Which Performance Badges Are a Scam?

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BMW has M. Nissan has Nismo. Ford has ST. If you see one of these badges, you know the car is serious...Or is it? Maybe some of these badges are...lying? Join Nolan as he explores the history of all of you favorite badges: BMW M, Nissan Nismo, Ford ST, Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Audi S, Hyundai N, Acura and HondaType R- and whether or not they mean anything anymore. This is a spicy one!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  1. Sonydestino1145

    Sonydestino114514 minutter siden

    Fun fact: st used to be SVT

  2. Steve 30x

    Steve 30x23 minutter siden

    What's Knee sawn and knee smo?

  3. Quan Pham

    Quan Pham31 minutt siden

    Go drive a base 2 series and then drive the M sport 240. It's a huge difference in power and handling. Same goes for a C300 and a C43 AMG... and that's not the full blown C63 AMG. With MB there's an AMG line made specifically for looks. Those vehicles do not sport an AMG badge. There is the intro AMG cars, i.e. CLA 45 AMG, GLA 45 AMG, C43 AMG, E43 &53 AMG, CLS 53 AMG, GLE 43 & 53 AMG....all these will spank the shit out of 95% of the cars on the road. These aren't even the full blown 63. This concept does the same for BMW M and Audi S and RS line.

  4. Steve 30x

    Steve 30x38 minutter siden

    When I see the ST badge on a Ford it reminds me of a sanitary item used by women

  5. Mr Nothing

    Mr Nothing41 minutt siden

    If you didnt knew toyota supra mk5 is known as bmw supra ciz most parts are bmw parts

  6. Boopadin

    Boopadin44 minutter siden

    You pointed out the M240i as being a scam. The M240i is miles faster than the other 2 series cars. Cars like the M135i and the M235i are supposed to bridge the gap between the standard "M performance" (cars that only affects the looks) and the M cars that have been tuned. Simply put, the M 1 series, M 2 series and M 3 series aren't scams at all. All over 300bhp.

  7. Brandon S

    Brandon STime siden

    Alfa Romero has the guilia qutrofilio is a night and day difference from the base. Unique appearance and 505hp twin turbo 6cy.

  8. Fail Zero

    Fail ZeroTime siden

    Quattro is the performance line, it's just Audi failed attempted at pushing it because everyone took it as AWD. The RS is meant to be trim line along with base, S-line, S, and RS. Like Honda's LX, EX, EX-L. Quattro is the actual skunk work. It's in the history. They were giving the Quattro massive grill as a free option on the S and RS models and no one was getting them. But in reality, Quattro is their M/AMG line. It pays homage to their dominating homologated rally cars.

  9. Chris A

    Chris A2 timer siden

    "performance badges for everyone!!...you get a r,... you get a St,...you get a AMG,... everybody gets one!!!"....Yay!

  10. A G

    A G3 timer siden

    I love how shite GM/chevy seemingly matched the (entered market back in 2016) focus RS lettering almost tit for tat. Yes I know RS naming/badging is much older than THIS example.

  11. cfreeses

    cfreeses4 timer siden

    Subaru??? Wrx... Sti...

  12. PAWEL4513

    PAWEL45135 timer siden

    U don't know anything ab audi and u misunderstood everything ab it

  13. F Card

    F Card5 timer siden

    that's all great and all but let's get to the heart of the matter, did he say 'que' -fucking- 'pon'?

  14. Anton Falez

    Anton Falez7 timer siden

    No STi or Evo?

  15. Lost Vagueness

    Lost Vagueness8 timer siden

    "M sport package" adds handling and aesthetic upgrades, BMW tell you this and honestly outside the US where corners on roads exist it helps. As for M performance not offering "much in the way of performance"? A hot hatch with 340bhp in the m140i for 36000 euros? Or perhaps tge M performance M760i with a tiny 6ltr v12 turbo and 620bhp is just to close in performance to their 3ltr diesel's 26bhp? Also the nismo juke has a 1.6ltr turbo engine from Renaultsport, Renault's motorsports division that builds their F1 cars.

  16. Franko the gorilla:Sputnik

    Franko the gorilla:Sputnik8 timer siden

    M line means it has M performance trim not upgrades. its just vusual upgardes to make ur car look better.

  17. William Howard

    William Howard8 timer siden


  18. Markku Pesonen

    Markku Pesonen11 timer siden

    Toyota won 2019 first championship in WRC? How about 1990 with Toyota Celica GT-Four? other victories 1992, 1993 and 1994 plus manufacturers championships in 1993, 1994, 1999 and 2018.

  19. Rahul Dobhal

    Rahul Dobhal14 timer siden

    1.2K dislikes from the buyers of those fake performance cars :P

  20. nicholaslokos

    nicholaslokos14 timer siden

    Bruh out here forgetting SRT

  21. Michael Balcerak

    Michael Balcerak14 timer siden

    What about the R badge on the Volvo 850, S60 and the v70???

  22. manindu sumathipala

    manindu sumathipala14 timer siden

    And the GTI nameplate!!!!!!!!

  23. manindu sumathipala

    manindu sumathipala14 timer siden

    What about Volvo’s Polestar and Jaguar’s SVR??

  24. Steve Jovan

    Steve Jovan14 timer siden

    There are full on M cars, baby M cars and M badge trims. The first 2 are real M cars. The M550 is faster than the previous M5. The M850 is also very fast. If a full on M car in the M8 or M5 did not exist there would be no question as to these being M cars. This 30 seconds of BMW is a bit dishonest as there are legitimate baby M cars if you think that a M550 with 523 hp is a baby anything! Do your research!

  25. Joz

    Joz14 timer siden

    The only true performance badge left... SRT ...and I'm not even a Dodge fan!

  26. nicholaslokos

    nicholaslokosTime siden

    @Sean Wilks like I said, Chrysler was recovering from bad badging, cars, and marketing, those cars don't exist anymore.

  27. Joz

    Joz2 timer siden

    @Sean Wilks Because you're an idiot and are don't understand what this video was about. Oh, I'm sorry, i didn't answer your question, but the question in my head...

  28. Sean Wilks

    Sean Wilks2 timer siden

    Joz Of course it had balls. It was in the tuner category with civics, integras, del sols and preludes. The SRT badge is a watered down mess. My mother drove a SRT caravan up until her death and that thing was gutless.

  29. Sean Wilks

    Sean Wilks2 timer siden

    nicholaslokos So why does my daughters e46 330xi stomp my brother in laws SRT magnum? Stomped it so bad it turned my whole family into a bmw family. My father in law used to talk shit about bmws and was mopar all day, now he owns 2 bmws and zero dodge...

  30. Joz

    Joz2 timer siden

    @Sean Wilks The SRT Neon might have been an ugly car, but no way in hell was it like the regular Neon... The SRT4 had balls!

  31. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Dave Ridlespriger 215 timer siden


  32. ImABich

    ImABich15 timer siden

    This might be dumb, but why was ST never a Mustang badge?

  33. KG

    KG15 timer siden

    Dont think focus st or rs are getting made anymore. Stupid

  34. Ed

    Ed15 timer siden

    Unfortunately the Toyota GR badge is pretty diluted in Japan. You can get a GR package for pretty much everything they sell and it largely amounts to an appearance package and maybe some suspension bits. You can even get a GR badged Prius. Also, in terms of the Supra, there isn't a non-GR version (yet?) so I wouldn't count it as a special badge just yet for the US.

  35. Dale Carrion

    Dale Carrion15 timer siden

    Where is the srt?

  36. mekel samson

    mekel samson15 timer siden

    N-line elantra hatch is pretty almost a full on N

  37. Goblin Plays It

    Goblin Plays It16 timer siden

    It seems like Chevy's SS should have made the list. From the heights of classic muscle to the lows of the HHR.

  38. Goblin Plays It

    Goblin Plays It16 timer siden

    Did you say more kazoo? (Watch the Mike Diva remix if you haven't)


    Gᴜᴛꜱ • ᏖᏂᏋ ᏂᎧᏬᏁᎴ Ꭷƒ ᎴᏗᏒᏦᏁᏋᏕᏕ16 timer siden

    You forgot about the Chevrolet "RS" badged cars. There's nothing "Rally Sport" about a 2019 Malibu.

  40. Brett Miller

    Brett Miller16 timer siden

    I mean you could have went with American cars the rs ss now is a joke

  41. LeadBlastin22

    LeadBlastin2217 timer siden

    Sooo your Mercedes knowledge is EMBARRASSING! You are talking about the ultra pricy AMG effects package, which adds some AMG inspired visual effects on the outside and interior for an insane price, around $4000 for the option, as an addon on a normal model’s sticker price. No AMG badging appears on these vehicles whatsoever and nobody is confusing them with a real AMG. I don’t think AMG has a vehicle in it’s entire lineup currently that runs the 1/4 mile any slower then in the low low 13 second range... My 2019 C43 with just a custom tune and kNn filters is running a high 11 quarter mile..

  42. Dillon Johnson

    Dillon Johnson17 timer siden


  43. Bryan Ortez

    Bryan Ortez18 timer siden

    What About The SVT For Ford

  44. Gavin Wise

    Gavin Wise18 timer siden

    what about ss and srt?

  45. Bradley Ho

    Bradley Ho19 timer siden

    Honda has a type s

  46. Leonard

    Leonard19 timer siden

    I had no idea AMG was performance-based

  47. Nathan Forman

    Nathan Forman19 timer siden

    Mercedes oof!

  48. max mascarenhas

    max mascarenhas19 timer siden

    Rip sti

  49. kierenalvarez

    kierenalvarez20 timer siden

    What a pile of crapola

  50. Scubaknight

    Scubaknight20 timer siden

    GR racing? What's TRD for?


    ELITEWAFFLES920 timer siden

    Why doesn't your editor ever cut in clips of actual M5s? The "Up to Speed" vid on the M5 had none, and that E39 at the beginning wasn't an M5...

  52. Marc G

    Marc G20 timer siden

    honey is the biggest scam ever, it's made to steal your payment information

  53. Gabe Pee

    Gabe Pee21 time siden

    Mate had a dc2 type r, got written off by an old man falling asleep at the wheel and rear ending the dc2 at a traffic light 🙁

  54. Kristaps Mass

    Kristaps Mass21 time siden

    Im sorry but if u see a RS badge on an Audi then you can know that its a Rocket to this day, S is a more comfort oriented so i think u got a bit confused with badges

  55. Coefi

    Coefi23 timer siden

    Nismo is a total scem, yea sure you get more horsepower and all but you can buy the normal gtr upragde it have more horsepower and still have 100$ to buy couple bottles of whisky to celebrate your car

  56. MajorVA

    MajorVA23 timer siden

    I bought a windows key for 5€ on ebay... honey saved me 5€ ... i was confused but i got a key for 0€

  57. LsK1ng

    LsK1ng23 timer siden


  58. Bryan Peeters

    Bryan Peeters23 timer siden

    i think mazda earned it's place here too with the mazdaspeed/mazda mps. those a really beefed ups in my opinion.

  59. frank davis

    frank davis23 timer siden

    All fords suck all of em have since the 80s

  60. rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    rampage the sneaky lil bitchDag siden

    you sayed the M cars don't get any hp boost? the standard x2 is 192hp the x2 m35i is 306hp.... amd you literly thing the supra deserves its GR badge with basicly the same bmw setupp that you complained about not being a M setupp. or well som of the M setups actualy have even more power than that.

  61. Marc Yaptinchay

    Marc YaptinchayDag siden


  62. rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    rampage the sneaky lil bitchDag siden

    all the bmw with M badge in it's name have big upgrades to performance. M sport, M performance kits for just looks don't have the M badge on the name like the M135i or M240i. the ones with M in theyr name all have uppgrades that justify the badge. they are M240i becaus they are not full M cars just part. it's not BMW that throws the M badge around makeing it worthless its you people who don't understand what the M badge stands for. the Mxxx series are not just standard cars with an M badge. they do actualy have performance parts in them

  63. Obama stucks

    Obama stucksDag siden

    When it comes to Mercedes if it's actually an AMG and not a trim package it will have 1-2 letters followed by 2 numbers. I'm 24 and even I didn't buy a fake, I bought a C63 AMG.

  64. Gipsy danger

    Gipsy dangerDag siden

    0:18 lactose intolerance is a mental disorder

  65. Lalo

    LaloDag siden

    He-Yun-Dai . Pronounce Yun like Toon but with a Y-oon like how it's supposed to pronounced :(