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Responding To My Coming Out.
I'm Coming Out.

I'm Coming Out.

2 måneder siden

We need to talk about...

We need to talk about...

5 måneder siden

  1. Eddie F

    Eddie FDag siden

    I completely understand this rut. I am also a massive fan on challenges for this reason. That little tickle talk you did was adorable.

  2. jasmin VOLCAN

    jasmin VOLCANDag siden

    Word of the day woonkamer I could go to the woonkamer but I am a nurse

  3. Dana 8

    Dana 8Dag siden

    Pull it out queen👸🏼

  4. Emily Claypoole

    Emily ClaypooleDag siden

    Feeling all the vibes of this vid as I watch in my woonkammer!!!

  5. jasmin VOLCAN

    jasmin VOLCANDag siden


  6. Blanca Rodriguez

    Blanca RodriguezDag siden

    My woonkamer is full of little children and i can’t even anymore 😭😭😭😭 @blanskieskies on IG

  7. OutOfTheBox

    OutOfTheBoxDag siden

    Dutch word of the day, Woonkamer. My woonkamer is now my second Bedroom🛌

  8. Ana Beatriz

    Ana BeatrizDag siden

    “Dutch word of the day: woonkamer I used to love being on the woonkamer, know i wish I was at work, save me !!!

  9. Alexis Martin

    Alexis MartinDag siden

    Dutch word of the day; “Kamer” IG: @Akmartin_

  10. Gregorio Gonzalez

    Gregorio GonzalezDag siden

    I’ve been getting ready to sit in Woonkamer!! Love experimenting with makeup, now I have all the time in the world!!

  11. Pats Beauty Blog

    Pats Beauty BlogDag siden


  12. xrollingmemoriesx

    xrollingmemoriesxDag siden

    "Dutch word of the day : Woonkamer" Getting ready just to stay in and watch Netflix has gotten a whooole new meaning now

  13. Anna Luīze Bulvāne

    Anna Luīze BulvāneDag siden

    My biggest and only trip is from woonkamer to kitchen and back 😥 On IG @bulvane_anna

  14. Ralitsa Tsekova

    Ralitsa TsekovaDag siden

    MamaTutorials will be ok very soon! 🤗 I live in Italy, locked for a month now, between my woonkamer, and the other kamers, with my father out risking his life on a daily bases. But everything will be fine soon❣️ IG: @_raly__

  15. reizza

    reizzaDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: woonkamer Do you usually game in your woonkamer or your bedroom?

  16. T a

    T aDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer” Out of bordem my i turned my Woonkamer into a fort - 23 years old and feeling like im 5

  17. Erica Ramirez

    Erica RamirezDag siden

    “Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer” Most of my day I spend it eating , sleeping, watching Netflix and all that takes place in the Woonkamer (my favorite place). IG:Erica2243

  18. ghena alkhuzaei

    ghena alkhuzaeiDag siden

    When Nikkie said throw it back my brain immediately went to TikTok

  19. Conner Odel

    Conner OdelDag siden

    Nikki looked extra beautiful in this video

  20. Allyah Ayar

    Allyah AyarDag siden

    Dutch word of the day !!!! Woonkamer (living room) , love you Nikkie 😍😍😍

  21. Mita Montanez

    Mita MontanezDag siden

    I’m sick of being in the “woonkamer” 😑 I have to try and recreate this look, fierce as always❤️❤️❤️

  22. Anonym xD

    Anonym xDDag siden

    Im SO amazed by how simmular German (im a German potato) and dutch are. And I know that ist because Dutch and German were the Same language once but they just drivted apart. I spend multiple weeks in my Holidays on Vacation in Holland since I can think. (German Talkwise hehe) and because I spent so much time there I can almost completly unterstand it. :) I Love the netherlands/Holland or in German die Niederlande/Holland :)

  23. Charlotte Crouch

    Charlotte CrouchDag siden

    Dutch word of the day "woonkamer" Putting a full face of makeup on to sit in the woonkamer. Just to shop for more makeup 😂❤️

  24. Stephen Cole

    Stephen ColeDag siden

    Can we have some M to F make up tutorials please Nikki, for your trans, nonbinary and genderfluid viewers? (like me) Thank you!

  25. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    Catherine Montalbano-HarrisDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: Kamer

  26. Lea Ann Cassidy

    Lea Ann CassidyDag siden

    So happy to hear your mom is getting better. This is the scariest thing I've ever been through thank u Nikki for helping me get through this

  27. Monique Swanepoel

    Monique SwanepoelDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: woonkamer. Love love love your videos!

  28. Masa Georgiev

    Masa GeorgievDag siden

    You can create some Arabic look, will be interesting. 😍 I answered btw before a couple days (dutch word of the day): Dutch word of the day: woonkamer. My life in quarantine: I moved the fridge to the woonkamer. ❤️🌺🥰

  29. Evagnavv

    EvagnavvDag siden


  30. Zeke Payne

    Zeke PayneDag siden

    the amount of time i spend on the woomkamer couch is excessive. ig: untolding ❤️💖

  31. Anna Pallejà

    Anna PallejàDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: woonkamer The Sunday 5th is my bday, I’m not sure if I’ll celebrate it in the woonkamer or in my bedroom

  32. Shaddae Jackson

    Shaddae JacksonDag siden

    I could not tell I love you even more

  33. AlmasAli18

    AlmasAli18Dag siden

    “Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer” Covid-19 got us like let's get lit up in the woonkamer. hhahaha insta: almas.ali.x

  34. Brandon

    BrandonDag siden

    I’m out here watching Game of Thrones in the Woonkamer 24/7 during this Quarantine

  35. Stella Kydd

    Stella KyddDag siden

    Hugs to your mom. Health and healing. And let me say the Dutch word of the day: "Woonkamer"

  36. Katey R.

    Katey R.Dag siden

    I'm bi but my stepdad does not accept anyone who isn't straight. I'm scared to come out. What do I do?

  37. Coconut juice

    Coconut juiceDag siden


  38. Mohima Akhtar

    Mohima AkhtarDag siden


  39. Andi Workman

    Andi WorkmanDag siden

    I watched the new movie Onward in the woonkamer!

  40. Briana Mendes

    Briana MendesDag siden

    YESS DO HIS Makeup!!

  41. Alo Ortega

    Alo OrtegaDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: woonkamer Learning new tiktok dances in my woonkamer 😅

  42. Inaaa

    InaaaDag siden

    Dutch word of the day woonkamer "got an excuse for pretending im a competitor in eurovision in my woonkamer." @inacelis

  43. Anthea

    AntheaDag siden

    i am in my Woonkamer ! hahah love you Nii! Stay safe!

  44. sassmarie13

    sassmarie13Dag siden

    "woonkamer" me walking around the woonkamer with my blanket as a gala dress. XD love this loook <3

  45. Queen Bee

    Queen BeeDag siden

    Woonkamer 👑 LOVE YOU QUEEN

  46. Christy Rodriguez

    Christy RodriguezDag siden

    "Duch Word of the day: Woonkamer". Lets go to the Woonkamer and celebraid my 17 birthday.❤ Ig: daisymariell

  47. monica jeanne driscoll

    monica jeanne driscollDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: Woomkamer Literally watching Nikkie for makeup inspiration just to walk downstairs and sit in the woomkamer

  48. Ariella B

    Ariella BDag siden

    “Dutch word of the day: woonkamer” My “woonkamer” has become my “kantoor” right now 😆 hope your mom is feeling 💯 percent soon!

  49. Sir. Jean Horsey Face

    Sir. Jean Horsey FaceDag siden

    Woonkamer. honey, my woonkamer isn't just bein used, it's bein abused. Luckily my dogs LOOOOOOOve the woonkamer. Love ya, I'll shut up now.

  50. Bas Doud

    Bas DoudDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer You're great for doing this.. Honestly Instagram: haileypop Thank you ❤

  51. music love

    music loveDag siden

    Haha woonkamer💕

  52. Maura Doyle

    Maura DoyleDag siden

    Woonkamer @amaurable_ ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  53. Samreen Shoaib

    Samreen ShoaibDag siden

    It's funny because the Dutch word, 'kamer' is , 'kamra', in my native language Urdu, the national language of Pakistan!

  54. Zuzana Jungerová

    Zuzana JungerováDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: "woonkamer" Woonkamer, woonkamer why you this nice? How can I ever leave you, that is the ultimate price! I

  55. Brooklyn

    BrooklynDag siden

    Dutch word of the day : woonkamer I'm sitting in the woonkamer watching youtube videos. Instagram :brooklyn.906

  56. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    Catherine Montalbano-HarrisDag siden

    Am well and quarantined atm. I need some distraction so keep these coming doll. Love you

  57. Mitali Awasthi

    Mitali AwasthiDag siden

    Dutch word of the day “room - kamer” You are my inspiration and i’ve been watching you since 3 years now and i’ve learnt doing makeup through your videos. I love you♥️ you are like a teacher to me and my makeup guru! I am waiting for the day i visit netherlands and meet you or you come to india and i can just see you and touch you😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  58. Skyler Leeder

    Skyler LeederDag siden

    after a long day, of doing nothing, i like to have a glass of wine and sit in my woonkamer! love you nikkie!!❤️🥰

  59. mins 021

    mins 021Dag siden

    DWOTD: woonkamer..... Dutch language is really something special 🧐

  60. Madelon Hucks

    Madelon HucksDag siden

    Doing my makeup to go to the woonkamer so my entire family will remember that I still live here

  61. Cartoons by Olga and Ana

    Cartoons by Olga and AnaDag siden

    ,,Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer'' my mom caught me eating snacks at midnight in our woonkamer while watching a movie also my instagram name is olga_filipovic05 ly nikkie ur my inspiration

  62. Ewka Konewka

    Ewka KonewkaDag siden

    "Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer" I wish my lazy ass want to get make up done only to go to the woonkamer. 😂

  63. Kate Marchak

    Kate MarchakDag siden

    Woonkamer 📺 🛋 ❤️

  64. Tallyshia X

    Tallyshia XDag siden

    Today it was my 18th birthday and i ended up spending it in the woonkamer 🥳. Tjgx_

  65. Racquel Evans

    Racquel EvansDag siden

    The Dutch Word of the Day is WOONKAMER!! Hope all is well! A big Hello from Cleveland, Ohio!!! Everyone asking me, “Who are you dressing up for?” I reply “My Netflix and Woonkamer!!”

  66. Haelyma Manson ALi

    Haelyma Manson ALiDag siden

    من الهبد 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Luiza Eloy

    Luiza EloyDag siden

    The amount of investment in this Kamer is crazy!! Congrats gurlll u deserve this Kamer Get ur Kamer gurl ❤️

  68. Layla Caylani

    Layla CaylaniDag siden

    Woonkamer @laylacaylani ✨✨✨❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎

  69. Ashley Rossini

    Ashley RossiniDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer My dog is so desperate to get out of our apartment that she is running laps around the Woonkamer

  70. Aurelie Grenier

    Aurelie GrenierDag siden

    yourte so good at makeup this is so beautiful

  71. John Wick

    John WickDag siden

    Go after nikacado

  72. Manju Hansdah

    Manju HansdahDag siden

    Today's Dutch word is Woonkamer. Introverts: Lockdown or not. Woonkamer is a way to go!!

  73. Rosalie Grignon

    Rosalie GrignonDag siden

    dutch word of the day: woonkamer i’m so exhausted, i can’t even get up to go to the woonkamer 😂 ig: chillleuse

  74. Diana Vera

    Diana VeraDag siden


  75. Kaylie Hutson

    Kaylie HutsonDag siden

    The Dutch word of the day - “ woodkamer” My woodkamer is now my bedroom and my kitchen all in one because of quarantine.

  76. Tara Hollingsworth

    Tara HollingsworthDag siden

    Dutch word of the day is woonkamer .love ya Nikkie xxx

  77. Anna Stern

    Anna SternDag siden

    I love my kamer. 🥰

  78. Samantha Gubbels

    Samantha GubbelsDag siden

    Dutch word of the day: I love eat chips on the woonkamer! ❤️ love you Nikkie❤️ Instagram: samanthagubbels

  79. Maria Loran

    Maria LoranDag siden


  80. Zoe Herr

    Zoe HerrDag siden

    Dutch word of the day "Woonkamer" This quarantine has me stuck in the woonkamer watching all the nikki tutorials. 🤩 IG: blackvelvetfae

  81. Mattheeewz

    MattheeewzDag siden

    "Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer" I'm getting ready to perform a lipsync extravaganza for my family in the woonkamer since all the clubs are closed. Instagram: @matthew.vl

  82. Astrid VD

    Astrid VDDag siden

    Dutch word off the day: kamer.

  83. cassidy mcquatters

    cassidy mcquattersDag siden

    Been sitting in the woonkamer all day 😭

  84. Sonia Ham

    Sonia HamDag siden

    I think this is the style I like the most from them all.

  85. Anna Ibbotson

    Anna IbbotsonDag siden

    Your make up kamer is fabulous just like you and Dylan what a beautiful safe space for your creativity xxxx❤️❤️❤️

  86. Jorge Chavez

    Jorge ChavezDag siden

    woonkamer is now the main room in my house, get that netflix onnnnnnnnnnnn

  87. Barnali Ray

    Barnali RayDag siden

    It is 6.2 gm

  88. Amanda Hough

    Amanda HoughDag siden

    Dutch word of the day is Woonkamer! Living room - where we're all spending most of our time lol IG:@ahough9581