UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out

We're in the update corner talkin' about Paul. Or should I say... TROY.
I don't know. I honestly don't know anymore.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NO-gos, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  1. Amber J.

    Amber J.10 minutter siden

    Slim Jimmer is an acrobat

  2. h e l l o d a r l i n g

    h e l l o d a r l i n g18 minutter siden

    It makes so much senses now. I have I not realized sooner! *Troy Becker has been working for the Russians.*

  3. Elijah z1mmer

    Elijah z1mmer25 minutter siden

    G E R G

  4. Awesome Gamer

    Awesome Gamer26 minutter siden

    Just subscribed and turned notifications on! Part of the Greg army also join my discord server discord.gg/QvENyxB

  5. Goldfishes are Underrated

    Goldfishes are Underrated38 minutter siden

    So, if we was 16, then he started tik tok when he was *11*


    HEMP WAYLAN44 minutter siden

    Do you have the corona

  7. JazzyMan

    JazzyMan49 minutter siden

    i want to see "Troy's" birth certificate.

  8. UnteachableLemon4K

    UnteachableLemon4K49 minutter siden

    here is another rumer about troy/paul he is actrually (i dont know how the hell ur supposed 2 spell it) a grl and she never eats shes homeless she drew cardboard for her set give her money and ittl make her happy SPOILER ALERT ITS A SCAM GAME......troy is a girl charactor in scam simulator (thats what its called ok weteher u like it or not)

  9. Francesca Frias Inoa

    Francesca Frias Inoa54 minutter siden


  10. Sazia Afrin

    Sazia AfrinTime siden

    "i learned really quickly that perfect does not exist"paul-troy becker. Me:so took you 4 years to do that?

  11. Needs More Protein

    Needs More ProteinTime siden

    For the next update corner the thumbnail should just be you with your elbows on the table holding your face in your hands.

  12. dani

    daniTime siden

    danny edge his old best friend from exclamation point posted a video as well. he’s still paul it’s obvious and danny explained too

  13. Nathaniel Lopez

    Nathaniel LopezTime siden

    Dude, you have to watch this video. It's so fake it's not funny. m.no-gos.info/video/xrNlgK7S3KOf2GQ.html

  14. Overexcited_ Chiken

    Overexcited_ ChikenTime siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="738">12:18</a> He threatened the pilot to help with the tictoc.

  15. Shenequah Dowdy

    Shenequah DowdyTime siden


  16. Elijah Taylor

    Elijah TaylorTime siden

    Turned on all notifications and subscribed you make legendary content

  17. Mvckingjay

    Mvckingjay2 timer siden


  18. Alex Animates

    Alex Animates2 timer siden

    Guys stop judging him he's clearly just a bad method actor who was trying to be perfect for his role and then got booted out of his role for being creepy towards his fellow actors and shitty to his tech's and replaced by a better actor

  19. AOK

    AOK2 timer siden

    Please change your twitter avatar. Please. I know it's supposed to 'trigger' people as a joke but I have partial epilepsy and I had to unfollow you to avoid setting off one of my seizures. Please?

  20. Pk_coby jpg

    Pk_coby jpg2 timer siden

    I am greg now

  21. Insert Username

    Insert Username2 timer siden

    Dude I can’t believe Paul turned out to be a Russian spy who eats planes 🤦‍♂️ smh I’m so disappointed 😔

  22. Skull

    Skull2 timer siden

    Nice yellow shirt

  23. shaunaanne100

    shaunaanne1003 timer siden

    Here’s a thought, Stand the f**k up🥴

  24. Calvin Jenkins

    Calvin Jenkins3 timer siden

    Danny do you still have guinea pigs?

  25. Aliif Dima

    Aliif Dima3 timer siden


  26. The PaulerBear

    The PaulerBear2 timer siden

    Shut up you little scumbag

  27. The PaulerBear

    The PaulerBear2 timer siden

    Shut up you 10 year old

  28. Colorful Comics Productions

    Colorful Comics Productions3 timer siden

    Danny: sitting in confined corner Also Danny: “I’m practicing social distancing.” Me: REALLY?? *i had no idea*

  29. Dead Rat Crossan

    Dead Rat Crossan3 timer siden

    G R E G R R E E G R E G

  30. Starry Gacha ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Starry Gacha ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ4 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a> Ok this is so true though 😂

  31. jibanyan AMV's

    jibanyan AMV's4 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="792">13:12</a> he touched the lenses only sphycopaths do that

  32. Mad Madz

    Mad Madz4 timer siden

    Please make a video talking about the Norris nuts THEY SRE CRAZY AND MAKE REALLY CRINGEY TIC TOKS

  33. W w w WaterMoonon

    W w w WaterMoonon4 timer siden

    I dont think you have a flu I mean you just flew on a plane and came back with a flu sounds like coronavirus

  34. Lauren Weeks

    Lauren Weeks4 timer siden

    So during his music.ly era, he was 10 years old. Makes sense.

  35. Karma W.

    Karma W.4 timer siden

    Does nobody remember that girl he was dating? Her name was Jamie or something

  36. slit fidget spinner dab bod mod

    slit fidget spinner dab bod mod4 timer siden

    its cause he touched the lense when as a psychopath

  37. Daphne Doyce

    Daphne Doyce5 timer siden

    Nobody’s perfect you live and you learn it

  38. m e J o r

    m e J o r5 timer siden

    Lowkey he's a bipolar

  39. Noobster129 gamez

    Noobster129 gamez5 timer siden

    Is Laura Gregnant yet?? Get it pregnant and gregnant

  40. LazyBunnyLyn

    LazyBunnyLyn5 timer siden

    Danny..just sit on a pillow for update corner to protect your knees

  41. Sierra Macneale

    Sierra Macneale5 timer siden

    you should do a video on Paty Mayo, I have no idea if his videos are fake or not, but it is all very weird.

  42. Courtney Neal

    Courtney Neal6 timer siden

    Notifications on ✌️

  43. Lisa Fullam

    Lisa Fullam6 timer siden

    I am a Greg yahhh!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Makenna Mollman

    Makenna Mollman6 timer siden


  45. The PaulerBear

    The PaulerBear2 timer siden

    I see you are a man of quality

  46. Makenna Mollman

    Makenna Mollman6 timer siden

    Watch the movie velocipastor it is the cheesiest film I have ever seen

  47. Haris Mujacevic

    Haris Mujacevic7 timer siden

    I'm happy to announce that i am officially Greg now.

  48. Stephanie Augustine

    Stephanie Augustine7 timer siden

    If I subscribe... Am I just greg, or am I LEGALLY greg?... Either way I'm a greg

  49. Sydney Aiz

    Sydney Aiz7 timer siden

    So basically Hannah Montana

  50. crabtoast & axolotl

    crabtoast & axolotl7 timer siden

    So theres a movie called izze's way home and it's a rip off of finding dory you should check out

  51. Jacob Ramos

    Jacob Ramos7 timer siden

    Paul has a personality disorder

  52. Kristin

    Kristin7 timer siden

    ok but zimmer telling girls they can wear whatever they want and then saying "cool beans" with his friend is actually kind of sweet... if only he kept that energy

  53. Vanessa Rivers

    Vanessa Rivers7 timer siden

    😲😲😲 What?!?! Paul is fake?!?! And. How old is he....

  54. Unclejoe4

    Unclejoe47 timer siden


  55. Vanessa Rivers

    Vanessa Rivers8 timer siden

    Right off the rip. Before he pointed to his "other account" he confirmed he had lied and is Paul Troy Brecker Zimmer with the "explain why I (Paul) disappeared and came back (Troy) This kid just needs to stay away from social media. Period. To dumb to keep up with his own lies!

  56. General High-Ground

    General High-Ground8 timer siden

    I am now Greg 3000 the newest model of Greg

  57. Helen Austin

    Helen Austin8 timer siden

    It's 2020 no-gos.info/video/xcmOdIHEtc2gup8.html

  58. Aiden shebert

    Aiden shebert8 timer siden

    Notifications on and bought some dope merchandise #dannygonzalez

  59. Gast Time

    Gast Time8 timer siden

    You should put in the new room in the background is the Greg sign and then a picture of you and the nutcracker being togther and finally a picture that says “this is of course another video of” and put - Denny Gorbzalez or just put your name and some of the other stuff in the old background

  60. Adeia Erickson

    Adeia Erickson9 timer siden

    You should react to stargirl on Disney +

  61. Ryan Price

    Ryan Price9 timer siden

    I don’t know if you being a Gemini makes me dislike you but I don’t know we never met and will never meet so I don’t know except you being a June Gemini makes you very talkative.

  62. Cassidy Eskew

    Cassidy Eskew9 timer siden

    Yeah Bryce Hall talked about him in a teatok on Josh Richards channel... Apparently him and Bryce grew up in the same town and both Paul/Troy and his friend created fake names and went with it on their NO-gos channel. And obviously Paul/Troy continued the character onto Musical.ly

  63. Cassidy Eskew

    Cassidy Eskew9 timer siden

    I don't know if it's true or not, I'm just saying what Bryce said on Josh's channel

  64. Kimbry's World

    Kimbry's World9 timer siden

    i just came to find out why people are talking abt planes 💀

  65. Audrey Parish

    Audrey Parish9 timer siden

    I just became truly Greg 😄 yay!! Also I just realized one of my friends last name is Krieg 😂

  66. dum dum

    dum dum9 timer siden

    if u google it up paul legaly changed his name to Troy Becker.

  67. moderngalaxy 1

    moderngalaxy 19 timer siden

    I turned on post notifications I AM NOW GREG

  68. Jessy

    Jessy10 timer siden

    Y'all remember double shootin dan?

  69. Hemant Srinivasan

    Hemant Srinivasan10 timer siden

    Is it just me or does Danny Gonzalez look like demetri from cobra kai? (except the hair)

  70. Jins Cup Nooders

    Jins Cup Nooders10 timer siden


  71. Hello. gachalife

    Hello. gachalife10 timer siden

    I got scammed by him..😬😢😭😤

  72. Jins Cup Nooders

    Jins Cup Nooders10 timer siden

    what’s up greg

  73. BIG mama 102

    BIG mama 10210 timer siden


  74. Annie Cahill

    Annie Cahill10 timer siden

    Can u post it’s been like a week

  75. Heinrich Muller

    Heinrich Muller10 timer siden

    all he needed to say was _"look, i did all this so i could keep my 7 million subscribers and continue to milk that titty for as much as i could get"_

  76. Kalindi Carignan

    Kalindi Carignan11 timer siden


  77. Chocopatoo

    Chocopatoo5 timer siden


  78. Chocopatoo

    Chocopatoo5 timer siden


  79. Chocopatoo

    Chocopatoo5 timer siden


  80. Pickles Dinkles

    Pickles Dinkles11 timer siden

    Paul Zimmer eats planes confirmed #PaulZimmerEatsPlanes

  81. Demon Byrd

    Demon Byrd11 timer siden


  82. Giovanna Andrade

    Giovanna Andrade11 timer siden

    omg finally someone talked about his old yt channel i feel like i was hallucinating the whole thing

  83. Ali Atsapypeerc

    Ali Atsapypeerc11 timer siden

    You should look up Marcus and Steph🤦‍♀️

  84. Unclejoe4

    Unclejoe412 timer siden

    Do an episode on corny the street smart alien psa please

  85. Jaguar's Moon

    Jaguar's Moon12 timer siden

    Loving the new outro tho........

  86. Fumiko Meiko

    Fumiko Meiko12 timer siden

    Notifications on! Love your channel!🌸🍡

  87. Andy Wang

    Andy Wang12 timer siden

    I am Greg now