We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **MIND BLOWING** (Part 3)

Another life hack video! We tested to see if these tiktok life hacks are real or fake.. The results were so cool!
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  1. FaZe Rug

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  3. White Nibba

    White Nibba2 dager siden

    You have to put egg in vinegar to bounce

  4. Syn BBlueGreninja

    Syn BBlueGreninja5 dager siden

    Subscribe To me For no reason ❶ bs

  5. Diego Escalante

    Diego Escalante5 dager siden

    The controller life hack was my idea

  6. Kiera Deans

    Kiera Deans6 minutter siden

    U did it wrong which carder shera and he did that hack and it worked

  7. someone awkward

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  8. Lars Fosse

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    LEGEND BORNTime siden

    And then it will bounce


    LEGEND BORNTime siden

    After diping the egg in the coke I think you have to peel it

  11. Mr- Mohsenah

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  12. Stephany Garcia

    Stephany GarciaTime siden

    Your supposed to use to use vinager and a egg and let the egg sit in the vinager for 24h and it will bounce

  13. Lyla._. Chris tv

    Lyla._. Chris tv2 timer siden

    Awww I wanted the $100 bucks 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. L N Singh

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    It maybe would fix the dent with no water


    KRICCO & DANDI3 timer siden

    Very very 😎 cool 😎

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    U have my grandmas bowl !

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  20. cristina zarah capilitancastillo

    cristina zarah capilitancastillo4 timer siden

    i hate this this video

  21. Chan Aaden

    Chan Aaden4 timer siden

    any cubers here?

  22. Angeline Diviya

    Angeline Diviya4 timer siden

    you should vinegar not soda

  23. MYST Shroud

    MYST Shroud6 timer siden

    Im a pro cuber and u can do that trick if the cube is already solved and u do it repeated. He just did it half and then started video and then just did it and got it done

  24. Felipa Gonzalez

    Felipa Gonzalez7 timer siden


  25. DARREN Hassan

    DARREN Hassan8 timer siden

    first of all, there is no such thing as solving a rubiks's cube with only one algorithm, what he did is just doing U,L',U,L' when the cube was solved and if u do it enough time its going to repeat itself and it will be solved, solving a rubik's cube also isn't hard, u just need to be dedicated to learning it.

  26. aaron saliba

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  27. Cesar Oliveira

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  28. Ayush Mange

    Ayush Mange9 timer siden

    Can someone explain him how does a plunger work so he stops blaming the car for not making a suction when half of his plunger is outside the surface?

  29. justice hart

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  30. justice hart

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    My friend thought me how to connect ps4 controller

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    Aye I play cod 2 add me! Eliyeehaw

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    1:31 

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    Bro this just hit my mind FaZe Rug has more subscribers than FaZe Clan that’s insane Jarvis

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    Please do part 4

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    My account on call of duty is CallofDutyFan and lvl 84

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    Every dog cracks whatever it gets

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    Is that call of duty mobile?

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    It reallt work for cod mobile thank you very much it is really helpful for me😁😁


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    Bro I don't want to be mean but I already no how to connect my ps4 controller to my tablet

  46. Kai Kootstra

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    The egg and coke one works I did it in grade 1😂

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    Do sync for Xbox controls

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  49. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj12 timer siden

    Do the first hack in slow motion

  50. Ralph Esoy

    Ralph Esoy12 timer siden

    Faze Rug try ,vinegar and egg leave it for 24 hours

  51. vinasu maaj

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  52. Anayeli Arriaga

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    Love you 😘

  53. Shirlina Langimeo

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    Rug “Were gonna move o ohhhh” Me “Karma is a B*tch”

  54. Jaden Ottey

    Jaden Ottey12 timer siden

    Ik I wasn't the only one who thought he was laying on the ground in the intro

  55. Danny Mondragon

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    your topost to put it in viniger and then ittl turn claer

  56. Danny Mondragon

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    hi mmmmm

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    im pooping while watching

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    Just so you guys know, the egg one does work but replace the coke with vinegar 😂

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    Follow me @jxime.10

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    Put the egg in vinegar it sounds gross but trust me it works.😁

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    The Popcorn Pop Is So Satisfying

  62. Yesssir Shh

    Yesssir Shh13 timer siden

    9:01 task failed sucessfully

  63. Bertie Martin

    Bertie Martin13 timer siden

    the guy in the second life hack did it with a one dollar bill. so rug had to show him p with a twenty.

  64. Jason Chhum

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    Yo I see that Orange Mclaren in the back tho!

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    Do the first hack in slow motion