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  1. AndretheDias

    AndretheDias10 dager siden

    There is the difference between Logan and Simon he put a real one in a pool you said cant be done love you

  2. Cam Abbo26

    Cam Abbo265 måneder siden

    i couldnt get over the fact kon shat him self

  3. dot muggridge

    dot muggridgeÅr siden

    I used msn back in the day



    MSM DJ maximum. All day everyday BBK

  5. Savoona Matada

    Savoona MatadaÅr siden

    What is the song at the end of the video?

  6. M M

    M MÅr siden

    Bloody hell some jet ski

  7. Caroline Read

    Caroline ReadÅr siden

    His name it's only minter

  8. Mohammed S

    Mohammed SÅr siden

    wow so cool (not)

  9. eddyk

    eddykÅr siden

    I tried breaking with my left foot once and almost snapped my neck off.

  10. Story Michaud

    Story MichaudÅr siden

    Simon’s clickbait skills are unreal

  11. Tristan DR

    Tristan DRÅr siden

    Well I mean he wasn’t lying

  12. MÓCatháin

    MÓCatháinÅr siden

    Look at simons face at 9.29

  13. jack johnston

    jack johnstonÅr siden

    you can 123movies it

  14. Adam Wallis

    Adam WallisÅr siden

    yo simon th download thing for the sidemen merch didnt work eacatlly u knoe.

  15. Ben Jones

    Ben JonesÅr siden

    Wow this is what you call content 😂

  16. EstNoobGamer

    EstNoobGamerÅr siden

    Make em free!!!

  17. Trolzuniversal

    TrolzuniversalÅr siden

    A jet ksi

  18. Angad Bhatia

    Angad BhatiaÅr siden

    I miss the old miniminter who didn’t use to blog that much and use to play football all the time

  19. SynDynamo

    SynDynamoÅr siden

    but theres only one full one

  20. Tenty S

    Tenty SÅr siden

    *Sponsored by Aqua Cruise*

  21. Naamy1989

    Naamy1989År siden

    Lol some countries don't have access to NO-gos red...including mine. Will have loved to watch the show.

  22. Stian Paulsen

    Stian PaulsenÅr siden


  23. OwenWarrior7870

    OwenWarrior7870År siden

    Omg that’s Sick 😂😂😂

  24. Chris Banga

    Chris BangaÅr siden

    you can thank behzinga for the dislike plz get him out of sidemen and do everyone a favour

  25. Willie Amaya

    Willie AmayaÅr siden

    It is a jet ski a kid jet ski

  26. Dustin Reid

    Dustin ReidÅr siden

    What's the name of the outro song...plz help I can't find it

  27. Max FTW

    Max FTWÅr siden

    Thought the farting blocke was behzinga

  28. James Yeoman

    James YeomanÅr siden

    Outro song?

  29. Martinsk _

    Martinsk _År siden

    But in Latvia there is no youtube premium

  30. Harry Collins

    Harry CollinsÅr siden

    Lol kids one

  31. Muaz _

    Muaz _År siden

    This was worse than Ryan's toy review

  32. John Pros

    John ProsÅr siden

    Premium is not available ing the Philippines

  33. Hamza Hasan

    Hamza HasanÅr siden

    who else could smell cons fart?

  34. Messepe

    MessepeÅr siden

    I wish youtube premium is available in my country

  35. STYNZ

    STYNZÅr siden

    Every time he farted😂

  36. quack dawd

    quack dawdÅr siden

    the farting is disgusting

  37. Γιάννης Δημητρίου

    Γιάννης ΔημητρίουÅr siden

    How are there people that don't know the light blue joke? This shit's older than all of us combined :P

  38. LameGamingHD

    LameGamingHDÅr siden


  39. LameGamingHD

    LameGamingHDÅr siden


  40. LameGamingHD

    LameGamingHDÅr siden


  41. LameGamingHD

    LameGamingHDÅr siden


  42. Sophie X

    Sophie XÅr siden

    Is kon Ethan’s brother?

  43. Chaz Stallard

    Chaz StallardÅr siden

    React to Ireland Boys Poppin’ Martinez Twins diss track

  44. Lurbin73

    Lurbin73År siden

    It could hold your weight

  45. Lurbin73

    Lurbin73År siden

    How much did it cost

  46. Mason Kennedy

    Mason KennedyÅr siden

    Legitimate refugee approach gasbkw completely unit charge illegal.

  47. zoe staires

    zoe stairesÅr siden

    Bro jj should make a disstrack on Logan just cause jj spits bars

  48. Gabriel Taylor

    Gabriel TaylorÅr siden


  49. Owencg

    OwencgÅr siden

    I have a feeling this is clickbait

  50. Daniel Kelly

    Daniel KellyÅr siden

    bad joke:why can't dinosaurs clap answer:coz there dead.

  51. Greg Adair

    Greg AdairÅr siden

    A )€*%>}^#%%#%%%>#%%%%%

  52. Magnus Rasmussen

    Magnus RasmussenÅr siden

    what is this...

  53. Surajkh1

    Surajkh1År siden

    NO-gos Premium is not yet available in my country😭

  54. Bladez In5ane

    Bladez In5aneÅr siden

    Why did i say sex ski then at 10 mins a dildo with wheels showed up ?

  55. Hayley Hughes

    Hayley HughesÅr siden

    nicole shirZERKAA

  56. B0aTsR4ThEAiR !

    B0aTsR4ThEAiR !År siden

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fucking AWESOME

  57. Zoe rooke

    Zoe rookeÅr siden


  58. Noah Murphy

    Noah MurphyÅr siden

    Who thinks that Chris MD should join the sidemen

  59. Suhail Azeez

    Suhail AzeezÅr siden

    Upload ma g

  60. Funny GoOSe

    Funny GoOSeÅr siden

    Didn’t he actually ride to the secret base where Nicole was and escape on the jet skis