When Will I Die?

When will I die? No one knows! Except maybe these dumb quizzes online can tell me. How long do you think jacksepticeye has left to live? 150 years? close! Watch to find out
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeye13 dager siden

    Not long left gamers

  2. PokéFan Bri

    PokéFan Bri13 dager siden

    What's the link to that quiz?

  3. Krazy T

    Krazy T13 dager siden

    I read a book exactly like that it’s called Wh3n It’s pretty good

  4. LonelySoulSearcher

    LonelySoulSearcher13 dager siden

    There is a movie that you described Sean, it's called In Time. Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried. People born with clocks in their arm, when it runs out they die. Boom.

  5. Oli Stafford

    Oli Stafford13 dager siden

    There a film called in time it's a great film I recommend?

  6. Liam Donaghy

    Liam Donaghy13 dager siden

    would u like to know me?

  7. Shae Renuel

    Shae RenuelTime siden

    My results: 58.62% sadist, 17.24% masochist Me, a 200% submissive bottom: ._.

  8. Ajlez

    Ajlez3 timer siden

    Show me your beer fridge, bro.

  9. Ajlez

    Ajlez3 timer siden

    I wrote beef by mistake.

  10. Ajlez

    Ajlez3 timer siden

    Read the Death Note manga. The anime is trash. It's a little hard when you first pick it up but totally worth it. It's my favorite manga.

  11. Ajlez

    Ajlez3 timer siden

    Yeah. I have Huntington's Disease which, once you're diagnosed as symptomatic (technically your brain has always been killing itself your whole life, though), they say you have 10-20 years left to live. I was diagnosed at 27 and I'm now 35. It's complicated because my friends don't see this timeline, but I do. I know I'm going to deteriorate and I'm going to lose what they know of "myself" and "who I am" years before I actually die - which means I have even less than that time limit remaining. Many people choose suicide before they get to that point. I would have, too, when I was less developed as a person. I feel like my closest friend/sort of partner is always expecting more out of me, expecting me to go somewhere in life and succeed at something and I don't know if that's rooted partly in reality or just my paranoia. I spend all of my time making sure I can avoid certain circumstances coming to pass, and trying to take care of myself regardless. I don't care about being viewed as successful in anything anymore, because I know what *I* value in life.

  12. Ajlez

    Ajlez3 timer siden

    The page thinks I'm going to live another 34 years myself. Haha!

  13. Ajlez

    Ajlez4 timer siden

    I can't even sleep for 4 hours. Cries.

  14. Ajlez

    Ajlez4 timer siden

    I tell you intimate details about myself all the time!!!

  15. herocheetah 1139

    herocheetah 11394 timer siden


  16. hunter wayne

    hunter wayne4 timer siden

    Go watch in time

  17. ShadowKill Gaming

    ShadowKill Gaming7 timer siden

    I did the test and I’m living till 2104, so 84 and 101 day’s. So I’m dying when I’m 97

  18. Ksymena Sielicki

    Ksymena Sielicki8 timer siden

    There is a story on the Wattpad app and the story is called expiration date and it’s about people having the date they die on their wrists and it’s actually REALLY good!!!! (I’m my opinion of course)

  19. Professor Paradox

    Professor Paradox9 timer siden

    There was a movie where time became common currency. 5 minutes for a cup of coffee, etc. When you ran out of time, you would die, but you could potentially live much longer.

  20. TheFlaaa

    TheFlaaa10 timer siden

    Isn’t E-Sports a sport? If so, Sean should be an athlete!

  21. stella star

    stella star12 timer siden

    left-handed people are more likely to die from accidents because tools are made primarily for right-handed people

  22. Chris Wade

    Chris Wade13 timer siden

    I got the countdown app and it said I was going to die in three years but I’m 12

  23. B Baltazar

    B Baltazar13 timer siden

    Countdown the movie

  24. Dragon Heart

    Dragon Heart14 timer siden

    We will prove this rong! When ur 50 we will rong it

  25. A'n'B Gaming

    A'n'B Gaming16 timer siden

    Just apply the cheat code before your death and you're good to go....

  26. MaskedFox

    MaskedFox18 timer siden

    Jack has never seen shikamaru take down hidan and it shows

  27. Bomborama

    Bomborama18 timer siden

    Jack: "apparently I'm more boomer than I thought I was" Me: "you call zombies, minecrafts... you're obviously a boomer in disguise"

  28. Gachaniel Life

    Gachaniel Life20 timer siden

    Also this ad about body parts switching off and stuff made me think it was apart of the quiz but I realized it was an ad somewhere in the middle

  29. Gachaniel Life

    Gachaniel Life20 timer siden

    Left people have a higher chance of death... Whatever that means I'm one of those lucky 30% lefthanded but also unlucky to die faster life is fun... I guess

  30. jakethesnakelover

    jakethesnakelover21 time siden

    9:17 There was a movie or show I remember seeing years ago where there was this woman who could see timers above people’s heads that counted down to their death. The actress was the same lady from the show The Client List, I can’t remember her name right now. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

  31. Randy Robbins

    Randy Robbins21 time siden

    i rather kill my self

  32. Caroline Roe

    Caroline Roe22 timer siden

    jack you are going to die on my birthday (January 31) I actually almost cried lmao, love you jack

  33. Mell Arts

    Mell Arts22 timer siden

    Yeah, Jack. there is a movie about timing death on people, it's kinda cool cuz they are able to add or subtract. And time literally replaces money. Its called In Time.

  34. mrhayouman Games and blogs

    mrhayouman Games and blogs23 timer siden

    I'm hungry

  35. Manny Moreno

    Manny Moreno23 timer siden

    I did the math he is 29 years old 🎂

  36. Kristy Le

    Kristy LeDag siden

    Everyone that is dead is regretting saying that they were right handed

  37. Urruh

    UrruhDag siden

    likee cuz i said so

  38. amanda uzumaki

    amanda uzumakiDag siden

    Death note is an anime that would be good to watch

  39. SilentCodeLockTC

    SilentCodeLockTCDag siden

    i would actualy love to know so i can greet death when it comes you know no one realy says hello to death they must be lonely i would tell them hello and try to become friends with them (im basicaly saying i dont care i would want to see it and i would let it be as i dont care. i would get ready and say farewell to my family etc you know. basicaly i dont care i would see it for scientific purpouses)

  40. Logan Ó Neill

    Logan Ó NeillDag siden

    I got 54.05% masochist and I'm not surprised, pretty true 😂😂

  41. Coby Perkins

    Coby PerkinsDag siden

    I'm left handed

  42. coco Knight

    coco KnightDag siden

    Death note

  43. Captain FluffyPaws

    Captain FluffyPawsDag siden

    I would be genuinely sad if I knew I would die shortly, because I would want to live longer.

  44. clipz chardy

    clipz chardyDag siden

    Yer there is a film were they have a clock on a wrist and they can transfer time over and stuff

  45. Josh2legit

    Josh2legitDag siden

    What song is he using in the background

  46. Ovrly Em0tional

    Ovrly Em0tionalDag siden

    There's a horror movie could countdown is out should watch that 😅

  47. Holly May

    Holly MayDag siden

    There is a new film out called countdown where they have an app that counts down to their deaths