dhar

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  23. Виктор Иванов

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  24. Виктор Иванов

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  25. Fun With Fatima

    Fun With Fatima3 dager siden

    this was filmed on 9th October 2019 woahhhh

  26. Fatma Abbassi

    Fatma Abbassi3 dager siden

    Don’t lie. Who’s obsessed with The Hurley’s ?

  27. Abi Saker

    Abi Saker3 dager siden

    Antes de las 1000 vistas

  28. Lillyana Dunsworth

    Lillyana Dunsworth3 dager siden


  29. Alvaro Seijo Marques

    Alvaro Seijo Marques3 dager siden

    Please famous birthdays give me a like in this coment

  30. Hayley Ricketts

    Hayley Ricketts3 dager siden

    If you see a Annie Leblanc And Hayley Leblanc can you tell him I am a biggest fan

  31. Viv Cox

    Viv Cox3 dager siden

    This old ain’t it he said old town road

  32. isoo kim

    isoo kim3 dager siden

    Hello brothers

  33. Ssss Ssss

    Ssss Ssss3 dager siden

    Hi I love you famous birthdays❤️

  34. Rhiannon McMillan

    Rhiannon McMillan3 dager siden

    I’m six I love you guys soossosososososso much

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  38. Baraah Alfarei

    Baraah Alfarei3 dager siden

    I love your guys videos they are so good.

  39. Cool_ Girls49

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  40. Ардак Габбас

    Ардак Габбас3 dager siden

    I am 11st

  41. Rakin il mitico - Iniziamo a fare Gameplay

    Rakin il mitico - Iniziamo a fare Gameplay3 dager siden


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    I love them😍😘

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    Earlyyyy xxx

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  52. Don't Read My Profile Picture

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    “Don’t lie who’s a fan of Famous Birthdays“✅😱🌊 (don’t read my name)

  53. veselin vatsov

    veselin vatsov4 dager siden


  54. The ?Mamangan Pineda

    The ?Mamangan Pineda4 dager siden

    She actually look like maddie Zeigler from dance moms

  55. Roy Salado

    Roy Salado4 dager siden

    2:07 she got Rihanna right

  56. Zara St.Paul

    Zara St.Paul4 dager siden

    Idk why but she reminds me of that duck from chicken little

  57. Jorge Pagola

    Jorge Pagola4 dager siden

    She got right rhianna

  58. Trevor Michaud

    Trevor Michaud5 dager siden

    Finally you cowards turned on the comments.

  59. Jo ce lynn

    Jo ce lynn5 dager siden

    Madi is 16 not 15

  60. Bryson H

    Bryson H5 dager siden

    At 2:12 she got it right

  61. Drones4 Kidz

    Drones4 Kidz5 dager siden

    Me: watching this almost a year later and getting most of them wrong because they’ve had birthdays 😂

  62. alma khelifi

    alma khelifi6 dager siden

    madi is 16 !!!!

  63. Lei'Lani Baker

    Lei'Lani Baker6 dager siden

    Rihanna isn't 36 she is 32

  64. Guess who I am

    Guess who I am6 dager siden

    Omg how did she get Payton moormeiers age wrong👀

  65. Guess who I am

    Guess who I am6 dager siden

    Yay comments aren’t disabled👀

  66. Edits By Benji

    Edits By Benji6 dager siden

    wait comments are on omggggg

  67. Lunar MSP

    Lunar MSP7 dager siden

    Ew the homewrecker

  68. MartinaTaco

    MartinaTaco7 dager siden

    i don’t like her

  69. Mahra Khalfan

    Mahra Khalfan7 dager siden

    HI OMG THE COMMENTS ARE not disabled

  70. maurica adkisson

    maurica adkisson7 dager siden

    She got it right when she put 36

  71. Sarah Varnes

    Sarah Varnes7 dager siden

    For Rihanna she got it right she put down 36 and down below it said RIHANNA-36

  72. JacketBoii 753

    JacketBoii 7538 dager siden

    Wait what... This isn't supposed to be enabled

  73. Tayra Arizmendi

    Tayra Arizmendi8 dager siden

    She’s trash take her off of the show

  74. Anna 24

    Anna 248 dager siden

    How she spelled 18 is so funny <3333 like she just made one circle under the other

  75. lilboyjeff

    lilboyjeff8 dager siden

    She got Rihanna age right

  76. Cherille Anica_25

    Cherille Anica_258 dager siden

    I think she's right at rhianna

  77. Adin A Beni

    Adin A Beni8 dager siden

    For Rihanna she said 36 and Rihana is 36

  78. Valeria Montes

    Valeria Montes8 dager siden

    Bruh u should of done Addison to see if her reaction

  79. Dareen Hossam

    Dareen Hossam8 dager siden

    Dude, they didnt turn off the comments lol

  80. Hana Patterson

    Hana Patterson8 dager siden

    when famous birthdays doesn’t even know some of their ages 😭

  81. Hana Patterson

    Hana Patterson8 dager siden

    madi is DEFINITELY 16, not 15

  82. madison perdue

    madison perdue8 dager siden

    she got rihanna’s right tho

  83. AnnMarie Willard

    AnnMarie Willard8 dager siden

    there were 15 questions total and she got 8, 7 wrong so therefore she got a 53%

  84. Crissy Burnett

    Crissy Burnett8 dager siden

    People in this comment might hate me but I think what she did to Addison was wrong

  85. Maxmillion Demar

    Maxmillion Demar8 dager siden

    Sydney if you see this you should Amos @maxidsnaps

  86. Fatima Abdul

    Fatima Abdul8 dager siden

    I feel like she’s a nice and a genuine person I don’t know why people hate her and I think the whole Bryce drama isn’t because of her! They even confirmed it!‘

  87. Shekinah Tshamakeji

    Shekinah Tshamakeji8 dager siden

    Nawww they made a mistake. She did get it wrong cuz Rihanna is actually 32.

  88. Marian ifa

    Marian ifa8 dager siden


  89. Jenifer Ayala

    Jenifer Ayala8 dager siden

    She literally said 36 for Rihanna how is it wrong

  90. Lilly Grace

    Lilly Grace8 dager siden

    mom pick me up pls. It’s that weird girl who posts videos of her crying again 😟

  91. alt alt

    alt alt8 dager siden


  92. Valeria Montanez

    Valeria Montanez8 dager siden

    She got it right tho when she said 36 in Rihanna

  93. lil_ sweet love

    lil_ sweet love8 dager siden

    I hate her

  94. kzbehvior

    kzbehvior8 dager siden

    Lopez Brothers next please

  95. Naz Taha

    Naz Taha8 dager siden

    what madi is 16

  96. Ika Aleqsandria

    Ika Aleqsandria8 dager siden

    whaa madi is 16 🥴

  97. COWBOYS FAN0421

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  98. Aletta Shaya

    Aletta Shaya8 dager siden

    Madi is 16

  99. Kai Grebla

    Kai Grebla8 dager siden

    Was I the only one scrolling through the comments to see what they said about her Bryce and addison? 😭