Watford fail to take their chances in front of new boss | Watford 0-0 Crystal Palace | Highlights

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Highlights from Vicarage Road where Watford shared the points with Crystal Palace despite a number of golden opportunities to go ahead in front of new boss Nigel Pearson.
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  2. Ice Spike

    Ice SpikeMåned siden

    Stfu £25 😂😂

  3. Not Leco

    Not LecoMåned siden

    Get in the bin

  4. Alakasplashh

    AlakasplashhMåned siden

    i’m not gonna lie watford are screwed haha

  5. Harvey Vinton

    Harvey VintonMåned siden


  6. Lexington Deville84

    Lexington Deville84Måned siden

    Dirty dirty Watford doing what they do best - winding up Zaha whenever we come to Vicarage Road. They’ve had it in for us ever since the 2013 play off final.

  7. Zanos

    ZanosMåned siden

    I came just to see the comments

  8. Ciaran Winstanley

    Ciaran WinstanleyMåned siden

    The commentators just don’t want to commentate this

  9. Joel TM

    Joel TMMåned siden

    Absolute state of var, how was deeney getting headlocked to the floor not a pen? I’m not even a Watford fan as well

  10. Boom Boom

    Boom BoomMåned siden

    How did this end goalless

  11. Direct 2talk

    Direct 2talkMåned siden

    Guys hit me up on Instagram if you have a dream to become a footballer but don’t have the confidence or motivation 🤙

  12. Jameel Yasin

    Jameel YasinMåned siden

    The palace and newcastle keepers are top keepers!!!

  13. Henry Rincavage

    Henry RincavageMåned siden

    How was that not a foul on deeney by Cahill near the end. Cahill had his arm wrapped and bent around his neck and pulled him down. Legit wrestling/wwe stuff out there

  14. gunchberg

    gunchbergMåned siden

    As soon as zaha leaves that shitty club and plays against them, palace fans will realise how much of a cheat he is

  15. mr merl

    mr merlMåned siden

    biggest team in london

  16. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    The Great Phil Swift, Our PrometheusMåned siden

    Watford are going down. With the level of attacking talent they possess, they may well stay down. I don't fancy many of this squad to stay.

  17. Carl Busta Johnson

    Carl Busta JohnsonMåned siden

    Alex Ferguson could take over as manager of Watford and even he couldn't be able to help them at this rate

  18. Cat 106

    Cat 106Måned siden

    Now FA should charge these teams for tainting the beautiful game. 0-0. Disgrace football.

  19. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    When Watford get their replacement manager quicker than Arsenal 😂😂

  20. Thanos

    ThanosMåned siden

    I Can’t Think Of A Username fair point forgot about that u could be right

  21. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    Thanos Allegri is learning English so him going to Arsenal is a possibility

  22. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    Thanos you never know with Poch. Mourinho said 12 years ago that he will never manage Spurs but here we are with Mourinho as their manager.

  23. Thanos

    ThanosMåned siden

    I Can’t Think Of A Username they don’t want to go their poch said he would never manage arsenal or Barca and Alegri is taking a break from football I think it they haven’t made contact with him yet

  24. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    Thanos Allegri, Pochettino. These are some of the managers that are available so why aren’t Arsenal going for them?

  25. Disconnected Roamer

    Disconnected RoamerMåned siden

    That RKO on Deeney was sick!

  26. Sonny

    SonnyMåned siden

    I would rather watch two seagulls fighting over a chip than this match.

  27. Millwall Joey

    Millwall JoeyMåned siden

    Wow what an entertaining game! A PL classic for sure!

  28. yeBoii

    yeBoiiMåned siden

    So boring I might just fall aslee


    RAZE CLANMåned siden

    What has happened to Watford

  30. Fastknight Gaming

    Fastknight GamingMåned siden

    One of the best games of the season. There wasn’t a second going by where I wasn’t about to jump out of my seat. Great game, unfortunate to be goalless.

  31. Aubin Stafford

    Aubin StaffordMåned siden

    Cat 106 u weren’t at the game it was acc a quality match

  32. ZakAttack789

    ZakAttack789Måned siden

    Cat 106 it’s sarcasm idiot

  33. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    Cat 106 clearly u didn’t watch the game probably Watford’s bets game of the season we dominated palace the whole game bad ref

  34. Cat 106

    Cat 106Måned siden

    Wtf are you smoking? This 0-0 game is dork and boring.



    Watford Will Stay Up



    @Aaaa Bbbb They don't play that bad. They just need to start taking their chances.

  37. Aaaa Bbbb

    Aaaa BbbbMåned siden

    STEVE COOK AND LEE CATTERMOLE ARE THE BEST What makes you think that.

  38. Rafas Army

    Rafas ArmyMåned siden

    Who came for the goal of the month contender

  39. TheEagleG

    TheEagleGMåned siden

    From the highlights Watford don't look dirty everyone complaining, looks like we got away with a push in the box, have I not seen something as it is just the highlights?

  40. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousMåned siden

    @TheEagleG they were tactical like Tomkins on Deulofeu. What was cynical was Zaha on Kabasele though

  41. TheEagleG

    TheEagleGMåned siden

    @Jack pffffhhahahah u grow up. Why u so mad over a fair comment. Can't even answer my question

  42. Stanley Smith

    Stanley SmithMåned siden

    TheEagleG And fouls are nice in the first place

  43. Jack

    JackMåned siden

    TheEagleG I’m your soul animal from now on!

  44. TheEagleG

    TheEagleGMåned siden

    @Jack don't see what is Childish about it. So pls answer this is The, Eagle and G childish. I support Palace and an Eagle is my soul animal and I like Eagles. So perfect channel name for me.

  45. H H

    H HMåned siden

    Watford have a always been a scummy club always getting on the back of wilf... his weekly pay is worth more than watford🌚

  46. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousMåned siden

    Still did the triple over Palace last season

  47. Stanley Smith

    Stanley SmithMåned siden

    H H and you drew 0-0

  48. Osian D

    Osian DMåned siden

    Game of the season 💥💥💥

  49. Aaaa Bbbb

    Aaaa BbbbMåned siden

    Stanley Smith Tim? It’s Gary Cahill. 🤦‍♂️

  50. Stanley Smith

    Stanley SmithMåned siden

    TheEagleG what tim Cahill taking deeney down in the box?

  51. TheEagleG

    TheEagleGMåned siden

    Yeah if u like WWE.

  52. wmvilla

    wmvillaMåned siden

    Watford shouldn't be anywhere near bottom with their midfield and attack.

  53. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousMåned siden

    @I Can’t Think Of A Username Gracia needed to go, didn't give players a chance and he couldn't change things when required

  54. Dan DA little Man

    Dan DA little ManMåned siden

    Yeah, their back 4 let’s them down

  55. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    wmvilla shouldn’t have sacked Gracia in the first place they made the same mistake like West Brom did 2 years ago

  56. The Aston Villa Seal

    The Aston Villa SealMåned siden

    Even the commentator sounds bored commentating this.

  57. Morgan Watkinsonsonson

    Morgan WatkinsonsonsonMåned siden

    This is why we call it the beautiful game. Best football match I have and will ever see

  58. Luca Duncan

    Luca DuncanMåned siden

    0 - 0 thriller

  59. TheEagleG

    TheEagleGMåned siden

    Maybe bc u like WWE.

  60. Will .Cons

    Will .ConsMåned siden

    Never seen a club be more obsessed with a player then Watford fans and Zaha. At least they won’t have to worry about him when their in the championship

  61. Patrick Sebire

    Patrick SebireMåned siden

    @SharpShooter tackle someone off the ball looooooool the defender stuck his leg out to trip him up are you stupid or something

  62. Rap Life 27

    Rap Life 27Måned siden

    @SharpShooter when did he tackle a player that doesn’t have the ball?

  63. Will .Cons

    Will .ConsMåned siden

    SharpShooter I think that was that pussy Capoue but zaha got a card for no reason

  64. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    Stanley Smith I hope your talking about zaha? Funny how no palace fans have responded since I proved zaha as a cheat

  65. LFC Spectre

    LFC SpectreMåned siden

    Anyone here for highlights 🙆

  66. Osian D

    Osian DMåned siden


  67. Franek Jarosz

    Franek JaroszMåned siden


  68. Harrison Baker

    Harrison BakerMåned siden


  69. thicc nicki

    thicc nickiMåned siden

    Imagine being a Watford fan poor sods 🤣🤣

  70. Jack 22

    Jack 22Måned siden

    Disconnected Roamer a glory hunter would say something like that what he or she said

  71. Disconnected Roamer

    Disconnected RoamerMåned siden

    @Jack 22 how do you know he doesn't

  72. Jack 22

    Jack 22Måned siden

    The reason I’m a Watford is cause I’m born there maybe try supporting your local mate

  73. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    thicc nicki we’ve lost like 7 points this season thru VAR not being used get rid of it

  74. David O'Brien

    David O'BrienMåned siden

    Look at ur name

  75. George Taylor

    George TaylorMåned siden

    How is that not a pen on deeney

  76. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    George Taylor he thought he was watching rugby I think

  77. Leafblade15

    Leafblade15Måned siden

    2:10 is this WWE or football? Martin Atkinson should have gone to specsavers

  78. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    The Great Phil Swift, Our PrometheusMåned siden


  79. iDontDoXboxLive

    iDontDoXboxLiveMåned siden

    Bulldog, Razor Ramon will be proud.

  80. Ryan Burrows

    Ryan BurrowsMåned siden

    Martin Atkinson making another mistake, about time the FA binned him. Worst ref in the league by a mile.

  81. Leafblade15

    Leafblade15Måned siden


  82. Ceej's Pain Train

    Ceej's Pain TrainMåned siden

    ...and in comes Cahill with the Steel Chair!

  83. Peeper

    PeeperMåned siden

    Imagine not scoring against Watford... could never be us Gunners Edit: Rah bare ppl didn't realise this was sarcastic

  84. Shibly Begum

    Shibly BegumMåned siden

    Imagine losing to liverpool's c team

  85. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    Peeper 2-2 Watford 2-2 norwich 2-2 southampton you’ve conceded 2 to the entire bottom 3

  86. Harrison Baker

    Harrison BakerMåned siden

    Imagine not being able to keep a clean sheet after goong 2 0 up 🤢

  87. Tommy Towngas

    Tommy TowngasMåned siden

    Peeper Just you wait my son

  88. Via3t0 GD

    Via3t0 GDMåned siden

    Imagine not winning for 9 games

  89. Matthew Murphy

    Matthew MurphyMåned siden

    Ah yes The most exciting game of the premier League

  90. S.attwell05

    S.attwell05Måned siden

    We cant take chances and we have LiVARpool next

  91. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    ostar11 we’ve lost 7 points this season to VAR and shitty refs, TAA handballed it more in the city game then allison did

  92. ostar11

    ostar11Måned siden

    How are we "liVARpool" when we would still be top of the table if VAR didnt exist with 44 points. You guys only have 9 points. Pathetic stupid little club. Ye cant say much

  93. John Awotwe

    John AwotweMåned siden

    First to view this match

  94. xAugustus

    xAugustusMåned siden

    love how this game is the same amount of time as everton chelsea 😂

  95. Zac Mainwaring

    Zac MainwaringMåned siden

    Paint watches this game dry.

  96. Oisin O'Buachalla

    Oisin O'BuachallaMåned siden

    Shows how poor crystal palace are

  97. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousMåned siden

    @Kieron Potter it's hard to say, especially given how incensed Zaha gets at times. As much as I admire his passion when critics get to him, he needs to take accountability of when he goes over the top. I'm not one to say he dives (although he does look for pens too easily) but when he takes someone out accidentally or on purpose, he can't just act all innocent and then claim there's an agenda against him. To an extent, he has a point regarding referees needing to look out for his safety but then again, I don't really know how they would do that. Deulofeu got fouled frequently by Palace, last year at Selhurst but he stayed on his feet when people were hacking at him. Equally credit to Ayew for not going down when Masina half dangled a leg out. Okay so how about Cathcart getting a yellow when it was the Palace guy who kicked him when Cathcart got the ball? That wasn't VAR reviewed either. I do sympathise with Zaha last season, Capoue should have gotten a red. That's about as much sympathy as he'll get though, and the fact that Cahill headlocked Deeney at the end won't help anyone's cause. Zaha was getting frustrated by the fact that Kiko and Kabasele kept him quiet all game, let's face it. Deeney would never be a snowflake in such situations, even he's dangerously fouled

  98. Kieron Potter

    Kieron PotterMåned siden

    @Anonymous Anonymous it was clearly on purpose

  99. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous AnonymousMåned siden

    @Kieron Potter yeh cos Kabasele's was minor idk if it was accidental or on purpose but Zaha should have just kept his cool. Instead he retaliated ten times over

  100. Kieron Potter

    Kieron PotterMåned siden

    @SharpShooter mate your player tripper Zaha over and he got a yellow for a foul on him

  101. SharpShooter

    SharpShooterMåned siden

    Will .Cons you rugby tackled our striker we shoulda had 3 pens but VAR never got used we were all over you all game mate 😂

  102. A James

    A JamesMåned siden

    I actually forgot Watford were in the Prem this season 😂

  103. Bobby's Random Videos

    Bobby's Random VideosMåned siden

    Why on earth am I watching this?! my helix jump world record video has more views than this! 😂 Edit: not anymore lol 😭

  104. wmvilla

    wmvillaMåned siden

    way to promote yourself there

  105. Liverpool For life

    Liverpool For lifeMåned siden

    Why would you post this pointless

  106. PCDAN

    PCDANMåned siden

    @Franek Jarosz cl final wont end 0-0 theres pens

  107. Franek Jarosz

    Franek JaroszMåned siden

    So you're telling me every game that ends 0-0 is pointless?? What if a champions league final ends 0-0? Will it be pointless to show the video??

  108. FazeAshdog11

    FazeAshdog11Måned siden

    Another Watford 0-0

  109. Lucumu851

    Lucumu851Måned siden

    Only the 3rd time they drew 0-0

  110. Edgar Lugo-Vasquez

    Edgar Lugo-VasquezMåned siden

    who tf is trying to watch this lmao

  111. MR LAG

    MR LAGMåned siden


  112. MR LAG

    MR LAGMåned siden

    @Noozie.-_ ffs

  113. Noozie.-_

    Noozie.-_Måned siden

    Sure you were

  114. Oliver Cooper

    Oliver CooperMåned siden

    Boring game 😢