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  1. Filthy Concertgoer

    Filthy Concertgoer8 timer siden

    When Desi Lydic is involved, women and men are not equal in America (because she's better).

  2. Nourhan MKhalil

    Nourhan MKhalil8 timer siden

    Wow, She is AMAZING, she is really know how to protest, I mean many countries tried it but many failed because they did it wrong. She really puts the right guidelines

  3. sonder sonder

    sonder sonder8 timer siden

    Hand maiden tail much?

  4. 0lijfje

    0lijfje8 timer siden

    I love you, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar♥️

  5. Cheyenne Hewitt

    Cheyenne Hewitt8 timer siden

    So when's the real environment protest? Let's not put environment into retirement.

  6. Peace Maker

    Peace Maker8 timer siden

    This is just another ploy to split black men and women, (have them worrying about women rights which will only get better) instead of more important issues. If black women called this a scam, it would go away.

  7. Atlas Kinzel

    Atlas Kinzel8 timer siden

    Is this Nelson Mandela's mom?

  8. Howard S

    Howard S8 timer siden

    May God bless Mary Frances Berry! Never give up, never give in, Never sit down, Never Surrender

  9. Aubrey

    Aubrey8 timer siden

    Ah one wants your endorsement anyway. She’s so classless and awful!

  10. Cheyenne Hewitt

    Cheyenne Hewitt8 timer siden

    None violent protest and marches !

  11. Billy Stratos

    Billy Stratos8 timer siden


  12. Luffy3D2Y

    Luffy3D2Y8 timer siden

    How can there be so many wonderful people like her exist and at the same time there is a president that thinks he is the best in everything and can do whatever he wants... What is wrong with you, USA?

  13. Gitanagurl

    Gitanagurl8 timer siden

    When you don’t live in inequality, you blame on everything being political. It’s not just politics, it’s the state of mind of all people. If people don’t change their state of mind, they will vote for people that resemble them. This is a selfish move for the rest who do not think or live in the same manor. While we have the majority with their views, minorities will continue to be left out and keep living the way the majority want us to live. Oppression is still an ongoing subliminal power happening daily. Whether or not she votes for Burnie, who cares? She has a point that not many will understand which is not political but cultural in nature. But go blame Burnie. 9 dislikes... ask them why?

  14. Ltrainsns Ns

    Ltrainsns Ns8 timer siden

    Fuck the racist french government get out of Africa

  15. Peace Maker

    Peace Maker8 timer siden

    The government never really explains what equal rights are. We need an explanation of everything that covers with nothing left to the imagination.

  16. The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just

    The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just8 timer siden

    That he told her to get a degree in economy, tells us everything we need to know. Climate change isn't an economy issue.

  17. abla kugblenu

    abla kugblenu8 timer siden

    Everytime Milania is standing beside him, she looks soo bored. She looks at anything but him.

  18. Epic Texan

    Epic Texan8 timer siden

    You are so full of shit. What is going through your minds when you're putting lies like this together? "Well, it COULD be true and suits our narrative so it's okay we are lying so blatantly."??

  19. XRP Love

    XRP Love8 timer siden


  20. Leo Gonçalves

    Leo Gonçalves8 timer siden

    The most philanthropic thing that Bill Gates ever made was never really fight piracy with Windows. Be moralist as much as you want about copy rights, without piracy millions of people would have a lot of less access to culture and technology

  21. gary pofahl

    gary pofahl8 timer siden

    Protests and voting go hand in hand. People have become do nothing slugs. “. I’m comfy,let someone else do the heavy lifting” .

  22. Mawile #303

    Mawile #3038 timer siden

    Hey hey hey. . . .you can't go at First Daughter like that. . .take the second one lmaooooo

  23. Franklyn Fosu

    Franklyn Fosu8 timer siden

    Trevor is a good storyteller.

  24. That Guy

    That Guy8 timer siden

    Why doesn't he date black women?

  25. Nomre Name

    Nomre Name8 timer siden

    A billionaire owned newspaper endorses billionaire owned candidates. Go figure.

  26. Aurora Vazquez

    Aurora Vazquez8 timer siden

    Bernie I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu❤️

  27. The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just

    The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just8 timer siden

    This reminds me of mustard...

  28. Sevgi Yakın

    Sevgi Yakın8 timer siden

    omg dump daylight saving time! what a stupid idea! I don't wanna wake up 7am to a pitch black sky and come home to a pitch black sky in the night. At least now I get to see the sun in the morning

  29. MoralesFamilyRez

    MoralesFamilyRez8 timer siden

    "Putting something out on Twitter is NOT a movement" - Dr Mary Frances Berry. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  30. pop5678eye

    pop5678eye8 timer siden

    Trivia question: how many White House appointees have a degree in Ecology/Environmental Science... or for that matter ANY natural science who are in charge of making decisions impacting the environment?

  31. abla kugblenu

    abla kugblenu8 timer siden

    OMG!! America. I hope this year Republicans vote country first and not party first.

  32. Rhonda Johnson

    Rhonda Johnson8 timer siden

    Back in December of 2016 a former friend and I were having lunch at a local restaurant. She is a rabid trumpanzee thus the reason we are no longer friends. I spent close to an hour proving the ridiculous things she believed were wrong but to no avail she flatly refused to hear the truth. Examples would be Trump has never gone bankrupt, he's never had any failed business ventures and he's only been married one time. She believes Melania is the mother of all of his children. It didn't matter what facts or proof I showed her she flatly refused to believe it. After she got up to refill her drink the couple seated behind us stood up to leave and the woman walked up to me. She shook her head in sympathy and patted my shoulder saying, "Sweetheart save your breath and don't cast your Pearls of Wisdom among swine you can't fix stupid." I used to try to argue and reason with trumpanzees but quickly learned facts are something they don't want and refuse to believe. So to save my sanity and my health I quit trying, I no longer respond to their ridiculous comments/taunts and I've adopted the philosophy you can't fix stupid. I've lost several friends and a couple of family members because of this orange tyrant but as far as I'm concerned no big loss. I flatly refuse to associate with anyone who thinks 45 is doing a great job for this country.

  33. Betzy

    Betzy8 timer siden

    Hmmm I disagree with social media is not a movement it’s made protests which moved politicians

  34. Tammie Broggins

    Tammie Broggins8 timer siden

    Why has every one forgot the Native Americans. Do you realize in a few more generations we will be a memory if people don't start doing something

  35. Maryam Aftab

    Maryam Aftab8 timer siden


  36. B G

    B G8 timer siden

    Please tell NANCY & CHUCKY to bring those silver platters those pens were on because the Presidents Lawyers are going to sever these asses on then today!

  37. Neeraj Ramachandran

    Neeraj Ramachandran8 timer siden

    USA was in some ways great at a time like during FDR's presidency and that can happen again. I feel like this is the truth in the slogan and it was lost in the racism that got attached to Make America Great Again since Trump knew he could get a lot of people by making immigration the culprit for economic decline. In the outcry that followed to the racism that was attached to MAGA, the truth of MAGA was lost, there IS objective truth in it - USA has lost economically, foreign policy wise, and in education and healthcare.During FDR's time economy and foreign policy were truly great and in a Bernie Sanders presidency we can get those, living wage and universal education and healthcare. So even though YES racism was obviously worse decades before and in that sense because racism was attached to MAGA you don't want that to come back, there is a greatness in these other aspects that have been lost due to the corporatist corruption that has been plaguing this country for the last few decades, the neolib and neocon bipartisan consensus on shafting the public on living standards in all the categories I mentioned and keeping the war machine active. So there IS a truth at the core of MAGA when you look past how Trump used it to also get voters who have chosen racism by after blaming immigration for economic downfall. And for that hidden truth, Bernie can bring that greatness again. #Bernie2020

  38. Alexus Bell

    Alexus Bell8 timer siden

    Love her

  39. Danny's Serdynskis

    Danny's Serdynskis8 timer siden

    NO-gos and all its employees along with the CEO of Susie Susie w Lady they should be assassinated assassinated assassinated CEO employees assassinated constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist they all know it constitutional terrorist constitutional jerez they all know it there constitutional terrorist their constitutional terrorist they all know it they all should be assassinated... Terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist employees of NO-gos employees of NO-gos terrorist terrorist terrorist they all knew it you don't know it they all know it constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist terrorist terrorist constitutional Terrorist NO-gos constitutional NO-gos constitutional Terrorist NO-gos constitutional terrorist will notify Congress will notify Congress will load up by Congress will get it into the mainstream will get it into the mainstream will get it into the mainstream news news news news term term term NO-gos Susie CEO Susie CEO Susie CEO NO-gos NO-gos employs employs constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist constitutional terrorist FCC destroy FCC destroy FCC destroy FCC destroy FCC destroy

  40. mary jones

    mary jones8 timer siden

    beautifully said, ty ms berry and mr noah. and oh so true.

  41. gary pofahl

    gary pofahl8 timer siden

    Some white guy lawyer says era is past its date. Can’t be an amendment. Gopers all bobble head this. Pretty soon goper women can wear burkas and follow their men around like lost puppy dogs. Trump world at its finest.

  42. seanspawn

    seanspawn8 timer siden

    The GOP are proof that democracy is shit. They are so evil and dishonest their laws and suggestions cause human pain and death. Fuck them, fuck them all. Bernie 2020 or

  43. Matthew Chertkow

    Matthew Chertkow8 timer siden

    Tulsi gabbard can beat Donald trump

  44. phoenixkhost

    phoenixkhost8 timer siden

    Women already have equal rights. The wage gap is a myth.

  45. J C

    J C8 timer siden

    Tulsi 2020 or bust

  46. Grímnir

    Grímnir8 timer siden

    Just like Trevor Noah may or may not deliver excellent segments unless we keep him honest Cmon folks, the man's counting on all of us

  47. LubeTime - Auto Repair

    LubeTime - Auto Repair8 timer siden

    Like Bernie I fell like birthdays are BS. You won't get me falling for these pleasantries either.

  48. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    Kohlenstoffisotop128 timer siden

    FFF picked up that torch worldwide, and it has just begun.

  49. 🍯 blood honey

    🍯 blood honey8 timer siden

    Wow, a Mary Berry I can enjoy watching!

  50. Carol Adgerson

    Carol Adgerson8 timer siden

    Dr. Berry was my professor and Divisional Provost at the University of Maryland. She was and continues to be one of the people I admire most. Ordering her book ASAP.

  51. LegendaryLioness

    LegendaryLioness8 timer siden

    Trevor the Queen can drive her self at 93 because of all the lives and bodies and organs she took to make sure she remained alive

  52. chewyjello1

    chewyjello18 timer siden

    I totally feel Bernie! **** birthdays! Lol! I could do without a reminder that I'm one year closer to death. 😂

  53. Arvind Harry

    Arvind Harry8 timer siden

    China influence?

  54. Christine Boone

    Christine Boone8 timer siden


  55. YourNatureBoy27

    YourNatureBoy278 timer siden

    Isn't there enough other things in the world to joke about?

  56. Tom S

    Tom S8 timer siden

    Black people are so soft, get over it. We all have the same rights.

  57. YourNatureBoy27

    YourNatureBoy278 timer siden

    Has anyone ever watched a The Daily Show with Trevor Noah episode that DIDN'T go after Trump?

  58. Constantine Markotsis

    Constantine Markotsis8 timer siden

    Hillary doesn't like you? You have my vote!

  59. MrNodebate

    MrNodebate8 timer siden

    Well, if dogs are your audiences, at least you can claim you get a lot of B... ;D

  60. P Wolfman #12

    P Wolfman #128 timer siden

    How bout equal rights for african Americans.

  61. Serkan Özdemir

    Serkan Özdemir8 timer siden

    All Dark fans like: 4:38 - 4:54 😂😂

  62. Tom S

    Tom S8 timer siden

    He just keeps interrupting her.

  63. Yh Ong

    Yh Ong8 timer siden

    History teaches us to resist the temptation to type "first" You can't all be first...D#%ass

  64. pop5678eye

    pop5678eye8 timer siden

    To be fair Fox News considered it a scandal when Obama was seen ordering Dijon mustard with his meal...

  65. Shanti Cardoza

    Shanti Cardoza8 timer siden

    Hi Trevor, greetings from Mumbai. Please review my channel. Need your feedback. Thanks

  66. LumpySpaceBrotha

    LumpySpaceBrotha8 timer siden

    should be noted that eating fat doesnt necessarily make you fat, starch, carbs, and sugar does.

  67. AnonymousRocker

    AnonymousRocker8 timer siden

    When ronnie chieng knows a donkey is a sign of humility but false preacher doesnt... hats off to ronnie.

  68. Simon Arevalo Chavez

    Simon Arevalo Chavez8 timer siden

    Unbelievable how Trevor didn’t win at the Grammy’s Best comedian out there

  69. Rogueles

    Rogueles8 timer siden

    What a beautiful soul.

  70. Zahin Shahazad

    Zahin Shahazad8 timer siden

    *When Nelson Mandela becomes a women*

  71. Ramer Mbegu

    Ramer Mbegu8 timer siden

    Ranny chieng is insane... hahahahahhaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Ary Prawrethy

    Ary Prawrethy8 timer siden


  73. Ashton Voss

    Ashton Voss8 timer siden


  74. Nicola Ablett

    Nicola Ablett8 timer siden

    local and SME Not international chain Well purchased TRUDEAU

  75. Mike C

    Mike C8 timer siden

    Last sentence... sooo true. Period.

  76. Hady Morgz

    Hady Morgz8 timer siden

    Trevor could you please make a Kobe bryant tribute video.

  77. Mustang Medic

    Mustang Medic8 timer siden

    The only not funny thing was the dirt on Joe Biden, did you notice the audience

  78. World SaVant

    World SaVant8 timer siden

    He dropped Biggie on the floor He should have yield back with the fist up lol

  79. TheoreticallyDan

    TheoreticallyDan8 timer siden

    Just endorse Bernie already.. But yeah, she's right, her message is universal, for all future elections and general activism.

  80. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler8 timer siden

    hey you there you didnt expect me here did you now get on your knees for daddy

  81. NoelSphinx

    NoelSphinx9 timer siden

    She's voting Bernie, that's for sure!

  82. Mounir Abderrahmani

    Mounir Abderrahmani9 timer siden

    check the long ongoing protests that going on in Algeria .


    YOUSSEF CHAOUI9 timer siden

    Sooo... the bag assaulted her?

  84. Daniel Duvalle

    Daniel Duvalle9 timer siden

    "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them." - Frederick Douglass

  85. Bella Snow

    Bella Snow9 timer siden

    Desi is a natural ,she cracks me up every time, without even trying!

  86. Maria Friesen

    Maria Friesen9 timer siden

    Tbh I would be so disappointed if I were to go to Freestyle Live supreme and Lin wasn’t there cuz I would have to fly from Germany to New York

  87. سعود Rj

    سعود Rj9 timer siden

    kobe bryant and his daughter😢😢😢😢😢 rip

  88. Ayu Dayani

    Ayu Dayani9 timer siden

    10 minutes in... and already 3 dislikes?? DID YOU EVEN WATCH????

  89. Dami Aina

    Dami Aina9 timer siden

    What did spirit airline do to Trevor Noah??😂😂😭😭😭

  90. Adowrath

    Adowrath9 timer siden

    Wait they let you in late in movies in America?

  91. funny videos 033

    funny videos 0339 timer siden

    I watch the daily show everyday without fail even if I steal WiFi from next door its worth it and as a south African I enjoy it well done Mr day walker

  92. Ferox M

    Ferox M9 timer siden

    Trevor Noah should slip into something a little more comfortable.... Like a coma or a casket.

  93. SH4 Who

    SH4 Who9 timer siden

    So many of the above mentioned MLK ideals corelate with the Gandhian ideology. As an Indian I know what I'm saying

  94. Talita Setyadi

    Talita Setyadi9 timer siden

    Wow. What an amazing, strong and purposeful woman. Very inspiring message.

  95. Talita Setyadi

    Talita Setyadi9 timer siden

    Wow. What an amazing, strong and purposeful woman. Very inspiring message.

  96. XRP Love

    XRP Love9 timer siden

    LOL..good one _) ROFL