Wizards of Waverly Place was a weird show...

Wizards of Waverly Place Animation Reaction
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  1. Cayden Jones

    Cayden JonesTime siden

    You should do the movie,I think there is one

  2. Happy Mwenese

    Happy MweneseTime siden

    I read the title and immediately said he was wrong

  3. Brenna Jo

    Brenna JoTime siden

    You should do Greys Anatomy

  4. Ambeswa Tom

    Ambeswa Tom2 timer siden

    Well I guess happy belated bday dude✌

  5. Maizie Gray

    Maizie Gray2 timer siden

    I favorite parts are always when he is just rambling after the video ends

  6. Niaomii

    Niaomii2 timer siden

    Hey can you check out never have I ever?

  7. Mathilde Caron

    Mathilde Caron3 timer siden

    You need to do the movie now

  8. Fudge Cake

    Fudge Cake4 timer siden

    *she looked like she peed her pants 00000000*

  9. Growing_Artist 1234

    Growing_Artist 12344 timer siden


  10. Tiffany Wambui

    Tiffany Wambui4 timer siden

    Do Hannah Montana

  11. Mahima Hayat

    Mahima Hayat4 timer siden

    both disney and nickelodeon were both catered towards kids but disney shows were more kid friendly with adult jokes that would fly over kids' heads. nick didn't even try to hide it. i always liked disney over nick because nick always seemed to try to PUSH the "kids acting older than they are" agenda. i was never a fan of any nick show except for drake & josh and spongebob, which i loved, as well as full house and friends from nick @ night. i hated icarly and victorious idk why 😅

  12. Jocelyn Velez

    Jocelyn Velez6 timer siden

    Alex watch Haven!!

  13. Joonie Loves

    Joonie Loves6 timer siden

    Good Luck Charlie is another one of my favorite Disney Shows

  14. I Ship it

    I Ship it8 timer siden

    You should do Radio Rebel

  15. Miki mii

    Miki mii9 timer siden

    Wait... She can make a clone but can't conjure a jacket?

  16. Rhett Hemingway

    Rhett Hemingway9 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> is honestly hilarious though

  17. Diman Voltaïr

    Diman Voltaïr10 timer siden

    Happy birthday

  18. Damiano The Gamer

    Damiano The Gamer10 timer siden

    6.9K comments!! Good for u man

  19. Sergeline's Universe

    Sergeline's Universe10 timer siden

    You should do a show about every witch way it’s a old Nickelodeon show which was pretty popular it ran for 4 seasons you can see it in Hulu

  20. Olivia Soiano

    Olivia Soiano10 timer siden

    I swear is there something you ACTUALLY like!??😭 Do you seriously have to dislike EVERYTHING!?? Im so sorry if i sound really rude right now but im just getting pissed off...my apologies 😦😌😔

  21. MJ Doizan

    MJ Doizan10 timer siden


  22. Sagedra Caspers

    Sagedra Caspers11 timer siden

    I don't know why, and I know it might not be your style, but I would FRACKEN LOVE to see you talk about The Mentalist! I love that show and I feel like watching you go on about Patrick Jane would be a good time 😁

  23. CHUNGY jack ツ

    CHUNGY jack ツ11 timer siden

    Jessie next?

  24. Pizza Queen

    Pizza Queen11 timer siden

    You should do never have I everr🥺🥺

  25. Official Name

    Official Name11 timer siden

    Hey could you please do The Good Place

  26. Khadra Ahmed

    Khadra Ahmed12 timer siden


  27. Khadra Ahmed

    Khadra Ahmed12 timer siden

    Can't wait till he does Hanna Montana

  28. Rudraa

    Rudraa12 timer siden

    Wizards of Waverley place You: it’s so weird show Me: don’t you mean your weird

  29. Christal Harris

    Christal Harris13 timer siden

    Watch jessie

  30. Haus Does

    Haus Does14 timer siden

    What about The Avatar Last Airbender CARTOON

  31. nour kandeel

    nour kandeel14 timer siden

    Happy ' late ' birthday Alex , I really like your videos and you're awesome

  32. Trinity Robinson

    Trinity Robinson14 timer siden

    You should do the Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2

  33. Bitrus Ayuba

    Bitrus Ayuba14 timer siden

    Ahhh. Those times they made shows that were actually really funny with vulnerable and flawed characters you could relate to and not perfect females with no flaws that look like they live at high street shopping centres. Such good times

  34. Faith Facts

    Faith Facts14 timer siden

    Happy Birthday Alex 🎉

  35. Sienna Ogilvie

    Sienna Ogilvie15 timer siden

    Make one with never have I ever on Netflix

  36. Marie Plattner

    Marie Plattner15 timer siden

    Please do Alice in Wonderland😂

  37. Unicorn 33

    Unicorn 3316 timer siden

    Please watch Sky High !!

  38. Emma

    Emma16 timer siden

    Ok Alex I know a show you NEED to make a video about, Avatar: The Last Airbender! This show is literally one of the best shows Ive ever seen! This show came out a year before i was born but its still part of my childhood. This show ended about 15 years ago and its still talked about. It's on Netflix and it was #1 on netflix! I would love for you to make a video about it. :)

  39. Richard Medina

    Richard Medina16 timer siden

    There is going to be a new Disney movie called "Upside Down Magic"

  40. pobeaxk plays

    pobeaxk plays16 timer siden


  41. Jimena Ochoa

    Jimena Ochoa16 timer siden

    We need a Starstruck video!!!

  42. CluelessBubble

    CluelessBubble17 timer siden

    Plz do when we first met

  43. Ella in Hufflepuff

    Ella in Hufflepuff17 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> oh my god YES!!!! 😆 😆

  44. Katie Kuchen

    Katie Kuchen17 timer siden

    “Imagine being in High school in 2007”... not too hard as I was in High school in 2007👵🏼

  45. Victoria Green

    Victoria Green17 timer siden

    Fellow 32 (as of viewing this comment like 4 days from now), yeah, how did we get here?!

  46. Greta Burns

    Greta Burns17 timer siden

    c’mon, let’s go watch wizards of waverly place - avpm draco malfoy 2009

  47. Elise Carter

    Elise Carter18 timer siden

    could you do another outer banks one?

  48. DementorsKiss

    DementorsKiss18 timer siden

    Frig I remember this episode. I went to church with my grandma so she would take me to 711 for snacks afterwards and id come back to their house and watch this shit

  49. Tomas Rodriguez

    Tomas Rodriguez18 timer siden

    ._. Josh Radnor

  50. Melody_kuromi plays

    Melody_kuromi plays19 timer siden

    I was not really alive

  51. Melody_kuromi plays

    Melody_kuromi plays19 timer siden

    I miss that show!!!

  52. Sweth Shine

    Sweth Shine19 timer siden

    I never herd of this

  53. natalia ramírez

    natalia ramírez19 timer siden

    I understand why you won't do a video on a cartoon, but you have to make one on Avatar: The Last Airbender, it's so good not to, seriously

  54. Philip Moore

    Philip Moore19 timer siden

    The show definitely got better as it progresses. The 1st episode is usually eh for a lot of these shows

  55. Philip Moore

    Philip Moore19 timer siden

    Lol I never realized how close Alex was to the camera when she was walking to the speaker to expose GG

  56. lucky party

    lucky party20 timer siden

    Can you do controlz

  57. Positive Changes

    Positive Changes20 timer siden

    Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂

  58. Arden Aster

    Arden Aster20 timer siden

    Reading these comments are so confusing- I cant tell if they’re talking about Alex or Alex?! I mean Alex Meyers could pass as a sassy female wizard.

  59. Adrian Shelley - North Park SS (2432)

    Adrian Shelley - North Park SS (2432)20 timer siden

    You should do timeless, it's a great show for a reaction video.

  60. thatsoely

    thatsoely21 time siden

    Happy birthday man! Hopefully my life can come together soon!!

  61. Midnight Moon

    Midnight Moon21 time siden

    You NEED to react to Santa claws..... it’s the dumbest movie to ever exist on Earth Land..... thinking about it makes me want to do 🤦🏻‍♀️

  62. Bot Optics

    Bot Optics21 time siden

    Do lovebirds

  63. lily

    lily21 time siden

    so you just hate everything huh

  64. okow tina

    okow tina21 time siden

    Selena Gomez really should've pursued more of an acting career, than a music career

  65. Katherine Mejia

    Katherine Mejia22 timer siden

    You should watch Starstruck, most people and adults actually like it

  66. Olivia Vitelli

    Olivia Vitelli22 timer siden

    Do the circle next

  67. okow tina

    okow tina21 time siden

    Please do the movie!!!! For some reason I was obsessed with it when I was like 6.

  68. Lineo molefe live

    Lineo molefe live22 timer siden

    Please do Blood and water

  69. Arianna N. Peskey

    Arianna N. Peskey22 timer siden

    I know that this movie is pretty old, but I think you should react to the Titanic, with Leo DeCaprio. If you havent reacted to it yet, sorry I'm new to this chanel

  70. Deflated Barney

    Deflated BarneyDag siden

    Can you watch edge of seventeen

  71. Elis Mája Koldová

    Elis Mája KoldováDag siden

    Do Skins please

  72. Vero Rei

    Vero ReiDag siden

    @alexmeyers someone uses your name to Scam people no-gos.info/video/x6l-ia-61syl2oE.html

  73. lillkrabb

    lillkrabbDag siden

    you should do a video about Marvels agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

  74. Sarah T

    Sarah TDag siden

    There were 2 movies lol

  75. Raul Guerra

    Raul GuerraDag siden

    Do a reaction on fuller house! PLEASE!!!!

  76. Mlp4ever

    Mlp4everDag siden

    Can you review Steven Universe

  77. Milou Nadine

    Milou NadineDag siden

    Have you heard of the show Nashville, i think you wil find it very weird as well..

  78. May Allah Forgive Us All

    May Allah Forgive Us AllDag siden

    Do prison break pleaseeeeee

  79. Big Brain

    Big BrainDag siden

    I saw three am sleep paralysis meme at 3 am Lol

  80. Lightefilit Faylin

    Lightefilit FaylinDag siden

    Alex was fucking awesome! And the show is actually great :)

  81. red panda 20YT

    red panda 20YTDag siden

    You need to do the A list god damn that series is just hard to explain or even watch without going wait what’s happening