Watch live: Countdown to 2020 | New Years Eve Around the World

CBSN's special New Year's Eve show, Countdown to 2020, reflects on the big moments of 2019 and looks ahead at the stories set to make headlines in 2020. We'll also have a live look and hits from Times Square as we count down to the iconic ball drop.
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  1. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees3 dager siden

    December 31 is missed countdown :(

  2. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees3 dager siden

    Watch countdown at January 1 Okay?

  3. Monumental Austin Dark MIDI

    Monumental Austin Dark MIDI13 dager siden

    Happy 2020 everyone!

  4. Roblox Player123

    Roblox Player12317 dager siden

    For me every year feels like 10000 months for me

  5. Brandon Uriostegui

    Brandon Uriostegui27 dager siden

    And everyone thought 2020 was going to be a good year... 1 my grandma died in 2020 2 my brothers friend's grandma died 3 The explosion that almost killed half everyone who lived over there 4 everybody is dying this year...

  6. Crissy Ledbetter

    Crissy Ledbetter29 dager siden

    Why is everything about politics? That's not what I wanted to look back on

  7. Arctus The Goddess

    Arctus The GoddessMåned siden

    Dallas, TX has left the chat.

  8. Sethu Sethu

    Sethu SethuMåned siden

    Tamil puttandu valttukkal

  9. Paul Shipley

    Paul ShipleyMåned siden

    This is why I only watch Fox news. What a biased bunch of crap.


    PAPA ALAFIAMåned siden

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  11. Tristen The Musician

    Tristen The MusicianMåned siden

    my heart is breaking at all of the people not getting to see 2020

  12. lee rodgers

    lee rodgersMåned siden

    Days in 2020 from 1 January 2020 - 31 December 2020

  13. BlueRBLX

    BlueRBLXMåned siden

    The count down gave me chills when everyone counted together from 10 to 0.

  14. Kenneth El-Bey

    Kenneth El-BeyMåned siden


  15. dive2663225

    dive2663225Måned siden

    MORE...Globalist propaganda CBS..Its not working anymore

  16. deez nutz

    deez nutzMåned siden


  17. liza dam

    liza damMåned siden

    We're going to party like its 1999,happy new year trump 2020💥💥🥂🇺🇸🤪


    TRENA KALLINENMåned siden

    Happy New Year

  19. Michael Smallwood

    Michael SmallwoodMåned siden

    Almost every single clip and photo you showed was outright propaganda.

  20. TheCubita360

    TheCubita360Måned siden

    Fake news CBS

  21. Cheap Chinese

    Cheap ChineseMåned siden

    If you vote for Biden you are advocating creepy child touching. I would rather leave my children alone with Jeffery Dahmer. Biden already tried to run for President but got caught lying and had to back out 20 or so years ago. (I'd have to look up exactly when) looked it up anyway was in 1988. I was going to say what the exact lie was but being he is pathological I did not want to sit here and type it. You can find the numerous lies, plagiarism and big fish stories of his exaggerated "I did this, I'm so cool" make Trumps stories look like amateur story telling hour yourself. I'm not typing all of his zero qualification for president out. Unless the democrats come up with a solid "CLEAN" (that means no lies, sexual deviancy, or questionable behavior) candidate they have no chance of beating the Republicans. If Hillary can get beat by Trump you gotta suck because that is pathetic.

  22. Richard Diffley

    Richard DiffleyMåned siden

    Was walking dog .2019. We got Frank your dead. Ur still sucks.

  23. Richard Diffley

    Richard DiffleyMåned siden


  24. Kay Ferguson

    Kay FergusonMåned siden

    Gay-le needs to tell the truth about her and Oprah . Instead of forcing truth interviews What's her truth?

  25. Michael Helter Skelter Graham

    Michael Helter Skelter GrahamMåned siden

    Any1 else feels sad watching this? If I had 1 wish, id wish that every1 could just love eachother get along and never die

  26. greedyb00777

    greedyb00777Måned siden

    Should be called a radical look back at 2019. THE FBI MADE MORE THAN MISTAKES!!!!!


    TH13RD EYE OPENMåned siden

    Drones in the air to make sure you all are safe.........Welcome all. SMIB.

  28. AXS512

    AXS512Måned siden

    CBS is dumber than dirt.

  29. Cooler Flyer

    Cooler FlyerMåned siden

    Press like if you want a good 2020

  30. Roark Jeffries

    Roark JeffriesMåned siden

    How do you like me now and so far?

  31. Roark Jeffries

    Roark JeffriesMåned siden


  32. Roark Jeffries

    Roark JeffriesMåned siden

    12 ft in diameter and 15? So if 1 plus 2 is 3 and 1 plus 5 is 6 doesn't that meen there are 3 6's wake the dead? Food for thought people happy New Year

  33. The legend Crashes

    The legend CrashesMåned siden

    Imagine going to sleep in 2019 and waking up in 2020

  34. Christian Gonzales

    Christian GonzalesMåned siden

    Don't need to imagine it. I actually experienced it!

  35. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesMåned siden

    Imagine going to waking up in 2019 and waking up at 2020

  36. 65 thanks for

    65 thanks forMåned siden

    Feb 29

  37. Lucy Furr

    Lucy FurrMåned siden

    No child should be kept in cages. These people only care about themselves. Only when and if it happens to them. Until people can care about others no one will ever care about them.

  38. Kylie Turner

    Kylie TurnerMåned siden

    Love it

  39. Andrew Culpepper

    Andrew CulpepperMåned siden

    Am I late

  40. Jeje Wave

    Jeje WaveMåned siden

    Goodbye 2019

  41. blazer the gamer

    blazer the gamerMåned siden

    Yeh it's almost the time bo2 took place

  42. ᴀᴅᴀᴍ_ᴅᴇᴠɪʟʟᴇ_sʏɪᴇᴍ

    ᴀᴅᴀᴍ_ᴅᴇᴠɪʟʟᴇ_sʏɪᴇᴍMåned siden

    The teenage of the century is gone

  43. Adan Martinez

    Adan MartinezMåned siden

    Do you guts realize that toys r us is closed for three years already since 2017 :(

  44. dr3.02

    dr3.02Måned siden

    i love how we are so nostalgic about the past, we celebrate every year as if it's our last

  45. Melo Pitt

    Melo PittMåned siden

    I have watched a lot of futurustic movies dated 2020.

  46. Melo Pitt

    Melo PittMåned siden

  47. Kelsey Manchester

    Kelsey ManchesterMåned siden

    who else is here bc they missed the ball drop just me ok MY TV WAS NOT WORKING I CRIED

  48. Joseph Philips

    Joseph PhilipsMåned siden

    To all my homies who fell asleep at 11:00!

  49. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. PepperMåned siden

    Happy 2020

  50. Edmund Singleton

    Edmund SingletonMåned siden

    You’re watching a news program, notice it’s obvious the on-screen journalists are lying about their appearance by dying their hair, whatever their reasoning, should you then wonder what else they are lying about? maybe? especially if you think it’s their hair dye treatment that seems to be boosting their ratings…

  51. Ashley Edwards

    Ashley EdwardsMåned siden

    All these comments are 1 year ago/1 decade ago.

  52. Rick O'Shaughnessy

    Rick O'ShaughnessyMåned siden

    imagine all the people Sharing all the world

  53. It's Centuries

    It's CenturiesMåned siden

    It's not so good in Jakarta, Indonesia, the day after, heavy rain poured and killed 9 people because of a short circuit and electrocuted them.

  54. Rainbow bite 12

    Rainbow bite 12Måned siden

    HAPPY 2020 it came fast also this is scary

  55. Tran Van Bao Thang

    Tran Van Bao ThangMåned siden


  56. JazzFan76

    JazzFan76Måned siden

    1:05:44 The best part, Louis Armstrong singing "What A Wonderful World".

  57. Hector Maita

    Hector MaitaMåned siden

    Not to brag but I am the first to spin,say reeeee and lolololol in 2020

  58. Dry Ice

    Dry IceMåned siden

    Countdown at 59:30

  59. Turtle Plays

    Turtle PlaysMåned siden

    So when is it gonna be 2020?

  60. Legalize Ranch

    Legalize RanchMåned siden

    Am I the only one that doesn’t feel good about the 2020’s ?

  61. jack the gamer 3

    jack the gamer 3Måned siden

    It’s 10Pm 2020 but still counts. HAPPY NEW YEARS BOIS AND GALS

  62. Caryn Priestap

    Caryn PriestapMåned siden

    Let's being it to 2020

  63. tember white

    tember whiteMåned siden

    Is it true that tomarrow an astroid will hit tomarrow???