Why has Ashley Young decided to leave Manchester United? | Transfer Talk

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Sky Sports News provide you the latest transfer news in Transfer Talk, including the latest on Bruno Fernandes' transfer to Manchester United, Ashley Young's arrival in Milan and we discuss Arsenal's move for PSG's Layvin Kurzawa.
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  1. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostar27 dager siden

    At 11:21 minutes: Listen carefully to the speaker here: If the deal was calligraphed in clay, at the center of consideration, whilst consequently playing for his fans in Portugal, this would certainly not be circumspect nor cautious. First, bring Bruno, the revered one, to the gates of Manchester United; then, Ole will be the loquacious one.

  2. Archie Fyfe

    Archie Fyfe28 dager siden

    Why is Ashley (overrated) Young leaving-because he’s crap

  3. Stephen Jordan

    Stephen JordanMåned siden

    Great to see Ade there. Needs more airtime.

  4. me

    meMåned siden

    The Italian league is like the Scottish league Shite with a capital Shite

  5. me

    meMåned siden

    Young is to old

  6. James Winny

    James WinnyMåned siden

    Ummm duhhh, Because he’s old and we have a very talented young right back who actually likes defending, which means he wasn’t going to be offered a new contract. And at his age the premier league is too fast to excel. Serie A is slow enough for him to get by, I mean Lukaku looks like Messi over there. It’s a business decision and he’s smart for taking it. Although if I were him I’d take the 1 million pounds per week offers coming from China 😂 and the Arab countries.

  7. Saeed Osman

    Saeed OsmanMåned siden

    @James Winny That's true 👍

  8. James Winny

    James WinnyMåned siden

    Saeed Osman lol that’s true, I think Man U are only patient with players from the academy, we need to give everyone a chance. Lukaku was never lazy in my opinion he’s first touch and positioning was the letdown issue but he always scored goals regardless. Anyways I wish him the best at Inter.

  9. Saeed Osman

    Saeed OsmanMåned siden

    Lukaku had digestion issues while he was in the premier league, but inter Milan decided to do something about it and got him help, now he is on form. United just thought bench the fat bastard lol

  10. ammanuel rice

    ammanuel riceMåned siden

    You know it's peak when Ashley Young is dipping! :D

  11. j0rss

    j0rssMåned siden

    Lets go Ade

  12. Mamadou Hady Keita

    Mamadou Hady KeitaMåned siden

    Conte is going to use Ashley young like he did with Moses at Chelsea. GOod signing from Inter! Young is definitely liking this transfer too he is playing in for the title at Inter. Young is a Legend at MU!

  13. GeneralAlex

    GeneralAlexMåned siden

    He is more like Alonso, good at attacking but bad at defending

  14. NiqueSir

    NiqueSirMåned siden

    How long would it take them to quickly edit out the breaks and upload? I mean its only sky sports 🙄

  15. D R

    D RMåned siden

    Because untied are shite

  16. Leon Dyer

    Leon DyerMåned siden

    He wants more money...simples 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. array s

    array sMåned siden

    His contract expires in June, he might never get another chance of playing for another big club.

  18. Grey Mouser

    Grey MouserMåned siden

    Why has Ashley Young decided to leave Manchester United?....Inter have a new fridge?

  19. Lewis Newman

    Lewis NewmanMåned siden

    Give Bruno the number 7 lol

  20. Surya Chandrasekaran

    Surya ChandrasekaranMåned siden

    Why he decided to leave. Sky Sports, it's his wish he can do whatever he wants. Also because he wants to experience playing in a different country... There you go. I just saved you an hour's time. Thank me later.

  21. Blackburn Town

    Blackburn TownMåned siden

    Ashley Young was a great player for us...he was a loyal player at the club and i completely understand his move to Inter Milan. Hes not being picked so it makes sense for him to try a different league whilst he can. I wish ashley all the best !

  22. may2 may2

    may2 may2Måned siden

    Good riddance

  23. simon walker

    simon walkerMåned siden

    Ashley is 34 years old! can't see united challenging for the title before he retires, sad to see him go!

  24. Suaird

    SuairdMåned siden

    Becuase theyre a sinking ship and hes a diving rat

  25. tony freeman

    tony freemanMåned siden

    He was rubbish.... can’t believe united kept him till 2020. 🤦‍♂️🧑🏼‍🦯

  26. SMERSH

    SMERSHMåned siden

    Why? Because he doesn't want to end up like the captain of the titanic

  27. Barry Hearn

    Barry HearnMåned siden

    Go on Ade.

  28. Flávio The Swede

    Flávio The SwedeMåned siden

    Haha they mentioned me

  29. Apollyon 1975

    Apollyon 1975Måned siden

    The skinny legged supernoodle cant even beat the first defender with his crosses and corners. He should go to china where the defenders are short!

  30. Apollyon 1975

    Apollyon 1975Måned siden

    The rats are deserting the sinking ship! Let's hope their new midfielder likes football more than instagram!

  31. Cladrastis

    CladrastisMåned siden

    All this hype...for what... he'll be the most overrated player at ManUtd.

  32. John Orpheus

    John OrpheusMåned siden

    Yes all you geniuses know better than Conte right? You're probably the same ones that said "why does Conte want Lukaku? His 1st touch is shite and he's bulky and slow." Keep talking. Conte probably knows something you don't.

  33. Pretty Boy Flizzy

    Pretty Boy FlizzyMåned siden

    If it weren't for ADE this show will be so boring keep it up ADE!!!!

  34. Louis Williams

    Louis WilliamsMåned siden

    Man Utd off loading players whilst they still have some value

  35. Shane Canning

    Shane CanningMåned siden

    @Louis Williams me too

  36. Louis Williams

    Louis WilliamsMåned siden

    Shane Canning I was being sarcastic

  37. Louis Williams

    Louis WilliamsMåned siden

    Bear I was being sarcastic

  38. Shane Canning

    Shane CanningMåned siden

    Have no value

  39. Bear

    BearMåned siden

    He’s nearly 35!!!! Where’s the value 😂😂

  40. Pradeep Kanchan

    Pradeep KanchanMåned siden

    First Start 5:58 ; Second 22:39 ; Third 38:46 ; Fourth 54:40

  41. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostar27 dager siden

    @Mr Put That On Everything To Mr. Put Everything: Very correct and profound. If good commenters all over the world would post meaningfully as Pradeep, they would contribute to much time saving; hence, saving lives in abundance.

  42. Mr Put That On Everything

    Mr Put That On Everything29 dager siden

    You are doing Gods work. Gg

  43. Samuel Kagunye

    Samuel KagunyeMåned siden

    Thanks vro

  44. joum sutin

    joum sutinMåned siden

    Pradeep Kanchan thanks dude, you’d think they would put time stamps in the description! 😑

  45. C Dunker

    C DunkerMåned siden


  46. Joe Scorpion

    Joe ScorpionMåned siden

    Becuase both Brandon William's and luke shaw are better. And then Dalot is back from injury so dalot automatically becomes 2nd choice rb

  47. Mike Huynh

    Mike HuynhMåned siden

    Don't you just the love the fact that a national UK tv broadcaster chooses to have fan channel guys like "Flex" who himself and his audience with his "plebs" think that letting Young move away is also a departure of experience? These fans, like "Flex" are ones to slag off the player, then when you're on national television, you want to say now it's United's fault for allowing Young to leave. Some other commentator said, " new loud, spoilt united "fan"" which unfortunately seems to be the new Paris Hiltons in football media celebrity attention-seeking fools.

  48. Andy p

    Andy pMåned siden

    Because they are rubbish not the team they was , and because the they thought that the manager who was a so called class player thought he would be a top class manager but turned out he was s it .man United ur days have gone . Like when u got Jose thought he would save you and now spurs think he is still a top manager but he is not

  49. Michael Till

    Michael TillMåned siden

    Why don’t the edit this video down. So sloppy.

  50. Michael Till

    Michael TillMåned siden

    My Name obviously... 🙄 but they can edit it post upload and don’t.

  51. My Name

    My NameMåned siden

    Because they stream it live and show it live on TV

  52. Ciaran Evans

    Ciaran EvansMåned siden

    Who cares he's over the hill and the young players are 10000000% better

  53. Garry Smith

    Garry SmithMåned siden

    Only ever been a squad player..... he should have gone years ago....

  54. Kwame Lewis

    Kwame LewisMåned siden

    @Tony CT blame Woodward he keeps giving deadwood players contracts🤦🏾‍♂️

  55. Tony CT

    Tony CTMåned siden

    Before Young should go, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingaard and Tahith Chong should have been shipped out.

  56. Les Smith

    Les SmithMåned siden

    Plus utd wrong time to sign for shirt signings deal just go buy bale on the cheap and move on up

  57. Les Smith

    Les SmithMåned siden

    Im a man utd supporter but villa a bonkers if they try get benteke over giroud.....

  58. FPL Fanatics

    FPL FanaticsMåned siden


  59. Jamie Tobin

    Jamie TobinMåned siden

    6 minutes of nothing at the start. I like your content and I'm subscribe to your channel I just think you should of deleted the first 6 mins. Sloppy. I know its easy to skip forward on NO-gos. Thanks for all your content and hard work your putting into your channel. I love it every time the transfer window opens. Come on you Reds, the one and only Liverpool fc. This has got to be our season. I thought that last year. I'm full of confidence this year.

  60. Isiah JahGlenson

    Isiah JahGlensonMåned siden

    Should Chelsea sign Christian Benteke as a third striker....? 🤔

  61. Sean Mustang

    Sean MustangMåned siden

    Isiah JahGlenson absolutely not

  62. Rose

    RoseMåned siden

    Does anyone have a reason why they signed him? Just to be 3rd option on wing back or what?

  63. DSD Plays

    DSD PlaysMåned siden

    @Y_so_ Serious yh😅

  64. Y_so_ Serious

    Y_so_ SeriousMåned siden

    DSD Plays they shegged Lukaku as well

  65. DSD Plays

    DSD PlaysMåned siden

    They love buying our players they turn great when they play for them😂

  66. Grandson Little Billy

    Grandson Little BillyMåned siden

    should command a huge transfer fee

  67. benito tommassi

    benito tommassiMåned siden

    Because he is unfairly berated by the new loud, spoilt united "fan". Good luck to him, he has been a great servant to us.

  68. SeeenR Dave

    SeeenR DaveMåned siden

    Ashley Young is done out here anyways

  69. Simple Options

    Simple OptionsMåned siden

    👍 good move for Inter and Young. those smart January adjustments signings can make you win the league. strengthen your weakest position for the final push when you're in contention. players will get fatigued, get off form...and usually it's those january moves that make it or break it. they're (possibly) getting Giroud too to step in for Lukaku when his for drop and give him a break so he doesn't burn out by march that's what i call a good winter market...smart cheap adjustments as an AC Milan, I remember our last title 10-11, by mid season when the form started to drop + injuries...we signed 34yo Mark Van Bommel and he was immense ... i'm 100% sure that if we had not made that signing the title wouldn't have been won. unfortunately, after that we started selling the stars and buying pure mediocrity (Montolivo and Co)

  70. Simple Options

    Simple OptionsMåned siden

    @Black lightning That's exactly what i meant, the overall quality is so bad that their individual quality is smothered... especially for the midfield where it's supposed to be a unit of complementary players with qualities covering for each other deficiencies.

  71. Black lightning

    Black lightningMåned siden

    @Simple Options I wouldn't say pogba is an issue at United. He's good player who players for a bunch losers in the board and manager but I get what you mean.

  72. Black lightning

    Black lightningMåned siden

    @Simple Options that's a good point you know. Morata is a g

  73. Simple Options

    Simple OptionsMåned siden

    @Black lightning yup. and the Worst thing about this, even the few good players we have drowned in that mediocrity as the whole machine is dysfuntional (Pogba, Donnarumma, Romagnoli ...)

  74. Simple Options

    Simple OptionsMåned siden

    @Black lightning indeed, need something new...and i think this is the year ... Juve made some good free transfer in the past (Pogba, Pirlo...) and those were good but it seems they got to deep in that habit where they are now getting free players that don't really improve them, but on huge contracts (Rabiot, Can ...) i guess that can be explained by the fact that Marotta who used to do those great signing for them is now at Inter

  75. Derek Power

    Derek PowerMåned siden

    He has a big mouth. Thats it.

  76. Eugene Bukreyev

    Eugene BukreyevMåned siden

    Derek Power pigeon agrees

  77. Anthony

    AnthonyMåned siden

    The same reason Pogba wants to leave. Young refused to play for the club again. If this was Pogba there would be uproar. The club is showing 0 ambition to reach the top again so any player that leaves is entitled to.

  78. Kwame Lewis

    Kwame LewisMåned siden

    Same with Herrera

  79. Ted Beech

    Ted BeechMåned siden

    @fsdafasd fdsafsda Doesn't matter, everyone knows he can be amazing, it's whether he decides he actually wants to play on the day

  80. fsdafasd fdsafsda

    fsdafasd fdsafsdaMåned siden

    @Ted Beech Pogba carried united to a Europa league win

  81. Cladrastis

    CladrastisMåned siden

    yep. Think about the other players who they've dropped and who those wouldn't want to come to United. Its unfortunate!! Ole better keep winning otherwise he'll be dropped next and won't get a chance to see those boys become men. Ole is naive to hang his hat on one player. He's even hoping Rashford doesn't get hurt. So sad for United. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  82. Ted Beech

    Ted BeechMåned siden

    Young is proven to be loyal and put in the work, Pogba didn't put any work in.

  83. Krzysztof Nawrot

    Krzysztof NawrotMåned siden

    He has a brand but plays worse and worse. His time is gone. Slow, known from tactical fouls, unpleasant guy.

  84. Karan Abraham

    Karan AbrahamMåned siden

    Young is still decent, but let's be real here: he's not gonna play at inter more than at United XD

  85. Fadlan Nasution

    Fadlan NasutionMåned siden

    @Max if he's finished, why did Inter sign him ? You idiot

  86. Max

    MaxMåned siden

    @fsdafasd fdsafsda most players do their best also serie a is a slower paced league

  87. A L

    A LMåned siden

    A2C Music how did you spell diver as “warrior”

  88. jjohnsonsfg

    jjohnsonsfgMåned siden

    Sporting Lisbon is dumb and their owners are fools. The reason why Sporting doesn't make more is because they treat their players like slaves. Sell Bruno and stop forcing him to play against Benfica you idiots.

  89. Miles Abbott

    Miles AbbottMåned siden

    Ade carrying the show

  90. Grandson Little Billy

    Grandson Little BillyMåned siden

    innit bro westside

  91. Jinjur Jiant

    Jinjur JiantMåned siden

    is that Ade from boxTalk?

  92. Michael L

    Michael LMåned siden


  93. J K

    J KMåned siden

    Video starts @ 5:58 !!! 🙄

  94. Black lightning

    Black lightningMåned siden

    @Ciaran Evans maybe they dont have time lol

  95. Ciaran Evans

    Ciaran EvansMåned siden

    Sky is one of the biggest companies in the world yet they can't edit any video to start straight away. Mental lol

  96. Black lightning

    Black lightningMåned siden

    Yes breda thanks

  97. J K

    J KMåned siden

    Mark Goldbridge (From the United Stand) Just Entered The Chat!!! 😏

  98. Harry Hewitson

    Harry HewitsonMåned siden

    jjohnsonsfg leave him alone

  99. Michael Foley

    Michael FoleyMåned siden

    Black lightning lad the reason be has that name is because when he started he was a police man and was not allowed to use he’s real name. I not the biggest fan of him but there’s worse NO-gos’s out there like DT

  100. Joshua Pevy

    Joshua PevyMåned siden

    jjohnsonsfg What??? Mark’s hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate. He gets angry when united lose which is understandable. Theres no way hes boring wtf

  101. Black lightning

    Black lightningMåned siden

    @jjohnsonsfg yes please explain your stupid comment on how a guy who's real name isnt mark goldbridge is toxic and miserable??

  102. Max

    MaxMåned siden

    @jjohnsonsfg how

  103. J K

    J KMåned siden

    Liverpool 5 - 0 Man United!!! 😂😜👍 Salah Hatrick, Mane and Firminho 😎 Liverpool Treble! 🏆🏆🏆

  104. SeeenR Dave

    SeeenR DaveMåned siden

    Stop smoking Buj

  105. Mohammad Rasoul Fard-Habibi

    Mohammad Rasoul Fard-HabibiMåned siden

    United need to secure that Europa league spot bahaha 😂

  106. Cpt.Reznov

    Cpt.ReznovMåned siden

    be real 1-2 to UTD

  107. Darren Thorpe

    Darren ThorpeMåned siden

    Never Happen You'll Wake Up Soon ;)

  108. J K

    J KMåned siden

    @Hibo Ole Yeah but we will be winning for years to come! 😎

  109. Sam Allardyce

    Sam AllardyceMåned siden

    inter milan becoming the new retirement home

  110. Nooraksi

    NooraksiMåned siden

    @Steven Hatton-Thanet man what you're talking about, are you watching football at all or only EPL??? Conte is a coach of Inter, he in his first season with Chelsea won PL, Inter would be top 3 in PL for sure, also they were in group of death in CL!

  111. Raphael Nasser

    Raphael NasserMåned siden

    @Steven Hatton-Thanet but same could be said about juve vs Liverpool or city, although they arnt as good I rekon they could still give them a run for their money, I think it being ignorant to the standard of serie a, a team like Leicester who r 3rd would get destroyed by inter and juve

  112. Raphael Nasser

    Raphael NasserMåned siden

    @Steven Hatton-Thanet but juve always do well in the ucl, spurs arnt even better than teams like Chelsea and Leicester who inter and juve r both better than

  113. Raphael Nasser

    Raphael NasserMåned siden

    @Steven Hatton-Thanet inter and juve r both better than spurs

  114. F. Jaeger

    F. JaegerMåned siden

    @Shaw Farrow I guess. Serie A isn't what it used to be though. Inter are a top two side in Italy, but couldn't reach the knockout stages in the CL. I also don't think Inter would get top 5 in the Premier league.