Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!

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Funniest KID TEST Answers !
Funniest KID TEST Answers !
Cute Food Doodles Compilation !
  1. Padmaja K

    Padmaja K4 timer siden

    Hey, azzy you are amazing

  2. Madi Jelinek

    Madi Jelinek4 timer siden

    Omg the door lock that failed was made in Austin Texas, we went there for christmas and went to the same hotel, the bathroom doors kept locking by themswlves but also didnt lock sometimes and ya

  3. Whiskey Barrel Customs

    Whiskey Barrel Customs4 timer siden

    You lost azzy no bonus hearts

  4. Just be Happy

    Just be Happy4 timer siden

    Hi Azzy good video 😊

  5. Sirya Najmadin

    Sirya Najmadin4 timer siden

    i dont text my teacher but my parents do as usually :P but idk when i'll be like 14 or 16 i text the teachers? o-o

  6. Mark Kiguta

    Mark Kiguta4 timer siden

    I thought she was kid friendly and nice

  7. Jade Allan

    Jade Allan4 timer siden

    Azzy: you think the phone is still in there cuz he can’t get it out? *The video having been posted* Video: WhO kNoWs?! O.o

  8. Gory Ehab

    Gory Ehab4 timer siden

    azzy what's your favorite baby cute pets?

  9. Little Stitch

    Little Stitch4 timer siden

    Azzy:Is ThAt YoUr ReAl NoSe Me:dying of laughter 😂

  10. Gacha Kings

    Gacha Kings4 timer siden


  11. Serena Okemow

    Serena Okemow4 timer siden

    By the way her name is but face Me: lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Azzy: “starts”laughing

  12. kylie reaves

    kylie reaves4 timer siden

    my dad hired a man in Bahamas so he could write in the sand "will you marry Q" so he could propose I saw the picture

  13. Tvisha Tripathi

    Tvisha Tripathi4 timer siden

    Your voice is so cute(I’m a girl)

  14. Jordan Blacksmith

    Jordan Blacksmith4 timer siden

    Dear Azzy, I searched up: is the earth flat. (I believe in round earth) And it said: No, Earth is roughly a sphere. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo: The internet is a believer :)

  15. Emily Mansbridge

    Emily Mansbridge4 timer siden

    In the UK, almost every one of our power outlets have on and off buttons

  16. Jaqui McMillan

    Jaqui McMillan4 timer siden

    Look at his pants

  17. TitanTy 10

    TitanTy 104 timer siden

    Titan ty10

  18. M Rivera Santiago

    M Rivera Santiago4 timer siden

    Azul has coronavirus 7:00

  19. Jake Reeder

    Jake Reeder4 timer siden

    How old are you

  20. Ian Aloy

    Ian Aloy4 timer siden

    Its 783

  21. Ninja Robot

    Ninja Robot4 timer siden

    3:41 Jordi walking across the hall way like if u see it

  22. Miguel Mayo

    Miguel Mayo4 timer siden


  23. TitanTy 10

    TitanTy 104 timer siden

    Can you do a youtube video with me on my chanel

  24. • A u t u m n •

    • A u t u m n •4 timer siden

    Uhhmm the most embarassing thing that happened to me was when i farted on school and i blamed someone for it hahaha lol

  25. Bismarck Gacha

    Bismarck Gacha4 timer siden

    Carbon Monoxide

  26. Anika

    Anika4 timer siden

    8:05 actually our arms ARE the length of our whole body. Edit: love your vids Azzy! I wish i could visit your land.... i live FAAAR away...

  27. Avery gacha life girl

    Avery gacha life girl4 timer siden

    When kassie said its 4 am my clock turned 4 am omg don't ask why I'm up so late btw I love azzy and kassie so much

  28. Lola Fitzpatrick

    Lola Fitzpatrick4 timer siden

    Azzyland: don’t watch this video Me: 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 time to watch Azzy embarrassing her self with out her even knowing!! Also me: dammmmmmmmm it it’s a Q&A! 😡😡😡

  29. Nurhasyimah Hisamud-din

    Nurhasyimah Hisamud-din4 timer siden

    idk if they sell that AWESOME PHONE CASE in my country

  30. Galaxy Gamer Girl

    Galaxy Gamer Girl4 timer siden

    Is that why you blurred it

  31. Galaxy Gamer Girl

    Galaxy Gamer Girl4 timer siden

    Where there private parts on the dress

  32. Ella GREEN

    Ella GREEN4 timer siden

    Good ram good ram

  33. {Fuzzy's Animation}

    {Fuzzy's Animation}4 timer siden

    Maybye because if people went out and smoked, when they get home, they can put the ciggarete ( sorry I don't know how to spell it ... :/ ) in the ash tray?

  34. Adil Naeem

    Adil Naeem4 timer siden

    Nice drama

  35. Bian syabian

    Bian syabian4 timer siden

    I have a quiz emoji Song 💃+🙉=??

  36. Abby Nash

    Abby Nash4 timer siden

    he might have done the pics and put them on Instagram or Facebook but the pics never came up on her page

  37. XxChickenNuggetGirlxX

    XxChickenNuggetGirlxX4 timer siden

    She was drawing the bite on her arm and it appeared on her neck

  38. Priscilla Jarvis

    Priscilla Jarvis4 timer siden

    You are making a Fox 😍💕💕🥀🥀 Love you

  39. Emily Andrew

    Emily Andrew4 timer siden

    what the flip did i just watch

  40. Matilda Hannigan

    Matilda Hannigan4 timer siden


  41. Princess Naomi Libar

    Princess Naomi Libar4 timer siden

    How baby azzy text her crush if she's using her phone to talk to baby Kassie Nevermind

  42. Xx_GachaGamer_xX :D

    Xx_GachaGamer_xX :D4 timer siden

    What’s wrong these people don’t be mean

  43. All is forgiven with foodz -3-

    All is forgiven with foodz -3-4 timer siden

    Azzy trying to not say bad words but says bad words and think there not bad words🤣

  44. Sofia's World

    Sofia's World4 timer siden


  45. Gamez4life9832

    Gamez4life98324 timer siden

    Daisy that is so me too

  46. Xx_GachaGamer_xX :D

    Xx_GachaGamer_xX :D4 timer siden


  47. Ariane Soekianto

    Ariane Soekianto4 timer siden

    is that kwebelkop

  48. dunsered

    dunsered4 timer siden

    I hate this Corona 😩

  49. ASMR blossom

    ASMR blossom4 timer siden

    I was watching this then the memory came back my hamster died :( 😞

  50. Whiskey Barrel Customs

    Whiskey Barrel Customs4 timer siden

    I said the w word 0 times

  51. Jemm Woods

    Jemm Woods4 timer siden

    Azzy gets over exited about a coin..... Five minutes later Azzy screams *dies* 1 second later I’m the murderer guys we need to stay quite (Sorry if I didn’t spell everything right I’m stuck in isolation

  52. Whiskey Barrel Customs

    Whiskey Barrel Customs4 timer siden


  53. Anas A

    Anas A4 timer siden


  54. Anas A

    Anas A4 timer siden

    None of that made men cry

  55. Echo Kvammen

    Echo Kvammen4 timer siden

    I think it's a fox

  56. Whiskey Barrel Customs

    Whiskey Barrel Customs4 timer siden

    You died already

  57. Jazztine faith Bautista

    Jazztine faith Bautista4 timer siden

    hey azzy i can see your boyfriend at the back

  58. Besties and gaming

    Besties and gaming4 timer siden

    I love “Cold shoulder” shirts

  59. Fania Xalouli

    Fania Xalouli4 timer siden

    C👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 O👨‍👩‍👦 V👫 I👩 D👦 1🤒😷🤧 9💀☠️

  60. Stephen Foulkes

    Stephen Foulkes4 timer siden

    I’m really good at building even though I’m a kid I can do it

  61. zoa bucholz

    zoa bucholz4 timer siden

    I like mustard like drinking it...

  62. Mitos Perandos

    Mitos Perandos4 timer siden

    Cute Dog 😖😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

  63. Kaylie Alkire

    Kaylie Alkire4 timer siden


  64. Mollie Cadwallader

    Mollie Cadwallader4 timer siden

    I have gone a year without my phone

  65. Stephen Foulkes

    Stephen Foulkes4 timer siden

    Do you love Geordie

  66. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez4 timer siden

    Brian is my brother so I love him so much

  67. Daria Hachem

    Daria Hachem4 timer siden

    Askazzy do u know how to make spaghetti

  68. Amalin Najaa

    Amalin Najaa4 timer siden

    Ewww why do you have an actual brain

  69. Whiskey Barrel Customs

    Whiskey Barrel Customs4 timer siden

    You have one hart left

  70. Emmeli Blåka

    Emmeli Blåka4 timer siden

    Me to

  71. iidarkseen _

    iidarkseen _4 timer siden


  72. Aaliyah Barbo

    Aaliyah Barbo4 timer siden

    6:47 when roblox airplane story becomes true lol

  73. Lisa Sobers

    Lisa Sobers4 timer siden

    The Mom is so mean omg 😥☺

  74. MARIAM Mahmud

    MARIAM Mahmud4 timer siden

    Id didn't say wow ONCE

  75. mariden cortado

    mariden cortado4 timer siden

    Sexy azzyland

  76. Brookes World

    Brookes World4 timer siden


  77. mariden cortado

    mariden cortado4 timer siden

    Sexy azzyland

  78. _Mystique

    _Mystique4 timer siden

    Azzy is it true that u broke up with kwebbelkop?

  79. jessica dods

    jessica dods4 timer siden

    I can do most of these apart from 2

  80. Exterminator 2.0

    Exterminator 2.04 timer siden

    Who was that person at 5:41 in the background.

  81. Marcella Volpone

    Marcella Volpone4 timer siden


  82. mariden cortado

    mariden cortado4 timer siden

    Sexy azzyland

  83. Daria Hachem

    Daria Hachem4 timer siden

    Me lol

  84. Kate Williams

    Kate Williams4 timer siden


  85. _ITZ•ANGEL_

    _ITZ•ANGEL_4 timer siden

    I’ve learned that Azzy speaks azzy language, most of azzy language has delicious in almost all words. 🍪🎂🍢🍧🌰🍩🍥🥠☕️🍮🍯🍭🍬🍧🍫🧁🍨🍦🍡🥧 DELICIOUS~~~

  86. Nightmare's Realm

    Nightmare's Realm4 timer siden

    Personal Trainer: *want me to show you a few tips* Me: *WhAt TyPe Of KnIfE wE tAlKiN*

  87. ellie robbin corpus

    ellie robbin corpus4 timer siden


  88. Sabrina Ciliberti

    Sabrina Ciliberti4 timer siden

    Everything scary 😱 omfg

  89. LABADORE Peeps

    LABADORE Peeps4 timer siden

    would you rather: have a computer that cant move but never needs to charge or:have a computer that can move and needs to charge like for the 1st coment for the 2

  90. MichaeLemon

    MichaeLemon4 timer siden

    Thomas Edison didn't create the lightbulb.

  91. lonleygamer kevin

    lonleygamer kevin4 timer siden

    I hate big nem he cant rap his raps are trash

  92. Play time with gian

    Play time with gian4 timer siden

    🐣🐥🐤🌈happy Easter stay safe wash your hands

  93. Aysha Abdalla

    Aysha Abdalla4 timer siden

    I'm allergic to water 😭 IT SUCKS!

  94. John Artchie RIVERA

    John Artchie RIVERA4 timer siden

    karamia be like!

  95. lonleygamer kevin

    lonleygamer kevin4 timer siden

    I ahte big nem he cant rap his raps are trash

  96. Macey Campbell-Crook

    Macey Campbell-Crook4 timer siden

    I can do the three 🍃 clover

  97. Play time with gian

    Play time with gian4 timer siden

    Hello pusycat

  98. stavbcfc

    stavbcfc4 timer siden

    memery. but i know he will be ok

  99. Lara Brianna Cabiles

    Lara Brianna Cabiles4 timer siden

    Love you aZZY