What Happens When Musical.ly Stars Get Their Own Show?

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Singing isn't the only thing people are pretending to do on musical.ly; apparently the app is home to an entirely more pretentious genre of lazy content: lip synch acting. But how far can someone go in life just by mouthing words that other people said? Turns out, pretty far actually.
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  1. Avia Chakrabarti

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  2. Avia Chakrabarti

    Avia Chakrabarti34 minutter siden

    Omg remember Evan buffers

  3. Autumn Dollar

    Autumn Dollar3 timer siden

    Ayeeee! I was on their😂 I thought I was good back then.

  4. Miriam Halpern

    Miriam Halpern7 timer siden

    Why that tik tok dude gotta do my guy Grant Gustin (the flash) like that 😖

  5. Zach Anderson

    Zach Anderson19 timer siden

    This is Drew’s best vid:) love this one

  6. Jordan Neal

    Jordan NealDag siden

    I did not recognize a single film that they were lip syncing...

  7. Michaelmichaelmotorcycle

    MichaelmichaelmotorcycleDag siden

    That “pretty boy” is ugly lmao

  8. Team Ataraxia

    Team AtaraxiaDag siden

    Amazing world of gumball was a show on cartoon network that was so well made that I, as a teenager and not a child, called it my favorite show ever.

  9. Vicki Nastarowicz

    Vicki NastarowiczDag siden

    am I the only one who's from 2020? XD

  10. Kheldaur Garth

    Kheldaur GarthDag siden

    Oh dear satan this video physically hurt me.

  11. Grace

    GraceDag siden

    You can also tell just how privileged all these main 'actors' are in the show as well, most of them haven't done a single thing influential at all.

  12. MilkyWay90 YT Channel

    MilkyWay90 YT ChannelDag siden

    BroBot has some of the most stereotypical hacking there is.

  13. MilkyWay90 YT Channel

    MilkyWay90 YT ChannelDag siden

    The sad thing is is that he's better at lip syncing dialogue than all those kids who try to professionally do it.

  14. HamsterK1977

    HamsterK1977Dag siden

    The best thing about these shows is how it is introducing art to children

  15. HamsterK1977

    HamsterK1977Dag siden

    On the BroBot IMDB page, the big guy banging the desk is named "Evil Dude".

  16. Kiley Reed

    Kiley Reed2 dager siden

    Why is there a fake light behind the computer 😂

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  18. Julianna M

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    Nobody's gonna talk about how drew said he could convert a gay guy? No? Ok.

  19. Just A Girl

    Just A Girl2 dager siden

    9:10 truly a question for the ages.

  20. Some Guy

    Some Guy2 dager siden

    I deadass thought that was you in a wig and makeup in the thumbnail lol

  21. oxi tocin

    oxi tocin2 dager siden

    instagram stars...for kids shows...

  22. wogfun

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    wait, isn't this app called tiktok?

  23. Will Lectar

    Will Lectar3 dager siden

    Haha lol anyone notice that the sign in the background says “why does musically is suck”? 😂😂😂 Drew you idiot haha first of all that doesn’t make grammatical sense but second of all woah hoh hoh hoh WHERE is that question mark 😂😂🤣 stupid, it’s a question lol IT NEEDS A QUESTION MARK learn grammar you idiot 🤣🤣 I’m in 3rd grade and I have better grammar than you 🤣🤣 stupid

  24. Tanisha Adames

    Tanisha Adames3 dager siden

    "Over nights" or "(horrible) lemonade mouth 2?"

  25. Smiley Dweeb

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    12:30 pm but it's dark outside??

  26. Lukas Boss

    Lukas Boss3 dager siden

    I have that same shirt 😂😂

  27. Trevor Sedis

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    Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood...like Sesame Street...respected children.

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  29. Dmartin42

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    Aren’t you gay?

  30. Alcoon Slambag

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    "Are you here to do the make out?" -Ugly Douchey

  31. P Matheson

    P Matheson4 dager siden

    Thanks for mentioning Mr. Rogers. Feeling hopeless re: kids content.

  32. Ramez Dr

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    Is that Justin Bieber's relative?

  33. Ситнова Александра

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    Well, this didn't age well

  34. Miguelitsss

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    was having trouble waking up. the cringe shot me straight outta bed

  35. Shady

    Shady5 dager siden

    The over nights one are actors from Disney.

  36. Star Galaxy

    Star Galaxy5 dager siden

    Ya know what’s funny The main Character in bro bot is brents sister lol like that’s lazy

  37. Jordan Jones

    Jordan Jones6 dager siden

    "Just cause you're makin' shows for kids doesn't mean the shows have to suck!" Son of the Mask, 2005 production. You could probably play Tim Avery with that voice.


    MORGAN PARTRIDGE6 dager siden

    Nice split screen conversation Danny 😎

  39. Phantomartist !!!

    Phantomartist !!!7 dager siden

    *omg thank you*

  40. Mandira Popat

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    Drew should get his own tv show.

  41. Mandira Popat

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    This video is so GOOOOODen. 🙌🏼

  42. Scott Scully

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    He pranked me. Drew gooden pranked me. I hate drew gooden Wait. Am I in love with drew Gooden?

  43. bleachyboi 3000

    bleachyboi 30008 dager siden

    My cousin works for brat

  44. oirvine209

    oirvine2098 dager siden

    Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this already but the dude who’s playing bass in the Over Nights or whatever it’s called is holding their bass upside down and has officially committed a war crime

  45. Anna Pike

    Anna Pike8 dager siden

    “now, is it mean to make fun of these kids?” “yes.” “does that make me a bad person?” “yes.” “am i going to hell for this?” “yes.” “but do i care about any of that?” “yes.” “oh..”

  46. Mate Varszegi

    Mate Varszegi7 dager siden

    you should have a musically account and make "content", I see you can type what others said before. Great!

  47. バブルBubbleCraze

    バブルBubbleCraze9 dager siden

    Just *wait* until he sees tiktok POVs

  48. Brandon Sloggett

    Brandon Sloggett9 dager siden

    You mouthed that audio way better then all the videos you showed

  49. futur3

    futur39 dager siden

    "Disney realized many years ago that kids are dumb, and will watch anything" *Phineas and Ferb wants to know your location*

  50. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg10 dager siden

    2:32 this mf seriously just lip synced to the flash and called it acting... does he even know what he's saying?

  51. mariam al said

    mariam al said10 dager siden

    Their school allows them to wear short shorts...

  52. Band Scores Galore

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  53. rehana salim

    rehana salim10 dager siden

    When your sibling crashes your moms car and blames you and everyone believes you dumb sibling 3:43

  54. Lemon Bella

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    *I, Drew Gooden, have a dream.*

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  57. jessie snider

    jessie snider12 dager siden

    I totally agree with you on the part about mr rogers :( we need more people like him

  58. It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

    It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo13 dager siden

    Mr Rogers and Bob Ross shaped my childhood and gave me the compassion and calmness to help me through a lot of the situations I'm in now, and when I struggle I look back and use it to calm down.

  59. Gunner Hansard

    Gunner Hansard13 dager siden

    I'm now officially Greg!

  60. Honey Cakes

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    (O-O) Edit:that don’t cringe part almost made me cut my lungs out (-v-) (❤️u❤️) Don’t even ask

  61. L_A_U_ Y

    L_A_U_ Y14 dager siden

    Still dont get how tik tok has become so big...every single video ive seen from there is so cringeworthy.. really dont get some of the young generation