Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over Twitch

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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Background track: "Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"

#Alinity #Twitch


  1. Twilight Star

    Twilight StarTime siden

    Kinda funny how the video never actually explains "Why alinity has so much power over twitch." Just poking a joke at that. As to the reason why she never gets banned? Probably because she herself or someone she has a connection to has Shares in Twitch, or could pull strings or maybe does have dirt on them.

  2. Brady B

    Brady B2 timer siden

    They just think she’s hot lol

  3. Eletoni Giaccio

    Eletoni Giaccio3 timer siden

    i hope she doesn't copy strike this video.

  4. Allen Haney

    Allen Haney3 timer siden

    Which ones worse, suzy lu, or allinity!

  5. Jack macmillan

    Jack macmillan4 timer siden

    I once hummed the mrbeast song for like 5 seconds with 5 viewers and was perma banned

  6. harry frayling

    harry frayling7 timer siden

    Alinity: throws cat Twitch: ... Man: shows MALE nipple Twitch: now this is a avengers level threat

  7. Mr Cheems

    Mr Cheems7 timer siden

    Twitch be simpin Doesnt even mention the cat yeet

  8. Logan Lee

    Logan Lee7 timer siden

    she's a slave product to Twitch...it's blatantly obvious

  9. Irok 121

    Irok 1218 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> oh yeah, Bill Cipher

  10. Emilia

    Emilia8 timer siden

    I streamed on twitch while the whole corona started in my country because i felt lonely and i wanted to talk with some people. Im a top500 dps and healer in overwatch which my main game that i played and i was growing slow till a spike and then i was getting 60 average views (spike happened when i used a cam). I count my self as one of the better girls who plays FPS games because I'm just better then most but no one seemed to care i pretty much quit after 2 weeks because it felt like everyone there is simping for me/msging me in discord to ask me out or asking out my insta. it really sucks tbh i quite enjoyed streaming as a hobby and i made girls have a better name in the fps community. Update i went to check what on my old twitch and people are still sub to me

  11. NickedySplit

    NickedySplit8 timer siden

    On behalf of Canada we don’t take her


    ERNESTO POISOT AVILA9 timer siden

    Jesus... She must have the twitch CEO at gun point for all of this to pass by

  13. Justhin Landaverde

    Justhin Landaverde9 timer siden

    My eyes help me oh god my eyes and she is harming cats burn the witch burn her burn her I will go to her house and free the cats from her

  14. RandomDotDotDot

    RandomDotDotDot9 timer siden

    Twitch is probably bending the rules since she is bending for them

  15. SaviourMK2

    SaviourMK29 timer siden

    "if you clicked on this video, you've probably heard her name before" Nope, while working I was logged out of my youtube account on PS4 when I wasn't paying attention and this auto played eventually from recommendations. But go on *sits back and sips coffee*

  16. Tri House

    Tri House9 timer siden

    Plot Twist: Alilinity copystrikes this video

  17. RiZn Unleashed

    RiZn Unleashed10 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a>, is that Krispy Lynn?

  18. 일주일

    일주일12 timer siden

    ???: this animator has done copystrike~ his vid needs to be deleted~

  19. Nemo The clownfish

    Nemo The clownfish12 timer siden

    She literally uses simps to stay on the platform

  20. Balázs János Dominkó

    Balázs János Dominkó13 timer siden

    Gamer girl? *D O U B T*

  21. joseph Stalin

    joseph Stalin13 timer siden

    Id like to send her fully grown tiger somehow ill se how she abuses that

  22. Falon Kissee

    Falon Kissee13 timer siden

    Time to rip a every limb on her body off U can delete this if u want I do not mind I was I lil bit triggered

  23. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi12 timer siden

    I love the ending is like the car dealership

  24. Polar Tale

    Polar Tale14 timer siden

    u are romanian ies ?

  25. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi12 timer siden

    If even PETA hates you, then you know your a terrible person.

  26. Memes with internet Access

    Memes with internet Access14 timer siden


  27. AnonyGuy

    AnonyGuy15 timer siden

    Are gamers sexist? Many but not all Are female streamers pushing it? Some do but not all. Yep

  28. Noha Betker

    Noha Betker16 timer siden

    Her cat bit her

  29. Yeah I exist dude • 8 years ago Ye

    Yeah I exist dude • 8 years ago Ye11 timer siden


  30. A Real Human

    A Real Human16 timer siden

    Idk i'd still hit if I could

  31. Michael Arwan

    Michael Arwan16 timer siden

    Video: Alinity: CaN wE CopYStRIke aNdreI LatEst ViDEO?

  32. Kyojin Jaws

    Kyojin Jaws17 timer siden

    Alinity is twitch

  33. Lil Nigga

    Lil Nigga18 timer siden

    My theory is that they have some personal relations with alinity

  34. Tiktok Gay

    Tiktok Gay18 timer siden

    We didn’t even hear simp in this

  35. CjSkeletonTurkey

    CjSkeletonTurkey19 timer siden


  36. Ki

    Ki20 timer siden

    Me: Sees her mistreating cats Also me: The Enclave shall poison your water

  37. J k

    J k21 time siden

    So she's a sex offender because that "nip slip" is indecent exposure

  38. Mario! [SSBU]

    Mario! [SSBU]21 time siden

    It’s not *Alinity* Who Should Be Blamed, It Is *Twitch* You Should Blame.

  39. Half-Life Scientist

    Half-Life Scientist21 time siden

    OGE got banned for saying "ok man" Alinity haven't banned for harrasing her pets, nudity on stream, abusing copystrike law. *All twitch support workers are simps*

  40. Bobbyboy532

    Bobbyboy53222 timer siden

    If even PETA hates you, then you know your a terrible person.


    SEA POTATO23 timer siden

    I love the ending is like the car dealership

  42. AidanDaAsian Knight

    AidanDaAsian Knight23 timer siden

    2.7 k simps disliked this video

  43. The Nuk4

    The Nuk423 timer siden

    You know what’s the best thing... I don’t know who this girl is

  44. MarcusAnimates

    MarcusAnimates23 timer siden

    Alinity is just ruining twitch and I don’t understand why twitch are not doing anything about it

  45. Luke Cowley

    Luke Cowley23 timer siden

    I don’t get why she’s not banned

  46. Jűłïßßà Čåŕđøņä

    Jűłïßßà ČåŕđøņäDag siden

    It’s because Alinity gives head to Twitch HQ

  47. Fishron

    FishronDag siden

    Who The F Is Alinity

  48. ItsMeHacker

    ItsMeHackerDag siden

    People who dislikes are SIMPS!

  49. sweggie boi

    sweggie boiDag siden

    Twitch Moderators are all actually Alinity subs.

  50. TheMineHack Swe

    TheMineHack SweDag siden

    This sounds like a work for the Anonymous.

  51. Galaxy Copter

    Galaxy CopterDag siden

    The twitch moderators are a bunch of simps 😂

  52. Little Snom

    Little SnomDag siden

    Awinity made Snom sad

  53. Porg

    PorgDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a> i hate her dont think im a fan she didnt toss the cat she just dropped it a bit behind her she didnt like throw the cat cats can survive a fall from 32 stories so falling of a chair isnt really bad

  54. The Factor

    The FactorDag siden

    Wow you're from romania ? Really? I couldn't guess it lmao , I know some ppl may say I'm to happy or whatever but in Romanian there aren't pretty much any good animators or youtubers in general , it's kinda crazy

  55. Justin Schultheis

    Justin SchultheisDag siden

    Thank you for educating the simps

  56. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDag siden

    Nip slip is when doja cat messed up for simps

  57. Nemolus

    NemolusDag siden

    2.7k degenerates

  58. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDag siden

    video starts at 1:33 thank me later

  59. FloridaMan

    FloridaManDag siden

    alinity owns twitch

  60. Alvin Marshall

    Alvin MarshallDag siden

    This is why I don’t go on twitch

  61. FloridaMan

    FloridaManDag siden


  62. Ithaca

    IthacaDag siden

    Damn why does the "hide your kids" person have to be drawn like that?

  63. Mikkel van berkel

    Mikkel van berkelDag siden

    alinity is not a racoon shes the devil

  64. adam

    adamDag siden

    can you do a purple bird pet giveaway

  65. Dimi3je21

    Dimi3je21Dag siden

    Andrei: She copyright striked PewDiePie's video just because he called her a twitch thot Alinity: Seriously, he said that?

  66. Matthew Cobalt

    Matthew CobaltDag siden

    Thanks for showing me the purest definition of corruption on corporate-run services. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna wait for the world to end sooner in the corner while watching something else.

  67. The Dude Who Took Mrbeast's Speakers

    The Dude Who Took Mrbeast's SpeakersDag siden

    I simply looked up "twitch thot" and this came up...

  68. Art1ce

    Art1ceDag siden

    Seriously? Did he just say that? I'm gonna copyright strike this guy

  69. Erron 2005

    Erron 2005Dag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1038">17:18</a> Finally PETA did a good thing.

  70. ValorZeroAdvent

    ValorZeroAdventDag siden

    hijabi gamer girl when

  71. Borden

    BordenDag siden

    *Can we copystrike this Guy?* *Like right now*

  72. siebe lol

    siebe lolDag siden

    video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> thank me later

  73. Jonathan Benbow

    Jonathan BenbowDag siden

    Nip slip is when doja cat messed up for simps

  74. Adam Davison

    Adam DavisonDag siden

    The reason I have a problem w women monetising their bodies, is bc women's bodies (for example b00b size) is down to luck. It's not fair on a so called 'ugly' girl who isn't given this opportunity to make money off just showing their bodies, it's not right.


    TEO KA HO ANDREW -Dag siden

    ALinity is the TwiTCH MOD. thats why no one on tiwtch controls her. She is the mod herself. And thats why twitch is biased and becoming a platform for twitch thots. If not she is clearly just mocking all the people that got banned while she didnt. Epic illustration btw :)

  76. Ya_MaZZZim

    Ya_MaZZZimDag siden

    Twitch is rotten platform popular only because of long years of monopolly. Unless people start using their brain and boycott twitch for stuff like this.... Nothing will happen.

  77. Dad

    DadDag siden

    This is serious son don't watch Twitch anymore.

  78. XSMoney

    XSMoneyDag siden


  79. Humano Beano

    Humano BeanoDag siden

    Maybe a moment later, alinity will be like "Can we copy strike Andrei?"

  80. Muhammad Hazrin

    Muhammad HazrinDag siden

    I think its time to leave Twitch and try mutiple more straming platform. Its obvious that twitch is like the government and think they have more power over you

  81. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseDag siden

    Even almost everyone agrees to PETA,one of the most hated on internet

  82. Ryan

    RyanDag siden

    I'm Pretty sure one of the more reasonable theories as to why Alinity gets away with it started as a meme. What if Twitch mods are legitimate neckbeards who see her as a goddess?

  83. max saw

    max sawDag siden

    I thought twitch was good but I was wrong I would use Mixer instead

  84. reccathelastflame

    reccathelastflameDag siden

    She just simped us out without us knowing

  85. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseDag siden

    Alinity: 🍑 🍒 Me: 🖕🏼

  86. Green Soldier

    Green SoldierDag siden

    Twitch is sexist