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MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer
  1. Ree Sub

    Ree Sub11 timer siden

    Not a spoiler alert but Reggie is not the villain. It's Mike's ex lover and his own son...

  2. AzzioK

    AzzioK11 timer siden

    Jared: HEHEHEHHEAAAA WELL HELLO BEAUTIFUL director: Wrong movie jared

  3. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight11 timer siden



    AZHAR SADAM RSA11 timer siden


  5. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight11 timer siden

    Hey when the Zombie apocalypse goes full swing i invite every survivor to my channel <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Im a trove of great and brilliant advices :))

  6. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight11 timer siden

    Hawking zombie :)) Way to go wasting your life "genius" :)) Most so called "geniuses" are a sad story indeed :))

  7. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight11 timer siden

    P R E T T Y C O O L

  8. Wesley Fields

    Wesley Fields11 timer siden

    Enter Blade!

  9. Khushbu Luhar

    Khushbu Luhar11 timer siden


  10. R C Nelson

    R C Nelson12 timer siden

    Cool that the White House still has electricity.

  11. Sith John

    Sith John12 timer siden

    Batman: am i a joke to you?

  12. Mint Fowler

    Mint Fowler12 timer siden

    Who's their grandfather?

  13. Ruffa Angela Ortega

    Ruffa Angela Ortega12 timer siden

    The girl should be on jail or maybe should have died too.

  14. The Autorocker

    The Autorocker12 timer siden

    David Tennant?

  15. M.A.M SHOGEN

    M.A.M SHOGEN12 timer siden

    Love You Peter Rabbit..... ♡♡♡♡♡

  16. carlson 34-7

    carlson 34-712 timer siden

    Thomas discovers he can talk to Peter ?

  17. Arohan sinha

    Arohan sinha12 timer siden

    Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal look similar to each other.

  18. Kamila Godzisz

    Kamila Godzisz12 timer siden

    Were gonna make it were gonna make it were gonna make it


    MOHAMED AKEEL12 timer siden

    Finally venom joker mobius Man bad guys are better than heroes know damn

  20. Alexei Sheldon

    Alexei Sheldon12 timer siden

    Hephaestion is that you?

  21. Stang_Thailand TV

    Stang_Thailand TV12 timer siden

    2:09 Spiderman (2002) on the wall




  23. G G

    G G12 timer siden

    This Autobiography of Jared Leto is great man!!

  24. Цветелина Христова

    Цветелина Христова12 timer siden

    яко от къде го изкопа яко от къде го изкопа ще

  25. MonaBabyy Lopez

    MonaBabyy Lopez12 timer siden

    Went to go see it today ! Totally recommend!!! So much action and freaking hilarious 😆

  26. Haarish Kannan

    Haarish Kannan12 timer siden

    what is the tune that Morbius humms at 0:33 ?

  27. Lord Night Villain

    Lord Night Villain12 timer siden

    Lmao the movie was great. Fantastic trilogy.

  28. Animated Rick

    Animated Rick12 timer siden

    Oh he's broken? How would we know that there's not a tattoo in his forehead saying broke or damage hmmm?

  29. Sammy 10

    Sammy 1012 timer siden

    Joker became vampire after he broke up with Harley Quinn

  30. farish_ trace

    farish_ trace12 timer siden

    yo is that tyrese?

  31. Bowen Fulwood-Griffiths

    Bowen Fulwood-Griffiths12 timer siden

    Amazing trailer 👌

  32. Arshad Rais

    Arshad Rais12 timer siden

    'blade enter the chat' 'morbius exit'

  33. Sem Boonstoppel

    Sem Boonstoppel13 timer siden

    Peter parker😮

  34. Elarisielle

    Elarisielle13 timer siden

    Why all movies are so dark these days? I can't see a damn thing

  35. P-DITCH

    P-DITCH13 timer siden

    2:10 Spiderman

  36. Banko

    Banko13 timer siden

    Not even close to the first or second movie. This movie was ok definitely not a classic

  37. CreeperChaos 17

    CreeperChaos 1713 timer siden

    Anyone else notice the 11th doctor from doctor who

  38. SoloDolo

    SoloDolo13 timer siden

    everyone in this was amazing XD

  39. Immortal Bpc

    Immortal Bpc13 timer siden

    So.. marvels Batman?

  40. hearteater jah

    hearteater jah13 timer siden


  41. Nintendo Master 64

    Nintendo Master 6413 timer siden

    That was a amazing movie!!!

  42. Sougata Das

    Sougata Das13 timer siden

    please upload hindi trailer

  43. Spinoff Gaming

    Spinoff Gaming13 timer siden

    2:40 Finally Batman meets joker😂👍

  44. mmarchetti7997

    mmarchetti799713 timer siden


  45. Play That Funky Music Robot

    Play That Funky Music Robot13 timer siden

    This is what happens when Sherlock Holmes becomes public domain.

  46. Ruswanda ID

    Ruswanda ID13 timer siden

    I wish rush hour movie back again with jackie chan and chris tucker

  47. Flamea

    Flamea13 timer siden

    2:11 Spidey teaser?

  48. Muhammad Althoof Rulla Nabawi

    Muhammad Althoof Rulla Nabawi13 timer siden

    Seems like zombie man character in manga one punch man

  49. wilhelm Quester

    wilhelm Quester13 timer siden

    Lawrence damn funny

  50. Midhun Radhakrishnan

    Midhun Radhakrishnan13 timer siden

    750 million Boxoffice👍

  51. i'm austin

    i'm austin13 timer siden

    Who came first? Morbius or Man-Bat?

  52. deno socket

    deno socket13 timer siden


  53. Phili Stein

    Phili Stein13 timer siden

    "Morpheus, Dorpheus, Orpheus..."

  54. John K

    John K14 timer siden

    Jared leto lulW

  55. Ranjith Gowda

    Ranjith Gowda14 timer siden

    Who hears fur elise in background

  56. Abortion Survivor

    Abortion Survivor14 timer siden

    All I can say is it was great. The last 15 minutes took it to the next level. Then the last 30 seconds ruined it. Plus I wanted him to figure out it was her as the blond that just pulled off the greatest heist hacker history. He never even got to know.

  57. Rahul..

    Rahul..14 timer siden

    Für Elise as a background music.. Its something!

  58. spectre dude

    spectre dude14 timer siden

    Just got home after seeing the movie. Loved it!!!

  59. Crystal Ball

    Crystal Ball14 timer siden

    It would be awesome if Deadpool starts to explain this marvel Sony thing in the future

  60. Hemo Glob in

    Hemo Glob in14 timer siden

    Midnight Sons?

  61. Bezalel Walker

    Bezalel Walker14 timer siden

    It's so cute.

  62. nika darchiashvili

    nika darchiashvili14 timer siden

    this trailer kinda ruined it for me. i wanted to watch the movie before but after seeing the trailer i don't want to lol

  63. Rupali Sinha

    Rupali Sinha14 timer siden

    Fans(to MARVEL) : We want Morbius!!! Sony:YES

  64. xx Chronicle

    xx Chronicle14 timer siden

    Yo the instrumental is so dope


    NOOB GAMING14 timer siden

    I think the background music is inspired by an old pinao theme and I liked it very much. I think we will see something different in summers. And i am very excited for this movie

  66. next level

    next level14 timer siden

    Bhai ya to superman ka baap lag raha ha

  67. Bananas and Bass

    Bananas and Bass14 timer siden

    Ok I am excited for this sequel! Let’s just skip that cheap remake from a few years ago and go straight into this. Makes much more sense as a continuation of that universe and it seems to be filmed much more cinematically instead of being a sitcom.

  68. Engr. George John Quo

    Engr. George John Quo14 timer siden

    How does an RBMK reactor works, comrade?

  69. Rebel Malge

    Rebel Malge14 timer siden

    Release date?? in India

  70. Blavood

    Blavood14 timer siden

    How the hell did a MORBIUS movie get made before..idk...Lobo? Carnage? Ffs this looks like a decent ManBat adaptation but...MORBIUS? Ask 99% of people and they'll tell you it's the black guy from Matrix.

  71. pronoy Nath

    pronoy Nath14 timer siden

    look like captain America upgraded

  72. GokuOP

    GokuOP14 timer siden

    Who Wants Morbius *V/S* Blade 😾

  73. Fox In Bush

    Fox In Bush14 timer siden

    *JARED* ❤️❤️❤️❤️ *JARED*

  74. llamapocolypes YT

    llamapocolypes YT14 timer siden

    No no no no no no no rabbit toy story 4

  75. Real Hip-Hop

    Real Hip-Hop14 timer siden

    Why is Spiderman underaged? Kindly explain.

  76. Ashley Benoist

    Ashley Benoist14 timer siden

    lucy hale ianother blumhouse, twist! its not fantasy isaldn its actually truth or dare 2: viraal

  77. God Slayer

    God Slayer14 timer siden


  78. Winner Laishram

    Winner Laishram14 timer siden

    I don't understand what superpower he have🙄

  79. Zahirah GT

    Zahirah GT14 timer siden

    Iam From Indonesia I Love And Like This Spiderman Far From Home My Paren Too Like Spiderman Far From Home :)

  80. Mickey Johnson

    Mickey Johnson14 timer siden

    Lol and the dislikes continue to pile on........

  81. LarryThe 2nd

    LarryThe 2nd14 timer siden

    Why are Prince Philip and King George VI acting? The Crown of England has awesome passions tbh.

  82. Chheangheng Seng

    Chheangheng Seng14 timer siden

    The movie was insane

  83. Adhy Hrc

    Adhy Hrc15 timer siden

    Gara gara joker ini. Sampe musuh spiderman disiarin juga hahaha

  84. Kamal Raj

    Kamal Raj15 timer siden

    Hey guys please tell me which Beethoven symphony is playing in this trailer

  85. Santhom Konyak

    Santhom Konyak15 timer siden

    Coming fest


    PABLO RAMBO JUMBO15 timer siden

    This character seem to suit him better..

  87. NA_ARMY

    NA_ARMY15 timer siden

    The movie was fuxking fantastic! Go see it now!

  88. Jack Wenrich

    Jack Wenrich15 timer siden

    30 years of what? 30 years of ghostbusters? 30 years of comedy? 30 years of bill Murray? 30 years of ghosts? 30 years of what? 30 years of nothing from this franchise

  89. N N

    N N15 timer siden

    Captain Howard😢

  90. danish irfan

    danish irfan15 timer siden

    so vulture is what

  91. ZOMBI TV

    ZOMBI TV15 timer siden



    GAME DROID15 timer siden

    JOKER + (SONY + MCU) = BATMAN + VAMPIRE. Highly exothermic reaction.

  93. MrGorilla

    MrGorilla15 timer siden

    LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYES Edit: I don’t know why I wrote this.

  94. Olaf Michelson

    Olaf Michelson15 timer siden

    Pokémon’s been evacuated

  95. Olaf Michelson

    Olaf Michelson15 timer siden

    I missed Sony entertainment

  96. Alexandru Amuza

    Alexandru Amuza15 timer siden

    2:08 Spider-Man PS4 Raimi's suit

  97. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos15 timer siden


  98. tRIPLE

    tRIPLE15 timer siden

    Oh my garebl! Valac are you crazy?!

  99. Mai Sakurajima

    Mai Sakurajima15 timer siden

    anybody heard the plant vs zombie theme? just me? okay....