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JRE - 10 Years in Review

JRE - 10 Years in Review

3 måneder siden

JRE MMA Show #85 with Max Holloway
JRE MMA Show #83 with Firas Zahabi
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  1. Rasmus Weissfeld

    Rasmus WeissfeldTime siden

    Tyson is so awesome. I love how he has evolved into this humble well-spoken guy.

  2. Juan Garcia

    Juan GarciaTime siden

    Bro Joe joe we the people being brainwashed covid 19

  3. dilly dally

    dilly dallyTime siden

    Fat is gunna hold on to anytink that's why you fat

  4. C

    CTime siden

    I fucking hate that all of you people who wanna believe in Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson. Graham's work has neither been peer reviewed nor published in academic journals. cause it's wrong and crazy. selectively moved or ignored the locations of some of the temples to fit his own theories for starters. He's done too much ayahuasca. And Randall, nut job. He has an elaborate denial of anthropogenic climate change in his view for starters. He's a con "artist" with his science, if i dare call it that. I plead with you, look up their work and see whats wrong with it.

  5. Francisco Estrada

    Francisco EstradaTime siden

    Interview David Icke

  6. Kirk March

    Kirk MarchTime siden

    Love where the conversation was heading. You definitely need to pick this show up again and continue it. Earth is way too unstable to create a civilization capable of interstellar flight... I believe more than likely Earth is one of the outer developed planets of a yet un-rediscoved 1000000 year old civilization's socio-economic matrix; that would be responsible for colonizing Earth.

  7. Edmund Takata

    Edmund TakataTime siden

    Herschel Walker

  8. SpencerSwoops

    SpencerSwoopsTime siden

    Elon musk, Alex Jones and Eddie bravo needs to happen

  9. T B

    T BTime siden

    All because of China! Just nasty!

  10. Ozark Matt

    Ozark MattTime siden

    Eric Weinstein is wrong about most things.

  11. Randall Pink

    Randall PinkTime siden

    Works deep with in the NSA, then reveals everything he knows , causes turmoil with in the US , is hailed a hero in the US by many sheep's, and now lives in Russia. This is the greatest act of esponiage the Russians have ever played on America.

  12. Izk Zadigue

    Izk ZadigueTime siden

    Rogan lashes out and plays aggressive mind games when Eric says something that Joe doesn't know! hahaha Eric slips that bs like Anderson Silva

  13. A Montes

    A MontesTime siden

    @1:25:48 Amanda Feilding no-gos.info/video/2aZ8hYO7rs-es5c.html

  14. Ryan Wilhite

    Ryan WilhiteTime siden

    Of course she would have said drilling that hole in her head had a positive effect. She's never going to admit that she's a dumbass who drilled a hole in her head and it was a mistake that she regrets.

  15. H2THEP33

    H2THEP33Time siden

    Say the n word

  16. Chris Sr.

    Chris Sr.Time siden

    Joe time to look at comet Atlas. We have about a month until we know if we will hit broken peices of it as it goes around tge sun.

  17. Theresa Crane

    Theresa CraneTime siden

    Really.??.. go home if you can’t help

  18. SurrealJC Games

    SurrealJC GamesTime siden

    So could you call it "heavy light"? Like... photons that transmit more than just energy but maybe some particles with it, or an energy so strong that when it strikes the earth it doesnt just heat it and illuminate it, but transmutes the molecules it infuses with?

  19. Lindsay Putnam

    Lindsay PutnamTime siden

    Man, I feel like Joe really missed the point on a lot of this

  20. future the past

    future the pastTime siden

    Who's here because they want to see a second one with fury after he destroyed wilder in the rematch? Get him back joe

  21. MrXbox36022

    MrXbox36022Time siden

    Hoe are everywhere. Id rather spend money on a whore at a whore house tge some bitch pretending to like me

  22. D Knowles

    D KnowlesTime siden

    Get Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on your show.

  23. Jakob Mcgraw

    Jakob McgrawTime siden

    What these men lack is true understanding of Good and evil and spirit and flesh! Really that’s what this talk is about but the men on the video are only confused because they believe a lie and it flaws there ability to see clearly!!!

  24. Wesley Patterson

    Wesley PattersonTime siden

    "It dousnt seem humanly possible" Elon: *starts sweating* "Why would you say that?"

  25. Sykez

    SykezTime siden

    You should Jonathan Haggerty on this! UK MT King

  26. Tim Neal

    Tim NealTime siden

    "Obviously the President completely miscalculated." Doctor.. " Anything we say today, I may look like the biggest idiot tomorrow" Love the work Joe, please be careful giving the media what they want. More reasons to bash Trump.

  27. Big R

    Big RTime siden

    weistein is the pussy that punched his boyfriend andy ngo in portland they made $250000 off that fake ass shit. joe youre truly a trump cuck would kick your ass anytime anyplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Clay More

    Clay MoreTime siden

    All this swamp talk makes me want to watch "Shrek"... I don't know enough of American history of historical figures, but Eric is starting to feel like a Benjamin Franklin type. Maybe cause he's well spoken, and sane.

  29. Dans Chicas

    Dans ChicasTime siden

    Joe, let me come shoot coyotes with you, I'll bring my bow lol

  30. Franco Loconte

    Franco LoconteTime siden

    The first Amendment will be backed by the second. In my opinion you cannot force someone to lie while pointing a gun at them but according to the Commie Liberal Bastards you cannot defend an accusation of a lie with a gun. The Commie Liberal Bastards are educating this bullshtein to children at the taxpayers expense.

  31. Dzick Productions

    Dzick ProductionsTime siden

    That's my boy is a great Adam Sandler movie Joe.

  32. Fudge GetAboutit

    Fudge GetAboutitTime siden

    I wish I had Berts confidence

  33. Lewis J.

    Lewis J.Time siden

    2:19:45 I hear you Brother. I wouldn't trust them with Arithmetic.

  34. Mungo658

    Mungo658Time siden

    Mark Collett, Laura Towler, Morgoths Review, On The Offensive, The Iconoclast, Daughter of Albion, Dangerfield, UNWAShED, The TrUK Show

  35. deadseamonster

    deadseamonsterTime siden

    So, Trump is the reason we have to leave this planet? So, if Hillary would've won, the world would be a utopia that we should never leave? Good news Eric, in 4 years Trump will be gone, and you can forget all about your theory, kick back, and enjoy life on earth again. What a genius.

  36. Jesse Sems

    Jesse SemsTime siden

    My girlfriend's mom had an old used mask taking from her at the hospital she works at because of shortages. She's works in the office and was she told she can't have a mask because she does get as close to the patients as the nurses and doctors, yet her husband was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and she has to continue to work in order to be covered by insurance to pay for his operation.

  37. Anamarija Kolda

    Anamarija KoldaTime siden

    Joe and the listeners wanted to hear more about history and culture, but we forgot that lady is a lawyer, so she was most informative on these questions and issues. She did her best, it's not easy to talk about this subject and Joe was very respectful. I would really like to hear the interview with Native American writer, historian etc.

  38. Poopzak

    PoopzakTime siden

    We are meaning giving machines!!!!!

  39. Rees

    ReesTime siden

    rip fefo

  40. Chris Morris

    Chris MorrisTime siden

    Holy shit this podcast has 2 fucking liberal pussys smacking each other’s ass and high fives. Both idiot mother fuckers Hahahaha

  41. Lucia Lu

    Lucia LuTime siden

    Can somebody tell me the title of the book Joe talks about aroud 22:00??

  42. Olaf Sikorski

    Olaf SikorskiTime siden

    Eric should take his own advice and work on his humility. Throwing around accusations about the CDC and WHO without giving a concrete example of their supposedly wrong decisions is pretty wild. He's not a medical professional and doesn't quote any research. It's just "oh I'm so anti-authoritarian". Well, so are anti-vaxers, but that doesn't put them closer to being right on anything. Also, I find it amazing that Pelosi is the worst offender here after 4 years of Trump administration and 6 years of a Republican Congress. How careful he is to never name Trump or the GOP, despite them being responsible for this debacle.

  43. Wayne Beriman

    Wayne BerimanTime siden

    these two twitter people lie so much , they wouldn't know what truth was .if you couldn't tell they where lying , you need help .

  44. Godsend TheGeneral

    Godsend TheGeneralTime siden

    Throw Elon musk in jail

  45. EasyCome EasyGo

    EasyCome EasyGoTime siden

    Joe Rogan-Now fighting out of the Blue corner : Dr. Peter "No it's not Hotel" Hotez !!!

  46. ProGoalie33

    ProGoalie33Time siden

    JOE ROGAN) AND YOU ALL NEED TO READ THIS... www.5gexposed.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/English-Summary-of-The-Invisible-Rainbow-A-History-of-Electricity-and-Life-3.pdf

  47. eojlc

    eojlcTime siden

    May as well just be Jamie and Eric at this point

  48. Audrius Laurinavicius

    Audrius LaurinaviciusTime siden

    I wonder who dislikes this discussion and why...

  49. o0mpALoompA Man

    o0mpALoompA ManTime siden

    Chris Hadfield if you can get 'im again.

  50. JD182

    JD182Time siden

    Alex Jones is spot on on a lot of subjects. Must be so frustrating cause you dont know where to even begin and everything ties in...... Get the man on again 2020!!!!!

  51. dr leonard church T

    dr leonard church TTime siden

    Aquaman was the most fanservicey piece of shit superhero movie I've ever watched in my life he is that hot and I was still embarrassed for him -a woman

  52. Nicholas Hildenbrand

    Nicholas Hildenbrand2 timer siden

    Just imagine if China becomes the worlds sole supplier of the worlds semiconductor chips. That is a fucking nightmare waiting to happen.

  53. Henrique Bahia

    Henrique Bahia2 timer siden


  54. Musa Tevfik Dal

    Musa Tevfik Dal2 timer siden

    this is killing me we are using water to clean our ass for ages no-gos.info/video/z76oZXyQp9Bss5s.html

  55. Henrique Bahia

    Henrique Bahia2 timer siden


  56. Be the change

    Be the change2 timer siden

    If I was a gay sapiosexual, I'm pretty sure I'd want to marry Graham Hancock.

  57. Henrique Bahia

    Henrique Bahia2 timer siden


  58. Bart Bocklandt

    Bart Bocklandt2 timer siden

    eunuch's had everything removed so as slaves they couldn't have sex with the lady of the house , castradi are robbed from their testicles or the vas deferens are tied off before the age of 10 to keep their voice unadultered , they could still fuck

  59. Dzick Productions

    Dzick Productions2 timer siden

    Greg- "Fucking jig saw puzzles." 26:14

  60. RoNiNk

    RoNiNk2 timer siden

    Brian Cox should start a new religion

  61. Greeneyedghost2020

    Greeneyedghost20202 timer siden

    Ugh I hate the word water. I refer to it as H20

  62. Stoned Skeptic

    Stoned Skeptic2 timer siden

    How about you talk about Carbyne? Everyone from Jeffery Epstien, George Bush, Peter Thiel, and Ehud Barak are/were involved. You do control Thiel finances, correct?

  63. Alaska's FFL

    Alaska's FFL2 timer siden

    ⛔⛔⛔INTERVIEW "Emery smith" ⛔⛔⛔no-gos.info/video/r9OeeKuTlbyS2ok.html

  64. Dubious Prime

    Dubious Prime2 timer siden

    At 1:53:21, what Eric Weinstein says. i felt that.

  65. Ameera Walker

    Ameera Walker2 timer siden

    She’s such an INSPIRATION! Currently listening to this podcast while I workout ❤️

  66. Matichek

    Matichek2 timer siden

    That source code that he is talking about at 2:30:00 was already discovered with last step in yoga - samadhi (last step there is called kaivalia) - which you realize the director and actor are the same and illusion breaks down and bunch of stuff gets unlocked to you. Map what to practice is already known but, not many are willing to go that rabbit hole. But all in all, very good talk.

  67. michaelkeha

    michaelkeha2 timer siden

    "white America' yeah knew that was gonna come up fuck me that's a old and dead line

  68. Alaska's FFL

    Alaska's FFL2 timer siden

    Emery smith needs to be talked too

  69. Haas Aligzandar

    Haas Aligzandar2 timer siden

    The most positive JRE

  70. Alaska's FFL

    Alaska's FFL2 timer siden

    Can you interview "emery smith"

  71. Кирил Виденов

    Кирил Виденов2 timer siden

    national geographic podcast

  72. Caroline Corman

    Caroline Corman2 timer siden

    Jimmy, for years Alex has promoted conspiracy theories for $$$$$$$$. He does have some good material, but it gets lost in the mix.

  73. Valiant Vision

    Valiant Vision2 timer siden

    Overall death rates in Italy have not increased since Covid.

  74. 74row

    74row2 timer siden

    2 cool mindful enlightened [email protected]#kers

  75. Björn Westman

    Björn Westman2 timer siden

    On Island tests have been made indicating that around 40% of the population has already had and developed immunity against the virus.... Island hasn't had an outbreak of any large numbers.... So everyone is hiding from something most people has been exposed to...

  76. Sjur Sævik

    Sjur Sævik2 timer siden

    So in order to keep capitalism going, we need to waste resources on making shit quality products so the consumer have to buy more shit quality products?!

  77. Brenda Staudenmaier

    Brenda Staudenmaier2 timer siden

    Joe needs to have a debate between this guy and an antivaxx doctor.

  78. dreadthedays says

    dreadthedays says2 timer siden

    Also... People in end state renal disease are likely to die of this disease anyways... :|

  79. Blue Diesel

    Blue Diesel2 timer siden

    Obviously this jew sits here and sucks politician penis while bashing trump. Very standard

  80. Dunky Gamer

    Dunky Gamer2 timer siden

    If that happened to my nose that would be MORE than enough to quit.

  81. Eric

    Eric2 timer siden

    I like Jordan Peterson but he was wrong about so much!

  82. Josh Lowe

    Josh Lowe2 timer siden

    Yes Neil , curiosity leads to critical thinking . I’ve never seen a human so in love with his own voice . He makes a lot of excellent points but there is so much taking for the sake of it .

  83. Dan Rueckert

    Dan Rueckert2 timer siden

    i can smell the shit coming out steve tylers mouth through my computer smh

  84. Johnny Parsnips

    Johnny Parsnips2 timer siden

    That personal theory of Eric's at the end of the podcast sounds exactly like something that I've been thinking of for years, but have never had the correct vocabulary to properly describe. Yes, it works, you can obtain your own (And all of Humanity's) Source-code if you're: smart, clever, dumb-lucky, or just very observational. And yes, it can bring along terrible sources of both good & bad powers. It's like Pandora's box; once that bag of cats is opened, you can never close it again. It's also completely paradoxical, as once you gain super-wisdom, you also get gifted with super-stupidity, among other things. This sounds VERY close to an actual Magickal practice, that I know of, that takes advantage of that very theory.

  85. Daniel Mccormick

    Daniel Mccormick2 timer siden

    I hate how joe talks to Eddie as a kid, and stops him when he’s talking but let’s Brendan go off about everything . LET EDDIE SPEAK! That’s why we listen to fight companions.

  86. dreadthedays says

    dreadthedays says2 timer siden

    Anything that says "you do not need a mask" gets upvoted because people are lazy and cannot be bothered to idn... Care about preventing illness for people who can die. This podcast is just more misleading for people who apparently cannot read or hear. You say...no mask if you are not sick... And you miss the point that lots of people show NO symptoms while they are contageous. A bunch of fools... I swear.

  87. Think unthoughtful thoughts

    Think unthoughtful thoughts2 timer siden

    Eddies Flexability is nonsense 😂 dudes a beast

  88. Josh Lowe

    Josh Lowe2 timer siden

    This mother fucker has never come across the word humble or humility in all his education?

  89. Gg Dfgvcg

    Gg Dfgvcg2 timer siden

    Very nice guy :)

  90. Marco Viveiros

    Marco Viveiros2 timer siden

    Nah..... hes a super conman

  91. Jeff L

    Jeff L2 timer siden

    Joe "that thing is a dinosaur" Rogan

  92. Ralph _

    Ralph _2 timer siden

    Why tf was there no Ben Shapiro clip, or Dan Crenshaw, I'm disappointed Jaime

  93. Elliott Schreffler

    Elliott Schreffler2 timer siden

    Joe "plants communicate more than Mollusks" Rogan

  94. Mark Dewhirst

    Mark Dewhirst2 timer siden

    Jo pls talk to itnj commission

  95. Y. Laforest

    Y. Laforest2 timer siden

    The reaction at 59:23 made me laugh so hard

  96. Dillon Matt

    Dillon Matt2 timer siden

    Im so glad I jumped onto this podcast. Listiening during work lol

  97. Benjamin Smith

    Benjamin Smith2 timer siden

    Lots of leftist grief coming your way! How dare you think for yourself! You MUST like Biden if the DNC tells you to! They screwed Sanders twice now and Sanders bent the knee twice for the DNC overlords and all his like minded supporters must fall in line or else! Your a good man Mr. Rogan. Liberal to the core which drives the Left nuts! Freedom of speech without fear of negative recourse is something the Left has thrown to the wayside. Almost the very definition of Fascist which they call everyone else who does not agree with them.

  98. kemohere

    kemohere2 timer siden

    I play to the people who want to be informed but dont bother to do it themselves. I tell them what i think they should know. And blah blah blah.. fucking sheep herder.

  99. Richard Feller

    Richard Feller2 timer siden

    I really feel sorry for this dude. My gf is almost the female equivalent of me. Same movie interests, same taste in music and food. Same sense of humor. Maybe I just hit the jackpot, but I really don't see the point the way he portraits relationships. Oh well, you know what they say in terms of shitty people: it takes one to know one...

  100. Otis b Driftwood

    Otis b Driftwood2 timer siden

    Joe “fuck oxygen” Rogan