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7 måneder siden

  1. Tom Fam

    Tom Fam6 timer siden

    This is what happens with youtubers that fail to reinvent themselves: S1 - great S2 - ok S3 - cringey S4 - thrash

  2. Captain Price

    Captain Price7 timer siden

    Yes get the carrera gt, try to find one in yellow or red. Or just get a Ferrari F40 ;)

  3. DCMA

    DCMA7 timer siden

    "how much does it hurt in a scale..." "well, it hurts, but you can always suck it up" Janni is savage

  4. varjag

    varjag7 timer siden

    OMG this is becoming boring family vlog... 25 min of kids and family and 4 min of cars. I miss good old times :)

  5. Jörn Heinemeier

    Jörn Heinemeier7 timer siden

    which tattoo should i get next? Jon: full body camo :D

  6. Michael Schmidt

    Michael Schmidt8 timer siden

    Clean the lens!! WTF

  7. GoT TnK

    GoT TnK8 timer siden

    The tattoo guy with a Douchebags backpack :)


    DANNY DAVIES VLOGS8 timer siden

    Hi Any advice for a youtuber trying to find his style as a vlogger

  9. izabelaoliviablog

    izabelaoliviablog8 timer siden

    Remember when Benni first took over for Marcus? It takes time for a bond like that to form and translate in an entertaining, wholesome way. Aaron is also very talented and has a lot of potential. Looking forward to what’s next 😊

  10. MineCrusher

    MineCrusher8 timer siden

    R E C I P E P L E A S E ! ! ! Thanks

  11. Morten Mølgaard Henriksen

    Morten Mølgaard Henriksen8 timer siden

    Looking forward to something car related.. :-)

  12. sami&komal

    sami&komal9 timer siden

    need your support guys please show some love thx !!!

  13. Elizabeth Sanders

    Elizabeth Sanders9 timer siden

    Big beautiful eyes

  14. sali-ahmad loong

    sali-ahmad loong9 timer siden

    Still Benny

  15. Tonggo Marcopolo TV Butar

    Tonggo Marcopolo TV Butar9 timer siden

    Nice place n video, already subscribe, From Indonesia (Toba Lake)

  16. Arash M

    Arash M10 timer siden

    Jon tattoo LEONs hand and feet on your chest !

  17. Helen Smith

    Helen Smith10 timer siden

    I’m having difficulty finding that lovely pizza recipe!...I think it’s probably me! Is there any way you could put it on your next vlog/NO-gos? Would be very grateful thank you!

  18. S/V Lusca

    S/V Lusca10 timer siden

    When you start you done stop, Tattoos are addictive

  19. Meta M

    Meta M10 timer siden

    Love the dad and the mom are there. That's a very nice model to inspire others as I and my ex-husband too are civil to each other. Great family!!

  20. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast10 timer siden

    Not a space agency sellout

  21. easy peasy

    easy peasy10 timer siden

    batata harra ; moroccan darija

  22. easy peasy

    easy peasy10 timer siden

    batata harra ; moroccan darija

  23. vibes

    vibes11 timer siden

    Jon's tattoo is not even straight

  24. vibes

    vibes11 timer siden

    Why is jon tattoo so bad? It is not straight at all

  25. Marcus W

    Marcus W11 timer siden

    Hur går det med frigolitstolen?

  26. Maximilian Wolff

    Maximilian Wolff12 timer siden

    in case you forget your sons name huh

  27. EthanFromLondon

    EthanFromLondon12 timer siden

    OMG 😮 this is the worst idea you guys came up with. Love everything you do except this!!! David Beckham and Justin Bieber in the making

  28. twinigirl85

    twinigirl8513 timer siden

    Wow ❤️

  29. Dan Garey

    Dan Garey13 timer siden

    lol, really Rickard? I am in Sydney Australia and I also have none but I will get it if you deliver

  30. Peter Alexander

    Peter Alexander14 timer siden

    Hope to come to Marbella soon when the tempatures are above 20c

  31. Venus Leoz

    Venus Leoz14 timer siden

    Richard: " Who wanna be normal?" But it means : " its normal"...very confusing..maybe you guys didn't know what it meant?

  32. Venus Leoz

    Venus Leoz14 timer siden

    I agree with Richard..Sunscreen is dangerous and so is vaccines..John you should stop being so NORMal and do some RESEARCH instead..of being a sheep and just follow what everyone else do and just beLIEve what you're being told.

  33. dphotos

    dphotos14 timer siden

    Jon’s tattoo is not straight. Finally I saw Jon not in his brand clothing. It is about time. Wearing his brand clothing all the time is overkill and then the videos turn into an advertisement.

  34. Venus Leoz

    Venus Leoz14 timer siden

    Ok so this: "cest normal" thing you got stuck on.. what do you mean with that? Is it a meaning behind it that you guys have come up with? I have googled it and this is one thing I found: " c'est normal : it's usual, it's normal. (Les gens m'aiment). C'est normal : (People like me). It's to be expected, That's no surprise." So can you you want to be normal or does it mean that whatever crazy thing you do you just say its normal?..srry I just don't get it.

  35. leugs Gee

    leugs Gee15 timer siden

    Would uncle richard deliver to new zealand if i tattoo the brand shoulder to shoulder 🤣

  36. William Travis

    William Travis15 timer siden

    Is Leon named after someone in the family? How did you guys decide on the name Leon?

  37. William Travis

    William Travis15 timer siden

    enjoyed the video!

  38. swestphal22

    swestphal2215 timer siden

    when do you guys meet up with riley again? He's missing :o

  39. Vaidas Strikauskas

    Vaidas Strikauskas15 timer siden

    Tattoos looks terrible

  40. Storm Nieuwland

    Storm Nieuwland16 timer siden

    Jon you should get a Audi RSQ8

  41. pwpw w

    pwpw w18 timer siden

    بطاطا حاره 😂

  42. Luke Pecora

    Luke Pecora19 timer siden

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant 🙏 I am to sad to watch a vlog today

  43. Outback Polaks

    Outback Polaks19 timer siden

    When Jon said the hail is big he had never been to Queensland during wet season when the hail is the same size as a golf ball

  44. justin haggard

    justin haggard21 time siden

    Bring bennie back for a episode, looks like you could use him, with having to take care of the baby all the time

  45. Aurélie

    Aurélie21 time siden


  46. Barnaby Stanton

    Barnaby Stanton21 time siden

    Jon I am disappointed you got tattoos as they are something only bogans get. :(

  47. Pedro Brandão

    Pedro Brandão21 time siden

    I think I am getting a tattoo

  48. Charlie van der Meer

    Charlie van der Meer21 time siden

    horrible tattoos. this is awkward

  49. T Wild

    T Wild22 timer siden

    6:32 “c’est normal at the forehead” hahahahahah

  50. David Zafra

    David Zafra22 timer siden

    i always forget Richard is grandpa!

  51. Mr. Musashito

    Mr. Musashito22 timer siden

    I find tattoos for narcissist and ephemeral feelings & always look like shit when older as the epidermis is going to do what the epidermis does = age.

  52. Ruben

    Ruben22 timer siden

    Jon it’s *Tattoo*

  53. ÅssaP

    ÅssaP23 timer siden

    Does Janni snus? Looks like it?

  54. danI43541

    danI4354123 timer siden

    Jon, just don’t be overkill with the tattoos. They always have to have a real reason and you always have to keep in mind that they’ll stay there forever

  55. Micke Storström

    Micke Storström23 timer siden

    We’ll say C’est normal correct, when Jon says bon appétit [] correct 😜

  56. David V

    David V23 timer siden

    When is a new C'est normal batch dropping? I need to get myself a hoodie!!!

  57. Andrew Asghar

    Andrew Asghar23 timer siden

    Only chavs get there kids name tattoo'd on them

  58. acdc22man

    acdc22man23 timer siden

    Thought the coffee guy was Benni for a moment 😢

  59. NCB

    NCB23 timer siden

    Oh dear, slippery crappy tat slope. When, in 20/30 years time, the tattoo craze is a distant memory, how many sheep will regret even the very smallest of scrawls on their bodies? And putting 'ces't normal' on your neck is not cool... ever.

  60. wyk87

    wyk87Dag siden

    the artist wears 100k worth of accessoires, he must charge a lot

  61. Marinius Thoresen

    Marinius ThoresenDag siden

    Need boat update now!

  62. Juan More Mile

    Juan More MileDag siden

    those dont look straight...

  63. Don Jr.

    Don Jr.Dag siden

    Where is the recipe?

  64. Fredrik Strengbohm

    Fredrik StrengbohmDag siden

    Jon, you are the most requested person in Framgångspodden. Alexander is awesome. Jag önskar du ställer upp på en intervju.

  65. kev

    kevDag siden

    Why in your neck?? Don't like it

  66. Banjo K

    Banjo KDag siden

    My mom told me that getting tattoos will turn me into a criminal 😭

  67. Andreas Falk

    Andreas FalkDag siden

    Menar Rickard allvar med att personligen levererar en t,-shirt om man tatuerar in Ces't Normal? Det är nästan värt det 🤔

  68. TDFXX

    TDFXXDag siden

    Man Rickards Panamera is so sick. *One of* the coolest dad cars for sure

  69. HzMeister

    HzMeisterDag siden

    nice prison-tattoo font.

  70. DaGauntlett

    DaGauntlettDag siden

    LOL, not straight on the wrist. Well done

  71. Jack Wilde

    Jack WildeDag siden

    The guy tattooing had some serious heat on his wrist ⌚🔥

  72. Carter

    CarterDag siden

    neck tat

  73. Fred Wouters

    Fred WoutersDag siden

    In case you forget the name of your son haha

  74. Carolina Girl

    Carolina GirlDag siden

    I never thought I would get a tattoo but I beat breast cancer this year and I’m going to get a tiny ribbon. 🎗🙌🏼

  75. Sam Evans

    Sam EvansDag siden

    You hooligans!

  76. Zawwar Khan

    Zawwar KhanDag siden

    We NEED the tortilla pizza recipe!

  77. misswonderful987

    misswonderful987Dag siden

    The tattoos are stupid. Will you put a sticker on Ferrari bumper? The baby looks weird. His eyes are weird. Sorry to say that.

  78. tomte Igranen

    tomte IgranenDag siden

    I don’t even really enjoy watching his videos that much but still fully supporting him and liking. Would be sad if Jon would’t do videos anymore.

  79. Zawwar Khan

    Zawwar KhanDag siden

    “C’est Normal on the forehead” -Phillip 😂

  80. Stumpknocker22

    Stumpknocker22Dag siden

    He has a ton of hair. My daughter had a tuff of hair till she was like 2

  81. Samuel Jack

    Samuel JackDag siden

    Jon is going to end up tatted like a Triad.

  82. Jacob Burauen

    Jacob BurauenDag siden

    6:25 love u for that phillip

  83. Patrick Woods

    Patrick WoodsDag siden

    Fashionable silly girls

  84. Patrick Woods

    Patrick WoodsDag siden

    Silly boys

  85. JozeN

    JozeNDag siden

    Jon! I think you might need a way to redirect all that water in the courtyard

  86. Andreas Grubhofer

    Andreas GrubhoferDag siden

    musics too loud...

  87. Dimitri Jordan

    Dimitri JordanDag siden

    how unbelievably stupid to put tatoos

  88. Lenny B

    Lenny BDag siden

    What kind of watch does the tattoo guy have?

  89. Fares A.H.H

    Fares A.H.HDag siden

    Daddy cooked some good بطاطا حاره 😂♥️ 12:32

  90. Ben Soltau

    Ben SoltauDag siden

    Wait a second, am I the only one that thinks these tattoos look slightly tilted?

  91. EELI

    EELIDag siden

    Time to wake up from the matrix 👁️

  92. The Oshrys

    The OshrysDag siden

    Janni, I love your makeup at Nobu. You look gorgeous! Can you do a makeup video of what you wore?

  93. ReaTexas

    ReaTexasDag siden

    Perfect weather for family, cooking and tattoos!

  94. Gr4ndM

    Gr4ndMDag siden

    in which language is Leon being raised?

  95. James Davies

    James DaviesDag siden

    RIP kobe😭🙏🏼

  96. 1 6 S 3 3 TM

    1 6 S 3 3 TMDag siden

    Centermal on the forehead hahahaha the kid is smarter than the rest of the family 06:34

  97. Jude Fiamengo

    Jude FiamengoDag siden

    rip kobe ❤️

  98. Birand A. Hashem

    Birand A. HashemDag siden

    Waited one week for this

  99. HardcoreMotors

    HardcoreMotorsDag siden

    Full on hipster

  100. Khaleesi

    KhaleesiDag siden

    Leon is very cuteeeeee😭😭😭😍😍🥰