VFX Artists React to AVENGERS ENDGAME Bad & Great CGi

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The Crew is joined by award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Aitken from Weta Digital to breakdown and react to the visual effects of Avenger Endgame! Thanks to Weta Digital for the Exclusive Clips!
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  1. Ishan sharma

    Ishan sharma20 timer siden

    naagin its an indian tv show , you guys would love it

  2. The pathetic one

    The pathetic oneDag siden


  3. caleb jager

    caleb jagerDag siden

    I still didnt see the fingers but that did looke like he had a ptsd episode from that

  4. NadimND Official

    NadimND OfficialDag siden


  5. Shafiq .s

    Shafiq .sDag siden

    why the captain marval hair didn't float in space

  6. Ivan Chua

    Ivan ChuaDag siden

    There was one inconsistency: Just before the shot of Thanos putting on the glove, it is clearly shown that he was still wearing his wrist guard armor thing on his hand while flinging Captain Marvel away, and the next shot he's just there without it, ready to wear the glove. :P

  7. Vib_ Here

    Vib_ HereDag siden

    Endgame was just overrated shit💩

  8. Bania1988

    Bania19882 dager siden

    Really? Nobody noticed Hawk Eye's head in the ending scene, that was in the final movie? no-gos.info/video/x7KkmJ2cl5mdrKM.html The moment he goes on his knees.... Part of his head vanishes, and appears again.

  9. Tate VFX

    Tate VFX2 dager siden

    React to Spider-Man far from home

  10. Kieran Schafer

    Kieran Schafer2 dager siden

    I heard Iron Man dying was fake but Robert Downey Jr was so dedicated to his character that he sacrificed himself for real.

  11. muhamad nazri

    muhamad nazri2 dager siden

    #corridor crew, please react on movie Ready Player One (2018)

  12. Bizmo Funyuns

    Bizmo Funyuns2 dager siden

    Ok but how they gonna have this man in numerous videos but they haven’t done ANY scenes from the new Planet of The Apes movies? DO THEMMMM

  13. Patel Akash

    Patel Akash2 dager siden

    he said we are working on suit of thanous that mean he will be in other movies

  14. Harry Tube693

    Harry Tube6932 dager siden

    11:32 I thought that was CGI, but I guess Chris is LITTERALY thor

  15. Melkor Media

    Melkor Media2 dager siden

    I'm so happy to see how far WETA has come since lotr days

  16. m3rup3rv3rt

    m3rup3rv3rt3 dager siden

    Bad CGI moment in Endgame : Hulk brooding at the Tony Stark funeral scene.

  17. MemeMaama

    MemeMaama3 dager siden

    React to some indian movies not south Indian

  18. farhad shaikh

    farhad shaikh3 dager siden

    Please please please make a video on krish 3 movie from bollywood please please I wanna see what's inside

  19. Gaurav Singh

    Gaurav Singh3 dager siden

    Can someone solve my problrm ? I just watched endgame on my tv . I noticed very bad graphics for rocket. ( it was super good when i saw the movie in theater{ 4 times} ) can someone tell me what did i miss.

  20. Petr Grebeníček

    Petr Grebeníček2 dager siden

    Sounds like you downloaded file with low bit rate. If it is purchased blu ray than your tv is doing some anti alliasing/smoothing/any other filter that messed up fur on rocket. Download different source / look up for filters in tv settings. Those are two things that came up to my mind, might be or might not be the case, but definetly worth a shot.

  21. Vinstinctify1

    Vinstinctify13 dager siden

    I did think the final battle ended too quickly. For that many characters to be on screen at once, i would enjoyed another 10 min of that

  22. Kyle Brown

    Kyle Brown3 dager siden

    So...he physically takes the specs from the customer?

  23. Djo Fortunato

    Djo Fortunato3 dager siden

    Honestly given the attention Endgame is getting I would like you guys to devote an episode to the entire Snyder DCEU "experiment". While I'm not the hugest fan of the final products as released, there are some very nicely executed EFX sequences in films like:Man of Steel , Batman v Superman, and a cascading drop in quality when we eventually land on "Justice League" and the abomination that was steppenwolf.

  24. Alan Furness

    Alan Furness3 dager siden

    That beat saber shirt 🤩 also awesome video as always boys

  25. Scrap Industries

    Scrap Industries3 dager siden

    Theres the scene where thanos tries to put for the first time the gauntlet in endgame and captain marvel stops him... You can see right there that he has his own armor's gauntlet on his arm and basically 1 scene later right before he grabs and throws captain marvel away the gauntlet is magically gone, the writers could have had that piece of armor being torn off by wanda when she starts to rip the layers of armor off of thanos

  26. akwaman96

    akwaman963 dager siden

    Weta > ILM. Planet of the apes trilogy is unmatched.

  27. Bichitra TV

    Bichitra TV3 dager siden

    React on Naagin Indian's best TV Serial 😂😂

  28. Nick E

    Nick E3 dager siden

    Any of the Michael bay transformers

  29. Ser Winzzalot

    Ser Winzzalot3 dager siden

    All this tech and millions and we still get floating heads

  30. Ethan Hart

    Ethan Hart3 dager siden


  31. J.L. Barnett

    J.L. Barnett3 dager siden

    All noticeable computer art is a step down from the standard of movie photography. It's sad that Thanos wasn't photographed in character.

  32. Petr Grebeníček

    Petr GrebeníčekDag siden

    @J.L. Barnett all I wanted to say that you cannot stop advancement in technology and all that comes with it. And after working in Blender for few days, I can tell you that modeling, texturing, animating and properly lighting something like Thanos is also art. Maybe not your cup of tea. But as we have allredy set up in previous comments, what you like is not my cup of tea. So this whole chat falls to category "personal preference and opinions". Also mentionable thing is that CGI allows better safety conditions for dubers (probably spelled it wrong) those guys that do the risky stuff.

  33. J.L. Barnett

    J.L. BarnettDag siden

    @Petr Grebeníček Give Touch of Evil (1958) a viewing. Amazing non-grainy cinematography by Russell Metty.

  34. Petr Grebeníček

    Petr Grebeníček2 dager siden

    I don't enjoy grainy black and white films, because I like colors and details. But someone might feel same about colored films. You stated your feeling like it is fact. But thats not fact.

  35. Francisco Barbosa

    Francisco Barbosa4 dager siden


  36. Damion Leger

    Damion Leger4 dager siden


  37. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark4 dager siden


  38. ksev

    ksev4 dager siden

    Bruh that guess looks like Thanos.

  39. Ankush Vashisht

    Ankush Vashisht4 dager siden

    Please react to RA-ONE a shah rukh khan movie it has one of the best CGI in bollywood at that time

  40. RTM

    RTM4 dager siden

    Would love to see you guys have a computer expert rip into movies like "Colossus: the Forben Project", "War Games" and "War Games II" and "Lawnmower Man".

  41. rushc5

    rushc54 dager siden

    I still can’t really see the clipping with Thanos’s fingers, but the one I noticed was the clipping one the armor/neck of Ironman in a shot where he sits up after being knocked down. I remember actually realizing it in the theater


    NINGTHOU THINGNAM4 dager siden

    Kriss 3

  43. Polikos Tsangari

    Polikos Tsangari4 dager siden

    With a 3 hour movie full of VFX that tiny gauntlet clipping, blink and you miss it moment, was the only VFX mistake in the movie that has been found? Who cares?

  44. Anonymous Guy

    Anonymous Guy4 dager siden


  45. TheMook19

    TheMook194 dager siden

    I'm looking at Thanos's fingers and I see nothing wrong lol

  46. MrBitchPimp

    MrBitchPimp4 dager siden

    actually, there is an early P. Jackson movie, the Frighteners, taht would be nice to hear you talk about. Peter used al lot of techniques to make things work and looking back at it today there must be early cgi work as well.

  47. Abdul Mtoro III

    Abdul Mtoro III4 dager siden

    Wait, the duck??

  48. Anders

    Anders4 dager siden

    Is Wren wearing a Beat Saber shirt?

  49. Johnny Plank

    Johnny Plank5 dager siden

    I still can't see the finger clipping

  50. Shuaib Sumon

    Shuaib Sumon3 dager siden

    Me too lol

  51. WhiteBeast28

    WhiteBeast285 dager siden

    If you guys look at 1:28 closely , you guys will find out that Cap shield 'magically' not broken and I really hope they realize that

  52. Chino Sevilla

    Chino Sevilla5 dager siden

    do terminator franchise plsss

  53. MikeyHD

    MikeyHD5 dager siden

    please react to raising dion

  54. X_Jen_X

    X_Jen_X5 dager siden

    You should react to stranger things. The effects are amazing for a tv show


    ZAIN EDITS5 dager siden

    final fight scenes of "rocky handsome" bollywood


    ZAIN EDITS5 dager siden

    action scenes of "into the badlands"

  57. satwik choudary

    satwik choudary5 dager siden

    the title should be the best cgi of endgame

  58. Baby yoda

    Baby yoda5 dager siden

    4:20 Thor tried to aim for the head....again

  59. Noob De Boné

    Noob De Boné5 dager siden

    the guy that Hulk throws up, vanishes on Leviatan's back

  60. James Boley

    James Boley5 dager siden

    The Irishman... please do that one!

  61. the Extras

    the Extras6 dager siden

    Not one of these morons is a legit visual effects artist, they are wannabes who literally put out the worst shit ever, not sure how they are saying anything about others work when they make shit a 5 yr old could make but the 5 yr old does it better.

  62. MOHI gaming

    MOHI gaming6 dager siden

    5:36 he is sweating

  63. Gohario FTW

    Gohario FTW6 dager siden

    React to Scott Pilgrim vs the World!!

  64. greeniREZ

    greeniREZ6 dager siden

    Is it just me or did every time they talked to the audience about subscribing etc I thought the video was ending.

  65. Petr Grebeníček

    Petr Grebeníček2 dager siden

    It gets really annoying in long term. Cmon, every channel wants you to subscribe. So could you just stop bargaining for it and instead just during chat run a slider on bottom of screen with subscribe and ring rhe bell?

  66. Rohith Kumar

    Rohith Kumar6 dager siden

    React to 2point0 movie vfx shots.. A Indian movies try