We Broke The Budget | Overtime 12 | Dude Perfect

Exotic cars, absurd recurds, Ned's back, and a heated brand new segment!
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Comment: poor Coby, that was brutal
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  1. John Dana

    John Dana8 timer siden

    Disgrace. Lol. Brave heart is number one easily.


    THE GADGET BOY8 timer siden

    Disgrace <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a>

  3. David Dafana

    David Dafana8 timer siden

    Tyler that is the saddest thing I have ever seen

  4. Puppet Pranksters

    Puppet Pranksters8 timer siden


  5. Antonio Bellia

    Antonio Bellia8 timer siden

    Stolid idea to see each other in covid 19

  6. Katie Kimmel

    Katie Kimmel9 timer siden

    The only one I know is Elf

  7. Matthew Giedd

    Matthew Giedd9 timer siden

    I know that’s one of the only things I’ve been watching to keep myself entertained.

  8. Olliver McDonald

    Olliver McDonald9 timer siden


  9. Olliver McDonald

    Olliver McDonald9 timer siden

    im from australia

  10. mistery boyy

    mistery boyy9 timer siden

    Im from belgium


    THE ROCK MASTERS10 timer siden

    Feeling pity for coby

  12. Jackson Perham

    Jackson Perham10 timer siden

    Dallas Texas

  13. Eljespero

    Eljespero10 timer siden

    Ty really threw away endgame and star wars for elf?

  14. Jessica Jenkins

    Jessica Jenkins10 timer siden


  15. Ethan F

    Ethan F10 timer siden

    Avengers endgame is the second most popular movie of all time

  16. Tanmay Yadav

    Tanmay Yadav10 timer siden


  17. Nick Chen

    Nick Chen11 timer siden

    Who is from Taiwan

  18. Vincento Vlogai

    Vincento Vlogai11 timer siden

    coby got bullied

  19. Paco W

    Paco W12 timer siden

    Tyler : **Throws Avengers:Endgame** Every fan : **Hates**

  20. Joey McCallum

    Joey McCallum12 timer siden

    i binged

  21. Charlee Bennett

    Charlee Bennett14 timer siden

    I feel horrible for Coby he literally missed the best episode of cool not cool just for going a little over budget but when Tyler breaks a TV he just gets called names like that just shows how much the show revoles around Tyler! Like they all got expensive professionally made food their own personal drip rare sneakers and CARS like thats just so unfair!!!!

  22. Manas bro

    Manas bro14 timer siden

    I am from India

  23. Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal

    Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal14 timer siden

    I hope covid-19 is gone

  24. Barr Matthew

    Barr Matthew16 timer siden

    I’m from Uranus

  25. Jayden Hill

    Jayden Hill16 timer siden

    Since when are there only 2 720s in the world

  26. Ivan Kovalik

    Ivan Kovalik16 timer siden

    Your so mean Tyler what if they do that to you

  27. Maggie O’Connor

    Maggie O’Connor17 timer siden

    I mean, he isn’t wrong, but it is hilarious

  28. Madden20beast

    Madden20beast17 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="375">6:15</a> Cody’s shoes are orange <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="377">6:17</a> they’re red

  29. Andrew Prosser

    Andrew Prosser17 timer siden


  30. Elizabeth Chu

    Elizabeth Chu17 timer siden

    How could he do that to endgame

  31. Dan Coughlin

    Dan Coughlin18 timer siden

    I am sorry Kobe😆

  32. Psylis Crace

    Psylis Crace18 timer siden

    Ahhhh are you sereose you put remember the titans at ahnerable menchon you blitz all night

  33. J Saenz

    J Saenz18 timer siden

    I feel bad for Cory

  34. Colin Gregory

    Colin Gregory19 timer siden


  35. Liam Clarke

    Liam Clarke20 timer siden

    No way he didn’t pick my three favourite movies. Endgame Lord of the rings Jurassic Park

  36. gabby lee

    gabby lee20 timer siden

    What was he thinking those are not the top ten movies

  37. hongyu xu

    hongyu xu20 timer siden

    go to the masterchef,it's gonna be fun!

  38. D Choi

    D Choi20 timer siden

    Enjoy the hat? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a>

  39. D Choi

    D Choi20 timer siden

    Enjoy the hat? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a>

  40. Beth DeVille

    Beth DeVille21 time siden

    I am from Louisiana

  41. Brian Tyson

    Brian Tyson21 time siden


  42. Mabel Forsyth

    Mabel Forsyth21 time siden

    there budget no longer exists

  43. Kahlan Radvanyi

    Kahlan Radvanyi22 timer siden

    People that disliked the video was disliking ty wall

  44. jon donald

    jon donald23 timer siden

    jurassic park is the best

  45. Roger Shifrin

    Roger Shifrin23 timer siden


  46. Lauren Campbell

    Lauren Campbell23 timer siden


  47. Roger Shifrin

    Roger Shifrin23 timer siden


  48. Roger Shifrin

    Roger Shifrin23 timer siden

    jurasic park i mean

  49. Roger Shifrin

    Roger Shifrin23 timer siden

    poor coby misses out on food sports cars exspensive neckleses and all for just a 90$ not cool and avengers+avengers=best movie ever

  50. Jeremy Schertzinger

    Jeremy Schertzinger23 timer siden


  51. Hunter P

    Hunter PDag siden


  52. The Crazy Jack

    The Crazy JackDag siden


  53. Colin Viets

    Colin VietsDag siden

    Disgrace: Jason Bourne is the best!

  54. MacKenzie Carpenter

    MacKenzie CarpenterDag siden


  55. Benjamin Ficociello

    Benjamin FicocielloDag siden

    I have a wheel unfortunate, it's jump in a pool of slime (:

  56. Flipper Triks

    Flipper TriksDag siden

    I’m from Norway

  57. Jason Dean

    Jason DeanDag siden


  58. Payton Hamilton

    Payton HamiltonDag siden

    Who else noticed that Ty put Pitch Perfect as an honorable mention

  59. Angie Dickison

    Angie DickisonDag siden

    Definite disgrace as soon as he threw endgame

  60. Chirag Mehta

    Chirag MehtaDag siden

    Poor coby that was brutal

  61. Payton Hamilton

    Payton HamiltonDag siden

    Who else realized that ty put pitch perfect as an honourable mention

  62. William Mohamed

    William MohamedDag siden


  63. Newt Scamander

    Newt ScamanderDag siden

    Ty, I have lost so much respect for you,because you think Elf is better than Endgame, while it is the literal #1 movie in the world

  64. Almare Davel

    Almare DavelDag siden

    You are bolies

  65. fortnite creative

    fortnite creativeDag siden


  66. Vert DogD 0N

    Vert DogD 0NDag siden

    Someone put home alone on there

  67. Samantha Pauley

    Samantha PauleyDag siden

    me and all those movies were disagree

  68. Nicholas Rodrick

    Nicholas RodrickDag siden

    Sorry TT, but really disgrace

  69. weisdrunk

    weisdrunkDag siden

    I hate this

  70. Dan Keeley

    Dan KeeleyDag siden

    Plz like my comment 👍😺😹😂🤣😛

  71. Leela leela

    Leela leelaDag siden

    Tyler I do not wanna say this but I am starting to dislike you

  72. Nicole Stutzman

    Nicole StutzmanDag siden

    Never heard his movies on the top 10 with the exception which is elf

  73. Benjamin Ficociello

    Benjamin FicocielloDag siden


  74. Edwin Baez

    Edwin BaezDag siden

    Thats a disgracse

  75. Clemens Sandelin

    Clemens SandelinDag siden


  76. Shaun Dunson

    Shaun DunsonDag siden

    Kansas City Missouri

  77. Trashman 65 30

    Trashman 65 30Dag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">6:06</a>

  78. Trashman 65 30

    Trashman 65 30Dag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a>

  79. Trashman 65 30

    Trashman 65 30Dag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a>

  80. Trashman 65 30

    Trashman 65 30Dag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>