YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.

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  1. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott16 dager siden

    Yep, 42 minutes of video. This was a big project. Plus: I've got an all-new five-part original series called Money over on Nebula, which you can watch as a bundle with CuriosityStream!

  2. B

    B11 timer siden

    @CyberCake Playz Video was private for one week

  3. Julian Barber

    Julian Barber21 time siden

    *searches thepiratebay for Money (2020)*

  4. LaurenzeRice

    LaurenzeRiceDag siden

    Jay Foreman!

  5. Shadow Player

    Shadow PlayerDag siden

    what 42 minutes?

  6. Tytania

    TytaniaDag siden

    Tom, are you in " season 3, episode 04 of "Only Connect"?

  7. David Cooper

    David Cooper14 minutter siden

    Super informative, thanks Tom

  8. Adam Atch

    Adam Atch36 minutter siden


  9. Chrissia Victors

    Chrissia Victors44 minutter siden

    oh my god seeing legal eagle's devon in this made the entire video

  10. camelCased

    camelCased51 minutt siden

    Is it ok to use photos and videos of buildings and clothes without a licence? I mean - they are intellectual property of architects and fashion designers. Ok, I'm exaggerating... am I?

  11. Jay Co

    Jay CoTime siden

    Wouldn't James Bond the name be protected by a trademark not copyright? So anyone can resell the oldest James Bond films in the proposed 50 year limit, but not be able to make further works using the name as that's a trademark? Or am I getting in wrong?

  12. Krythulu

    KrythuluTime siden

    Ain't sampling fair use tho?

  13. blu 006

    blu 006Time siden

    wait, you literally have rohin francis on your show on Nebula.

  14. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow2 timer siden

    I make Shadow Fight gameplay content, and in my recent videos, I always get copyrighted by the "AdRev" company for the game sound track 😣😕 like do I have to mute the game everytime I play and post it to NO-gos? That make me lose motivation to continue making videos

  15. 13meli55a

    13meli55a2 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1574">26:14</a> is analysis really not review? It is a great loss if the only analysis of works allowed is criticism. Academic writing only works because authors can cite eachothher and build on others ideas (as opposed to just tearing them down). Art must be horribly stunted when there's no option to build up, only tear down.

  16. 13meli55a

    13meli55a2 timer siden

    We're told we can take photos like that for educational purposes while we're in school, and then once we start doing projects outside of school, we continue doing the same. I've been told it's fair use to use a copyrighted image for personal and educational use, and I think a lot of people consider most of the things they do on the internet personal use.

  17. Logan Schelly

    Logan Schelly3 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1699">28:19</a> -- Did this guy just tease Pachelbel's Canon after criticizing teasing Pachelbel's Canon at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="304">5:04</a>? That takes Pachelballs.

  18. AOK

    AOK3 timer siden

    This video made me question why criticism and commentary is so easily fair use.

  19. A

    A3 timer siden

    I absolutely love the Hawaiian shirt.

  20. Steve Murray

    Steve Murray3 timer siden

    Why are laws always 50 years behind the times. New laws being made but old laws seldom reviewed and if so just to increase the fine. Maybe there needs to be a set number of laws so old out of date laws are taken off the books. Carrying a ice cream cone in your back pocket this law is out of date but still on the books why?

  21. Marcus

    Marcus4 timer siden

    Tom just called the entire meme community the Internet's nerdy underbelly. I'll take it.

  22. Evilkinevils

    Evilkinevils4 timer siden

    I may just be missing a greater message here but WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT NEW ZEALAND!?

  23. John Warren

    John Warren4 timer siden

    Surprisingly, I've seen no big yt channels commenting on this

  24. J J

    J J4 timer siden

    One thing to consider is that record labels (etc) live in their own deluded world. They make totally arbitrary loss figures based on really strange and weird logic, and just plain incorrect data. One thing I find amusing is how some game titles have had their DRM systems removed because they were so restrictive they were INDUCING pirated copies.

  25. Tinae Crescent

    Tinae Crescent4 timer siden

    Imagine if this video got copyrighted

  26. Shadowonshadows

    Shadowonshadows5 timer siden

    Great work, Tom and everyone on the production team. You always do poignant and engaging work. Hope to see you making more content for platforms like curiosity stream.

  27. DustyKat

    DustyKat5 timer siden

    Tom, I can totally relate to that gif but it's video nonsense.

  28. The BigLammo

    The BigLammo6 timer siden

    Cool video, have you thought about showcasing China's unique content sharing with your perspective?

  29. Robert Bodine

    Robert Bodine6 timer siden

    This is remarkably good. You explain this better than I ever do. My only disagreement with you is that 50 years is probably too long, and whether that's true depends no on our gut, but rather on an in-depth economic analysis that no government seems to want to complete. Even if 50 years is the magic number, I would still insist (in the world according to Rob) that it be 25 years, then extendable for another 25 years *only if* the author (not the owner!) is still alive at the time it becomes eligible for renewal.

  30. billyjoe parker

    billyjoe parker6 timer siden

    tom said eat the rich

  31. Anubis Priest

    Anubis Priest6 timer siden

    What Tom is saying, without saying directly, is that the content ID system keeps NO-gos rich. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a way for them to always get their slice of the advertising revenue no matter if the uploader or the copyright holder gets the revenue. It is not about who owns what, its about the slice of the pie. I also wonder, thinking out loud, if the hyper-extended copyright (70 years after death) is why we have so many sequels: new enterprising artists are not able to get their works accepted, partially, because *something* in their work might be close enough to something copyrighted.

  32. Guido Haverkort

    Guido Haverkort7 timer siden

    Felt like i watched 3 videos. It was good tho

  33. Precy Caibal

    Precy Caibal7 timer siden

    Memories is so annoying, it is so repetitive and irratating.

  34. sa rogers

    sa rogers7 timer siden

    Why were you in Campbell park?! 😮

  35. Miles Edgeworth

    Miles Edgeworth7 timer siden

    Copyright should last 50 years, and anything that is taking from it should legally require to give credits to the original so that people at least remember who started it.

  36. Frank Bonura

    Frank Bonura7 timer siden

    Outstanding video! Thank you.

  37. Jon Adamich

    Jon Adamich8 timer siden

    There's no way Tom Scott has a racer chair. I thought you worked in a smoking room with books all around you.

  38. Dodge Rider

    Dodge Rider8 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1920">32:00</a> Why is everyone driving on the wrong side of the road. What kind of nutballs are they!!!?

  39. IM Vincent

    IM Vincent9 timer siden

    Watch CdawgVA vs copyright claims :(

  40. WhaleMilk

    WhaleMilk9 timer siden

    This was a video with 39 minutes of straight information and talking done in seven shots. The nickname Tom "One Shot" Scott really should stick

  41. jon b

    jon b9 timer siden

    you could change it to 50 or 60 years. But say that it will not go into effect for corporations for 5 years, and individuals 10. This helps corporations and individuals who relied on royalties and fees to prepare. It also helps people who were planning on doing that adjust to the new timeline.

  42. Chris Choi

    Chris Choi9 timer siden

    Wait, if you're not making money off of videos, are you still allowed to do whatever you want? Like include copyrighted songs or album covers? Because if i dont care about the money and just want to make good content that requires those things, shouldnt i be allowed to do that?

  43. Alex Hauptmann

    Alex Hauptmann9 timer siden

    An actual copyright dispute I had to send to NO-gos once: "The Brandenburg Variation is a public domain work. This particular version I am streaming (as can be seen in the video) was rendered by myself from a MIDI file going into a vocal synthesizer, rendering the lines 'pee is stored in the balls'." I don't exactly think Sony has released anything involving that particular libretto.

  44. free range human

    free range human9 timer siden

    Jay foreman and Tom Scott are a perfect pair

  45. burgersnchips

    burgersnchips10 timer siden

    If I take this video and write words in the corner like "I like this bit", "I don't like this bit"; would that count as review or criticism if I reuploaded it otherwise intact?

  46. Rackergen

    Rackergen10 timer siden

    I finally joined CuriosityStream yesterday and all I did so far was make sure to get access to Nebula and watch that series. Was great fun, thanks.

  47. Thom van Dijk

    Thom van Dijk10 timer siden

    Tom is the british Ted Mosby!

  48. Reema

    Reema10 timer siden

    Mr. Scott what are you doing outside? I am worried about you!

  49. futurestoryteller

    futurestoryteller10 timer siden

    Absolutely no exploration at all of what "transformation" actually means, you also make it sound as if only negative reactions to something are a valid reaction under the law

  50. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones11 timer siden

    Tom, why do you not have a Patreon?

  51. Jeremie Moludi

    Jeremie Moludi11 timer siden

    So Tom came to Milton Keynes 😯

  52. B

    B11 timer siden

    I'm an adult and I feel like I want to grow up to be like Tom

  53. Cory Goodman

    Cory Goodman11 timer siden

    If I watch someone livestream regularly, it's gonna be real hard to make the argument that they are cutting in to sales; im obviously coming for the person and not what they're playing in particular, and even if I were coming for the game, that has nothing to do with whether I buy it or not inherently.

  54. Stevo

    Stevo11 timer siden

    what a fascinating video - you explain an incredibly complicated system in such a clear way.. amazing!

  55. Martin Habovštiak

    Martin Habovštiak11 timer siden

    Any content is just a huge number. If you add one to that number, it's a derived work, therefore copyrighted. Derived work of a derived work is a derived work and therefore copyrighted. Conclusion: everything is derived from zero. Copyright is inherently idiotic idea.

  56. Interesting Stuff

    Interesting Stuff11 timer siden

    This is one of the reasons I use youtube's license-free music library for intro's, outro's, and other music in my videos.

  57. Dave Ballard

    Dave Ballard11 timer siden

    Gif. It's pronounced gif, not gif.

  58. tomix1024

    tomix102412 timer siden

    It happened again!

  59. Martin Houlton

    Martin Houlton12 timer siden

    A huge salinisation like the UN, should help to write copy-write law.

  60. ANIRUDH .L

    ANIRUDH .L12 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2174">36:14</a> can I copyright that wind sound and upload it to youtube content ID system of i am a big Company

  61. Jake Beech

    Jake Beech12 timer siden

    Was there an ad placed on purpose when you mention advertising companies 😂

  62. Martin Houlton

    Martin Houlton12 timer siden

    If a big corporation tried to NO-gos; as they are owned by Google, & Google run the Web, Google could take down the corporation's website and all mentions of them.

  63. Bruno Vásquez

    Bruno Vásquez12 timer siden

    If a system doesn't work for the current real world, its obsolete and should be changed. Law should change with the times to serve people, not the other way around.

  64. Joanna

    Joanna12 timer siden

    "or one of the world's largest advertising firms" NO-gos mid-video advertisement kicks in. Well played! :-)

  65. bobfangio

    bobfangio12 timer siden

    You appear rather tired in parts of this one, I hope your alright and try to get some rest.

  66. Joanna

    Joanna12 timer siden

    I adore the lawyer “no copyright intended” scene

  67. WorBlux

    WorBlux12 timer siden

    Make copyrights 15 or 20 years, but allowed 2-3 payed extensions of registered works. A lot of stuff would still slip into the public domain relative quickly, and those that didn't could create some operating funds for the copyright office/courts, and create a better record of who the current rights holder were.

  68. fl00fydragon

    fl00fydragon12 timer siden

    So we're basically devolving into a cyberpunk dystopia.

  69. WorBlux

    WorBlux12 timer siden

    The appeal process for content ID should have a bond/preliminary arbitration process. Say you want to make and appeal. - $50. Then if the claimant wants to fight the appeal, they need to put up $100. The winner gets $100 along with the decision, and YT keeps $50 to pay staff needed for this. YT could also pass on complex cases and refund both parties and let them fight via the normal dmca/court process. Should be enough to stop all the stupid decisions and claims,

  70. Steve Rempel

    Steve Rempel12 timer siden

    My main takeaway from this is that Copyright Law and systems are not compatible with Internet Culture.

  71. Sergey Rozhenko

    Sergey Rozhenko13 timer siden

    1) You can't sue Giphy and hope to win, because it's protected by DMCA harbor as well as previous lawsuits brought against NO-gos and lost. You can only issue take down requests and sue individual uploaders if they issue counter-notices. 2) NO-gos system *IS* broken. Its 3 strikes policy is what lets copyright trolls like Jukin Media extort money from youtubers. It's not a requirement by the law, the law only requires blocking repeat infringes without specifying conditions of determining it.

  72. einkerl

    einkerl13 timer siden

    Is there a significant difference between 'broken' and 'lazy, slovenly, carelessly, half-assedly done'.

  73. NonTwinBrothers

    NonTwinBrothers13 timer siden

    Waaaaaaait a minute, that isn't Miles Davis...

  74. Ryan Galloway

    Ryan Galloway13 timer siden

    Watching this video definitely helped me understand the laws better. Makes sense why they shut my older channel down. Mixed instrumental versions of metal songs from guitar hero/rock band games but I uploaded them with the official cover art as a static image.

  75. royalpie

    royalpie13 timer siden

    Great reviews Tom! Keep it up!

  76. Patrick Cleary

    Patrick Cleary13 timer siden

    H A R O L D do not hide your pain it is ok

  77. This-Entity

    This-Entity13 timer siden

    I say they're both broken...

  78. Jonathan Gasser

    Jonathan Gasser13 timer siden

    I still can't believe how uninterruptively articulate you are in these long single shots

  79. DeluxGaming

    DeluxGaming13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a> legendary

  80. Nodsaibot

    Nodsaibot13 timer siden


  81. Naomi PR

    Naomi PR13 timer siden

    I really hope that this amazingly produced video's view performance wasn't hurt by the viral crisis taking everyone's watch time. I love watching Tom Scott but this took me a week to finally get to. :(

  82. Devilish.Patchwork

    Devilish.Patchwork13 timer siden

    I adore the lawyer “no copyright intended” scene

  83. CFK

    CFK14 timer siden

    Just so you know, this is the video that finally convinced me to subscribe CurosityStream (with Nebula) using your affiliated link :-) Great work

  84. James Downs

    James Downs14 timer siden

    I think what we need to do is embrace originality. There can't be a problem with copyright if everything is original. It can be the age of creativity. I guess the only problem is that people don't like originality. They want to see the familiar. That's how anyone searches for anything these days. They look for that thing they've seen before.

  85. Joaquin

    Joaquin14 timer siden


  86. Brown Potato

    Brown Potato14 timer siden

    Basically business people and beauracracy have developed a world where it is necessary to need them.