Why Modern Art Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Modern art is expensive. From completely white canvases to simple abstract colours, these seemingly basic works can cost you millions. So what makes their price so high and how can they possibly be worth this much money?
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Why Modern Art Is So Expensive | So Expensive


  1. dada dada

    dada dada18 minutter siden

    0:58 "That skill faded away after photography is invented. Once photography was invented, that was a skill the camera could do" Business Insider, this is how low you wanna go? This woman is pathetic...

  2. Doraemon Music

    Doraemon MusicTime siden

    Imma draw a circle and sell it for 100M tomorrow.

  3. Doraemon Music

    Doraemon MusicTime siden

    Imagine Leonardo da Vinci watching this video.

  4. Tonny Mwanzia

    Tonny Mwanzia5 timer siden

    Art isnt abt beauty!?...

  5. thegrandfinale2

    thegrandfinale25 timer siden

    Oh yeah i'd pay $15.3 million for that -- NOT! What idiots.

  6. Abhishek Dimri

    Abhishek Dimri6 timer siden

    In modern art, the rags used to clean the mess on canvas are going to more expensive than the art.

  7. FlmKrp

    FlmKrp10 timer siden

    How to get rich: 1) Paint random colours on a canvas 2) Send to museum 3) Get millions

  8. # 1 genius thinking

    # 1 genius thinking14 timer siden

    well!Eye-opener !!!


    - REYDENSETSU -14 timer siden

    Real title Why modern art is DUMB

  10. Teresa Gaytan

    Teresa Gaytan17 timer siden

    WHAT!!! that’s what art means skill! It means skill in Latin!!! my proclamation it that if u want to be considered art! u have to learn a freakin’ skill 😤

  11. Andrew Hearst

    Andrew Hearst18 timer siden

    Lot of really closed minded people in this comment section

  12. Carrot 2

    Carrot 219 timer siden

    Modern art its just bullshit

  13. Jarmann Decius

    Jarmann Decius20 timer siden

    "Art isn't about beauty, it never was really" bruh what?

  14. Roy Roots

    Roy Roots20 timer siden

    Because the wealthy need a another way of avoiding paying taxes.

  15. SkullFuryGaming

    SkullFuryGaming22 timer siden

    Its like a kid learning to draw in a computer

  16. duchessnoodles

    duchessnoodles23 timer siden

    Probably about tax right offs.

  17. BASE

    BASE23 timer siden

    Why is it so expensive? Because there are a lot of really stupid, gullible people with far too much money. Very simple.

  18. Samuel L. Jackson _

    Samuel L. Jackson _Dag siden

    Imagine dying and a random throwaway canvas you used as a Paint Pallet 🎨 sells for millions as “modern art”

  19. Nikos

    NikosDag siden

    Money laundering and payments transfer

  20. RedBaritonePlayer

    RedBaritonePlayerDag siden

    Money laundering

  21. Legendary Derp duck

    Legendary Derp duckDag siden

    Art doesn’t make sense to me anymore

  22. DrawingAdventure

    DrawingAdventureDag siden

    In the past an artist was a person who can create something appealing to the eye, something beautiful that no one else can reproduce with countless hours of investment in every piece. Now an artist is called to the one who does an interesting stain on the canvas? A 10 minute artwork? I can do that too you know? An artist needs to stand out by the fact that he can do something beautiful that none else can!

  23. cookie fan lily love

    cookie fan lily loveDag siden

    This is poo. I like when artists actually paint something amazing like a city or something nice. BUT NOT A RED SQUARE. I don't agree that a 'red square ' is art. :/ And btw art was always about beauty.....

  24. Vais D

    Vais DDag siden

    Informative video... But can someone tell me whats the Song in this video pls

  25. UltimaZ

    UltimaZDag siden

    if you want real artist then look up KIM JUNG GI ( THE BEST ARTIST ATLEAST FOR ME ) watch his interview or documentary of somesort.

  26. Arthur Madrigal

    Arthur MadrigalDag siden

    The reason why Modern Art so expensive because there a lot of money laundering going on .

  27. Brett Blake

    Brett BlakeDag siden

    Modern art is expensive because because curators, collectors and gallerists are soulless morons.

  28. Mahin Rahman

    Mahin Rahman2 dager siden

    This is not mordern art thats just color splashing

  29. MyChilepepper

    MyChilepepper2 dager siden

    Rich people have more money than brains. Well, that’s what we think. The fact that they probably investing for 10% returns in their investments, the least, and all the way to 10000%.

  30. unstopology

    unstopology2 dager siden


  31. Joray Ray

    Joray Ray2 dager siden

    Modern Art is about laziness and money laundering

  32. Lunk

    Lunk2 dager siden

    Modern art is expensive trash.

  33. Sneha

    Sneha2 dager siden

    That’s so crap, why does modern art cost so much ???? What about the real artists who have skills! If people are so gullible then I’ll ask my 2 year to start painting

  34. JCatalan C

    JCatalan C2 dager siden

    My brother can do that shit those lazy so called artists are a disgrace for Da Vinci and every other real artist

  35. Anisha Rahman

    Anisha Rahman2 dager siden

    After watching this video: I feel like puking on a canvas and call it an art then sell it for 5 billion!

  36. zenubi

    zenubi2 dager siden

    Because they launder money, and hide money that way

  37. Luke Yellowtail

    Luke Yellowtail2 dager siden

    Modern art is bullshit.

  38. Aleksa Stojic

    Aleksa Stojic3 dager siden

    Holla if you want dope art. I got the hook up. @aoimoku_kenobi on ig. Fair prices for fair work done.

  39. renee yang

    renee yang3 dager siden

    this comment section is filled with sad imbeciles who have never received art education and know nothing about art history. cry about something else :))

  40. Furiosa

    Furiosa4 dager siden


  41. Ethan Vo

    Ethan Vo4 dager siden

    *geometry dash in a nutshell*

  42. Epitaph Boi

    Epitaph Boi4 dager siden

    “This isn’t art” Rorschach tests:exist

  43. Ross Modesto

    Ross Modesto4 dager siden

    The answer is, simply there's a lot of people with a lot of money that have nothing else to do but spend their money!

  44. Mister Nobody

    Mister Nobody5 dager siden

    They blatantly just throw some paint on a canvas and sell it to a bunch of rich mugs. Modern art is all about the name, not the ability. Once you are in "the club" you can make any old shit.

  45. Lonely Variety

    Lonely Variety5 dager siden

    Best art resembles reality but also shows creativity and meaning, that’s what I’d say.

  46. sd Sd

    sd Sd5 dager siden

    It is actually unfair, cause some artist make high-accuracy artwork which is called hyperealism that needs lot of time to finish, couldn't sell his artwork with 15,3 million dollars. This is not FAIR

  47. Hk 4lyfe

    Hk 4lyfe5 dager siden

    I'm going to take a crap on a canvas, title it "modern art" and then sell it for 10 mil.

  48. Dragan Vujatovic

    Dragan Vujatovic5 dager siden

    This is not the art that is worth millions, it is only the method of money laundering.

  49. Murilo uaha

    Murilo uaha5 dager siden

    The big bullshit company.

  50. guberization

    guberization6 dager siden

    Crap children’s finger paintings.

  51. shrraizens

    shrraizens6 dager siden

    all BS art have a new name..Capitalism .|.

  52. Shane McKenzie

    Shane McKenzie6 dager siden

    Imagine if you walked into a movie theatre and a voice came over a load speaker saying “the following movie is whatever you want it to be” then the movie is just two and a half hours of a blank white screen with white noise playing in the background Modern art in a nutshell

  53. Josue Vargas

    Josue Vargas6 dager siden

    Bob ross made real art, this is shit, something that i would do when shit faced

  54. ludwig lindén

    ludwig lindén6 dager siden

    Abstrakt painting is bullshit art

  55. iinvitedmyself 12

    iinvitedmyself 126 dager siden

    Imagine being best friends with any Warhol’s great nephew 😎

  56. And Remember Kids Don't Do Crack Cocaine

    And Remember Kids Don't Do Crack Cocaine7 dager siden

    Stop lumping these paint clowns in with regular artists. Tons of good artists wouldn't charge more than a few hundred maybe a few thousand for an original. Anything in the millions category is absurd.

  57. Miles Pennwright

    Miles Pennwright7 dager siden

    They aren't telling you about the C.I.A. meddling in modern art. no-gos.info/video/zZmOhKLOsZiCtoE.html They also aren't mentioning the exploitation of "minimum bid rules" to artificially inflate the market value of art in auction houses.

  58. revspinnaker

    revspinnaker7 dager siden

    "From the birth of Abstract IMPRESSIONISM?" What the Hell is Abstract Impressionism?

  59. M Tv

    M Tv7 dager siden

    That is a shit not art

  60. Helen Newing

    Helen Newing7 dager siden

    Ok, let's call it money laundering......