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Joe Rogan Experience #1346 - Zuby
JRE MMA Show #78 with Andre Ward
JRE MMA Show #75 with Dan Hardy
JRE MMA Show #72 with Andy Ruiz
  1. Sergiu Florin

    Sergiu Florin8 sekunder siden

    So many dislikes it's ridiculous, even if you don't like the lady, why bother down vote? I couldn't listen to all of it myself, but I wouldn't bother disliking. People are strange

  2. ally2ava

    ally2ava10 sekunder siden

    Chris Kreisler and Joe Rogan GO FUCK YOURSELVES

  3. Dylan Webb2x

    Dylan Webb2x18 sekunder siden

    Shes 34? God damn bro...Them eye bags make you look 47

  4. Kerri Hooper

    Kerri Hooper23 sekunder siden

    I was surprised at the ratio, I thought this episode was great.

  5. John Monroe

    John MonroeMinutt siden

    They couldn't handle the unscripted stuff that Glenn through at them! Power trip producers! Glenn was/is one of my favorites on the show for that reason!

  6. Tom Pratz

    Tom PratzMinutt siden

    Best guest ever

  7. Giulio Galinos

    Giulio Galinos2 minutter siden

    Great interview, great insight & what a great fighter!

  8. David Piper

    David Piper2 minutter siden

    Okay ! Let's separate the obvious. It's not mixed martial arts. It's just martial arts. A tang soo do front kick is the same in every other style of martial arts. It's some what all the same, but tweaked. Master Your body ! Master Your style.

  9. Renaud Reinhold

    Renaud Reinhold2 minutter siden

    I'm 50. My great granddad was born in the 1850'tees. My Granddad in 1897. My Dad 1946. I've been told what they have seen, through time. It seems so long ago, yet not at all. Man, time is a crazy thing!

  10. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus19723 minutter siden

    Like ... like ... like ... I'm out before a minute.

  11. MrYouarethecancer

    MrYouarethecancer3 minutter siden

    First Glenn and now this guy. We need more of this and less failed comedians and celebrities.

  12. j43w0n

    j43w0n4 minutter siden


  13. Kal El

    Kal El4 minutter siden

    Graham Hancock does not approach things as Scientist either, he approaches things as a Writer and Journalist. Writers and Journalists are never objective but are very subjective nowadays.

  14. Chris Kennedy

    Chris Kennedy4 minutter siden

    Wow I've never seen a JRE with just as many dislikes as likes.

  15. Abztract Boxing And stuff

    Abztract Boxing And stuff5 minutter siden

    Yep, his brother brought excitement to the cruiserweight division.....by getting iced twice by bums

  16. theGuizzard

    theGuizzard5 minutter siden

    24:17 Joe Rogan: We've only been human for 250,000-350,000 years, whatever it is, there's gonna be something next Watched any Tool videos? Visions of the next phase of life on earth.

  17. David Piper

    David Piper6 minutter siden

    John danaher rules. Why not invent a style for the disabled.

  18. miles kinkead

    miles kinkead7 minutter siden

    Fuck me I see why Brian is necessary now, it's so slow when joe has to do the computer, maybe Brian's annoying traits are worth it

  19. Parthenon X

    Parthenon X7 minutter siden

    The movie and his points would hold more water if he was being neutral and included more neutral perspective in order to let the viewer decide what's best for them based on what's presented. But, he presented it with a passion and bias towards getting people to stop eating meat and diary. The other guy, his point is merely that a good combination diet that also includes meat is good and also a good way to go. All the research I've done has shown me that it's all about proper food combinations necessary for the individual body. One can not supplant personal body needs with generic conclusions for the populace.

  20. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Mr.SmithGNR Smith7 minutter siden

    Public school system has NOTHING to do with education...it’s the ability to regurgitate leftist propaganda well...you do that, straight As

  21. Paul McShea

    Paul McShea8 minutter siden

    Is Jones wearing a Submariner Hulk?

  22. Johnny D

    Johnny D8 minutter siden

    And for everyone that dislikes this video Joe Rogan is liberal.

  23. No Expert

    No Expert8 minutter siden

    pigmonkey >>>> www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiOmo6Bpq3mAhVS1xoKHV64C9IQjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.freakingnews.com%2FBewitched-Mutant-Pig-Pictures-133374.asp&psig=AOvVaw1Ry1oHt7o19TXWGUVIB7K4&ust=1576143415382033

  24. HardcoreMotors

    HardcoreMotors8 minutter siden

    All that writing and he stll calls them indians........

  25. nopara73

    nopara739 minutter siden

    James: "...for this, Chris will just say..." Chris: "So..." James: "Can I just finish on this point?"

  26. The Kids Nice

    The Kids Nice10 minutter siden

    Joe- “Come on bro What’s his name?” “Wayne Gibson” Joe-“ That’s ridiculous Wayne” “He’s a lovely guy, he just doesn’t want to do anything to the house” Joe- “I’m sure he is a lovely guy, get your shit together Wayne. It’s a hint part of history” 🤣😂🤣Lmao

  27. Joshua Hackworth

    Joshua Hackworth11 minutter siden

    Why is he arguing about protein in wheat bread, it has eggs in it right?

  28. Chester Buttchug

    Chester Buttchug11 minutter siden

    Thanks high school, for teaching me about Chemistry, and not about this.

  29. Chester Buttchug

    Chester Buttchug11 minutter siden

    Thanks high school, for teaching me about Chemistry, and not about this.

  30. Christopher Ryan

    Christopher Ryan11 minutter siden

    Dr. Phil is so pure

  31. NATE

    NATE12 minutter siden

    What a great interview! So fuckn interesting

  32. wire shark

    wire shark12 minutter siden

    Dies at " yet you still have time 2 dig holes in the ground " LMFGDAO

  33. Ronald McIsaac

    Ronald McIsaac12 minutter siden

    HELL OR HIGH WATER (2016 film) Tanner grabs his chip trays and rises. The BIG MAN puts his sunglasses back on. BIG MAN Know what Comanche means? It means ‘enemies forever’. TANNER Enemies with who? BIG MAN Everyone. Tanner takes that in. TANNER Know what that makes me? BIG MAN An enemy. TANNER No. Tanner leans across the table, inches from the BIG MAN’s face. Whispers like he’s telling him a secret. TANNER (CONT’D) It makes me a Comanche. Tanner looks into the mirrored shades, his own reflection staring back. He rises and walks away.

  34. Tom Fluxus

    Tom Fluxus13 minutter siden

    She's surprisingly chill. I don't really like her cable TV material but she's funny and interesting here so I guess it's mostly TV and not her as a person. Never judge people solely on how they act at work

  35. turbo thot

    turbo thot13 minutter siden

    bring him back on or else™️

  36. Jack of Blades

    Jack of Blades13 minutter siden

    People who behave like James is the reason why people think vegans are crazy

  37. Mr.Bovine Joni

    Mr.Bovine Joni13 minutter siden

    Sorry but these two are full of shit

  38. Ian Ford

    Ian Ford13 minutter siden

    4:31 _"We never fought a 40 year war against anyone."_ Actually there is this 48 year old (and counting) *"War on Blacks",* masquerading as the *"War on Drugs."*

  39. Serash Cambell

    Serash Cambell14 minutter siden

    ANNNNNDDDD...the podcast take a crappy turn to the conspiracy theory arguments.

  40. David Krazi

    David Krazi14 minutter siden

    tight as a fishes arsehole

  41. NeXxHype

    NeXxHype16 minutter siden

    Why not get Lars on the show to explain himself?

  42. LightningStrikes66

    LightningStrikes6617 minutter siden

    James: Can I just Finish... Can I just Finish...??? ... Never Finishes!!!

  43. Ilkka Nousiainen

    Ilkka Nousiainen18 minutter siden

    James was wiping the floor with Chris, and Joe was watching quietly from the side.

  44. J Mc

    J Mc18 minutter siden

    Europeans really were capable of innovating anywhere.

  45. zombiexsix

    zombiexsix18 minutter siden

    Wow, the moment those came out it was like 80% dislike, now that people have had time to actally watch it its above 50% again... NPC army out in force!

  46. koumisone

    koumisone19 minutter siden

    Chris gets thrown around 😂

  47. Jake Carson

    Jake Carson19 minutter siden

    James is only attacking character and making Chris apologize, but the points Chris made we about the way James said it in the movie. James cannot make a point because he talks in circles, lost circles. I give him credit for taking the Trump supplements though. ‘Wwwoooooo!! Nature Boy Voice and vigor.

  48. Breeze

    Breeze19 minutter siden

    I've been looking for Ms Pat content but I haven't found it yet.

  49. Jeremy McNally

    Jeremy McNally20 minutter siden


  50. Tim Franco

    Tim Franco20 minutter siden

    Hunts down 9 ft bear and doesn't think nothing of it... Now THAT is bad ass! ... and the bear attack story and how she dealt with it... damn! She's one tough lady!

  51. CC

    CC20 minutter siden

    Great podcast. Props to Joe for kidnapping this dude.

  52. TZ 77

    TZ 7721 minutt siden

    Joe “cutting the eyelids off of people seems magical, and like, totally romantic” Rogan.

  53. rvvel ravel

    rvvel ravel21 minutt siden

    What the fuck is an opiATE

  54. Damage Included

    Damage Included22 minutter siden

    Joe Rogan is my spiritual animal. This is so funny!!!

  55. Rene Robyn

    Rene Robyn23 minutter siden

    Toy makers should stop making Teddy Bears. I grew up thinking Teddy Bears were adorable animals.

  56. A H

    A H24 minutter siden

    0:50 secs Who was Mimi? Not sure about spelling.

  57. hassen younsi

    hassen younsi24 minutter siden

    Vsauce jre time another question mark?


    SERGIO ESTRELLA25 minutter siden

    why doesn't Joe Rogan talk about the Nova he's getting billed????

  59. TZ 77

    TZ 7725 minutter siden

    Joe’s getting craftier at pretending that he’s read his interviewee’s book. Soon he will no longer have to awkwardly confess that he’s only on page 2 of the audiobook.

  60. Joshua Hackworth

    Joshua Hackworth25 minutter siden

    How many studies have (Forrest plots?) He acts like Chris knows nothing. Would rather have a beer with Chris, and James is a dick that won't let him talk most of the time. That is all.

  61. stylz1

    stylz125 minutter siden

    The most profound class I took in my AAS degree was an early U.S. History class. Covered in depth all all the brutality of American colonialism. It was also one of the hardest classes I took too. 500 word or more essay every week but boy did I learn a lot. I can only assume Gwynne covers the same material. (comment at start of podcast)

  62. Scott Schofield

    Scott Schofield25 minutter siden

    GOOD SERVICE ON UK TRAINS!!!!????? Clearly she hasn't used a train in the South East.

  63. Vili-Petteri Maunu

    Vili-Petteri Maunu26 minutter siden

    Wtf are people whining about? This was a perfectly good episode.

  64. Spirit Breath

    Spirit Breath27 minutter siden

    Meat is bad for the body. China Study. done. next

  65. Max TheAxe

    Max TheAxe27 minutter siden

    Great book I

  66. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh27 minutter siden

    kids full o shezit

  67. Oscar Bonilla

    Oscar Bonilla29 minutter siden

    The dislike/like ratio was misleading I'm pleased to report to you, oh comment readers :> This was pretty entertaining all and all!

  68. LightningStrikes66

    LightningStrikes6629 minutter siden

    Holy F%#k wish “James” would stop talking over other guy, makes him seem like he is afraid of his responses...

  69. The Kids Nice

    The Kids Nice30 minutter siden

    They need to make a movie about this shit

  70. REAL SiNiST-R

    REAL SiNiST-R30 minutter siden

    Most vegan sounding non vegan🤣 💯

  71. Sfg116

    Sfg11630 minutter siden

    33 days clean off smoking.... fentanyl

  72. RaoftheSun

    RaoftheSun31 minutt siden

    People disliking are obviously people who can’t take a joke, they’re comedians lol.

  73. Dennis Gongpoor

    Dennis Gongpoor31 minutt siden

    Dairy will not give you cancer, but James' way of arguing sure will.

  74. Refael Greenblatt

    Refael Greenblatt31 minutt siden

    His insights dovetail beautifully with those of Jordan Peterson! Would love to see and hear them together in conversation. Like so Joe can make it happen 🙌🏻

  75. Joe Stanley

    Joe Stanley34 minutter siden

    Funny all the passive aggressive Rogan haters who “write in quotes because they’re unoriginal cunts” need to do yourselves a favor and get a fkn life.

  76. Dubby Dub

    Dubby Dub34 minutter siden

    "I actually made a backpack out of its ribcage to carry it home." (Caribou) Like you do.

  77. Topazmoon

    Topazmoon34 minutter siden

    At the end of the day Chris Kyle will fall as the American Hero. Bad mouth him as much as you wish and side with this lunatic. But at the end of the day, who is remembered? Who has movies made of them? who has records?

  78. Jack Hermes

    Jack Hermes34 minutter siden

    Dude looks 60 but sounds 30

  79. Rico Wingfield

    Rico Wingfield35 minutter siden

    Amazing discussion, please feed me more...

  80. ivan riobla

    ivan riobla36 minutter siden

    10:01 The indians in Mexico and the indians in North America ? That brings a lot of doubt you have some bs knowledge of real North America Natives.

  81. Twisty Sisters Contortion

    Twisty Sisters Contortion38 minutter siden

    Native Americans are descendent of the Mongolians, who were masters of that type of archery in the 1200's. I think that was a skill was passed down through their nomadic culture before the two groups split. :o)

  82. David Dimachki

    David Dimachki38 minutter siden

    I’m Muslim and we need more people like this. The FACE VEIL IS NOT IN OUR RELIGION ITS OIT OF CULTURE. Btw his shirt is very nice

  83. Joshua Hackworth

    Joshua Hackworth38 minutter siden

    As soon as they want to look at other studies about any issue, James changes the subject. James constantly belittles Chris. James is a dick. That is all.

  84. alp

    alp38 minutter siden

    1:00:00 The problem with Protein and shakes is *kidney damage* Kresser is correct on BioAvailability man. I was vegetarian for 16 years. Soon as I started eating meat my muscles, joints, and nerves felt better. Before that I was getting injuries left and right.

  85. Ken Mcaree

    Ken Mcaree40 minutter siden

    This guy talks like a high school student that just learned the F word at 50. Ben practices talking fast in the mirror so everybody will think he is smart

  86. dreadrath

    dreadrath40 minutter siden

    Joe promotes a book he's reading. Author comes on the show after book sales spike. I'm detecting an interesting formula in the making.

  87. Fahad Al-Yahya

    Fahad Al-Yahya41 minutt siden

    Funny how James starts to bitch endlessly everytime Chris presents a valid point.

  88. Callsign_Guru

    Callsign_Guru42 minutter siden

    Welcome to Texas ,bitches. ;)

  89. Raury B

    Raury B42 minutter siden

    46:20 It’s cool to see emotions like these, shows that Joe really is invested in the guests he brings on/what those guests are all about

  90. pierce sherry

    pierce sherry42 minutter siden

    Joe got shut down few times with his usual 3000lb ducks and over the top weights ha

  91. Rusty

    Rusty43 minutter siden

    Made it to 40:40 before Joe brought up psychedelics.

  92. cheree jay

    cheree jay44 minutter siden

    I can bring my temperature up to 100°F plus whenever I want at will. It's uncomfortable and I sweat alot after but I CAN.

  93. Kyle Mayer

    Kyle Mayer44 minutter siden

    As much as Mr. Rogan talks about this book, this guy doesn't realize how much it's about to blow up again. He can write whatever book he wants. BRING HIM BACK WHEN HE DOES JOE, great podcast!!!

  94. Christian Stanley

    Christian Stanley44 minutter siden

    "I'm rooting for them in a weird way". Yeah rooting for a uncivilized tribe that would have killed him at first sight no questions asked. Classic Joe!

  95. killtime351

    killtime35144 minutter siden

    Glenn Villeneuve, If you make a youtube survival/adventure channel WE WILL WATCH!!!! I PROMISE!!

  96. Sage Bias

    Sage Bias45 minutter siden

    10k dislikes from people who think this is Rachael Dolezaw.

  97. Serg Trejo

    Serg Trejo45 minutter siden


  98. Devin Dufrene

    Devin Dufrene46 minutter siden

    Damn this doesn’t even compare to his interview with Rich Roll. If you want to see someone who is properly intellectual and has a great conversation/debate with Rogan check his out.

  99. Beard is love Beard is life

    Beard is love Beard is life47 minutter siden

    And people are shocked why a kid would want to shoot their school up. You can only push someone so far before they hurt themselves or others.

  100. Ryan Sid

    Ryan Sid47 minutter siden

    Less comics...more intelligent folk like this fella please! (Nothing against comics but these are the convos more JRE fans wait for)