Vin Diesel: King of Cringe

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Vin Diesel is America's favorite meat puppet; but what is he hiding under that beefy exterior? Turns out it's a lot weirder than you might have thought.
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  1. Hana Bellucci

    Hana Bellucci3 timer siden

    Vin Diesel currently have 96mil fb likes..where's the rest 3mil go?

  2. Tubes

    Tubes3 timer siden

    I used to watch the pacifier every time I stayed home from school sick

  3. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey5 timer siden

    17:20 damn vin diesel is shorter than this 12 year old kid!

  4. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey5 timer siden

    chronicles of Riddick and XxX are pretty good but pacifier is definitely my favorite, fucking hilarious movie XD I fell asleep during every Fast and Furious movie though (and I'm an insomniac yo), I like the actors but it just got so boring.

  5. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey5 timer siden

    btw his birth name is Mark Sinclair, but I guess that wasn't cool enough for an action star XD

  6. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey5 timer siden

    I always liked him in movies but I didn't know all this, jeez..

  7. stevemisfit1

    stevemisfit115 timer siden

    Imo he seems kinda drunk.

  8. Lexi Wells

    Lexi WellsDag siden

    Drew: watch this watch this.. ....It mo0oOved!!

  9. John Johnson

    John JohnsonDag siden

    Yep Turd sandwich

  10. Todd Todler

    Todd TodlerDag siden

    ITS ALIVE!!!!!

  11. sanddocon

    sanddoconDag siden

    yo is he doing a live? lol more-ron

  12. He who does not reply to replies

    He who does not reply to repliesDag siden

    “Hey give us a tour of your house” -no one

  13. Ling Ling

    Ling LingDag siden

    but i mean iron giant

  14. Mde Mayu

    Mde MayuDag siden

    Lmao my grandma almost died when we entered the mummy ride lmao we didn’t know it was a roller coaster 🎢 we thought it was like the fast and furious thing lmao it was so funny. She didn’t die she just got scared :)

  15. ShuffleB Dement

    ShuffleB DementDag siden

    The first fandf is actually a good stand alone movie, back when they were stealing vcr's and microwave ovens.

  16. Moo Mcmoo

    Moo McmooDag siden

    sad part is i am interested in aquaponics does that make me an official loser?

  17. Vincaso

    VincasoDag siden

    He's like a dad

  18. SoulflY 99

    SoulflY 99Dag siden

    probably on drugs while doing the cringe stuff haha dude just enjoying his life tho

  19. blackmesaresearch

    blackmesaresearchDag siden

    Hasn't watched Riddick, but has watched Pacifier 10 times. Sir, please turn in your man card. Just drop it in any mailbox, postage is prepaid.

  20. XHitsugaX

    XHitsugaXDag siden

    he is an awkward motherf. who succeeded

  21. Have a look 1251

    Have a look 1251Dag siden

    This is one of those videos I always come back to watch. It’s so funny. Drew is definitely one of the funniest creators on youtube

  22. Yandere_ Kun

    Yandere_ KunDag siden

    God my ears are bleeding from listening to these cringe.

  23. Martin Kreutz

    Martin KreutzDag siden

    Vin Diesel is cool, nothing can change my mind after his character Riddick.

  24. Jame Rone

    Jame RoneDag siden

    just an egg shaped head with terrible acting skills , somehow he made his way into Hollywood , unfortunately

  25. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones2 dager siden

    dude how is vin deisel king of cringe for his body and face? ive never heard him speak properly of his own thoughts so if you have a problem with that use his quote (in context) as your thumnail. but to use his body isnt quite right. he does look fair and stable. good tond, not undehydrated and symetrical.

  26. DuckieDude

    DuckieDude2 dager siden

    Drew, wanna play fortnite


    WANDERING AJ2 dager siden


  28. Nanner Be Minin

    Nanner Be Minin2 dager siden

    I had been debating whether I should subscribe or not... but then I saw ponies. That's one more sub for you!

  29. Madeline Henry

    Madeline Henry2 dager siden

    The Pacifier is his best film.

  30. D DJ

    D DJ2 dager siden

    I'm wildly attracted to his body, but repelled by his personality.. Story of my life ;)

  31. puppychu

    puppychu2 dager siden

    is nobody gonna say anything about "I don't have nipples on my ankles" also who the hell thought he did

  32. Droid Gunner

    Droid Gunner2 dager siden

    I always thought he looked like a giant Vern Troyer

  33. Pate52

    Pate522 dager siden

    vin diesel is a legend

  34. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia2 dager siden

    This just ruined my favorite actor

  35. Raymond Johansen

    Raymond Johansen2 dager siden

    Is bleepin jeep your dad

  36. Gabriela Gomes

    Gabriela Gomes2 dager siden

    Amanda makes me laugh just by standing still. That's talent.

  37. Elizabeth marie

    Elizabeth marie2 dager siden

    I actually like the elephants lol. I just like elephants

  38. p s

    p s3 dager siden

    He even talk in a deeper voice when harrasing the woman

  39. Ap M

    Ap M9 timer siden

    Which part really rather not see this whole video

  40. chappy0690

    chappy06903 dager siden

    Hate to break it to you bud... you're just a cringey as Vin 'cringe dog' Diesel.

  41. notMidzz

    notMidzz11 timer siden

    he's not as cringey as diesel but ok

  42. Lillith666

    Lillith6663 dager siden

    “Specific reference to said video”

  43. metalmugen

    metalmugen3 dager siden

    "We'll do it live fuck it" - Vin Diesel

  44. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger3 dager siden

    6:20 he actually tells quite a bit About his mental state.

  45. Shipfantastic

    Shipfantastic3 dager siden

    I liked this video purely because of the ad read, because you did an ad read, which I liked. The ad read...

  46. Britzz

    Britzz3 dager siden

    At first glance I thought you were Codyko

  47. robloxbear52

    robloxbear523 dager siden

    You are both cringy. Grow a beard.

  48. Peggy Schuler

    Peggy Schuler3 dager siden

    Wait shit what is vin diesel doing?

  49. Erkki Mela

    Erkki Mela3 dager siden

    You think Vin is cringe? Have you seen his brother Leonard?!

  50. some random dude

    some random dude3 dager siden

    Fast and furious should have stuck with street racing

  51. meffinn

    meffinn3 dager siden

    why was this recommended to me ?

  52. Caspar Kaiser

    Caspar Kaiser3 dager siden


  53. haydes004

    haydes0043 dager siden

    his voice literally sounds like a two year old hitting puberty 😂😂😂

  54. amy joy

    amy joy3 dager siden

    Some of my friends decided to make a drinking game around v.d.'s facebook live...every time he said "doing a live," they drank...there were no survivors.

  55. a tad ugly

    a tad ugly3 dager siden

    his voice sounds like he’s burping whilst speaking

  56. Trump 2020

    Trump 20204 dager siden

    Even in his prime his physique is bleh. above average but far from special.

  57. Lilith K C

    Lilith K C4 dager siden

    i DFaksjafklnkflajkfsj fu cking cringed in the first video interview ahhhhhhhhjfaskjklahkhgjhj;lhkgjlfkhdgjhxckjhlj;lkhgjfhdghfgjghkjashdlfkjh

  58. james wayman

    james wayman4 dager siden

    He is actually braindead

  59. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ4 dager siden


  60. Dejon Timmons

    Dejon Timmons4 dager siden

    I think he's high or had too many concussions

  61. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith4 dager siden


  62. Sick Only

    Sick Only4 dager siden

    The most boring action-star, ever.