Water Bottle Flip 2 | Dude Perfect

It's water bottle flipping time...again :)
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  1. Afiq Tad

    Afiq Tad5 timer siden

    Wow,your flip so very nice,👍like,subscribe,comment,i love dude perfect

  2. Ab Bassit Husain

    Ab Bassit Husain5 timer siden

    Cool thanks man and nice bottle flip

  3. Alex Lister-Zahra

    Alex Lister-Zahra5 timer siden

    If you need subs comment on this comment


    THANASITHEGREAT6 timer siden

    Who here is bored af and just watching old vids

  5. Ali Fikri

    Ali Fikri7 timer siden

    Channel nya bagus gk kebanyakan intro👍 meskipun gk paham bahasanya

  6. Tymson Dąbek

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  7. febriyan artanto

    febriyan artanto9 timer siden

    Siapa disini yang orang Indonesia?

  8. shruti potdar

    shruti potdar11 timer siden

    How can you do triks

  9. skeleton woah

    skeleton woah11 timer siden

    Mr beast:im gonna end this men's whole carrier

  10. Keith Teo

    Keith Teo13 timer siden

    I think i know how there is something in some of the bottle blue thing it must be heavy

  11. Kamal Ludin

    Kamal Ludin13 timer siden

    296jt viewers is wow

  12. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez15 timer siden

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyuyyyyy x. Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. Emer Alonzo

    Emer Alonzo15 timer siden

    G x zzz CL j by U I no I no

  14. Brandi Coronado

    Brandi Coronado16 timer siden


  15. Kaveen Subasinghe

    Kaveen Subasinghe16 timer siden

    you should do a magnetic trickshot or something to do with magnets

  16. foxinsoxonblox

    foxinsoxonblox17 timer siden

    That was just a maybe but still this is from Chloe Romano I like hamsters and I have your hamster and I hope you have a hamster and everything about hamsters and I also like your bottle flipping so so so so so so so so so much I really hope I could be something like you guys and maybe the Bottle Flip on the lower I mean regular maybe that could be a next time

  17. foxinsoxonblox

    foxinsoxonblox17 timer siden

    It’s fine if you had an alarm set I’m just happy about your videos

  18. Tricia Weisz

    Tricia Weisz18 timer siden

    The slide

  19. CEO x ALLEN

    CEO x ALLEN19 timer siden

    I feel bad for the guy editing there videos it probably took them so many try’s

  20. Kitty Adams

    Kitty Adams19 timer siden

    Ty use his #####

  21. Paul Land

    Paul Land19 timer siden

    You earned a new sub and fan

  22. Kitty Adams

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  23. Matias Chilo

    Matias Chilo20 timer siden

    Son muy buenos con la botella challenge

  24. IntelligentMaster 〽️

    IntelligentMaster 〽️21 time siden

    You just earned a New sub!

  25. Football Team

    Football Team22 timer siden

    Love ya

  26. The Comet

    The Comet22 timer siden

    Imagine how long this took

  27. Edisone Lungela

    Edisone Lungela23 timer siden

    wooooow so coool :/

  28. Navid4u

    Navid4uDag siden

    So cooooool dude man amazing

  29. Abdul Waheed

    Abdul WaheedDag siden

    Last is so best

  30. Marius Hansen

    Marius HansenDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> did the glass break?

  31. Mihrije Çerkini

    Mihrije ÇerkiniDag siden

    Dude perfect is perfect

  32. Xboy

    XboyDag siden

    of all their video I did NOT expect this one to be their most viewed

  33. Liam Biljard

    Liam BiljardDag siden


  34. Wolf Gaming

    Wolf GamingDag siden

    wait you guys are danish?

  35. prangster 123

    prangster 123Dag siden

    Tyler look likes messi

  36. mahendra vaishnav

    mahendra vaishnavDag siden


  37. Vera Tan

    Vera TanDag siden

    I can

  38. [ This User Does Not Exist ]

    [ This User Does Not Exist ]Dag siden

    This is how I found out about their channel. I was so amazed.

  39. Coop’s Hoops

    Coop’s HoopsDag siden

    Love it

  40. Heléna Földi-Jankovics

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    You are the best

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    Day 1 of trying to get famous off comments. Please subscribe to me.



  46. Ezale Ramirez

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  47. Ziv Dael Sigarlaki Ziv Dael Sigarlaki

    Ziv Dael Sigarlaki Ziv Dael SigarlakiDag siden

    So hard to do but I learned how to bottle-flip

  48. gerald perez

    gerald perezDag siden

    nice shots

  49. Rashard Shannon

    Rashard ShannonDag siden

    The best bottle flipper

  50. Neha Kaura

    Neha KauraDag siden

    Perfect 👌

  51. Lachlan Brown

    Lachlan BrownDag siden

    Your bottle flips epic

  52. Vionna Salamiara Ngindra

    Vionna Salamiara NgindraDag siden

    Kok bisa?

  53. chevon chennis

    chevon chennisDag siden

    Every time I bottle flip it does not work

  54. Ibrahim Ghadeer

    Ibrahim GhadeerDag siden

    Ibrahim Ghadeer

  55. BARTEK mortek

    BARTEK mortekDag siden

    Fajna muza

  56. Yum Yom

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    You know me

  57. Yum Yom

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    I'm yum yom

  58. WeźSięPrzytul

    WeźSięPrzytul2 dager siden

    Czemu to jest po polsku?

  59. Aiden Leon

    Aiden Leon2 dager siden

    I never knew that a toddler can do bottle flipping XD

  60. Elly Poulin

    Elly Poulin2 dager siden

    I like the song what is it called?

  61. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli2 dager siden

    Mona Lisa by OBB

  62. massimo Randazzo

    massimo Randazzo2 dager siden


  63. Murzyn

    Murzyn2 dager siden

    Guys I need 1000 subscribers it's a challenge until then I can't release a single video thanks ....

  64. Leezior PL

    Leezior PL2 dager siden

    Ojjj tak tak byczq ty pewno fortnite only I zbierasz na kod twórcy

  65. Ad Vlok

    Ad Vlok2 dager siden

    Wow they rock at bottle fliping

  66. Thekiller25

    Thekiller252 dager siden

    they ruined the title

  67. Sarah Goldman

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  68. DJ SET

    DJ SET2 dager siden

    All those 😎😎😎

  69. Wafa Algannas

    Wafa Algannas2 dager siden

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    leslie pedrasta2 dager siden

    Dude nobody is perfect

  73. Joceline Augustin

    Joceline Augustin2 dager siden

    U r not awesome you used the thread

  74. Nicolas Romano

    Nicolas Romano2 dager siden

    Does anyone’s else agree this is the dumbest NO-gos channel

  75. Can Sari Life

    Can Sari Life2 dager siden

    I'll be here every 100m until 1B. Like so I don't forget 100M🔓 200M🔓 300M🔨🔒

  76. Chan Ivin

    Chan Ivin2 dager siden

    That beard bottle filp is hacking

  77. rmbs pro

    rmbs pro2 dager siden

    Hello dude

  78. Frank Krouth

    Frank Krouth2 dager siden

    you got a new subscriber from this video all these years and this was my first dude perfect vid. you guys are awesome

  79. Ben

    Ben2 dager siden

    this is dude perfect in the past.. Look at where they are now....

  80. Angela Gerrard

    Angela Gerrard2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> I’m loving Garrett’s coat! LOL

  81. Angela Gerrard

    Angela Gerrard2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="6">0:06</a> that first flip tho

  82. Keidi Anton

    Keidi Anton2 dager siden