VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 18

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Sam, Clint and Niko sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  1. Alex Saturley

    Alex Saturley2 timer siden

    The new Aladdin has some questionable CG

  2. senorchargertron

    senorchargertron2 timer siden

    The opening scene of Terminator: The Force Awakens looked like a cartoon.

  3. Marvin Gachomo

    Marvin Gachomo2 timer siden

    Can you do man of steel?

  4. Serg Flores

    Serg Flores2 timer siden

    How is this age restricted?

  5. AjaxFlips Roblox

    AjaxFlips Roblox2 timer siden

    Arm flew off I think

  6. Colin Higgins

    Colin Higgins2 timer siden

    How about Benjamin Button

  7. Dakota Klein

    Dakota Klein3 timer siden

    Idk how much was practical or cgi, but the effects in the first Starship Troopers with any scenes of the bugs killing the soldiers always seemed so brutal and realistic for when it came out. And i watched it hundreds of times as a kid!

  8. Luis Villagran

    Luis Villagran3 timer siden

    Do Titans

  9. Skel Neldory

    Skel Neldory3 timer siden

    The movie "Repo Chick" is ripe with plenty of both good and bad VFX. Some cgi and stop motion stuff too.

  10. Katrina Taylor

    Katrina Taylor3 timer siden

    Would love to see you guys react to Sharkboy & Lavagirl!

  11. Foxi

    Foxi3 timer siden

    The Mandalorian ( specifically S01E07 where Cara takes a cup of tea from the IG unit. Time 11:50 i guess i found that scene hilarious when going frame by frame)

  12. explosive diaper

    explosive diaper3 timer siden

    Umm..... Why is this age-restricted?

  13. Eugene

    Eugene3 timer siden

    Russian superhero movie "Защитники" Best VFX I have ever seen

  14. Ozan Candas

    Ozan Candas3 timer siden

    League of Legends cinematics (Warriors, Awaken etc.)

  15. J C

    J C3 timer siden

    The new witcher series for cgi or stunts would be so good

  16. N .B

    N .B3 timer siden

    disney A Christmas Carol

  17. Owen Sheppard

    Owen Sheppard3 timer siden

    The vfx in hereditary, the opening shit and seance scene, I’m wondering how they were done.

  18. gokucrazy22

    gokucrazy224 timer siden


  19. Cyclonic

    Cyclonic4 timer siden

    the movie ‘Chronicle’ is a film i would like you guys to depict, one of my child hood favourites

  20. Lullaby

    Lullaby4 timer siden

    Hey guys I love your work, I haven't watched all the episodes yet so maybe you already talked about it but if not, could you talk about King Arthur - Legend of the sword? The fight scenes in particular look incredible, and there are also magical creatures, huge snakes and elephants and wolves...

  21. Michael Hassfurder

    Michael Hassfurder4 timer siden

    You should do the halo 3 live action trailer and the halo 3 odst live action trailer .


    THISGASTHING4 timer siden

    is that CGI bad enough? no-gos.info/video/3MpmkLKttKh5t6c.html

  23. 5D Nick

    5D Nick5 timer siden

    no-gos.info/video/p9CrfZOw1buQ0KM.html PROBABLY LITTLE KNOWN but incredible music video. besides the subtle and perfect CGI the actresses performance and dancing is OSCAR worthy IMHO

  24. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris5 timer siden

    The fire in the Baywatch movie

  25. Adrián Rojas

    Adrián Rojas5 timer siden

    Bad VFX: Kusta vs the snake in On The Milky Road

  26. Badda Bing

    Badda Bing6 timer siden

    no-gos.info/video/mc-Wl5-p0rWNt2Q.html This is a short youtube video but the production value is insane! Better than a lot of series's I've seen

  27. Tommy

    Tommy6 timer siden

    The cgi effects in Irishman looks like shit

  28. marekmalinowy

    marekmalinowy6 timer siden

    Polish ecranisation of ,,Witcher” 😂😂

  29. Ahmad Zharif

    Ahmad Zharif6 timer siden

    Please do VFX reaction for Shaolin Soccer (2001) please x99

  30. ZawEasy

    ZawEasy6 timer siden

    You should react to "Halo Landfall" no-gos.info/video/td2Ecp3V2s6Iuqc.html

  31. Night Blood

    Night Blood6 timer siden

    Can you react to the NO-gos channel "OwlKitty"

  32. Niloc Whalehands

    Niloc Whalehands6 timer siden

    Do WB's Godzilla MONSTERVERSE!!! So much great detail and care into the monsters to make them feel real and alive.

  33. Skwitz

    Skwitz6 timer siden

    Do the apocalyptic city in ‘The Scorch Trials’

  34. Dan Haworth

    Dan Haworth6 timer siden

    Please please review battle of tank t-34 . Best scenes here no-gos.info/video/0pSdZY6l1cyasac.html really great film love the bullet time effects and slow motion effects

  35. Tasnia Zaman

    Tasnia Zaman6 timer siden

    Have you seen the TV show called Grimm?

  36. First Infinity

    First Infinity7 timer siden

    Condorman car chase scene

  37. ghosthammer686

    ghosthammer6867 timer siden


  38. AndrisKru

    AndrisKru7 timer siden

    Please do Bunranku.

  39. xTALPAx

    xTALPAx7 timer siden

    Water horse? Isn't so bad now but at the time it was good

  40. Nicolai Arnholm

    Nicolai Arnholm7 timer siden

    Do Cats!!!!

  41. Arnaud Breton

    Arnaud Breton8 timer siden

    Did you guys already do league of extraordinary gentleman.

  42. Simone Webb

    Simone Webb8 timer siden

    Do pirates of the Caribbean the kraken scene or the battle in the third film

  43. Daniel Archer

    Daniel Archer8 timer siden

    Please, for love of god, watch the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Live Action movie. It has terrible cgi.

  44. Unnoticed Things

    Unnoticed Things8 timer siden

    Would really love to see both Percy Jackson movies, they have some amazing vfx

  45. Serg Neverov

    Serg Neverov8 timer siden

    Do Hellblade!

  46. Kyuubi

    Kyuubi8 timer siden

    2012: Ice Age. You’re going to die laughing at how bad it is.

  47. DanielPrg

    DanielPrg9 timer siden

    talk about scooby doo movies video effects

  48. Hannes Schützeneder

    Hannes Schützeneder9 timer siden

    Maybe you already did that, but i would really enjoy a video about the original Tron movie from 1982.

  49. Master Kit

    Master Kit9 timer siden

    Great videos, love it - fantastic job, guys. How about that mirror scene in inception?

  50. ShivaServer2009

    ShivaServer20099 timer siden

    The bad animal cgi in I am Legend.


    ADOLF HITLER10 timer siden

    *I subscribeb only when the unsubscribed percentage was 60*

  52. AEM & RHP official

    AEM & RHP official10 timer siden

    For bad VFX can you guys do the Walking Dead's CGI tiger, and that horrible, evil deer from season 7 episode 12? Also if any big composites of the horde of undead particularly stick out for you?

  53. Andrew Su

    Andrew Su10 timer siden

    You guys should do Swamp-Thing, the vfx for him are really nice

  54. Sparx Gaming

    Sparx Gaming10 timer siden

    I am the best, thank you!

  55. Got any ideas

    Got any ideas10 timer siden

    Can you guys talk about watchmen (2009) Especially the scene of how Manhattan was transformed

  56. Duke Maxwell

    Duke Maxwell10 timer siden

    Please react to the terrible CGI in the 2019 hellboy movie During the fight with the giants hellboy pulls out a spear from his shoulder and the cut is hilariously bad Two scenes later he clips through a sword It's atrocious

  57. Re Re

    Re Re11 timer siden

    You should do some of the janky dead pool 2 cgi

  58. mekai meads

    mekai meads11 timer siden

    These dudes are giving shit to these cgi moments and yet they probs can’t even match shit like this. Fucking simps

  59. Le Vrai Gandalf

    Le Vrai Gandalf11 timer siden

    Please react to the Host !

  60. David Gardiner

    David Gardiner11 timer siden

    Some classic (but not CG) special effects in The Dam Busters (1955)

  61. Ryan Roth

    Ryan Roth11 timer siden

    harry potter has some greats and bads