Ylvis - Hyss med Odd Nordstoga (English subtitles)

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  1. Dennis Manstad

    Dennis Manstad22 dager siden

    When he dropped that cam <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> xD

  2. Sabrina Coleman

    Sabrina Coleman8 måneder siden

    how it make so difficult Ylvis og sa sa hyss

  3. Sabrina Coleman

    Sabrina ColemanÅr siden

    Calle is great

  4. NorwegianTurboBrains

    NorwegianTurboBrains2 år siden

    If you want to end your life - just do this in triggerhappy america

  5. Handan Arslan

    Handan Arslan2 år siden

    Why are doors opening to the outside in norway?

  6. Nathalie Ferreira Diamandis

    Nathalie Ferreira DiamandisÅr siden

    Isn't that normal?😅

  7. Kristian

    KristianÅr siden

    Atleast in public places it is required due to fire safety or something like that

  8. haingis

    haingisÅr siden

    it's from the viking era, so that we could smack tax collectors in the face with the door.


    LEON LEON2 år siden

    Greetings from Chile

  10. Norwiii

    Norwiii3 år siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> LOL

  11. Kath Lake

    Kath Lake5 år siden

    The subtitles are not in English but in Norge. Very disappointing.😾

  12. Wall Jump

    Wall Jump4 år siden

    Jau, detta er jo i norsk

  13. Birgitte Hareide

    Birgitte Hareide5 år siden

    okay, I have no clue what the reason is.. the english subtitles came on me, but maybe this are diffrent outside of Norway?

  14. Kath Lake

    Kath Lake5 år siden

    Only sometimes😞

  15. Birgitte Hareide

    Birgitte Hareide5 år siden

    When you click on play, the are options you can use. Try to bress the button between the clock symbol and settings. Then you will get the subtitles.

  16. Summer Leppanen

    Summer Leppanen5 år siden

    Oh my god, Calle when the door opens immediately. Can you imagine opening the door to that? I would die.

  17. Erik Østensen

    Erik Østensen5 år siden

    @liusila swedish word actually

  18. anne241163

    anne2411635 år siden

    They are only allowed to take 3 steps to move away from the door.

  19. retroHC

    retroHC6 år siden

    Underbart kul!

  20. Jennifer Croome

    Jennifer Croome6 år siden

    What does Vegard drop when he's tying to get away from the first house?

  21. Norwiii

    Norwiii3 år siden


  22. GreenLeafForever

    GreenLeafForever6 år siden

    Camera I believe.

  23. Zeriel Jian Antonino

    Zeriel Jian Antonino6 år siden

    try not showing you self

  24. Numeronx

    Numeronx6 år siden

    In the states i guess theese guys would get kill at second or third house

  25. papermints

    papermints6 år siden

    Poor Calle! X)

  26. Liusila

    Liusila6 år siden

    Hyss, a new Norwegian word learnt today : D

  27. Andreas Kolle

    Andreas Kolle6 år siden

    Well, if you want to learn Norwegian to understand Ylvis and Calle, you will have to learn the Bergen version, which isn't helping anyone. ;)

  28. Liusila

    Liusila6 år siden

    Ah, darn it! I also want to learn Swedish too, but it's just a mess then, lol!

  29. Andreas Kolle

    Andreas Kolle6 år siden

    Actually, it's Swedish. But it's a nice word, well worth learning.

  30. Joy C

    Joy C6 år siden

    I love how they are laughing and having such a good time as they are pulling these silly pranks.(we need more silly in this world) Luckily, most people at the door were smiling or kind. I love that they can only take three steps... big part of prank. Fun to watch.

  31. Dragoff

    Dragoff11 måneder siden


  32. Joy C

    Joy C6 år siden

    Thank you so much for the subtitles.

  33. Frankie Bagel

    Frankie Bagel6 år siden

    and of course they can all play the accordion :B I love Norway x3

  34. ToBeVerified

    ToBeVerified6 år siden

    It doesn't exactly look like Calle can play. Odd Nordstoga is a famous Norwegian folk musician, while Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker are "amateur multi-instrumentalists". They are able to play "most" instruments, but only a little.

  35. Liusila

    Liusila6 år siden

    Yeah, that was a little freaky!

  36. heather sensabaugh

    heather sensabaugh6 år siden

    what fell out of vegards pocket? going down the stairs.

  37. heather sensabaugh

    heather sensabaugh6 år siden

    thanks for answering me:) And Oh @Lars Ulvar Hjellestad

  38. Lars Ulvar Hjellestad

    Lars Ulvar Hjellestad6 år siden

    gopro camera

  39. F_I_F_I Maus

    F_I_F_I Maus6 år siden

    Das ist fastcdeutsch cool

  40. Linda Jürgensen

    Linda JürgensenÅr siden

    F_I_F_I Maus was genau? :)

  41. Gréta Kassai

    Gréta Kassai6 år siden

    These guys are stupid in a good meaning :'D

  42. Pedro Dias

    Pedro Dias6 år siden


  43. slabrida

    slabrida6 år siden

    |X||X| Bob has invested in new nukes to help take down Google+ ☻/ / \ Copy and Paste this all over NO-gos /▌ |☢| To bring back the old comment system / \ \ / |X||X|

  44. Adam Craftak

    Adam Craftak6 år siden


  45. pavelhere

    pavelhere6 år siden

    thx for english subs! :)

  46. pavelhere

    pavelhere6 år siden

    @Zeriel Jian Antonino It has subtitles

  47. Zeriel Jian Antonino

    Zeriel Jian Antonino6 år siden

    that's just a title for more people to see the video but it's still awsome🗿

  48. snjezana s

    snjezana s6 år siden

    A plea from Ylvis fans all over the world. Why did you remove all the videos from Emma Martine's channel? I understand it is due to a copyright problem, but why can't you come to some sort of an agreement? There are many of Ylvis fans from all over the world, and not all of us understand Norwegian. Emma's subtitles helped us a lot, and in the first place made it possible for non Norwegian speakers to understand and enjoy these great comedians and their show. By the rising popularity of the "Fox" you've gained numerous new fans,You should respect that and enable them to watch your videos with subtitles by at least giving support to all those people who sacrified their time and put tons of effort in making subtitles and not remove their videos. Please return the videos,They mean so much to us, I hope you'll see this message and reply.

  49. lalalaWeAreFunny1

    lalalaWeAreFunny16 år siden

    well, you should send tvnorge a message saying your meaning

  50. snjezana s

    snjezana s6 år siden

    @lalalaWeAreFunny1 possible, it wasn't my intention to attack anyone, just to suggest to Tv norge a possibility to cooperate with all those kind people willing to write the subtitles for the full IKMY shows :)

  51. lalalaWeAreFunny1

    lalalaWeAreFunny16 år siden

    i think its youtube that removes videos, and not Ylvis or tvnorge

  52. Kim Larsen

    Kim Larsen6 år siden

    Yeah, i agree with you:) just busting your balls;)

  53. snjezana s

    snjezana s6 år siden

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not from an english speaking country, It is my second language and we learn it at school as a subject. But the reallity is that english is a global language so in order to make it possible for the whole world to watch the show it would be nice if they didn't removed translated videos from people's channels.

  54. Andreas Leiråmo

    Andreas Leiråmo6 år siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> :)

  55. Colleen Myers

    Colleen Myers6 år siden

    Those are not English subtitles.

  56. dana-zoe gest

    dana-zoe gest6 år siden

    First time I saw this prank was with the stilts, this is funny stuff. Would love to see these guys on Writer's Room.

  57. Marius_Martje

    Marius_Martje6 år siden

    I don't understand it but its funny xD

  58. Divatopia

    Divatopia6 år siden

    2.05 ha ha!!

  59. Ubermierski

    Ubermierski6 år siden

    english subtitles!

  60. draistRomol

    draistRomol6 år siden

    Who is the fourth guy?

  61. opelduude

    opelduude6 år siden

    Odd Nordstoga > google

  62. Feed The Kitten

    Feed The Kitten6 år siden

    this is so random o---o

  63. NP4Mayans

    NP4Mayans6 år siden

    Go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> ".... a Swedish tradition, you see." Nearly died laughing when he said that!

  64. Freerider

    Freerider6 år siden

    Yes finally suptitles, please keep bringing subs with your videos :)

  65. Simon Flare

    Simon Flare6 år siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> å herlighet så bra

  66. Just me 〈3

    Just me 〈36 år siden

    Where is the English subtitle? :P

  67. Jin's lips

    Jin's lips6 år siden

    OMG!! they actually have subtitles this time #MindBlown

  68. wesley hatton

    wesley hatton6 år siden


  69. Juliette lovessinging

    Juliette lovessinging6 år siden

    cool :D

  70. s27945

    s279456 år siden

    我好渺小。 而且常常怕。

  71. Ronnie Westlund

    Ronnie Westlund6 år siden

    mer hyss!

  72. tojejik Yo

    tojejik Yo6 år siden

    The randomness is strong with this one

  73. Karla Cortez

    Karla Cortez6 år siden


  74. bern

    bern6 år siden

    This is funny but I think people would just get angry at me for wasting their time

  75. TheSim1derful

    TheSim1derful6 år siden

    Bård...fucking hell...

  76. KrissPower941

    KrissPower9416 år siden

    e la merke t d en gang tru e :p

  77. Rozelkyia

    Rozelkyia6 år siden

    I see that you're not from Norway

  78. June Aga

    June Aga6 år siden

    var det ingen som la merke til tommelen som var foran linsen hele tiden????!

  79. Wiik

    Wiik6 år siden

    Blir folk mer og mer retarda eller bruker de bare Google Translate?

  80. Dom Twam

    Dom Twam6 år siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> She was HOT

  81. Tee Jay

    Tee Jay6 år siden

    Lol this is what hamish and andy did ages ago. Still funny though.

  82. Edyta Duszkiewicz

    Edyta Duszkiewicz6 år siden

    Funny guys :) I wonder if people react as if they're dressed as women... :P

  83. abnouye09

    abnouye096 år siden

    Hei, hei :)

  84. spillesim1

    spillesim16 år siden

    They are doing "hyss". Wich is basically pranks. In this "hyss" do they ring the doorbell and then get to take three steps to hide.

  85. DcU

    DcU6 år siden

    Whats the objective?

  86. Larkin

    Larkin6 år siden


  87. Sirpuschel2210

    Sirpuschel22106 år siden


  88. BigKahunaBurger

    BigKahunaBurger6 år siden

    What does the Ylvis say?

  89. MrOloloman0

    MrOloloman06 år siden

    Norwegian is so strange

  90. Erikzen Sounds

    Erikzen Sounds6 år siden

    Endelig ring på spring!