Who Sang It Better : Dance Monkey - Tones and I

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Today we react to different singers and their different renditions of Dance Monkey by Tones and I. I Review them and crown who I think sang it better.
Matthew Barzyk
# StopBullingVikkiOnDiscord
Alle Engdahl
Joshua Joppie
# LorenzoIsLithuanian
KettleCat .
Chauchie Cortez
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  1. Cesar Ronaldo Torres

    Cesar Ronaldo Torres2 timer siden


  2. Its ya Boi

    Its ya Boi3 timer siden

    I the German one most.

  3. AlthafChannel

    AlthafChannel3 timer siden

    Literaly Music On Make Part 4

  4. Parker Dykes

    Parker Dykes3 timer siden

    Did anyone notice that the girl at 8:03 bam was Autumn Leaves. Name

  5. Lilyforlife

    Lilyforlife3 timer siden

    Who else realized he said sea but he inserted a pic of a pool 🤣😂😅😆👌

  6. ѱ オフライン ѱ

    ѱ オフライン ѱ3 timer siden


  7. Layla

    Layla3 timer siden

    Roome: *Pink Hair Girl* Editor: PINK hair girl Bianca:

  8. Lolipop T

    Lolipop T3 timer siden


  9. scroodle pump gaming

    scroodle pump gaming3 timer siden

    If that doesn't tickle your pickle 🤦🏻 really?😂

  10. rspencer6123 Playz

    rspencer6123 Playz3 timer siden

    Has anybody release they all say day weird to me and in my opinion

  11. XxJeFFxX

    XxJeFFxX3 timer siden

    romie is auto tune all his music video

  12. Hanok Hoe

    Hanok Hoe3 timer siden

    Almans hier? 🇩🇪🇩🇪

  13. Justin Marco Santos

    Justin Marco Santos4 timer siden

    Why did you skip Philippines?

  14. Ryan Swinford

    Ryan Swinford4 timer siden

    Roomie:just like a GeRmAn

  15. Ťäj Jackson

    Ťäj Jackson4 timer siden

    That winners not at all man HUH

  16. Naveena Pillai

    Naveena Pillai4 timer siden


  17. Cayden Moore

    Cayden Moore4 timer siden

    My favorite song

  18. Freeze Shifty

    Freeze Shifty4 timer siden

    4:25 his reaction with the auto tune XD

  19. Thomas Burgers

    Thomas Burgers4 timer siden

    Davina Michelle....Dutch : G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  20. Culvian

    Culvian5 timer siden

    Irish wins

  21. Andrea Marocco

    Andrea Marocco5 timer siden

    Why there isn't italian people WHY?

  22. Noah O'Donnell

    Noah O'Donnell5 timer siden

    Bro im mad that u excluded the Irish one. 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  23. Duvet. Hania

    Duvet. Hania5 timer siden

    Wait ur swedish? Nemen tjenaaaa 8:21 älskar dina content

  24. GearCat115

    GearCat1155 timer siden

    Bruh moment ireland win (totally 0 biased for my nation 0 absolutely 0 none nada)

  25. Willemijn Besteman

    Willemijn Besteman5 timer siden

    Hope he will react more to Davina Michelle, she is so much better than that short little clip

  26. retezat11

    retezat116 timer siden

    I'm Romanian :)

  27. Gaming evolved Halo

    Gaming evolved Halo6 timer siden

    Your face is so punchable

  28. Raven Samurai

    Raven Samurai6 timer siden

    First to Elveen does a good cover of dance monkey, check them out

  29. Iliana Marquez

    Iliana Marquez6 timer siden

    Every singer should be thankful for the advise. This is exactly how I want to receive information.

  30. Angelina Salinas

    Angelina Salinas6 timer siden

    I’m swedish

  31. Una persona che non conosci

    Una persona che non conosci6 timer siden

    Hi Roomie 💪 from Italy 🇮🇹

  32. Jacob Raynor

    Jacob Raynor7 timer siden

    I got that same beanie roomie omg!

  33. Diego Laguado Sanabria

    Diego Laguado Sanabria7 timer siden

    "Oh no, what is this A boy band" Lol

  34. White knight Gaming

    White knight Gaming7 timer siden

    Video: They say, ad: will visualize aligners straighten my teeth tHeYEr toO G@y Me: skip skip skip.

  35. queen Jossan

    queen Jossan7 timer siden

    me, finding out that Roomie is swedish: NEJ VA?!

  36. •LazyDragonBear•

    •LazyDragonBear•7 timer siden

    Go Tate!❤

  37. Levi Crombie

    Levi Crombie7 timer siden

    No offense all the Italy singers were crap

  38. MD 07

    MD 078 timer siden

    Indonesian girl was vibing.

  39. Jaatis Playz

    Jaatis Playz8 timer siden

    Wheres finnish people??

  40. GalaxyNight Ninja752

    GalaxyNight Ninja7528 timer siden

    the whole video when roomie was resting he as just bobbing his head

  41. Datapack122 Re

    Datapack122 Re8 timer siden

    You should react to leo moracchioli's cover of dance monkey, it is heavy metal but in my opinion its way better than the original

  42. joep walta

    joep walta8 timer siden

    Davina michelle!!! Netherlands

  43. Taylor Allen

    Taylor Allen8 timer siden

    France 🇫🇷 is cute

  44. thomas

    thomas8 timer siden

    I m Netherlands haha😃😃 (Love your vids)💪💪🤜


    SCREAMY TIME9 timer siden

    Me: they are good. ROOMIE: They will never be better then me so I will roast them

  46. OGR1B

    OGR1B9 timer siden

    Roomie ain’t even that good and these people probably don’t speak English everyday do they.

  47. Kelly Sidell

    Kelly Sidell9 timer siden

    France ! Is za best

  48. Raeez Edwards

    Raeez Edwards9 timer siden

    Let's face it, Trumps one was better!

  49. David Ungureanu

    David Ungureanu9 timer siden


  50. Alex Peck

    Alex Peck10 timer siden

    You talk to much

  51. Dw Jordaan

    Dw Jordaan10 timer siden

    7:06 is the best👌👌👌

  52. -_-MeTaDuDe -_-

    -_-MeTaDuDe -_-10 timer siden

    Anyone here noticed that Philippines was gone on the third compilation 😒🤔🤔😒😔

  53. Wendy Vanneste

    Wendy Vanneste10 timer siden

    I'm from Belgium Like if you are Netherlands or from Belgium

  54. elise malm

    elise malm10 timer siden

    I like when you make who sang it vetter vidios

  55. TadasOsu

    TadasOsu10 timer siden

    3:20 atleast Lithuania is somwhere

  56. Mayhem Moriarty

    Mayhem Moriarty10 timer siden

    Not to me I’m from Ireland and i know we’re she is

  57. Søren Lykkeberg Møller

    Søren Lykkeberg Møller10 timer siden

    Even though I'm from Denmark I must be real and say that the Danish dude was the worst

  58. Stephanie Callaghan

    Stephanie Callaghan10 timer siden

    I watch J Fla all the time check out her cover of Lily it's really good

  59. ChilL DosE

    ChilL DosE11 timer siden

    Wait for filipinos

  60. Schianna Granger

    Schianna Granger11 timer siden

    “The Lederhosen version of the song” much wow