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  1. Chayse McLean

    Chayse McLeanDag siden

    bruh americans aint nuthing like us nz/aussies cunts smoking chop cones aka weed chopped with tobbacco. some of us like me have a baccy ratio in our bongs of 8/10 because we like the headspins it gives us an the taste burns way better and also after smoking chop for so long i will die if i take a normal puff of straight weed cause its so harsh

  2. Trumps Doctor

    Trumps DoctorDag siden

    Joe please don’t have this piece of shit on your pod again.

  3. scott porcelli

    scott porcelliDag siden

    Really enjoyed the conversation about creativity and "getting out of your own way". The Struggle....



    2:12 i blame the last few Star Wars film for the leftist movement 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dam rebels

  5. Travis Harger

    Travis HargerDag siden

    Would love to see Yang on the show again, he was so refreshing.

  6. Jo Po

    Jo PoDag siden

    Did you hear the news? Ari Shaffir's career died in a helicopter crash.

  7. Death24

    Death24Dag siden

    The man is simply a liar

  8. Achilleas Margaritis

    Achilleas MargaritisDag siden

    So...if US presidents are not allowed to get information on these events, then it means they don't have the top security clearance. Which automatically means there is a secret government that has higher clearance than the US president. We may as well consider this a fact from now on.

  9. Death24

    Death24Dag siden

    fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RS20946.pdf douche

  10. Mark Clement

    Mark ClementDag siden

    Josh Thompson is a great guest. Hope too see more of him on JRE. Very knowledgable and entertaining.

  11. Jo Po

    Jo PoDag siden

    Did you hear the news? Ari Shaffir's career died in a helicopter crash.

  12. Janiter Inadrum

    Janiter InadrumDag siden

    Stephen can't even spell or pronounce words

  13. Andrew Baker

    Andrew BakerDag siden

    Bill Maher show is very good. I enjoy it; just wish the conservative side was a bit more represented or had a better representative in most shows.

  14. Janiter Inadrum

    Janiter InadrumDag siden

    I just read somewhere that Stephen A Smith gets paid 8 million a year from ESPN... For What? Are there people somewhere that would not watch ESPN unless Stephen A Smith is running his mouth. You gotta be ...F ing kidding me

  15. Death24

    Death24Dag siden

    slavery's not a new concept either, Bernie. That doesn't make it right or good. What the fuck. This guy relies on the general stupidity of the public to get ahead.

  16. paysonfox88

    paysonfox88Dag siden

    Joe Rogan to Alex at the end of the interview: "and here is your prize Alex, Apparently Fear was not a factor for you!"

  17. James Jamison

    James JamisonDag siden

    Please get Brian Shaw on the podcast. That would be so good

  18. Keep ‘er’ lit No Fear

    Keep ‘er’ lit No FearDag siden

    I identify with the lady and full understanding of her hatred of men taking shits in public. I being a man have had some of the most god awful experiences sitting in the next cubicle. One time this guy sound like he emptied a large bucket filled with water and stones down the toilet all at once. Like WHAT THE FUCK I honestly to this day think it was an Alien if some kind, it had to be.

  19. Matt Owens

    Matt OwensDag siden

    RE: Cross promotion People don't care shouldn't be the reason to do it. Make them care. Create a legit card, and put the whole thing on ESPN for free on a sunday afternoon in the NFL offseason. Get it into every living room possible. People's attention is the currency, not ppv sales. Once the people have a real reason to care, then you can make money. Cash grabbing does not help anyone but the top.

  20. Oh3Productions

    Oh3ProductionsDag siden

    I get addicted to weed. If I quit I will have nightmares and wake up in cold sweats. It only lasts for a for days but I hate when I see people say it’s not addictive

  21. Jo Po

    Jo PoDag siden

    Ari just dosed his career. RIP Kobe.

  22. B H

    B HDag siden

    I have to say that I am glad I came here with an open mind. I am surprised how much I feel the same way he does.

  23. Addison Bade

    Addison BadeDag siden

    Joe “exorbitants amount” Rogan.

  24. marchantal9

    marchantal9Dag siden

    it just dawned on me that Eddy looks a little like Yul Brynner ;-)

  25. mwells219

    mwells219Dag siden

    This guy looks like he should be a club bouncer.

  26. AZ Niteforce

    AZ NiteforceDag siden

    Rogan you a clown

  27. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry ThomasDag siden

    The love in Rogan’s eyes.

  28. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry ThomasDag siden

    The love in Rogan’s eyes.

  29. Countryboyreal1

    Countryboyreal1Dag siden

    Joe wasn’t lying about being high as a kite while interviewing Sam Harris lmao. If you watch that video go to the 1:18:25 mark. You will laugh your ass off!

  30. BennyKsBandwidth

    BennyKsBandwidthDag siden

    You should have Brian Shaw on

  31. teenie beenie

    teenie beenieDag siden

    dude ur do little movie is so bad, makes me not respect u much, it lacks all talent and scope....sad

  32. BluRed

    BluRedDag siden

    2:43:52 is joe trying to tell us what his kink is?? Wierdo

  33. BRKN glasses

    BRKN glassesDag siden

    I need you to understand I'm not kidding when I say this: JOE ROGAN FOR PRESIDENT! (I understand the irony of advocating a presidential campaign for a person who publicly decries the idea of a president in the first place, but I'm not even American; so I don't have a say anyway. )

  34. Newyorkdavinci

    NewyorkdavinciDag siden


  35. IamI3rian

    IamI3rianDag siden

    The only reason any one listens to jeoy, and lvoes what he says is bce ause he is a MLAE. +5 for the partisrchych!

  36. ProperModulation

    ProperModulationDag siden

    Orange man bad. Here are the spun up reasons. . .

  37. Jo Po

    Jo PoDag siden

    Ari Shaffir just dosed his career. RIP Kobe.

  38. Bake 4

    Bake 4Dag siden

    2020..... somewhat comforting watching these old episodes.

  39. Jo Po

    Jo PoDag siden

    Ari Shaffir just dosed his career. RIP Kobe.

  40. syxx573

    syxx573Dag siden

    Fuck this bitch. Jesus Christ.

  41. Textfield

    TextfieldDag siden

    He made his life easier, by interviewing himself and constantly dropping interesting info. Thanks Neil <3

  42. Omgitsjoetime T

    Omgitsjoetime TDag siden

    Dana’s really gonna be sweating after he listens to this podcast.. Joe and him may not be as close friends

  43. donkee

    donkeeDag siden

    Well, if you don't agree with any part of his agenda, at least he'll legalise weed federally (enough to win me over haha)

  44. Oliver Campbell

    Oliver CampbellDag siden

    Joe Rogan reaches more than the population each weak... wtf haha

  45. A.I.'S World

    A.I.'S WorldDag siden

    Piece of shit Ari Shaffir, happy that kobe is dead... bitch ass

  46. J E

    J EDag siden

    Boxing is the ultimate sport in my opinion. It’s all about discipline, strength, agility, endurance, strategy, character and heart, etc.

  47. donkee

    donkeeDag siden

    Wind energy us a bit tricky, take a look at germany

  48. Stan Gable

    Stan GableDag siden

    This man was born to conversate.

  49. GO Workout!

    GO Workout!Dag siden

    Bottom line is...if it (the policy in question) has an ultimate effect on your presidential vote , I definitely see a conflict of logic there.

  50. Mark Elliot

    Mark ElliotDag siden

    If this was a job interview Eddie would pass with flying colors lol

  51. Andy W

    Andy WDag siden

    This is a fine expose on what the "Chosen Ones" are all about.

  52. Charles Lanier

    Charles LanierDag siden


  53. Hard Puncher

    Hard PuncherDag siden

    Vote this guy in! #yang2020

  54. BoredHub

    BoredHubDag siden

    Lol Ari playing russian roulette with his career rn

  55. S-4 Janitorial Supply Company

    S-4 Janitorial Supply CompanyDag siden

    For fuck sake! How many times? "When Lazar said this, when Lazar said that, I became a believer." These jokers are going to be developing stigmata next and speaking in tongues like their savior.

  56. absolutless

    absolutlessDag siden

    I love how Honnold confronts Rogan with truth on so many levels. It's easy to shoot down some chubby egg-head who's pro-solar and pro-environment, but Honnold is someone Rogan respects .... a lot harder to toe the company line.

  57. bigj097

    bigj097Dag siden

    Dude wipes with 40 grit sandpaper

  58. Angel Delgado

    Angel DelgadoDag siden

    Can you get a member of the CDC on your show? I feel like you would get some of the biggest views from that.

  59. RGSUltra Comedy

    RGSUltra ComedyDag siden

    Oh my god, Christina makes some fucking noise after every sentence anyone says

  60. Moe Moes

    Moe MoesDag siden

    To correct Joe at 1.35 when he said he never trends he did trend when he did the Edward Snowden Interview , he was #4 on trending for like 2 days ,, not saying YT isn't bias of course it is

  61. Jimy Batista

    Jimy BatistaDag siden

    Bring the best of alternative media journalist of all time back!! #ALEXJONES #BRINGTHETRUTH #JOEROGAN #PODCAST #INFOWARS

  62. Two Cents' Worth

    Two Cents' WorthDag siden

    So many theories to choose from but this is my favorite. They took Lazar on just after the explosion as a temporary janitor to clean Barry off the walls.

  63. Darth_ Dub_

    Darth_ Dub_Dag siden

    Did this bitch really just dog out home schooling? What a moron!

  64. Kids From The North

    Kids From The NorthDag siden

    Joe “did you sell hats?” Rogan

  65. munnypoltric

    munnypoltricDag siden

    Please Lord in Heaven, Don't let the American Government get their claws on Edward. God in Heaven, protect him from their evil grasp!

  66. nd0307

    nd0307Dag siden

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_...

  67. Glyn Allen

    Glyn AllenDag siden

    Always a pleasure to watch Majid he talks sense and he is a lovely guy too.

  68. Jett

    JettDag siden

    Not really a fan of Ben Shapiro and his misinformation, but we're all human

  69. babbar123

    babbar123Dag siden

    Jeo, you are a wise man. You talk straight and talk realism. Deep respects .

  70. Kids From The North

    Kids From The NorthDag siden

    Up there for one of my favorite JREs.

  71. Austin White

    Austin WhiteDag siden

    Trump 2020

  72. Ramiro Rosales

    Ramiro RosalesDag siden

    Joe Rogan is really a lame ass person !!

  73. Jim Phelps

    Jim PhelpsDag siden

    The real metabolic science are very old and often very obvious facebook.com/groups/285712712138611/

  74. Twobarpsi

    TwobarpsiDag siden

    Snap your fingers, snap your neck.

  75. munnypoltric

    munnypoltricDag siden

    that would be a funny way to announce aliens - on this show. lol. Would be hilarious

  76. Sebastien Boulas

    Sebastien BoulasDag siden

    Doing this show was bernies single best campaign decision

  77. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonDag siden

    So according to Alex humans aren’t smart enough to come up with science by themselves?

  78. ak 040

    ak 040Dag siden

    frank reynolds incarnate

  79. Eduardo Padilla

    Eduardo PadillaDag siden

    Best line: "Barack Obama had Nobel Peace Price and a Kill List"

  80. Vinch

    VinchDag siden


  81. Gloominaati

    GloominaatiDag siden

    Love this dude

  82. Explodingtraps

    ExplodingtrapsDag siden

    "That's a delicacy in some places"

  83. Jim Phelps

    Jim PhelpsDag siden

    Real metabolic Sciences tell this----the whole story---not half truth The Hyper Advanced Studies in Deuterium Series. Deuterium is responsible for matters like telomere shorting, rapid aging and the worst area in the human body and cells for this to happen is the visceral fat zones of the abdomen. This white fat area is very low in mitochondria content and very high in deuterium from triglycerides as fat cell stores. This area of the body is high in telomere damage levels and also the inflammation signals from fat cells that cannot compact their DNA due to deuterium entrainment in the DNA process. There are some interesting plant methods that can help remove these high deuterium fat stores and stop telomere degradation and do telomere length restoration. The principle plant herbs that do this are the ones most effective in diabetes treatments and those with AMPK activation, similar to what metformin does in life extension by 20%. These plants are things like ginseng root, banaba, gynostemma, astragelus root (TA-65), resveritrol, berberine, Garcinia (HCA), and these all have one important isolate in common called "saponin" When Saponin is high in the cells it produces NMN that is also known for telomere protection and length regeneration. Gynostemma's saponin is a soap like molecule connected with a glycose molecule that allows it to enter fat cells at insulin sites. This effect makes it and others like it extremely effective at visceral fat reduction, reduction of whole body inflammation, and reduction of illnesses due to inflammation. For these reasons these are often effective in diabetes management. Due to these special properties the gynostemma is called the "Immortality Plant" by the TCA, Tradition Chinese Medicine methods. The use of this plant to make teas or eating the leaves is responsible for a large hidden Blue Zone in China were folks have remarkably longer lives and better health than all the rest of China and the world. If these inflammatory fat deposits are left in place they are the source for heart diseases, arterial plaque generation, and dementia problems due to the high inflammation signals affecting the entire health of the body.. The deuterium loaded visceral fats are the major source for inflammatory cytokine generation that affect the entire body, and these deuterium loaded fats are the source for the very bad LDL fats that are so damaging to human health. So, it is highly important to recognize the value for the saponin's in removing and keeping visceral fats from forming, as well as knowing what the more valuable plants are that perform this effect, such as the gynostemma. Then, more basically, not to eat diets that force the high triglyceride effects that form visceral fats loaded with deuterium. Eating wisely, but there are some age old diets that boost saponin when needed to avoid rapid aging, illnesses of inflammation and so on.

  84. munnypoltric

    munnypoltricDag siden

    are head sets really necessary? Or is it a fashion statement? I'm sure I've heard great audio from people without headsets. And those things squeeze your poor little head

  85. J. Tills

    J. TillsDag siden

    Joe needs to get Brian Shaw on the podcast.

  86. Brandon Hodge

    Brandon HodgeDag siden

    Joe-here is 100k followers Josh Josh-here is Overeem vs Bader

  87. Tesla Revolution

    Tesla RevolutionDag siden

    Who’s here after seeing this guy make fun of Kobe Bryant’s death?

  88. F Igoillo

    F IgoilloDag siden

    "He didn't want the US to make a strong independent Irak" Whaaaaat.....

  89. TheSpiritCarriesOn

    TheSpiritCarriesOnDag siden

    Interesting how Joe is often quick to remind his guests about "correlation not being equal to causation", but bluntly pushes his point about soical media being the contributing factor in suicide rates among young women (around 48:00) basing it on an assumption. I don't think he does it maliciously, of course.

  90. Stoney Jackson

    Stoney JacksonDag siden

    The Car Test! Word!

  91. Chris Volnek

    Chris VolnekDag siden

    The decision to assassinate Soleimani wasn't a snap decision made that day. The multiple options had actually been discussed with the president months prior to this happening. When the different options were presented, Trump put a "tripwire" on the option to assassinate Soleimani. The tripwire was if he did anything that took American lives, then we would give the green light to take him out. The bombing of the embassy took American lives and the rest is history. Also, I like the skepticism Joe shows regarding if Trump did or did not have the authority to make the decision to strike. Mike does an excellent job explaining exactly how it was entirely within the president's authority.

  92. Nigel Wiseman

    Nigel WisemanDag siden

    Ancient Chinese literature reveals the practice of kidnapping women too (Shi Jing, I believe).

  93. Howzer The man

    Howzer The manDag siden

    Bobby Sands lasted 66 days before he died on hunger strike in the maze prison in northen Ireland. He died because the british goverment wouldnt recognise his as a political prisoner.

  94. Alex Welsh

    Alex WelshDag siden

    Trump 2020

  95. Dita Valerio

    Dita ValerioDag siden

    Suppressive people what a strange cult

  96. the brothers darke

    the brothers darkeDag siden

    fuck off guys he is on speed Sudafed is a very weak nasal medication in uk no where near as strong as speed fucking typical joe sucking liberal cock yet again


    ZAC MARSHALLDag siden

    i have a very love hate relationship in my head about Bill. I watch everything he does and never miss a show and the whole time im like ugh, i hate this guy i wish his show lasted longer lol. At the end of the day if you want a great laugh check out REAL TIME. edit: This was a great show ... laughed alot !!!

  98. Kyle Andre

    Kyle AndreDag siden

    I’ve listened to tool so much that every word out of Maynard’s mouth I hear a correlating Tool song

  99. Robert Palmer

    Robert PalmerDag siden

    Listening to Bari speak makes me want to join Hezbollah.

  100. deviantstudio

    deviantstudioDag siden

    shit. i thought cumming on a face is a common thing. looks like not. now i'm feeling awkward